Police Abuse

Cop Forced 8 Women to Have Sex With Him Under Threat of Arrest


Daniel Holtzclaw
Oklahoma City PD

An Oklahoma City cop was arrested for forcing eight different women to have sex with him. The officer, 27-year-old Daniel Holtzclaw, allegedly told his victims that he would arrest them if they did not engage in various sexual acts with him.

The Detroit Free Press—which covered the case because Holtzclaw is a former Eastern Michigan University football player—reports:

Officer Daniel Holtzclaw, 27, was charged with two counts of first-degree rape, four counts of sexual battery, four counts of forcible oral sodomy, four counts of indecent exposure, one count of first-degree burglary and one count of stalking.

Holtzclaw — a former Eastern Michigan University football player — is accused of raping at least two women while on duty and forcing four to perform oral sex, in addition to fondling the women and forcing them to expose themselves.

Holtzclaw reportedly forced women to expose themselves, fondled the women, forced four of them to perform oral sex on him and had intercourse with at least two of the women, court records show.

The Free Press notes that all of Holtzclaw's victims were black, which means the U.S. Department of Justice could investigate the case as a civil rights matter.

The Oklahoma City Fraternal Order of Police is still supporting Holtzclaw pending the results of an investigation. The organization released a statement explaining that, "Officers often find themselves unfairly targeted by all types of allegations."

Holtzclaw's family and friends have set up a Facebook page, "Justice for Daniel Holtzclaw." Supporters criticized his extremely high bail amount of $5 million.

Read the full, horrifying story here.

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  1. Is there anyone the police unions won’t support?

    1. prostitutes?

      1. Depends on your definition of support.

        They’re willing to have nasty, degrading sex with them BEFORE arresting them, so obviously they care at least a little bit.

    2. Human beings might note that these are allegations and that the officer is entitled to due process. However this level of support is over the top.

    3. Every person not affiliated with the Brotherhood.

    4. Fraternal Order of Police are not unions, right?

      1. Some googling shows me I’m wrong here. In my state there is no collective bargaining for police, but it appears where that’s allowed the FOP indeed engages in it .

  2. Am I the only one here that thinks this guy looks kinda. . .Downs Syndrome?

    1. Nope.

    2. I thought it was Manti Te’o.

      1. He only screws imaginary women.

    3. Best cop story ever.

      Court OKs Barring High IQs for Cops

      Down Syndrome is something a cop puts on his resume.

    4. Nope.

      Maybe he was just trying to hug the women?

  3. The Free Press notes that all of Holtzclaw’s victims were black, which means the U.S. Department of Justice could investigate the case as a civil rights matter.

    Not helping.

    1. Officer Daniel Holtzclaw, 27 … The women, between 34 and 58 years old

      Sounds like the AARP also needs to get involved.

      1. They should convict on that alone.

      2. Christie Brinkley and Helen Mirren, just sayin’

  4. You know who else forced eight women to have sex with him?

    1. Warty?

      1. Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner!

      2. We would also have accepted King David, Lord Krishna, as well as Hugh Hefner.

        1. Hugh forced no one. Women throw themselves at Hugh to advance their “careers”.

    2. Clinton?

      1. Well, that depends on your definition of “sex”, “have”, “force”, and “definition”.

        1. +1 I did not have sex with relatives of that woman.

    3. Mao Tse-Tung?

      Oh, wait.. That would be more like 800.


    4. Saddam Hussein’s sons?

  5. I think we’re all missing the most important issue: That Officer Holtzclaw (sounds like G.I. Joe nobody bought), after bravely patrolling his sector of the battlefield known as Oklahoma City, and taking some much needed sexual comfort from the local peasant women as compensation for his tireless protection, made it home safely at the end of his shift.

    1. Nice.

  6. I have a hard time believing that 8 different women would conspire to accuse him of the same crime.

    I’d like to see the police disbanded. They rarely solves crimes or protect people. They mostly harass, rob, & attack innocent people.

