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Mom Arrested for (Maybe) Hanging Up on Cop While Her 'Missing' 10-Year-Old Plays at Church


Pasco Jail/New York Daily News

Here is a story that combines some of our favorite topics, including strip clubs, jerk cops, and America's growing willingness to make less-than-perfect parenting a crime. In this case, Florida resident Bobbey Jo Boucher went with her 10-year-old daughter to a neighbor's barbecue and left the girl there when she headed to work, instructing her to go back home when it was over. When the girl didn't return within a few hours, her grandmother called the Pasco Sheriff's Office, which called Boucher at work. When the line was somehow disconnected—Boucher says accidentally, police say she hung up—Boucher wound up arrested for obstructing justice.

The daughter was fine, by the way. In fact, she was going to play at church with some neighborhood kids. A group of them had left from the barbecue and were riding there on the church bus when police stopped it. From Officer Nicholas Carmack's report: 

I was attempting to put (the daughter) in ACIM's (A Child Is Missing) program and (the grandmother, Pamela) did not have all the necessary information I would need to enter (daughter). Pamela provided Deputy Bollenbacher with Bobby's phone number.

While on scene a neighbor advised (daughter) may have went to the Faith Baptist Church with other kids from the neighborhood.

Deputy M. Bollenbacher contacted Bobby over the phone and she advised she was last person to see (daughter). Deputy M. Bollenbacher said while speaking with Bobby she said she was at work at Calendar Girls. Bobby then stated "I have to get on stage" and hung up the phone on Deputy M. Bollenbacher. Due to Bobby hanging up the phone, I was unable to enter the child in ACIM. Bobby was obstructing my investigation in finding her daughter. 

At this time Deputy R. Nye advised he was behind a Faith Baptist Church bus and was conducting a traffic stop to see if (daughter) is on the bus. Deputy R. Nye later advised (daughter) was on the bus. I spoke with the bus driver, George Horner, who advised he asked all the children if they have permission to go to church with him on the bus. George said he remembers talking with (daughter) and she told him she had permission. 

So we have a 10-year-old girl who maybe lied to a bus driver to go play with friends at church, who has been out of her working mother's sight for all of about 2.5 hours, and on whom a missing person report hasn't yet been filed. It seems like the Pasco officers have done their job—locating the girl—and that should be that. But, no, someone must be punished. Officer Carmack really wanted to fill out that ACIM report (or at least take a trip down to Calendar Girls for more information) and he was obstructed by them finding the "missing" child perfectly safe and nearby first. More from Carmack's report:

I made contact with Bobby at Calendar Girls strip club … Bobby stated she did not hang up the phone she switched over to another call that was coming in. Bobby said she did not tell the deputy she had to get on stage, she told the deputy to hang on a minute. I asked Bobby who would be more important than the deputy trying to find her missing ten year old daughter. Bobby said her friend was calling and she wanted to speak with her. 

As Bobby hung up the phone so she could "get on stage". I was unable to enter (daughter) in ACIM or NCIC/FCIC as a missing child. Therefore Bobby was obstructing my investigation and I was unable to proceed any further with my investigation in finding (daughter). 

Obstructing his investigation which actually wound up progressing along very quickly and well but didn't result in a missing person report being filed for a girl who wasn't missing! That is what Boucher is in trouble for.

The whole report just oozes with so much condescension (contempt?) that I feel a little bit slimy reading it. At every point where it's possible, the cops assume Boucher is a bad, unconcerned mother. She would rather talk to a friend than talk to a deputy about her missing child? Well, maybe the friend had been at the barbecue, maybe Boucher thought the friend might know something, maybe she wanted to ask the friend to start asking around the neighborhood. Or she hung up because she needed to "get on stage"? Maybe she works at the kind of club where she could get fined or fired by missing her scheduled stage time. Maybe her daughter disappears like this all the time, or Boucher assumes she may have gone to play with the neighborhood kids. Boucher's time on stage is likely very short (a song? three?); maybe she was planning on calling back as soon as possible. Or, hell, maybe she hung up on the cops deliberately because she let her daughter alone in the neighborhood and that seems to get more and more moms arrested these days.

