Texas Wants to Execute Man Who Killed Home Intruder Who Turned Out to Be SWAT Member


Marvin Louis Guy
Jail Photo

Attempting to serve a search warrant by entering a house through a window got Killeen, Texas, Police Detective Charles Dinwiddie shot in the face and killed last May.  It was yet another SWAT raid organized for a purpose other than the reason they were invented. The police had a search warrant looking for narcotics at the home of Marvin Louis Guy, 49. They decided to serve this warrant at 5:30 in the morning and without knocking on his door. He opened fire on them, killing Dinwiddie and injuring three others.

Though they found a glass pipe, a grinder, and a pistol, they did not find any drugs. Former Reason Editor Radley Balko took note of the deadly raid in May at The Washington Post. A police informant apparently told them there were bags of cocaine inside the house, which sounds a lot like another familiar drug raid in Virginia that got an officer killed.

The Virginia case ended with Ryan Frederick in prison for 10 years despite his insistence he thought he was defending himself against in home intruders. He may end up lucky compared to Guy. Prosecutors in Texas are going to seek the death penalty against him. KWTX offers a dreadfully written summary that says next to nothing about the circumstances of the raid but gives Dinwiddie's whole life story. Guy faces three additional charges of attempted capital murder for shooting the other officers. The story mentions the no-knock raid but fails to explain why it happened or the failure to find any drugs.

A search for Guy in the jail inmate locator for Bell County, Texas, shows that he is being charged only for the shootings. There are no drug-related charges listed. He is being held on a bond totaling $4.5 million.

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  1. Yet if the cops breaking into his home had blown him away even if he was unarmed because they thought he was a threat, it would be a good shoot and nothing else would happen.

    1. And if a few ordinary citizens decided to break into a police officer’s home at 5:30 AM by entering through the window (really guys, the window?), they’d be shot dead, no questions asked, cop’s a hero, yay.

      I take that back. Guy managed to kill one intruder and wound three; I doubt any cop could claim that kind of effective fire.

      1. Not to mention that the surviving burglars would be charged with felony murder for a death occurring during and a result of their actions.

    2. This whole situation seems odd the police didnt shoot him after.

    3. Yep, the USA isn’t a free country, and hasn’t been for a long time, and Texas is the state with the least-deserved reputation for individualist independence. (“Don’t Mess With Texas” used to mean, “We’re a proud independent republic that decentralizes power to the individual, we come to our neighbors’ defense against anyone who might tread upon us.” Now, it means, “We’re a police state full of petty tyrants who run herd over everyone, especially peaceful travelers who make the mistake of thinking the Bill of Rights applies to the entire USA. Our idiotic gestapo violates the rights of everyone, and our idiotic prosecutors and judges apply the harshest and most draconian sentences of any State in the nation …usually against negroes. Yeehaw!”)

      Texas is a belligerent terrorism-sponsoring state, and will be deemed so by any post-singularity superintelligence. The gods, when they finally do exist, will not judge Texas kindly. Repent, sinners. 🙂

  2. Fuck that shit. Give this guy a medal and set him free.

    1. Yep – sounds like a good shoot to me. I won’t be surprised if a Texas jury agrees.

      1. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, what would you do if a man was crawling through your window in the middle of the night, dressed in black and carrying an assault rifle? Would you assume its just a friendly policeman, or that he was a psychotic child molester?

        But I repeat myself.

        1. It’s true that he’s a felon and cannot own a gun, but what would you do if you lived in the kind of neighborhood where people climb in your window in the middle of the night carrying a gun?

      2. Texas juries are a bit executie so I don’t know how this will go.

        1. They’re likely to give him a medal AND a death sentence.

        2. He shoulda gotten no-billed like this guy:


          Then again, he’s black.. I reckon he’s fucked 🙁

          1. Yep, the darker you are the less likely juries are to give you the benefit of the doubt. Even if you prove your innocence.

      3. On the one hand, maybe.

        On the other hand, he’s a black man that shot a law enforcement officer. Not sure how well that’ll play with a Texas jury.

