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Peace Candidate Obama Keeps Congress in Dark About Ongoing War Plans


At The Daily Beast, Josh Rogin reports that President Obama is keeping Congress in the dark regarding his strategy, aims, and goals when it comes to renewed fighting in Iraq and, potentially, Syria. Sadly, that's in keeping with Obama's past actions. 

"Members will certainly have discussions about the path forward on [ISIL] when they return next week, but how could Congress vote to authorize some action when the president hasn't even made a compelling case to the American people about what our national objective and strategy should be?" a senior House GOP aide told The Daily Beast.

There's widespread frustration in both chambers and both parties about President Obama's admission that "we don't have a strategy yet" to deal with ISIS in Iraq and Syria. But now the lack of strategy is actually protecting Obama from oversight because Congress can't authorize or reject what it can't understand.

Under the War Powers Act, a president can wage war-like actions for 60 days, with a one-time extension of 30 days, before getting authorization from Congress, which holds the power to declare war.

The administration has now reported to Congress three times under the War Powers Resolution about U.S. military force in Iraq; the first report was filed Aug. 8 and the most recent was filed Sept. 1. The reports notified Congress that the U.S. was waging war in Iraq for four distinct reasons: to protect American personnel in Erbil; to save the Yazidi minorities trapped on Mount Sinjar; to protect the Mosul Dam; and to save the people of the Shiite town of Amirli.

The War Powers clock expires Oct. 8, with a possible extension to Nov. 8. But the administration could argue that each new notification resets the clock and gives the president ongoing authority to attack in Iraq. To most in Congress, that's disingenuous at best, because the strikes are all part of the same operation and are all against the same foe in the same country.

Some sources claim that Obama may invoke his powers under Article 2 of the Constitution, though there is wide agreement that at least some of the strikes don't fall under that.

The Beast article paints a picture of a Congress that is ready and willing to authorize force to strike both in Iraq and in Syria. That's disturbing enough on its own, especially given the abject failure of the past decade-plus of U.S. military intervention in the Middle East and Afghanistan.

But it is perhaps even more disturbing that Obama—the guy who taught constitutional law fer chrissakes and said he was against "dumb wars" and doing "stupid stuff"—is plainly uninterested or unwilling to do what's required of his office.

"If you are going to come to Congress, come to Congress to ask for a real authority to take on something that is a direct threat to the national interests of the United States and link that authority to an overall strategy. You could get congressional support or something like that," said another senior GOP Senate aide. "The president has to be the prime mover. He has to come to Congress and say, 'Look, guys, here's what we need to do and here's what we need to do it.' And that hasn't happened yet."

OK, well, that's not going to happen now, is it? So will Congress actually step up and insist on its role? I'm betting not.

The procedures and processes in place are simply for show; it's through such things that better policies get worked out and actual consensus gets built. Lawmaking and politics at their best are, like markets, a discovery process and not simply a technicality to circumvented out of fear or arrogance.

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  1. That picture always makes me laugh. Boehner wearing shorts on the golf course like a peasant and Obama holding the club like his boyfriend’s cock.

  2. ISIL just released a statement threatening Putin over his support for the Assad regime.

    Bringing up Chechnya and the Caucasus too!

    1. so they want ton piss off every country they can and assure their defeat?Sounds like a great plan

      1. Russia’s a lot closer to the Caliphate than the US is. Let Pooty Poot handle it.

  3. That’s a great picture of two clowns from he circus. When did clowns taking up golfing become a thing?

  4. Peace Candidate Obama Keep Congress in Dark About Ongoing War Plans

    Did Fauxcahontas write this headline?

      1. …and “how”

        1. What makes the redskin red?


    1. Peace sells. But who’s buyin’?

  6. “I drink your HOPE. I drink it up.”

  7. Boner looks like a tool wearing those shorts. Boner looks like a tool when he wears a suit, too. Or jeans. A toga. Pretty much looks like a tool, does Boner.

  8. “President Obama is keeping Congress in the dark regarding his strategy, aims, and goals when it comes to renewed fighting in Iraq and, potentially, Syria. Sadly, that’s in keeping with Obama’s past actions.”

    It’s entirely possible that the reason Obama is keeping Congress in the dark about his strategy, aims, and goals is because–he doesn’t have any!

    Every working American, at some point in their lives, has direct experience with an incompetent middle manager–and they act exactly like Obama. This is actually an improvement from when he first came into office!

    Obama’s just now getting smart enough to understand that all the things he was sure of when he came into office–how the world works, how to get things done–all the things he thought he knew for sure are actually horseshit.