Argue all you want about what a mother should have done, or you would have done, but we don't know what really happend and we don't know her circumstances. The bottom line is, do we really want a criminal justice system where the mother of a missing child can be charged with obstructing justice for a potentially dropped call? Or wherein "justice" is defined as filling out the appropriate paperwork, rather than finding the child? 

Boucher's daughter was located within about 34 minutes from when the police were initially dispatched. Boucher herself was eventually arrested, taken to the Land O Lakes Jail, and charged with resisting without violence and obstruction. No matter how it shakes out, she already had to miss work, post bond, and owes $78 in "invesigative costs recovery." The story was also picked up by New York Daily News, which means it's now spreading all over the Internet. Here's how pretty much everyone else is covering it: 

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  1. No doubt the cop was a condescending ass, but the mom behaved stupidly. She didn't deserve an arrest but she didn't take responsibility for the whereabouts of her kid. Her mother (the grandmother) called the cops because she was concerned about the "missing" kid.

    Irresponsible parent and shitty cop = no good guys.

    1. How, exactly, is losing her job going to help her daughter?

      1. I'm looking for the evidence for the irresponsible part.

        1. I'm looking for the evidence for the irresponsible part.

          Not knowing where your 10 year old kid is or not having another responsible adult know where your kid is is irresponsible.

          1. Amazing that I survived childhood with such rotten parents, I guess.

            1. As been discussed here endlessly, the world you and I grew up in doesn't exist anymore no matter how irrational that is.

              We do have these amazing devices now-a-days called cell phones. They enable family members to easily communicate with each other, family members like grandmothers, mothers, and daughters. I couple phone calls could have resolved this minus the cops.

              1. I supposes then it's an even bigger amazement that my kids survived into adulthood.

              2. As been discussed here endlessly, the world you and I grew up in doesn't exist anymore

                You're right. It's EVEN SAFER!

                1. Who the fuck are you even arguing with?

                  I've stated on numerous occasion that the fear of letting kids play unsupervised is irrational. I've said in this case the cop is a dick and was abusing his position.

                  I'm not your straw-man. Fuck off.

                  1. Then stop supporting irrationality.


                    As been discussed here endlessly, the world you and I grew up in doesn't exist anymore no matter how irrational that is.

                    We should cow to irrationality because that's just the way the world is?

                    1. Nice attempt to change the goal-posts.

                      I'm indulging irrationality because I acknowledge cultural standards have changed. Right.

                      Yeah. The grandmother called the cops. Someone was concerned.

                      Sorry I can't oblige you and being your whipping boy so you can rant on. Talk about a lack of rationality.

                    2. Grandma lost track of the kid so the mother gets arrested.

                    3. LB's got a point.

                      While the factual reality is that the world is safer, the perceived reality is that the world is much more dangerous.

                      And perception is reality.

                      So the choice is yours: cow to irrationality, or go to jail.

                      As for myself, I'd rather not go to jail. So I'm going to raise my kid to be responsible, while also not giving irrational people an excuse to ruin my life.

                    4. ...while also not giving irrational people an excuse to ruin my life.

                      Exactly, and, when those people insert themselves into your life how about responding to them in a social acceptable way?

                      When your own mother calls the cops about your daughter and then a cop calls you, you might what to give him your full attention, if not out of concern for your "missing" kid at least with other negative consequences in mind.

                    5. Calling the parent stupid and irresponsible is supporting the false perception.

                      If you want to color between the lines because your fear repercussions, fine. That's your call. But there is no need to reinforce irrational behavior by siding with authority over a woman who has done nothing wrong, as LB does. She is not stupid and she is not irresponsible for allowing her child the freedom to play on their own.

                    6. The parent was irresponsible because when the cop called her to tell her the daughter was missing she didn't appear to respond appropriately or even give a shit.

                      That's irresponsible.

                    7. Probably because she realizes her kid can take care of herself and her mother is an over reactive retard.

                      And she was responsible because she realized the importance over not losing her job this instant over a simple matter that could be cleared up in 10 minutes after her set.