    1. Almost seems like a jobs program for the mentally deficient, criminally insane, and lazy do-nothings, doesn’t it?

      1. Yeah, sort of like an attempt to get all the violent, stupid people in a position where they do the least harm.

        Except they don’t.

        Flashback- Chicago, Summer of 2013

        I was eating at a late night Thai place. Two very fat female cops come in and sit with their backs to the window. Makes sense. There was no way they were ever going to chase down a crook, so best not to even look outside.

        1. Did they check all of the affirmative action boxes?

          1. My memory is fuzzy, but I believe they were both white. Maybe one was Hispanic.

            Another time in Chicago, there was a big NATO meeting. The cops were out in force. They were also fat in force.

            I remember I saw 6 of them at an L stop. They were all fat and tatted up. They were fat even by Chicago cop standards. It was like they picked a bunch of people at random from Golden Corral and put them in uniforms.

            1. It was like they picked a bunch of people at random from Golden Corral and put them in uniforms.

              You are awarded +1000 Internets for the funniest thing I’ve read all day.

            2. You mean that isn’t the normal method that CPD officers are selected?!

  7. In this schmuck’s defense, with him looking like Jet Li and Matt Damon’s retarded baby and all, this is probably literally the only way he was ever gonna taste Brown Sugar.

  8. – White Cop
    – Black Defendants (6 or 8 of them)

    And, the officer is in Jail with a $5mm bail?
    Who arrested this guy?
    Other officers in his department?

    Usually, this is what happens to cops:
    1. They go on Vacation for months if not years (they call it paid leave).

    2. They have all their legal fees paid for by the FOP or the PBA.

    3. They waive their right to a trial buy Jury.

    4. The DA agrees to a Favorable judge.

    5. The Judge acquits.

    6. The Judge Resigns.

    7. The Cop keeps his job.

    I’m shocked, shocked I tell you to hear that this officer is still in Jail. Especially on the testimony of a bunch of black women. It’s so Un-Oklahoma of them.


    1. The only two reason this ever happens is the cop did something so incredibly heinous and public that even his fellows in the law and order society can’t save him, or he pissed off the other members of his cop shop so incredibly that they refuse to save him from his fate.

      Downs syndrome guy looks like the latter to me.

      1. It’s not Downs. His eyes are close together. That’s not Downs. That’s just, well, eyes that are close together.

        1. Down Syndrome was the 1st thing that came to mind when I saw the face in the picture above. That or part Asian.

          1. By his name, he’s probably Indian.

              1. And you do it so well!

          2. Or fetal alcohol syndrome.

      2. Probably didn’t share.

    2. 3. They waive their right to a trial buy Jury.

      4. The DA agrees to a Favorable judge.

      5. The Judge acquits.

      Cops accused of serious crimes do seem to favor bench trials, don’t they? I’ve always wondered about that.

      1. Because the Judge is effectively another Cop. Paid by the same people.

      2. Professional courtesy goes both ways.

      3. The standard reason to prefer bench trials is that you expect juries to hate you. I suspect bad cops aren’t popular with juries.

    3. Not just arrested, but they’re actually giving him two counts of rape. I’ll take whatever progress we can get.

      Next step – the cops resorting to forced anal probes because they just know someone has something in their ass, *despite xrays to the contrary*, get prosecuted for forcible rape as well.

  9. “Officers often find themselves unfairly targeted by all types of allegations.”

    No shit. Brave, Honest, Hero, and Public Servant are all examples of unfair allegations that leap right to mind. They’ve worked so hard to turn American policing into vile thuggery but an unfair public keeps holding out these ideas in opposition and even occasionally holding some of them to those standards. The next union contract really needs to clear that shit up.

  10. Charged doesn’t mean convicted.

    Likely he’ll waive his right to a jury to get a sympathetic judge, or his brothers will intimidate the jury.

    Either way he’s likely looking at a fat check when he gets his back pay after being rehired.

    1. With overtime, of course.

  11. “Officers often find themselves unfairly targeted by all types of allegations.”