        I hope you’re right.

        1. Well in Houston cops aren’t allowed to hassle blacks on sight so he has a better chance than he would have in New York City. It’s almost like judging a region by news footage from the 1960s is kind of stupid. It’s why Nick Saban probably isn’t watching a bunch of game tape of the 1960s Gators this week. Also when planning a vacation Beirut looks a lot different now then it did in 1960s video footage.

          1. I don’t know what goes on in Houston but everywhere else cops usually do things they aren’t allowed to do.

          2. The very fact that HOuston needs to have a specific rule telling cops they can’t hassle blacks on sight supports the judgment that Houston is a fucked up place.

      4. I think he has a 40%/60% shot. I think the race angle matters, but only a small amount.

        Mostly it’s cop-fellatin vs home-is-your-castle-impulse. I think cop-fellatin still wins most of the time, unfortunately, but it’s not unwinnable.

        1. Compare the two shoots while keeping in mind that Burleson County is a mostly rural area. Killeen is small but is the home of Fort Hood and has a very transit popluation. I don’t know that those differences mean anything but some of you may think so. One of the shooters is black and the other white.


          1. Probably a difference in whether the DAs have any strong competition in the upcoming elections.

    2. Texas is fully of abject idiots who demand property rights, while supporting a drug war. LOL

  3. So now when men dressed in black bust through your window and enter your home, you’ve got to ask them if they’re cops before you open fire?

    1. No, you must immediately hit the floor, because asking if they are cops could startle them and cause them to shoot you if they are cops.

      1. Might not be a good idea to move away from where they were aiming.

  4. The Virginia case ended with Ryan Frederick in prison for 10 years despite his insistence he thought he was defending himself against in home intruders.

    What the hell else is he supposed to think at 5:30am in the morning with someone crawling in a window?

    These no knock raids need to stop, period. Get a fucking warrant and knock on the front door and clearly identify yourselves, or you deserve to get shot in the face.

    1. The other thing that needs to fucking stop is judges signing a warrant based on nothing but an informant’s say-so without any corroborating investigation. And then cops need to be held liable for improperly swearing to obtain a warrant.

      1. The immunity judges have given themselves is even more absurd than they gave the cops.

      2. ^^^^^ THIS !!!!!

        The fucking judges have an equal share in the blame for this!

        1. THIS AGAIN!!!(no arrows option on my phone)

          Lazy judges who barely give warrants a cursory glance before signing off are as culpable as the fucking idiots who decide to invade a home unannounced.

    2. 5:30am in the morning

      Sorry, but this is a pet peeve of mine. A.M. or morning. Pick one.

      1. 0530am in the moooooooooorning!

        1. What does the “O” stand for?

          “O” my god it’s early.

    3. Or at least throw a flash bang in there first. ..oh wait, make sure it’s not the nursery

      1. Shove the flash bang up the dogs’ ass and throw it in there.

        Saves the trouble of shooting it later.

    4. “These no knock raids need to stop, period. Get a fucking warrant and knock on the front door and clearly identify yourselves, or you deserve to get shot in the face.”

      Better yet, wait until the guy leaves the house and arrest him.

      1. but then the cops can’t play rambo

        1. Yes, that appears to be the case, and by golly they usually get to at least shoot a dog dead and lots of other assorted jollies like catching naked couples in bed and all screaming “lawful commands” every half second, and let’s not forget the massive adrenalin junkie aspect.

  5. Marvin Guy today, you tomorrow.

  6. Get a fucking warrant and knock on the front door and clearly identify yourselves

    Can’t set a precedent of actually following the Constitution. Might constrain the war on drugs or whatever.

    1. think about the children…

  7. Huh, so people be shooting back. That’s refreshing.

  8. I blame stand-your-ground laws. [/progderp]

    1. If guns were illegal, this wouldn’t have happened!

      1. Would you be okay with a trap at each entry point? I guess nobody should be secure in their home. May just sit back and get murdered, rape, beaten, …

        1. Toddlers being wrongly flash-banged is the price we all pay for a progressive, civil society.

  9. They came through the fucking window?

    At 5:30am?