                    8. Then possibly she should have communicated in an appropriate manner with the cop then? Or, even her own mother?

                    9. And, I didn't side with authority. I've repeated endlessly that the cop was a dick. Just because the cop over-reacted doesn't mean the mother behaved appropriately.

                      No good guys.

                    10. This is where we part ways. The mother didn't behave inappropriately, in any way, shape or form.

                      She decides what are appropriate liberties for her child and she is under no obligation to defend that position to a cop, potentially losing her job in the process.

                    11. The assumption that the grandmother is stupid is also fallacious.

                      In libertopia we might not need to defend ourselves to others, but, no, unfortunately, we do have to defend ourselves to others whether they are cops or our own mothers. And, defending ourselves might be a 5 minute phone conversation with a simple explanation.

                      I'm left scratching my head wondering, our you a parent?

                    12. *are*

                    13. Absolutely not.

                      And hence, I don't have the baggage of pa/maternalistic irrational fears interfering with reality.

                      I remember being a child, vividly. I remember roaming hill and dale and riding all over town on my bike with no one knowing or caring where I was until dinner time.

                    14. I remember being a child, vividly. I remember roaming hill and dale and riding all over town on my bike with no one knowing or caring where I was until dinner time.

                      Same here. And unfortunately neither my kid nor my stepkid will know that freedom, because this is no longer a free country. It's a police state where parents are jailed if their children are not supervised 24/7.

                    15. Meh. I think these police actions are still the exception to the rule. I think they have a good chance of becoming the rule, however, unless people stand up against this bullshit, and that's why it's so important to squelch it by speaking out against it.

                      I think the odds of this ever happening to you (or anyone) are still very low. Kids still roam free here and no one even bats an eye. Of course, I live in Mayberry.

                      (Yes, it's easy for me to claim the high ground with no kids.)

                    16. Having kids changes your perspective. Yes the odds are low, but the consequences are dire. No parent wants to face the possibility of armed agents of the state stealing their children from them. Well, at least this parent doesn't.

          2. Jesus, no adult knew where I was for hours every day when I was 10. And I lived in freaking East New York.
            WTF is wrong with people?

            1. They see a list of registered sex offenders in the newspaper every week, and believe there's a child rapist around every corner.

              That's something that really bugs me about this whole sex offender registry. If these people are a threat to society, then they should be in jail. Otherwise leave them alone.

              But it serves a purpose. It keeps people afraid. So afraid that they call the police when they see unsupervised children having fun.

      2. How, exactly, is losing her job going to help her daughter?

        yeah. Who said losing her job was going to help her daughter?

        1. You did.

          Irresponsible parent and shitty cop = no good guys.

          The irresponsible thing to do in that instance was to get fired. Letting a 10yo out to play on their own IS NOT irresponsible! For the love of god!

          1. Because saying someone is an irresponsible parent is the same as saying they should lose their job?

            Fuck you.

            Not knowing or caring where your kid is is irresponsible.

            1. Not knowing or caring where your kid is is irresponsible.

              That line is complete and utter, unadulterated BULLSHIT!

              You want to raise your kids as pussies, FINE, your call. But don't tell others they need to raise their kids to be pussies because of your irrational beliefs.

              You are NOT an irresponsible parent for not knowing where your kids are every minute of every day.

              1. Oh, goodie. We get the pussified argument now, tough guy.

                Hey, bitch, here's a fact:


                you might want to read what I actually wrote instead of interpreting it in a way that allows you to rant on a favored hobby-horse. dick.

                1. So when grandma irresponsibly calls the cops, and when the cops irresponsibly pursue the matter and jeopardize the mother's job, that makes the mother irresponsible?

                  Where the fuck do you get your logic from -- a Crackerjack prize, or sending in five corn flakes boxtops?

                  Look, Ledy, the victim here is the mother and the criminals are the cops. The grandma is merely naive or an idiot.

                  1. So when grandma irresponsibly calls the cops

                    You have no idea if the grandmother acted irresponsibly or irrationally. WE DON'T KNOW.

                    But saying she did sure helps with your narrative, doesn't it? Because this mother must be a victim.

