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Tonight on The Independents: 'Boots on the Ground' and Other Linguistic Evasions, the ISIS Non-Strategy, the War on Ebola, Smoking in New York, Obamacare Bummers, Benghazi Update, and Aftershow


Never change, Medea! |||

Tonight's live episode of The Independents (Fox Business Network, 9 p.m. ET, 6 p.m. PT, with re-airs three hours later) begins with America's newest boots-on-the-ground affair in Iraq, and the hopelessly zig-zagged way in which this administration is characterizing its latest war. Joining to discuss are Party Panelists Michael Malice (commie-hating he-imp) and Brian Morgenstern (Republican comedian), who will also assess the panic level we should gin up about the Islamics pouring across our southern border, while licking up the delicious tears of New York's anti-smoking regulators.

Continuing in a more strategic vein on the ISIS theme is The Blaze national security chief Buck Sexton. What about our boots on the ground against Ebola? Dr. Eugene Seymour of the nanomedicine company NanoViricides, will report on progress on developing an anti-viral antidote. Obamacare is coughing up its usual portion of bad news, including businesses cutting jobs; reporter Elise Viebeck of The Hill will break it down. And I'll try to make some sense of the confusing new allegations about Hillary Clinton's office segregating Benghazi documents, in advance of tomorrow's first hearing of the House Select Committee on Benghazi.

Online-only aftershow begins at just after 10. Follow The Independents on Facebook at, follow on Twitter @ independentsFBN, and click on this page for more video of past segments.

NEXT: Los Angeles Approves New Method of Fining Residents for Petty Offenses

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  1. You know who else used nano technology?

    1. Nano-nano?


    2. Cobra Commander?


      1. Strangely, he got by with simply having micro technology.

        1. And D batteries! which is how he got his name. those things are expensive.

          1. “D batteries, the official battery of Philadelphia sports fans!”

              1. I just read the entire wiki page for an episode I’ve seen of a TV show I’m lukewarm about. I need better hobbies.

                Anyone want to go skinny dipping out at the old quarry? I hear there’s barely any slashings anymore.

        2. The most absurd thing about that whole show was a government defense ministry building a cyborg for just $6 million (roughly $32 million adjusted for inflation).

          1. I laughed.

          2. particularly in the context of 1973 America, which was spending about $50m a day on the war in Vietnam.

            1. They tried calling it the $6 Billion dollar man, but since the richest people in the world in 1973 earned about $5M/year, nobody could conceive of it and they made the creator drop three orders of magnitude.

              1. One Million Dollars One Hundred Billion Dollars!

    3. The engineers of Belegost?

    4. A civilization more advanced than our race of monkey like critters?

    5. Natural Selection?

    6. Your mom?

      1. I think she likes her ‘technology’ oversized.

    7. The Goa’uld?

  2. Boots on the ground!
    Boots on the ground!
    Lookin like a fool with your boots on the ground!

    Oh, wait. That’s pants. Never mind.

    1. One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you.

      1. Not if Congress continues to stymy Obama’s noble efforts.

  3. So, I’m in Tampa for work. Just ran into a trio of uniformed Secret Service guys in the elevator at my hotel. They aren’t on my floor, so I guess I won’t get to see/hear the pissed off girls stomp out later when they find out these guys are cheapskates.

    In other news, Apparently, I’m missing a Festivus of Smug at home. According to FB, Bill Nye is at an event in Tallahassee and just Facetimed Neil DeGrasse Tyson while on stage.

    How’s everyone else’s night?

    1. “Brett L|9.16.14 @ 8:40PM|#

      So, I’m in Tampa for work.”

      Unless you’re in baseball, I think you need to consider other careers.

      1. I work for a fast-growing consulting firm with aggressive leadership who want A-players and low bullshit. Sure, as we grow the bullshit gets deeper, but I’m relatively satisfied with the work and the rate of change. There’s a reason I don’t hang out in the MLs but maybe once a week in the last 3 months. I’ve been earning my money. Its different, but satisfying.

        1. Try working for an uber libtard university, you will learn to ignore the bullshit really fast. Well, I’m a contractor, but I have to choose the best money because I have a family to take care of, you just learn to cope.