    And then they wonder why a startled and confused citizen shoots at them?

    Are they retarded? And to add they want to EXECUTE him because of their cowardly, ratty methods?


    Just WOW.

    Knock on the fucking door like PROFESSIONALS. Jesus.

    1. Being a member of our Protected Class of Warriors in Blue means never having to say “I’m sorry.”

      Or train to any level of competence.

      Or make tactical decisions on a rational basis.

      Or be held liable for serious mistakes that get you, your fellow cops, or innocent people killed.

    2. This is why I’ll never get on a jury.

    3. Knock on the DOOR?!?!? Whut yew be SAYING’, man”!”!” They mights a-be-flushing EVIDENCE down the toilette in them that thar means-times!!! Never MIND that if yer enemy (enemy in the “war on drugs” = the drugs) has been flushed down the toilette (yer enemy is DEAD, D-E-A-D, dead), we LEOs (HEROES that we ares), are lookin’ to persecute those who ENABLE the inanimate enemy! Drugs = PEOPLE who use them, but do NOT repeat that obvious truth! (war on drugs == war on people, keep it on the HUSH-HUSH!!!)

    4. Professionals?

      Just another street gang.

  10. The criminal in this case has already been executed.

    1. Nonsense. The criminal mastermind in this case is the safe-at-his-desk idiot who approved this raid. THAT’S why they are so intent on executing this man; if the blame isn’t fixed on him, it might actually land on one of the faceless bureauweenies who make our lives so much more difficult than they should have to be.

      And that would be Truly Dreadful.

    2. not really, the other two lived.

      1. Unfortunely.

        1. *Unfortunately

  11. Same exact circumstances, but the cops are crawling in a window on the WRONG house. Does that person go on trial/capital punishment? But it’s because he’s a dealer and had related drug paraphernalia which makes him a danger to society, so everything that happens is his fault. And that dealing is an assumption as no drugs are found. Is all this worth it if a few people toot some coke? Broad use of drugs, and some people abusing drugs and shortening their life span certainly isn’t optimal, but all this is a huge price to add on when the overall efforts make nary a dent in the supply. It’s insanity.

    1. Same exact circumstances, but the cops are crawling in a window on the WRONG house. Does that person go on trial/capital punishment?

      Cory Maye says yes.

      1. So would Kathryn Johnston, if she were alive and not murdered by the pigs she shot at.

        1. I sometimes wonder, considering that the cops were forced to admit that they planted drugs to try to cover their @$$es after the murder, if the ‘rusty old revolver’ wasn’t planted also.

  12. He might actually walk if he gets a good lawyer. You lawyerly types can discuss this.

    The combination of a1A, b2, and c1 and c2 seems to provide a pretty effective defense to prosecution if he gets a good lawyer. That’s a giant if, though, and I’m sure the cops will claim he should have known the guy breaking through his window was a cop. I’m also sure the cops will claim the force was necessary because ossifer safety or some such.

  13. Burden of proof?

    Presumption of innocence?

    What is this, the Dark Ages?

    1. He’s clearly heavier than a duck, so, guilty.

    2. No one EXPECTS the Spanish Inquisition.

      1. Just remember, the Spanish Inquisition was for your own good: to protect your immortal soul and keep you from harming yourself.

        At this point, you should expect the Spanish Inquisition, both from progressives and from social conservatives, because they basically think alike.

    3. …you can’t torquemada anything!

  14. So Officer Dimwit gets himself shot for grossly escalating the situation and now they’re going to execute the poor fool who reacted reasonably to a display of disregard for his own safety.

    1. When the rest of you wake up and we finally deport/slaughter the progressives, the criminal justice people need a day of reckoning as well.