    Officers were targeted.
    Cocks were sucked.
    Boobs were grabbed.

    1. Their vaginas were hopped up on goofbals and he had to administer 4 inches of justice…

      1. This is why there are no libertarian wom…wait a minute, you ARE a woman.

        What are you doing here?!

        1. well, technically speaking

          1. Technically speaking is the best kind of speaking.

  12. Good thing the Fraternal Association of Police (FAP) supports the presumption of innocence. I still remember their campaign against posting booking photos online before the accused is convicted, their bail campaigns on behalf of people accused of assaulting police officers, and in general their courageous stance in favor of honoring the rights of all suspects before their trial. These brave efforts deserve applause!

  13. I recently had a little debate with some badge bunny on Facebook about whether or not citizens should be empowered to resist an unlawful request, and I referenced this case. I suggested that even under these circumstances. the women would’ve been wrong to resist. After all, they’ll eventually get their day in court, at which point the judge will likely affirm their right not to have been raped.

    1. Just do what the nice officer tells you, right?

      1. There’s a not so funny Joke in NYC pertaining to amadou diallo
        (GOOGLE if unfamiliar with the case/name)

        – Knock Knock
        – Who’s there?
        – Amadou
        – Amadou who?
        – Amadou what the police tell me to do next time.

    2. You bring up a great point.

      What should be the citizen’s code of conduct while being arrested.

      Are we suppose to be civil and maintain our composure even though we believe that we are being unfairly (or even illegally) singled out and arrested?

      If you look at the recent police shootings, the person shot by police generally feels that they are being unfairly treated.


      Police always use the defense that the reason they kick or beat up a person after a chase is because the police can’t maintain their composure.

      If this is the case, then charges like resisting arrest should be outlawed.

      1. As a practical matter, resisting a cop’s orders (not including demands for sex of course) is futile and counterproductive. You’re just going to make things worse for yourself. The courts are open if you want to challenge after the fact.

        I know that sounds horribly statist etc, but it’s a statist world we live in. Live to fight another day.

    3. There is absolutely no circumstance in which an officer could lawfully demand that someone perform sex acts on him, so that’s an easy question to answer: you absolutely should resist demands for sex.

      Very different from the question of whether you should resist a possibly unlawful arrest.

      1. Except that if you do, and the cop kills you, the only side of the story will be his, which will be full of furtive movements, lunging, possibly gun grabbing, and of course resisting, but his demand for sex, well that’s never going to see the light of day.

        1. And “waistbands”, don’t forget “waistbands”.

  14. Yo, just fucking stop it with the Downs comments, ninnies above. You are offending all folks and their families who are associated with that genetic disorder by linking the shitbag scum cop above with relatively harmless human beings.

    1. My apologies. I did not intend to offend anyone other than the officer.

      1. Broseph, continue offending the officer in question with the full force of your creatively brutal verbiage. He deserves every syllable…

    2. Are we also offending all white and Asian people by speculating on his race, Mr. Sensitive? I didn’t see anyone saying that all Downs sufferers are like this cop.

      1. This isn’t a fucking comedy channel… no one needs to be degrading Downs people by comparing them to a goddamn rapist cop who clearly abused his authority to demean a bunch of women. He’s white- it’s plain to see but it doesn’t even matter that the dummy is white.

        Quit acting as if using common sense is all of sudden tantamount to being sensitive.

        Libertarians should strive to be above Youtube-grade intelligence at the least.

        1. This isn’t a fucking comedy channel

          New around here, huh?

          1. Nope. Unobservant, huh?

        2. Un-PC != edgy != honest

          With the obvious exception of Warty, people with chromosomal disorders are decent people, didn’t choose their genetics and don’t deserve to be associated with rapists for it.

    3. oh god shut the fuck up

      1. Sukit, stumpy.

  15. Matt Walsh on forthcoming PBS documentary honoring late-term abortionists:

    “Dear PBS,

    “This is quite the bold move. As a third rate, tax subsidized broadcasting outfit with a viewership in the single digits, I’d expect you’d try your best to fly under the radar. There is, after all, no conceivable reason for you to exist, nor is there a solid justification for spending tax money to keep afloat an irrelevant television channel that has long since drowned amid a sea of a million other channels….