                    Yeah, maybe not.

                    The cop was unnecessarily a dick. No question. That doesn't follow that the grandmother was an idiot and the mother was a victim.

                    Check your own logic.

                    1. I notice you shout WE DON'T KNOW when everything you've said is based on you having infinite knowledge about everyone and everything invlved in this story.

              2. You are NOT an irresponsible parent for not knowing where your kids are every minute of every day.

                While that is a factually true statement, popular perception would disagree.

                And perception is reality.

                So yeah, while your not factually irresponsible for not knowing where you kids are every minute of the day, people with the power to lock you in a cage or kill you would argue otherwise.

                So I'm going to cow down to irrationality because it keeps me off the radar of people who would cheerfully kill me for disrespecting their authority.

                1. So rather than challenge the irrational status quo, your plan is to just keep your head down and hope no one notices you.

    2. The mom made a perfectly reasonable plan; drop her daughter off with friends, and tell her to go home after. The daughter disobeyed, but not seriously; she went to a church (I assume that if it was a bunch of butters like the Westboro Bab-twits somebody would have said). The mother gets a call from a (sounds like) officious idiot while she's at work and doesn't treat the moron with the deference he thinks he deserves. Officious Twit suffers complete sense-of-proportion meltdown and has the mother arrested.

      IF the daughter had been found floating face down in a drainage ditch, maybe we could say the mother was irresponsible. She didn't. The evidence we have seems to indicate that the daughter is a good girl. Ten year-olds who recognize some limits (she was going to a church, not playing in the town dump) don't need to be hovered over.

      1. Except that the grandmother called the cops and told them her granddaughter was missing. You forgot that pretty important detail. AND the mother was told by the cop THAT HER KID WAS MISSING.

        Most parents would find that kind of phone call, regardless of the attitude of the caller, a bit upsetting.

        1. Not if she knew her mother (the grandmother) was an overly anxious twit, and she knew that her daughter was fine. The fact that her grandmother called her in missing doesn't mean she actually was missing. The mother understood the difference and the idiot officer didn't. Fuck him.

          1. That's an awesome point. My mother-in-law is a fucking oversensitive busybody hypochondriac nit wit from hell. She called the cops on my sister-in-law a while back because my sister-in-law moved her laundry without permission (seriously). Needless to say that woman NEVER watched my kids. I can't live with the cops being called every time my MIL's feelings are hurt.

            1. Yes. Grandma is probably an overprotective nutcase because SHE CALLED THE COPS FIRST, NOT THE MOM. I'm guessing she doesn't have great relationship with the daughter or DIL, and she assumed the mother would blow off her overprotective rant. Why would anyone call the cops without communicating with the mother, who gave her daughter the instructions on where to go and what time to be home just to clarify where the girl was supposed to be? Nope, girl is late-- so don't ask the mom where she is-- go straight to the pigs.

        2. Who the fuck are you to be so all-wise and all-seeing that you are able to second guess the mother? This mother is working to support her kid, the kid has been raised well enough to have friends to play with and go to bbq with and go to church with; an yet you, playing commando on your keyboard, somehow know in your heart of hearts that grandma and the cops are all better at raising the kind?

          Go piss up a rope.

      2. IF the daughter had been found floating face down in a drainage ditch, maybe we could say the mother was irresponsible.

        The mother's actions were the same whether the kid was found dead or not. How could the outcome change whether she was irresponsible?

        1. Well, you're cutting out the paragraph that answers that part:

          The evidence we have seems to indicate that the daughter is a good girl. Ten year-olds who recognize some limits (she was going to a church, not playing in the town dump) don't need to be hovered over.

          If your kid is a moron, leaving them to their own devices is irresponsible. If they aren't then it isn't. And given how safe the country is nowadays, being "found floating face down in a drainage ditch" is evidence of likely having done multiple stupid things.

    3. The mom DID take responsibility for the whereabouts of her kid. She left her at a neighbor's BBQ, presumably with adults and kids she knows, and told her to come home when it was over. After a few hours, a bunch of kids went to a nearby church, on the church bus, to continue the BBQ.