      1. Drug War Crimes Trials at Nuremberg, Pennsylvania. I volunteer to help build the gallows. Bill Bennett first.

  15. This essentially negates the castle doctrine and any right to self defense, because it COULD be a cop means you are never justified in defending yourself. Fuck that cop, and fuck that prosecutor. If you cannot unequivocally prove the homeowner knew for certain it was a cop, it’s justified self defense, in P Brooks -topia. And the city should have to pay to fix the window and patch the bullet holes.

    1. As i intimated above, the person who should be prosecuted for negligent homicide is the desk-jockey who signed off on this plan. Or, if nobody actually signed off on it, the moron who should have been making sure the cops under his authority weren’t out playing Eliot Ness, even if it interrupted his decades long doze.

      1. When civilians wrong call the police and the police kill an innocent, the fraudster will often be charged for that homicide. Why not the police chief that signs off on draconian tactics to serve warrants?

    2. No it negates the Castle doctrine for people against whom search warrants have been served.

      1. Or their next-door neighbors. Or people who happen to be related to someone who is under suspicion for drugs. Or people who live in a house that was once occupied by a wanted man. Or people who’s house number is kinda similar in the dark. Or….

      2. Sounds like the warrant wasn’t served; service of any process means that the person being served has received notice of the legal action against him. The fact that the cops had a warrant is meaningless if the person whose property is to be searched is not made aware of at fact before his home is broken into. The problem here is that you can potentially be charged with capital murder for shooting an armed stranger you encounter in your home in the wee hours because they turned out to be a cop, then that impacts the protections of the Castle Doctrine because the time it takes to find out that the person isn’t a cop–or is a cop who shoots you because of bad trigger discipline–could get you killed.

      3. Newcomer troll copsucker Sam Haysom, wipe that cum off your chin.

      4. Well, this search warrant hadn’t been served, that’s the f*cking point.

    3. Actually, the prosecutor should be wacked for taking this to trial.

  16. sounds like those cops were roided out of their gourds.

    1. Never attribute to drugs what is adequately explained by common human stupidity. Decades of “War On Drugs” nonsense, combined with the knowledge that the system will treat them like innocent lambs no matter how bad they screw up, is sufficient “Drug” to explain this idiocy.

  17. I can’t predict the outcome here. It’s Texas and they have the castle doctrine. They have acquitted or dismissed cases where someone shot and killed fleeing burglars. But this guy is black and shot a cop under those same circumstances. I just don’t know which side of the fence his particular Texas jury will come down.

    1. If I could be on the jury, I’d make damn sure he walked.

      1. More like you’d make sure he wasn’t convicted that day. I think it’d be a tall order making 11 other people realize that the only crime committed that day was a simple b&e.

        1. If TX is like TN the decision to indict must be unanimous?.so if one person thinks he probably didn’t commit a crime he walks?.

          1. What? Indictment is entirely different than conviction. If the decision to convict isn’t unanimous it’s a mistrial and the process starts all over again. That’s how it is in every state.

      2. me too
        but I would recommend more target practice since he only wounded the other two.

    2. http://goo.gl/Se1WBh

      It should not even get to a jury.

      Different areas of Texas and most importantly different DAs.

  18. Interesting demographics. Most people in town are employed at Fort Hood. Does that color their perception of self-defense and gun ownership? If so, in what way?

    1. I don’t think that effects things much. It’s not how pro-gun they are. Except for certain places in big cities (and maybe out in El Paso?) just about any Texas jury is going to at least lean slightly pro-gun, if it’s not fully loaded with people from households with more guns than people.

      It’s how blindly pro-cop they are. I’m betting the demographics here get them pretty big bumps in both categories.

  19. I’m sure Obama will come out in defense of this poor man who looks like his brother

    1. So?

      If he did he would be on the “right” side of the argument. More politicians standing up for individual liberty above statist policies would be awesome. Not that it will happen…

  20. You’d think that between this and the Eric Magee/Adam Sowders debacle, these guys would know better than to break into people’s homes in the dead of night, especially in Texas.