          1. Oh, no. I became a regular at H&R as a staff-aug contractor at a state agency. I’ve been there, done that. I kinda like working for a living rather than sitting at a desk being supervised for a living.

            1. I work for myself, not the government, maybe you misunderstood me. I’m an IT contratctor.

              1. IOW, self employed.

              2. Oh, I was 1099. I worked for myself. I was supervised by a state drone in return for a paycheck. And by supervised, I mean, they made sure I was at my assigned work station for a reasonable chunk of the day and I did the odd actual work request in a timely manner. But mostly, they supervised my ass being in their seat.

                1. I’m working for a private org, although their PC non-sense is over the top stupid. Doesn’t affect me much, I just have to see it.

                  It’s sort of like, as always, I have a client, they tell me what they want and I deliver it, get paid.

        2. fair enough. When I was in consulting a spent a lot of my time in St Louis, Cincinnati, Atlanta, and Winston-Salem.

          Atlanta never bothered me. The rest I’d be happy to never see again.

          1. Skyline chili and White Castles!

            1. I can’t figure what it is, but when I lived in Cincy, it was always Goldstar that I had. I had never even heard of Skyline.

              And it’s Goldstar that influenced my own chili recipe, which is the uncontested world’s best.

              1. Back in the late bronze age, most neighborhoods had a ‘local’ parlor. I liked one on Glenmore out in Cheviot and one in Clifton, and I never knew the names.

    2. ” uniformed Secret Service guys”

      Which leads to the obvious…

      …they have uniforms? Secret.. uniforms?

      1. What is that? A Twisted Sister pin, on your uniform!

    3. Ah, Neil DeGrasse Tyson who took time out of his busy schedule to tweet this beauty out today.

      1. I mean, as best I can tell, my belief system is founded on objective reality, but its hard to say for certain. In fact, its probably impossible to say for certain. I do, however, work hard to allow my conception of reality to, as best I can understand, conform to the evidence of the most objective standards I know of. To claim that is the same as objective reality is pretty hubristic.

      2. Heh, did DeGrasse just say that if you’re not a libertarian, you shouldn’t be in government? Sounded that way to me.

      3. What’s ‘objective reality’?

        1. Something that is invisible to progs.

        2. It’s when you object to reality. Most fun evenings start out that way.

        3. I think it means only Ayn Rand fans get a say in how things are run.

        4. Take the red pill, neo, and I will show you

      4. Uh… right, okay. Objectivity is a nice standard to strive toward, but at the same time life is filled with nuance and subjective considerations. And decisions will be made on incomplete, often inaccessible, knowledge. So… we simply shouldn’t make decisions which might have some degree of interpretability? We shouldn’t craft policy that might deal in gray areas?

        Wait, I think I like that standard. No passing laws unless you can demonstrate their complete accordance with objective reality.

        1. You would thinking a fucking astrophysicist would be aware of the measurement problem.

      5. Figures that NDT would be an agent of the Technocratic Union.

  4. Good grief, I agree with Code Pink, we’re fucking doomed.

    1. Its the libertarian curse. You agree with everyone about something and nobody about everything.

      1. I somewhat agree.

      2. Yeah, it’s a lot more painful than choosing a team, choosing your one pet issue, and just stop thinking at that point. Blissful ignorance, It’s what’s for dinner!

      3. I neither agree nor disagree


      4. I guess everyone has something that they feel the government shouldn’t be involved in. Unfortunately for most people it’s all feels, and not a matter of principle.

        1. It’s always interesting whenever people start talking about the bloated government. Everyone wants cuts except when it comes to their special thing which of course requires more spending.

          1. We’ve got to cut government! Just not in any way that would affect me or my family!

            “Get your government hands of my Medicare!”

        2. It’s their ox, Sarc. Have you no empathy?!?

          1. Empathy? Is that like sympathy (a word in the dictionary between shit and syphilis)?

            1. No, one is a wizard spell, and the other is a cleric’s.

              I apologize for not italicizing them.

  5. “Republican comedian”

    Wait, what? They have those?