    “The synopsis on your website says that the pro-infanticide film After Tiller paints a “humanizing” portrait of the “doctors” who openly kill fully developed babies who could survive outside of the womb ? if they weren’t first poisoned or dismembered by these very “courageous” medical professionals….

    “…yes, George Tiller was a late term abortionist who was murdered a few years ago. He was shot through the eye, as I understand, which means the man who aborted him used a far more humane method than the one Tiller used to slaughter 60 thousand human children….

    1. “Interestingly, it’s precisely my opposition to abortion which allows me to oppose the late term abortion procedure that this man conducted on Tiller. It is only because I see abortion as wrong that I can see killing abortionists as wrong. But if I considered it to be morally sound to suck the brains out of babies, I suppose I’d be at a loss to explain why it’s morally unsound to blow the brains out of baby killers.

      “Ironically, only pro-lifers can really have a problem with pro-lifers murdering abortionists.”


      1. That’s the dumbest tripe I’ve seen in a long time. Can you not even conceive that you could be wrong about abortion and that people that perform them could be human? It’s all Tiller=Mengele for you?

        1. Can’t you conceive that past the age of viability, abortion is infanticide?

          1. Yes, I can, which is why I wouldn’t think people concerned about it are some kind of patriarchal fundamentalist morals police as pro choice extremists paint them, but Eddie and Walsh are engaging in the pro life mirror image of that.

            1. “people that perform [abortion] could be human”

              Even the Scarecrow’s family reunion didn’t have that many straw men.

              1. “Tiller used to slaughter 60 thousand human children….”

                Yup, total Strawman there.

                1. …because?

                  1. You really need to stop responding to Bo. Not only does it destroy threads, it also appears to be doing him actual harm.

        2. I thought Dr. Mengele was human.

          1. I think I meant human in the sense of ‘susceptible to or representative of the sympathies and frailties of human nature’, as in the Walsh piece complaining about the movie ‘humanizing’ the doctors.

            1. That’s an odd use of the word “human”. Tiller is quoting someone else’s choice of words, where “humanizing” seems to be a synonym for “sympathetic”. I’m not up for a sympathetic portrayal of Dr. Mengele, are you?

              Murderers deserve no sympathy, they deserve retribution.

  16. The Free Press notes that all of Holtzclaw’s victims were black, which means the U.S. Department of Justice could investigate the case as a civil rights matter.

    So, Dan faces a hate crime.

    The take-away — if you *must* commit crimes, be diverse.

    1. Because of Eisenhower-era racism, the executive branch (which created and enforced Executive Order 9066 just a few years earlier) and Holder are the only civil-rights warriors sufficient to the challenge of a potentially racist local cop. Because being a federal employee naturally makes you more sympathetic to racial differences than does being a state or county employee.

      In fact, anyone who bristles at the idea of distant empires interfering in local affairs is likely a racist himself.

      1. It’s tiresome for anti federalists to yell racism to proponents if federalism, and it’d be nice if they took the longer historical view on things (Fugitive Slave Law), but we can’t expect blacks to forget that the federal government was critical in fighting coercive state and non state Jim Crow racists.

        1. Yeah, bo, that fedgov is really that black man’s buddy!
          “32a. The Dred Scott Decision”

          1. You do realize I acknowledged your point, and that it doesn’t undermine anything I said, right?

            1. Bo Cara Esq.|9.1.14 @ 8:44PM|#
              “You do realize I acknowledged your point, and that it doesn’t undermine anything I said, right?”

              Of course, Bo! Not a single one of your posts has you talking out of one side of your mouth! How could you ever be such a fucking asshole if you weren’t such a hypocrite?
              You do realize we’re tired of your act, right?