  21. WRT Texans’ attitudes about killing cops in self-defense, here’s Balko:

    Last December, about 90 miles from Killeen, Henry Magee shot and killed Burleson County, Tex., Deputy Adam Sowders during a night raid on Magee’s home. Magee was raided because he was growing some pot plants. In February, a grand jury declined to indict Magee, finding that a reasonable person in his position could have thought he was being attacked and thus fired back in self-defense.

    Seems like this stupid pre-dawn, no-knock shit is getting old to some Texans.

    Marvin Louis Guy isn’t the best example of how bad the drug war is. He’s probably going to do time for killing Dinwiddle, at least because he was a convicted felon in possession of a firearm. Reports indicate that the 49 year-old had spent half his life in prison.

    Still, the pre-dawn, no-knock tactic is not only outrageously abusive, but incredibly stupid. What purpose does it serve other than to intimidate citizens and gratify the libido dominandi of pigs?

    1. libido dominandi


    2. If that’s your point of view you should probably change your screen name. Cato the Elder would see to it that the homicide perpetrator in this instance would come in for the strictest punishment possible. He had no sympathy for malefactors hiding behind rights when they have complete contempt for the duties that come with those rights.

      Libido dominandi what a pathetic misuse of that idea. Police serving search warrants aren’t acting on some power trip they are carrying our their job.

      1. You know who else was just “doing their job”?

        1. Son of Sam?

      2. Do you have any argument more intelligent than “Ur name is dum”, “Cops R Heroz!”?

      3. Police serving search warrants aren’t acting on some power trip they are carrying our their job.

        The two things aren’t mutually exclusive.

      4. Libido dominandi what a pathetic misuse of that idea. Police serving search warrants aren’t acting on some power trip they are carrying our their job.

        Part of the job–one might say the largest, most important part–is to use judgement and discretion to assess situations in the moment and make the best decisions possible, with the ultimate goal of keeping everyone involved as safe as possible. If, as you seem to imply, cops are just there to hold the guns, then they’re basically the retail clerks of law enforcement and the job requirements are essentially the same. That being the case, I fail to see why police should have any rights or powers beyond those of any other civilians, including part-time sandwich artists, gas station clerks, or Wal-Mart greeters.

      5. Doesn’t “serving search warrants” usually imply knocking on a door, informing the occupant that you are a police officer, and asking for entry because you have a legal, valid, and constitutional search warrant? . . Oh, silly me.

        1. And aren’t search warrants supposed to be based on reasonable suspicion or probable cause or some sort of legal measuring stick other than taking the word of a snitch trying to stay out of jail himself ?

          1. I think whoever provided the uncorroborated information should be held responsible as well. I guess the burden of proof for a warrant is anyone’s word.

          2. Well, if we’re going off of what’s “supposed to be,” isn’t it supposed to be impossible to prosecute anyone for any alleged crime that lacks one element (“injury” or “intent to injure” the same, specific, named, party) of a valid “corpus delicti” or “body of the crime”?

            The USA has been lawless since at least 1906, when the “Pure Food and Drug Act” was signed into “law.” At that point in time, the common law had been clearly and decisively thrown out.

            Of course, long before that, the establishment of voir dire (1851) threw out proper jury trial, so it’s anyone’s call. The USA has never been consistently about protecting individual freedom, it has just –for brief periods, in the North only– been more about individual freedom than any other place on Earth.

            That era is now coming to a close, as the best funded police state in history gears up to turn us into Orwell’s Oceania.

      6. Newcomer troll, with cop cum running down his chin.

      7. He had no sympathy for malefactors hiding behind rights when they have complete contempt for the duties that come with those rights.

        The home owner defended himself against unknown intruders invading his home in the early morning. That’s not murder, it’s self-defense.

      8. Fuck off slaver.

        1. I’m not sure which remarks are more stupid: his or yours.

      9. A cop on a power trip is like the rest of s breathing. Constant, and autonomic.

      10. Lol, no. The job of the police is supposed to be to enforce the law. Serving illegal warrants is not enforcing the law.

    3. A lot of times there is no gap between, police open up and banging in the door.

  22. It’s funny how the cops love these no-knock warrants: the idea of entering a house through the window, taking them by surprise.