    1. Have you ever watched Rick Santorum? Its like he took Andy Kaufman’s idea of absurdist comedy to their thematic ends.

      1. Oh, right. He’s the one with the fetus in a jar right. But is that really comedy? i think of it as performance art.

        1. Its a fair cop. If the clown gets to laugh is it still comedy?

        2. It’s performance art when he has a fetus in a *jar of urine*

          1. It’s got to be a Jesus fetus, otherwise it’s indecent.

            Say… is the aborted fetus Hispanic? Maybe its mom would have named the kid Hey-Soos.

      2. Sweater Vest? He’s almost as repugnant as that sissy boy warmunger from SC, almost…

    2. Wait, what? They have those?

      Steven Crowder. I only like that he rips on liberals, and I dislike liberals more than I dislike neo-cons. (albeit only slightly more)

  6. Dr. Eugene Seymour of the nano medicine company

    “Doctor Gene See More”? You can’t fool *me*, Matt. That’s from The Onion.

  7. People, have we really reached a point again, so quickly, where people are ready for more of the same old senseless warmongering? Will we ever learn?

    I’ve been studying some on WW1 lately, a war in which at least 20 million people were killed, for what? Seemingly almost nothing.

    We’ve learned nothing. The point at which this changes is when people finally say to their leaders, ‘you want to fight? Get your fucking ass on the field and do it, fuck you, we’re not your pawns’. Until then, I guess nothing will change.

    1. “Where have all the flowers gone, long time passing?
      Where have all the flowers gone, long time ago?
      Where have all the flowers gone?
      Young girls picked them, every one.
      When will they ever learn, when will they ever learn?

      Where have all the young girls gone, long time passing?
      Where have all the young girls gone, long time ago?
      Where have all the young girls gone?
      Gone to young men, every one.
      When will they ever learn, when will they ever learn?

      Where have all the young men gone, long time passing?
      Where have all the young men gone, long time ago?
      Where have all the young men gone?
      Gone for soldiers, every one.
      When will they ever learn, when will they ever learn?

      And where have all the soldiers gone, long time passing?
      Where have all the soldiers gone, long time ago?
      Where have all the soldiers gone?
      Gone to graveyards, every one.
      When will they ever learn, when will they ever learn?

      Where have all the graveyards gone, long time passing?
      Where have all the graveyards gone, long time ago?
      Where have all the graveyards gone?
      Gone to flowers, every one.
      When will they ever learn, when will they ever learn?”

    2. I’m beginning to think that it’s human nature to support war. At least the initiation of hostilities part. It feels good. We are going to go kick some ass! Fuck yeah! It’s only when enough families are made smaller that people wise up, but by then it is too late.

      The initiation of hostilities part is emotional, not rational. We libertarians try to be like Spock and not allow emotion into the decision making process, but that is not the norm. The norm is to celebrate killing people because it strokes the emotions.


      1. Yes, we are hard-wired to do so, in addition to supporting it out of rational ignorance (public choice).

    3. We’ve learned nothing. The point at which this changes is when people finally say to their leaders, ‘you want to fight? Get your fucking ass on the field and do it, fuck you, we’re not your pawns’. Until then, I guess nothing will change.

      Humanity did it that way for a long time, and it was even worse for normal people than what we have now.

      “Only the dead have seen the end of war, because no matter how they are organized they are still pretty fucking foolish.” –possibly not an exact quote.

      1. No, you didn’t get it. In the new version, only the warmongering politicians get on the field. The rest of us watch it on the teevee, with beer and popcorn.

  8. Prediction: Hoops like you’ve never seen before!

    1. Ehhh….dream-catchers. Lame.

  9. Obama hasn’t read that news story yet.

  10. I never wanted to hear Obamacare.

  11. Whatever happened to Cindy Sheehan?

    1. “Whatever happened to Cindy Sheehan?”
      Obama took office.

      1. She works in the pro shop at Andrews.

      2. I think for a while she kept protesting after Obama was elected but the media started calling her a harpy at that point.

        1. One or two rags mentioned she was still sorta making noises, but I think that was just ‘see, it wasn’t about Bush’ camo.