    He has no idea what he’s doing in foreign policy, and if he’s finally starting to recognize that fact, that’s a big improvement. Now, if we could only make him aware of his own limitations on domestic policy, we might really start getting somewhere…

    Given another six years of practice, Obama might someday become a mediocre president! I don’t know if the country could survive such incompetence for another six years–I’m just sayin’.

    1. Ken you are wrong Obama doesn’t share anything with congress because he is already 10 steps ahead. He can’t explain anything to anyone because after he says something he is already 10 steps ahead of what he just said. We are just simple retards struggling to stay in the lines of our Thomas the Train coloring books and he is Van Gogh a troubled genius that nobody understands willing to trade his ear to make us understand his commitment to this country.

      1. he’s the god emperor,taxes is his ‘spice’

      2. So 3D chess?

    2. Ken, I think it’s even a little worse than you believe. I think that the White House staff is acting like the clueless middle manager. None of these people ever worked outside of govt, NGO’s or academia, they are the ones beginning to panic, Obama doesn’t give a rat’s ass.

      1. I’ll say this: if Obama still trusts his advisers, he’s even dumber than I thought.

        I doubt he still trusts his advisers, which may explain some of the reluctance to make any decisions, too.

        It’s sort of like Libya, where the Europeans are actually dragging him along. When the supposedly anti-war UK and French are calling him up on the phone saying, “We’re putting together an international coalition to bomb the hell out of ISIS; do you think you might like to participate?”, you know you’ve got an American president that maybe isn’t being…um…proactive.

        The scary thing is that if Obama gets his confidence up, he’s as likely to commit ground troops as not. Once he feels like he knows what he’s doing, his first, second, and third inclinations are always to jump in with both feet.

        An Obama without confidence is a much better president.

  9. He isn’t even a part-time President. Not even pretending to do anything except fund-raising and golfing.

    Forming strategies, negotiating with Congress and allies – this is grinding time consuming work. I often disagreed with Bush’s strategies, but he and his staff got it done. Obama is even lazier and more incompetent than I originally assumed.

    1. Drake you are dead wrong the fact that he is listening to us at these 50 thousand a plate dinners is like the equivalent of you putting up with a monkey throwing feces and squawking at you for hours. He’s just ahead of his time, he will be looked fondly upon in future history we will be comparing his administration with all the troubled geniuses of our time like Carter and Nixon.

      1. I think he will often be mentioned in the same breath as Buchanan.

  10. As usual, Nick Gillespie misses the point…every point, actually.

    While Nick’s main man, Rand Paul, is obsequiously appealing the far right fringe with his new found hawkish outlook, just today the President has called on NATO, and even non-NATO countries like Saudi Arabia, to confront ISIS. You see, the President has realized, and Nick has completely failed to grasp once again, that the days of the US going it alone are over. We are broke…there needs to be a new approach that finally forces Germany, France and everyone else to belly up to the bar. And this President is waiting them out, just like he did with Libya. Just like he waited out the GOP and Rand Paul on Syria…oh yeah, and what did the GOP and Rand Paul do? They punted.

    Nick, you would hope that Rand Paul would be President and that he would be doing exactly the same thing this President is doing in regard to ISIS. You should be calling your main man out for his phony Libertarian stance. At least his father did.

    1. By the way, Nick…enough with the Josh Rogin and Eli Lake quotes. Unless of course you want to listen to 2 people who aided in the Iraq catastrophe.

    2. The stupid, it burns!

      1. DesigNate|9.5.14 @ 12:07PM|#
        “The stupid, it burns!”

        Jack’s trying to beat Tony in lowering the bar, but it’s so far down there that measuring the difference is tough.
        However, this is true:
        …” the days of the US going it alone are over. We are broke”…
        That lying bastard Obo has done his best to screw the pooch regarding the economy, and by gosh, he’s done it!

    3. So Obama is realizing we are broke, eh?

      He’s a little slow on the uptake.

      Too bad he couldn’t have figured that out before he signed his porkulus spending plan (laughingly and erroneously referred to as “economic stimulus”) into law.

      Ditto for Obamacare and the gazillion other ways that he’s been doing his best to spend us into oblivion even faster.

      1. If that was President Rand Paul refusing to go it alone against ISIS, asking NATO to finally act like NATO and share the cost, telling Saudi Arabia they better get involved, stating outright that no US boots will be on the ground, and waiting our allies out, Nick Gillespie would be telling you he is a great President.

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