    RIght up until one of them gets his head blown off, at which case, they start emphatically insisting how rigorously they identified themselves and made it clear to the defendants that the police were entering. Why, it doesn’t even sound like a no-knock warrant at all, really.

    It’s always someone else’s fault, really.

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    1. Do I have to bourt a Fiat Multipla with my easy money ?

      I would prefer to groub a Yugo Impresser with mine.

    2. Wouldn’t it be wiser to just blow rich guys to get spare cash? Or take it up the ass? Jon Voight seemed to do ok with it in ‘Midnight Cowboy’.

  24. It’s a bluff. The prosecutor is saying to the defense, “Plead to manslaughter and you’ll get 10 years; take it to court and we will fucking kill you.”

    I certainly hope this guy has the cojones to call.

    1. Some young Reasonette should GoFundMe a defense fund for this guy.

  25. The Texas Supreme Court has found that a defense attorney who napped in court did a competent job defending his client. Imagine what’s going to happen to this guy.

  26. Jury nullification. It’s stories like this where I find myself applauding the death of a cop. Not nice I know but they get away with crap, and violate ones rights, gets hurt and for some reason it’s the citizens fault. They burn babies, choke people to death, shoot unarmed men, sexually assault women, kill people’s pet dogs and they get away with it. My response to this story is, now you know how we feel when you do this to us.

  27. Part 1

    Lets be realistic here, the average police officer today is the biggest chickenshit in the county. They grasp to their gun like it was their mothers apron strings. They have justified arming themselves like the Nazi Gestapo in order to feel the warmth of their ‘blankie’. Far to many of them were losers in high school, and they are still losers today. These are they types that want to be LEOs today in order to have some of that power they didn’t have in high school when the ‘jocks’ threw then in the showers after PE class for not not taking a shower. They carry their guns like they are their badge to entitlement.

    I had a long talk with a local deputy just the other day about the arming of police in America, and his justification for it was that criminals have become so out of control, and heavily armed that that they need MRAPS and armored vehicles to insure their safe return to their homes after their shift is over.

  28. Part 2

    I then went on to explain that back 40 years ago that police officers had much less firepower, yet very few of them were killed in the line of duty. I went on to explain that back then they came to the door and knocked and presented a warrant before they entered the home of a suspect. He then went into a rant that was plainly propagandized about the LA attack several years ago after a bank robbery, and the one in Florida some years ago, where the criminal element used assault weapons and body armor to protect themselves, and the growing presence of drug cartels from Mexico and other South American countries in the United States.

    Of course, I live in a rural area of the country where none of those possibilities have ever existed, and I pointed that out to him. His rhetorical answer was, “Yes, but we never know when there will be a first time.” I then said to him, so in your eyes everyone is a David Weaver or a Koresh? He said no, but we always have to prepare for that. I threw my hands up in desperation, because I realized he had been so brainwashed that he would never get my point.

    It was then that I realized that the Federal government has these police officer so scared of their own shadow that they see everyone as a possible terrorist, armed to the teeth, and ready to kill at the drop of a hat. 9/11 changed everything, and none for the better.

    1. I don’t doubt any of that, however the real reason the cops are scared of everyone is because they all know the blue line is entirely out of line, like these no knock warrants, totally unconstitutional, and a lot of everything else they do, and aware the public has their number in that matter.
      So they all realize they deserve to be shot, as they shoot other for far less than the crap they themselves pull.
      In other words, the continual deterioration and misbehavior and lying in the courtrooms around the nation and no accountability leaves them absolutely certain the general public should more or less just gun them down.
      So, that’s the mindset they have, and maybe someday that shoe will drop, then, of course, they can all claim they told us so.

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    1. You buddy’s mom is a cam whore. She fucks midgets on cam for money. They have shot so much jizz into her that she could be opened up as a sperm bank.

      For fuck’s sake, get her some help.