      She didn't report her daughter missing after a few hours, probably because she understood her daughter was still playing with the kids from the BBQ. None of the parents from the BBQ reported her daughter missing. The one who reported her missing was her grandmother who wasn't there, didn't know what was going on, and probably watches too much local news & believes criminals and perverts are lurking around every corner.

      I grew up in a neighborhood like this. The cops were almost never called. In the rare event some idiot called the cops, no one got arrested.

  2. I imagine things would have gone differently had she had a more respectable occupation.

    Say for example she was a teacher, and hung up on the cop because she had to go teach a class. But no, she's a stripper. An object. Not a person.

    1. You got it. Still, I don't think a cop would take kindly to being hung up on by any profession, except, maybe, mayor.

      1. "I can't talk now, It's Time To Make The Donuts."

        "Dear god, man, what are you still doing on the phone?!" *click*

  3. She was arrested for asserting her Fifth Amendment right to not talk to a government agent.

  4. Does this mean that when you're on the phone with the cops, you must ask "Am I being detained, or am I free to go?" before hanging up the phone?

    1. I believe their permission is required for all things. After all, they're the law.

      1. "I'm a cop. If you don't want to get hurt, don't challenge me," the Washington Post headline blares. The piece was written by Sunil Dutta, a 17-year veteran of the Los Angeles Police Department.

        "Even though it might sound harsh and impolitic, here is the bottom line: if you don't want to get shot, tased, pepper-sprayed, struck with a baton or thrown to the ground, just do what I tell you,"

        This is American law enforcement in a nutshell. They're not here to do justice. They're not even here to keep the peace. They demand submission and obedience and if you don't give it to them, it's your ass.

        1. As Frank Sinatra (or was it Bobby Darin?) once said, "Fuck Tha Police."

        2. Oh God, I CANNOT read that cop in the WaPo again! I actually have friends on Facebook who reposted that psychotic editorial as evidence that I am wrong about police attitudes toward citizens. "You're completely wrong about the police. See? Read this?"

          I thought I'd never stop vomiting.

  5. A bit off the point, but how is the lack of cooperation equivalent to "obstruction"?

    /leaves to consult dictionary

    1. They aren't equivalent. But cops don't care because they are soldiers in a war against the people they work for. So there's that.

    2. It's not and the chance of her losing at trial = 0%. But the point ("respect my authority") has been proven and the punishment (public humiliation) has been dispatched.

  6. I think that this was partly out of spite. The cop was super excited because finally there was maybe a real crime going on (child abduction). This was his big chance to shine. He was thinking of who would play him in the TV movie about the crime, when - fuck, fuck, fuck - they found the girl. And it wasn't even remotely a dangerous situation.

    Now his make believe world comes crashing down around him and he lashes out at the mom who refused to play along with his fantasy.

    I bet he is still crying in his beer because that kid turned up safe and sound.

    1. Ima thinking the cop was excited about getting a stripper in trouble, so he could work out a deal in the squad car, ifyouknowhatImeanandIthinkyoudo.

    2. And he didn't get to shoot anyone.

    3. 911 call = erection
      arrest = ejaculation

      You don't think the cops want to get blue balls, do you?

  7. Really wow, that makes a lot of sense dude.

  8. The Watergirl, Bobby Boucher?

  9. Let's see, mom leaves a 10 year-old with friends, the friends lose track of the kid, the kid lies to go play with other friends, some unknown person lets the kid on a bus without talking to her parents, grandma calls the cops because she doesn't know where the kid is either, the cops try to find a kid that for all they know is being raped, strangled, and turned into a lampshade by some Jeffery Dahmer wannabe, cops contact mom who's at work while everyone else is looking for her missing kid, mom hangs up on cop, cop arrests mom.

    So, the mom fucked up, the friends fucked up, the kid fucked up, the bus driver fucked up, the grandma fucked up, and the cop fucked up, but you're going to focus on the cop.

    1. Yes. Because the cop is the only one who caused anyone any harm.

      1. Yep. The controversy here is not that a 10 year old was briefly unaccounted for, but that the police arrested a woman for possibly disrespecting his authoritay.