    2. Only recently has the question, “Tell me again why you think Charlie Crist is going to keep a single one of his promises to you?” Supplanted that question when I want to make my doctrinaire progressive friends instantly uncomfortable.

      Them: “See, what had happened was…”

      1. “Them: “See, what had happened was…””

        I’ll bet sooner or later it turns out that ‘it’s complicated!’

  12. Kinda sorta?

    C’mon Kmele, don’t sugarcoat it!

  13. so does the Republican Comedian get funny at some point?

    1. An outfit on twitter called LOLGOP thought it was being funny in March, 2012

      Catch the joke before they memoryhole it

      1. “Is this one of those Palin decisions?”

        I don’t even understand what that means.

        Is the idea that they made fun of Obama for wanting to strike Syria? And now he wants to strike Syria’s ‘opponents’?

        That would be funny if it weren’t depressing.

        1. Ahem… Consider your venue: Some of us think it’s funny for precisely that Reason.

  14. I agree with Welch. We need a northern border fence.

    1. Pricks.

      1. But, Rufus…Why would give the bad guys passports???

        1. Who is giving passports to bad guys?

          1. Dammit, I left the *you* out of that…

            Never mind!

            1. I didn’t watch tonight’s episode – stream didn’t work – was there something said that alluded to us giving passports out to bad guys?

  15. What’s prompting Matt’s Khrushchev impression?

    1. He’s high as an elephant’s eye.

  16. In other news I just saw: The NFL is starting to take protecting its tax-exempt status seriously.

    The NFL has hired Cynthia C. Hogan, a former deputy assistant in the Obama administration, as its senior vice president of public policy and government affairs.

    1. The NFL has definitely not been covering the vig, so it had better get a mouthpiece inside the beltway.

    2. I guess the fact that NFL players commit only half as much crime as their age cohort in the general population isn’t good enough.

      1. “Role’ model!”
        See how easy it is to get media attention?

  17. They’re getting squirrelly; are they huffing nitrous?

  18. Holy fuck, the neocon haircut boy. Is he gonna marry Lindsey Graham now, or are they already married?

    Dude’s a fucking pussy, Kennedy, just kick him in the ballz now and watch him crying on the floor!

  19. The Independents Attire Review, 16 September 2014

    The ‘OG’ Occupy Wall St.-Edition

    – Kennedy: I scan the color wheel, and while I think this is called “Teal” it has a muted/pastel character to it that says much-less “Miami Vice” and much more “Last Month’s Wonderbread”.

    – Matt: “PowerMatt”, Blue-Shirt version. We like it. We like White Shirts better with it; but its still the best overall combination Matts got. Matt should look at the supposed-‘comedian’ sitting across from him and note how the Lilac-Shirt/Purple-Tie kicks so much ass, particularly with grey suits (but which would also drop JDAM-Style should he try the same thing with the Navy Suit)

    – Kmele: ‘Paisley Grey tie’ has debuted previously, but has done so with grey/charcoal jackets and (i think) a grey shirt. With the Khaki jacket it does none of its good things and just draws attention to itself. It doensn’t look ‘horrible’ because of the neutral color, but the pattern looks odd with a more-casual jacket.

    – The Republican Comedian Who Looks Like Bob’s Big Boy: Great shirt-tie/jacket. One of my favorite combos with charcoal suits. UNFUNNY COMEDIAN WINS

    – Buck: For the love of god you preppie cliche, that’s not ‘casually loose’ collar, that’s ‘I’m Drunk and/or Don’t Give a Shit’. That works for no one except Gavin McInnes. And you’re not even drunk. FAIL


    1. much more “Last Month’s Wonderbread”.


  20. So the trick is to call her ‘Lisa’ and she stops interrupting?


  21. Gubermint: You need to be really scared of stuff! Uh, really scared! Cause shit is scary, and only we can save you! Ok, we’re really fucking stupid and we fuck up shit worse than it’s almost possible to even imagine, no matter how simple the problem… but trust us this time!