              1. When Eddie drove Bo crazy earlier I figured it was just a one time thing. Now that it appears to be contagious, I’m kind of scared.

  17. I don’t have enough faith in the justice system to assume *any* accused person is guilty before they’re convicted, and maybe not even then. So on this particular guy I reserve judgment.

    I do not, however, the double standard on when the public should respect the presumption of innocence. Apparently the public should only do this when a policeman is accused of a series of nasty crimes. If some guy never gets to appear in court because he was choked to death after selling untaxed cigarettes, then we get to mock him as having gotten what he deserved.

    1. I do not, however, *approve*

    2. What should be the citizen’s code of conduct during legal contacts (and especially while being arrested) ?

      Are we suppose to be civil and maintain our composure even though we believe that we are being unfairly (or even illegally) singled out and arrested?

      1. In practice, yes, since by the time they’ve targeted you they’ve made up their minds to f with you. You have a better chance standing up in court making your case, whether in the prosecution they bring against you or in the lawsuit you bring against the guy who arrested you.

        1. Police always use the defense that the reason they kick or beat up a person after a chase is because the police can’t maintain their composure.

          They are represented by Medical Experts that claim that humans can’t maintain composure under certain situations.

          Time-and-Time again, police are given a free pass.

          I believe the medical experts: People do become emotional and defiant if they feel that they are being arrested for something petty or erroneously targeted or unfairly targeted.

          1. When they’ve determined to mess with you, either you (a) talk them calmly out of it (unlikely), or (b) get taken downtown and have the chance to fight it in court, or (c) you escape and become the target of a manhunt, or (d) your resistance prompts them to kill or maim you.

            Me, I prefer options (a) and (b), which are the best options available in the world we live in, as opposed to the world we *ought* to live in.

            1. So give them the blow job and hope to be paid for it later by the taxpayers in a nice civil suit? Doesn’t this mean the cops/courts are engaged in sex trafficking?

              1. If they’re trying to rape you, “the laws of Nature and of Nature’s God” entitle you to resist. Whether the courts recognize your rights depend on whether they use juries or not.

                1. Or whether you survive the encounter.

            2. Keep in mind that Medical Experts and experience and many many forms of police footage have shown that people do tend to become upset in certain situations.

              If the Police get a pass, so should the PERP.

  18. Words fail me.


    Half of young women can’t ‘locate their vaginas’

    1. Dear Gods! Cross Britain off the list of viable human societies…

    2. Looks like there’s a cop who could help.

    3. Young British women be trolling.

    4. The study also found that young women were uncomfortable with the word ‘vagina’, as 40 per cent of 16 to 25 year olds said they used names such as ‘lady parts’ or ‘women’s bits’ instead. In addition, 65 per cent said they had a problem with the words ‘vagina’ or vulva’.

      And I suppose 90 per cent said they had a problem with the words ‘vagina’, vulva’, ‘down there’, or ‘vajayjay’.

      1. What proportion of respondents said “don’t call this number again, pervert,” and hung up?

        1. “Very well, then. I’ll mark that as ‘uncomfortable with’.”

    5. dude look at the diagram:


      I am going to lay the blame on crappy medical diagrams and not women’s ignorance about their body.

      +1 for British labelling it with a capital “C” though.

      Where is your big C?

      1. It IS a crappy drawing, almost Lovecraftian.

      2. Wait. What? The drawing makes perfect sense. Are you 11?

        1. If you added a head, it would legitimately look like Danial-san getting ready to finish Johnny.

  19. Sounds like your average P O S cop to me dude.


  20. OT: Eerie post-it note doodles.

    A little early for Halloween, perhaps…

    1. So he was on the phone with Comcast I see…

    1. Aw HELL, I shoulda scrolled up. I figured it was just another “Blue” Tulpa circle-jerk up there.

      1. I figured it was just another “Blue” Tulpa circle-jerk up there.

        We got that out of the way earlier.

    2. Meanwhile, 99% of men could locate the vagina on a diagram of the female reproductive system. While blindfolded. Yeah, we’re just that good.