    2. The kid's 10 years old.

      The only two who fucked up here are grandma and the cop.

      1. This. So much fucking this.

      2. How did the grandma fuck up?

        1. She called a cop without good reason. Ten yo kid's been gone two hours and she thinks that's a good reason to call a cop?

          This country needs to re-cage its gyros.

          1. The kid was supposed to show up at her place. This isn't a case where the kid went out with friends and was expected to be gone for several hours. Failing to show up when you're supposed to is an indication that something's wrong.

            The grandma should have done some investigating of her own before calling the cops, probably, but that likely wouldn't have helped.

    3. Why not? What was the mother obstructing? She was obstructing an attempt to help her. How is someone who doesn't help you do a favor for a criminal?

      1. She was obstructing an attempt to help her.

        They were attempting to help the kid avoid being abducted, actually. Though what she did is probably not obstruction.

    4. Jesus christ, is there any irrational fear you don't subscribe to? OMG TEH TERRORISTS AND TEH MOLESTERS!


  11. Once again, there should be no secondary crime ("obstruction") unless there is actually a primary crime.

    Its all code for failure to obey, or even failure to show proper respect and satisfy all demands of the all-powerful popo when, where, and how they demand it.

    Just think: nobody was harmed, or even at risk of being harmed, but here someone is in jail.

    And this all turns on a he said/she said, with a cop. Ima believing the mom, given my options. Her story, BTW, is easily confirmed/disproved: did a friend of hers call? If so, then she has a choice between talking to a cop who obviously has no clue where her daughter is, or a friend who might know.

    And why couldn't the cops be bothered to check on her story before arresting her?

    1. What even is the difference what her story is? It's like you go into a gov't office to make some appl'n with some clerk's help, and you decide to leave without finishing the appl'n?an appl'n that you weren't required to make anyway.

    2. Once again, there should be no secondary crime ("obstruction") unless there is actually a primary crime.

      If obstruction causes police to have to divert scarce resources to find an alternative avenue of investigation, I'd be OK with that being prosecutable. It's not clear whether that was the case here, sounds like the bureaucrat just couldn't fill out a form.

    3. And this all turns on a he said/she said, with a cop. Ima believing the mom, given my options.

      Even if the cop's version is right, no crime was committed, other than failure to respect mah authoritay. She can hang up on anyone she pleases, especially a voice on the other end claiming to be something without any proof. It's a free fucking country. (No it isn't but some have pointed out how that isn't being said enough lately so I'm going to start doing my part.)

  12. Due to Bobby hanging up the phone, I was unable to enter the child in ACIM. Bobby was obstructing my investigation in finding her daughter.

    Let's just say, for the sake of argument, the mother essentially said, "Look- I don't need your 'help', Dummy."

    Is this now an offense punishable by imprisonment?


  13. the cops try to find a kid that for all they know is being raped, strangled, and turned into a lampshade by some Jeffery Dahmer wannabe,

    It must really suck to be pathetically terrified of everyone and everything.
    How do you make it through the day?

    1. I'm not "terrified" of anyone or anything really. Recognizing and weighing possibilities and probabilities; it's what thinking people who actually know what's going on in the world do. Hope is not strategy. Ignorance is not a skill. You keep right on derping your way along now...maybe you'll be lucky. Myself, I'll weigh all the known possibilities and plan accordingly.

  14. How was she supposed to know that it was a real cop on the line and not some perv impersonating one to get info about her kid?

    1. She shouldn't have been arrested, but ....

      If I'm at work and a cop calls me because my kid is missing, I'm not going to hang up on him (assuming she did).

    2. The same way you know those heavily armed men in black busting through your door without knocking at 3 AM are real cops.

  15. Does anyone else find the idea of a stripper talking to the cops while doing her routine kind of a turn-on?

  16. The whole thing must be a joke. Hell the jail's actually called "LOL" She'll probably get tried at the "LMAO" court house.

    When I was 10, we didn't see our parent until the sun went down every day, without exception. The cops only got called after a long list of family and friends proved fruitless (which never happened in my family, anyway) IF the cops were called, they would leave immediately upon locating the child.