  22. Who the fuck is Lisa?

    1. Hyperion|9.16.14 @ 9:30PM|#
      “Who the fuck is Lisa?”

      I do so try to keep up…

  23. They should have grabbed tartar sauce.

  24. “And I’ll try to make some sense of the confusing new allegations about Hillary Clinton’s office segregating Benghazi documents”

    I think trigger warnings are silly, but I think there should be some kind of heads up when you’re linking to The Weigel.

    You know, sort of like a spoiler alert?

    I mean, I just ate.

    1. I think trigger warnings are silly

      Same here. Also, I think we all do, given that we, incessantly, make fun of it on H&R.

      1. I’d explain why asking for a trigger warning for linking The Weigel is funny, but you wouldn’t understand that either.

        I’d rather be rickrolled.

        Or maybe…

        Does The Weigel make you retch, too?

        Are you The Weigel?

  25. Don’t care? You know how much gas is now? Idling your car is the greatest gift dead grandma could be given.

  26. A proper wake is not depressing; it is a drunken mess!

    1. Just ask Tim Finnegan…

      Uisce beatha!

  27. And he’s married to a hobbit!

  28. They didn’t even give him a rail to ride out on?

  29. Oh, that was good

  30. That was a very libertarian view-point.

  31. “Right” thinking people don’t have guns.

    Um…Anyone with any sanity whatsoever learns to operate and own firearms.

    1. Who said that? (i had mute on)

      1. The comedian, but he was making the point about NYC progressives.

        What they think is right, and that is how the cigarette situation got to where it is.

        1. Since the guy died for selling ‘untaxed cigarettes’, i’ve pointed out that we’ve crossed the threshold where its now probably safer to sell/smoke weed (and tell your boss about it!) than it is to admit being a smoker.

          I quit, more or less*, last year because of this. It was becoming too much of a fucking big deal.

          *i was never a heavy smoker, and just stopped, but have had a few since. May start smoking cigars now just to see how irritating it is for other people.

  32. ELISA wah!?

  33. survey says: nose job?

  34. The Stampeders
    Sweet City Woman

    I had this in a playlist of ‘K Billy Supersounds of the 70s’ next to Candy by Looking Glass

    1. Yes to the Stampeders.

      But, who is “Candy”?

      1. She’s a fine girl

        1. Not after Brandy gets a hold of her. That’s one tough chick.

        2. oh, fuck, ok “Brandy”…

          my encyclopedic memory is more like a random collection of word-associations.

          1. I’m good with both-I thought I was missing something there.

            So that’s +1 for The Stampeders, and +1 for Looking Glass.

            1. In that playlist, next is this

              1. Speaking of quasi-obscure 70s acts…

                ..this dude was the shit. he later wrote anthems for the gay pride movement in the 80s/90s

                he was ‘rediscovered’ when Eminem and JayZ both sampled his best record the same year. This was my favorite tune off that record

  35. What difference at this point does that segue make?

    1. My loan shark is calling the ADL as we type…

    2. Hey, it’s Biden. We get at least one laugh a week.

    3. You Know Which other Democrats attacked Jewish bankers?

      1. Trick question, because they basically all did?

        …Or was I supposed to answer Bush, or Hitler, or something meme-y?

  36. Dahbs


  38. Gary Glitter has fell off the rotation.

    But what about ‘Lunatic Fringe’?

  39. They’re having an intervention over Matt’s excessive exhuberance

    “We all have concerns, Matt”

  40. oK, so they’re not talking about anything?

  41. I remain unconvinced of Michael Malice’s alleged Heterosexuality

  42. Hates the Redskins? Because of the name, right?

  43. Masturbation humor is next to poop humor for best ever!

    1. Same difference

    2. Everyone likes Chick Peas. The italians call them ‘garbanzo beans’

      1. I mean, their most famous orator was named after one, amirite?

        1. Cicero?

          I had no idea

  44. Cut her of

  45. Cutoff FOR THE WIN!! and an early one. We owe the production crew a beer.

    1. I don’t believe anything on the internet anymore.

      although i’ve actually seen crazier shit.

    2. Will he become Reason’s new editor? Definitely old enough.

  46. So has this show mentioned the failed attempt the amend the First Amendment? And if the Dems retain the Senate how will that be spun as evidence of some libertarian moment and that the millenials are libertarian?