  30. When you kill a member of the Police State you are automatically guilty of murder. A few years ago a Chinese foreign exchange student, on Halloween, in costume, rang the door bell of the wrong house. The man inside shot and killed him, stating that he was in fear of his life and no charges were brought. I would think that a burglar breaking into one’s home early in the morning would rise to the same standard.

    All hail the imperial state. (Dissenters will be executed.)

  31. Seems it is business as usual in Texas. While I appreciate what law enforcement does, but when they do things that are bordering on illegal just to make a bust (despite there being no drugs found in Guy’s house). This maneuver by SWAT should be deemed off-limits and the dude that shot him just gets charges dropped.

  32. No, I recently got a libertarian education on this sort of situation;

    See, the problem is the homeowner didn’t go outside and make sure his “No Trespassing” signs were properly displayed at the correctly (as decided by his local municipality) around the entire perimeter of his property. Also, he failed to formally notify the officer of his personal displeasure with the manner in which the officer has conducting himself on his property and his desire for him to leave. This man, unfortunately, shot several officers for not committing any crimes.

    This was just a simple miscommunication on the part of the property owner about his wishes to be unmolested in his home and a misunderstanding by the local police that being secure in possessions and effects means from *everyone*. Simply posting “Please knock before issuing warrants.” signs between 4-7 ft. off the ground at 40-50 ft. intervals on all four sides of the property would have avoided this tragedy.

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  34. If the cop did not announce he was a cop before entering his being shot cannot be charged as capital murder. The burden of proof is on the state to prove the cop identified himself and was then shot. However, shooting at the other cops will hold up. He may not get executed, but he will be in Huntsville for a very long time.

  35. How about a picture of the jihadi who got what he deserved?

  36. Please sign the petition I posted above

  37. Well, the libertarians here all seem like they understand that the police state is a giant, power-grasping bunch of sociopaths who won’t back down until they’ve stolen our last dollar and thereby murdered us, or murdered us, and then stolen our last dollar from our now-destitute families.

    So, why do they give financial control of the Libertarian Party to one man? Why do they shit on any activist who reports back to them what must be done to win back individual freedom? Why do they fail to pursue even the most basic knowledge about strategy, content to be armchair anarchists?

    The libertarian movement of the USA is externally controlled by its opposition, and those who remain relatively uncontrolled are lazy pieces of shite, too lazy to read “Winning Elections” or anything similar. …Too lazy to do anything that could possibly result in a measurable step towards individual liberty.

    But hey, you’ve managed to write some pretty snarky comments about the horrible injustice being done to this black fellow’s life!

    1. Yeah, and feel pretty smug about it too.

      Now, turning the situation into a fight about party control and election tactics…that’s the part I don’t get.

  38. The WOD has engendered countless “exceptions” to the Law – ALL on the side of police, no matter WHAT they do. Mutilate and murder an infant? Shoot a puppy, a young cat, a ROOSTER? All judged “Not guilty!” Together with pregnant women, parents who were unable to stand and watch a 200 lb cop pound an 80 kid because he didn’t like his answer – oh, and that was after multiple Taserings. Folks, if We the People don’t stand up and start suing cities, counties and anyone else whose irresponsible use of steroid-using cops, it’s on us. They’ve been misused for years, and barely have much to do with fighting crime. Drug use is, legally speaking, crime, but the “crime” is interfering with the profits of LEGITIMATE drug makers and dealers – i.e. Big Pharma.

    The standard ought to be that if the COP would have shot the person who shot him for the same actions, let him go! Otherwise, they are entitled to murder us on a whim, and that is a totalitarian state. The People need to start fighting back, in court, and firing judges who turn killer cops loose – not to mention, SOMEhow we need to stop prosecutors from excluding exculpatory evidence, as they did here. (“Killer cops” = cops with multiple kills of innocent citizens).

  39. Even the Indians won one every now and then.

    When the cops act like criminals, then they can expect to be treated like criminals.

    I don’t keep a shotgun in the corner worrying about police crawling in my window or breaking down my door.

  40. Seems to me like the only criminal here was already executed

  41. Why is this man not being defended by President Obama. He is a much better example of humanity than Michael Brown!

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