  21. Another OT: “You stupid Americans need to show respect to President Obama, especially since he’s not the stupid or immoral type that his predecessors were.” ~a Canadian

    Seriously, from the “article”: “In President Barack Obama, Americans have a charismatic leader with a good and honest heart. Unlike his predecessor, he’s a very intelligent leader. And unlike that president’s predecessor, he’s a highly moral man.”

    1. Please. Give the man a fair, fighting chance. This incivility toward the leader who won over Americans and gave hope to billions of people around the world that their lives could be enhanced by his example, just naturally has to stop.

      1. President Obama’s face appeared on protest signs white-faced and blood-mouthed in a satanic clown image.

        At last, the only person in North America who hasn’t seen The Dark Knight

      2. “their lives could be enhanced by his example…”

        These fucking idiots really do think he is the Messiah.

        1. Don’t judge them too harshly. I’ve noticed most foreign media get all their news directly from NYT and HuffPo.

    2. From the comments:

      Seyi sandra
      June 21, 2013 at 8:27 AM
      One of the best posts I’ve read in a long long time, I just wished it could be televised! So that rude Americans can set aside their petty bickering and support President Obama!

      1. Why should I support the only Chicago machine politician (basically the definition of corrupt)available to run who hadn’t been indicted yet? Because of the color of his skin? I think there’s a word for that kind of thinking….what was it now?

  22. I hope a few of you are still around, I can use your intellect and advice.

    In our little bedroom community suburb, which has been ridiculously safe for as long as it has existed, there has been a recent marked increase in burglaries, home invasions and auto thefts (no doubt related to Jerry Brown being forced to release 50K state prisoners in the past year). Concerned citizens have gotten together and are proposing a crowd-funded community project to put video cameras on certain streets to record cars, people and license plates as they pass by.

    On the NextDoor community website, there is an overwhelming outpouring of local support for this idea. I alone posted that I was unsure about the plan, that I was uncomfortable with the idea of constant surveillance of our small town citizens.

    Predictably, one local posted in reply to me “this is all out in public. What are you afraid of, C. Anacreon?”

    I’ve had a long day. I’d love some of those witty HnR-style replies to post in response to Mr. Glass Houses. Any suggestions?

    1. I am probably OK with the local community doing for themselves, with appropriate safeguards (which I have no idea about).

    2. Just say:


    3. Well my cynical side wants to know who is going to watch the video, because human nature being what it is, the ones who volunteer will probably be the very ones you don’t want spying on you…busybodies, pervs, and gossips. Second, who is storing the video and who has access? Blackmail happens too. Third, cameras don’t stop criminals; if they did Chicago, New York, every convenience store in the US and Great Britain would be crime free. Fourth, if the video actually captures some evidence–because burglars never look for things like alarms or cameras, right?–how will that evidence be used and by whom?

      1. To enhance my fourth point. Evidence of a burglary would obviously go the police (for all the good that will do–police aren’t in the business of finding stolen goods), but what if the evidence is:
        someone having an affair
        someone speeding
        someone’s dog loose
        some teens smoking, or drinking, or canoodling
        someone skipping work or school
        someone faking a workman’s comp claim and so on.

    4. Ask them what they are not afraid of?

      Ask them if it makes sense to invite a serial killer to live with you as a precaution against burglars?

  23. The Free Press notes that all of Holtzclaw’s victims were black, which means the U.S. Department of Justice could investigate the case as a civil rights matter.

    So, when all of a black criminal’s victims are white, will the DoJ investigate it as a civil rights matter?

    Haha, just kidding. We all know whites can’t be victims of hate crimes, unless they’re gay or female or both.

    1. BOTH!?!? Please, go on.

  24. The Free Press notes that all of Holtzclaw’s victims were black, which means the U.S. Department of Justice could investigate the case as a civil rights matter.


  25. “Holtzclaw, 27, who was a star football player in high school and college”

    Oh. Well, there you go then.

  26. And so we should trust them after news like this?

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