  47. So I remember reading some Reason-Rupe poll that people just wanted Congress to get things done even if they disapproved of what Congress was doing. This would explain public attitudes to the “shutdown.”

    Seems discontent with the USG is that TOP. MEN. aren’t Getting Things Done which is pretty fucking scary.

  48. So is 10 PM ET like the libertarian curfew? I thought the guys here were a bunch of hedonist libertines?

    1. I notice the same. Hell, 8PM in the west and snores!
      For pete’s sake, the damn ball games are only in the 4th inning or so, and the sidewalks are rolled up.

      1. The east coasties all turn into pumpkins. Artisanal, organic, free-trade pumpkins.

  49. We are not alone:

    Amy Otto ?@AmyOtto8 12m
    the term sharing economy grosses me out but if it makes millennial hate regulation, I’ll suck it up

    1. You Know Who Else supported a “sharing economy”?

  50. You Know Who Else supported ending the existing party system with the support of youths and gays, was shot at by the cops, took drugs, vowed to create something that will last for a long time, opposed US Foreign Policy, opposed America’s use of capital punishment, would have opposed Israeli policies toward the Palestinians, supported immigration, supported oppressed minority groups in countries allied with Britain, opposed the existing banks and supported the development of new entertainment devices?

  51. So if the beheading videos aren’t enough what will get the nation over it’s “boots on the ground” reluctance? How about a dash of domestic terrorism?

    (CNN) — A man who owns an upstate New York food store funded ISIS, tried to send jihadists to Syria to fight with the terrorist group and plotted to do some killing himself — by gunning down U.S. troops who had served in Iraq — federal authorities alleged Tuesday.
    Mufid A. Elfgeeh, 30, was arrested on May 31, though federal officials didn’t outline the case against him until Tuesday. According to an indictment, he faces three counts of trying “to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization” (namely, ISIS), one count of attempting to kill officers and employees of the United States, two counts of having an unregistered firearm silencer and one for possessing guns or silencers “in furtherance of a crime of violence.”

    1. Also does something seem off about these numbers?

      The firearms possession charges alone have maximum 30 year sentences, the attempted murder charge maximum sentence is 20 years, and a count for providing material support to a terrorist group is up to 15 years

      1. Owning guns the government doesn’t say it’s okay to have is vastly worse than planning to murder someone or committing treason.

        Stop resisting, gun nut teabagger.

    2. Well:
      “federal authorities alleged”
      I’ll keep my shirt on.

      1. I find the timing curious. Maybe it’s nothing, but given how many of these “terrorist plots” are products of the government itself I can’t help but wonder. From RTFA it seems this guy was not a nice guy, but apparently they still felt the need to sting him, rather than relying on what he had done on his own.

        1. Dances-with-Trolls|9.17.14 @ 12:17AM|#
          “I find the timing curious.”

          And I’m overly skeptical. The Boston bomber seemed to have signaled enough to have gotten some attention. Instead, the cops had to ‘close’ Boston for a day or so.

          1. And here is some more possible outrage fuel.

            Baghdad, Sep 16 (IANS/EFE) At least 14 members of the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group were killed Tuesday near Baghdad when a rocket whose warhead they were filling with chlorine gas exploded.

            Iraqi security officials said seven more IS militants were injured in the incident, which occurred near the town of al-Dhuluiya, about 90 km north of Baghdad.

            Al-Dhuluiya was also where four members of the Iraqi security forces and Shiite militiamen suffered symptoms of asphyxiation after inhaling chlorine gas released by two improvised explosive devices.

            1. Whats the outrage, other than ‘moar idiot terrorists blow themselves up, hurt others in process’?

              1. Well the chlorine gas since it is a chemical weapon is kind of worrisome (sp?). There are also reports IS have used chemical weapons successfully.

                What we do about is another question.

  52. For those of you still not snoring (I been over at the AGW thread):

    “Ride services decimate S.F. taxi industry’s business”
    “The fall of the taxi industry in San Francisco, as less-regulated ride services have taken hold, has been both steep and sharp. The number of trips taken by taxi plummeted 65 percent in just 15 months,”…..760251.php

    Amazing what happens to self-satisfied drivers when they get competition! They might have to act like the customer pays the bills.
    In SF, you couldn’t get a cab west of Van Ness, and very few took reservations. Further, when you called and got an answer, asking when they’d get there got a ‘maybe half an hour’ response.
    I don’t wanna hear about ‘sharing’, but they sure put the spurs to the cabbies.

    1. People who misuse the word decimate literally need to be put in the stocks.

      1. Headline writers need to be put in stocks with bushels of rotten eggs available.
        And the misuse of “literally” is close; did you get the ‘wake up call’ to ‘think outside the box’?

      2. So should they beat each other to death with rocks or shoot each other?

  53. So you know that story Reason ran with a few days ago about a cop allegedly stopping a black woman for kissing her husband because he assumed she was a prostitute?

    I’m thinking Reason might want to issue a retraction.

    The “Django Unchained” actress who claimed she was harassed and hurt by cops after making out with her boyfriend was actually having sex in her car according to witnesses … then went on a rant with cops accusing them of racism and not knowing who she was … according to police audio obtained by TMZ.

    The eyewitnesses said the guy was sitting in the seat, she was straddling him and it was for everyone to see. One eyewitness told cops they cleaned themselves up afterward with a tissue.

    TMZ obtained police audio of the incident. Watts instantly plays the race card when Sgt. Jim Parker asked for her ID. She quickly moves from the race card to the fame card — then storms off, refusing to show her ID.

    So she may have actually been having public sex and the police were called because of the public sex. She then explicitly said she was going to make the cop look like a racist for daring to interrupt her public coitus.

    I think the woman might be at fault for this one, and I was definitely on her side at first.

    1. Yeah, I’m guessing we’re never going to hear about it again. The problem that ENB brought up about police using suspicion of prostitution as a handy way to harass poor women was real one, but a little bit more research into this particular situation would have saved some face. A handy rule of thumb when a celebrity is involved is to wait at least two days before making a call. I don’t always follow it myself, but I do try.

      That’s the internet world; sudden, emotionally charged, and to be believed at your own risk.

      1. Also, why is TMZ always breaking these stories? Has TMZ become the most legitimate American news source?

        1. Them and the Enquirer.

    2. “Irish|9.16.14 @ 11:52PM|#

      So you know that story Reason ran with a few days ago about a cop allegedly stopping a black woman for kissing her husband “


      And some of us thought the ‘making a big deal about it’ was lame even before it turned out (from the audio) that Princess Spirit-World was a fucking psychopathic bitchtits.

      Then we all linked to the audio and said, ‘this shit is bogus’… and there was deafening silence.

      Brian D., in his update to his original post, tried to spin it as ‘see! cops are rude.’…

      which was crazy, because the cop was like, “lady i would have been gone 15 mins ago if you weren’t making this into days of our lives…” etc.

      The audio is damning.

      1. Brian D., in his update to his original post, tried to spin it as ‘see! cops are rude.’..

        Seriously? I didn’t see the update. I can understand getting roped into the initial report but doing anything but mea culpa after the tape came out is pretty lame.

        1. here

          he leaves open the allegations…but to have heard the recordings, and thought – the cop was the dick? is pretty crazy IMHO. in my world, she was all wrong and the cop was trying desperately to give her an out.

          “[UPDATE: To vicariously live through and hear exactly why Watts, and other Americans, get so aggravated with police, it’s worth listening to some audio of the incident released by celeb gossip website TMZ, in which a Sgt. Parker tells Watts with maddening supercilious arrogance that “I do have more power than you. Yes it’s true. I have more power than you” and “I don’t work for you” and “When I tell you to do something you have to do it, ma’am. That’s the law….We actually have no charges now” when stressing she was not arrested but merely being detained. TMZ also found eyewitnesses who claim that Watts and her husband were having intercourse in the parked car, though nothing in the audio they released corroborates that as the complaint.]

  54. lol, You gotta be kidding me. Why cant the US jsut mind its own business for a change.

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