    Now, the cops continually scan for possible reasons to charge everyone they contact, assuming they are unable to find a flimsy enough reason to shoot them. Fuggin scary. I'm going to prison at some point during my 2 year old's childhood, because I'm planning on training him to be human.

  17. The legal premise being touted here is: "A parent must at all times know where their child is". Is that premise codified somewhere? If not, the mother has not committed a crime.

    The grandma (who called the police) has the legal obligation to cooperate with the missing person investigation. The mother, if she is satisfied that the child is fine, does not have such an obligation and her putting a premium on getting up on stage and shaking it for dollar bills is commendable.

    1. Yes, it's a key feature of the Common Law of Busybody Imbecility of 21st-Century America. Clearly, no reasonable nanny-state advocate would allow a 10-year-old to play unsupervised.

      Assuming that bathtubs are more dangerous than strangers, I wonder if the busybodies approve of children taking baths without parental supervision?

      1. That's something they're always warning against.

  18. At the age of 10 the state of Texas expects my kids to be left home alone so I can perform jury duty.

  19. This is the kind of PUNK COP I jsut LOVE to hear about in the news getting clipped in the line of duty!

  20. It's rather telling that we got through pages of comments on this situation and no one I can see thought to say, "Where the hell is the father?"

  21. Hello

    I am Bobbie Jo's sister. I will comment on this article
    since my sister is busy protecting her house and life and the little bit
    of respect she has now. My sister left the BBQ with her daughter (I
    call her tie) She had to leave for work. Yes she had to go to work to be
    a stripper. She informed my mom that she was leaving she told tie to
    stay in the yard. After she left my mom called for tie. she did not come
    my mom freaked out and started to walk around calling her name. while
    others searched for her no one bothered to call my sister while she was
    at work. Then the man who does a lot of the fixing of the homes on the
    properties was the one that called police. *Still no one has contacted
    Bobbie* The cops search the home and what not including the underwear
    drawers and above the refrigerator where a ten year old could be hiding.
    My sister doesn't answer private numbers so when the cops called she
    didn't know it was them. ( Most American don't answer private numbers)

  22. So my mom called her said tie is missing and can't find her. so while on
    the phone with my mother she was sending out texts to everyone asking
    it tie was with them. The cop got on the phone and ask my sister a bunch
    of questions and Bobbie jo asked if they had check the church cause a
    bus comes to the neighborhood and picks up kids and takes them to
    church. The church is 3 blocks away from they house. While my sister was
    on the phone a friend was calling in she informative the cop she could
    be with this friend as well and said let me click over. She clicked over
    and asked the friend the friend said no so she asked if had seen her
    since she has left for work. She said no. My sister clicked back and the
    cop hung up already. They went to my sister job with for police and
    arrested her.

  23. Now side note: The cops said they had to search the house cause she could be hiding in the house.

    Yet while taking to my sister on they phone the cop said all strippers
    are just the same crack whores and druggies. They shouldn't have kids.

    When they arrested her she was asked by the female officer if she had
    any drugs or needles on her she said no she doesn't do any of that. The
    cop said we will see. Then after the search said that is surprising.
    Now my sister has never been in trouble with drugs and all that junk.

  24. For the one that are threatening my sister
    life and telling others of her address and to go give her a piece of
    their mind. She has children at home. *people have been commenting her
    address on facebook and threatening her.* This is not a joke. Bobbie was working two jobs before the father of her kids was killed in July after that she was force to quit her retail job and had to only do the other
    once so that she could be home with her children during this time. She
    doesn't run the streets and is NOT a druggie. As a parent we have to do stuff in order to support our kids. Stripping made her the money to pay her bills and support her children. She also took in another child to support so that our other sister could get on her feet. She is a good mother and left her children with our mother. Not at a BBQ.

    In the last remarks the police handle this case wrong. They had no rightto treat my sister the way they did. Just cause they found out she is a stripper. If we are going to treat people just by what they do for a job then where i live, there is a cop who was just charged for killing his
    wife and her sister. I guess we should expect that as some points cops
    will do that?!?! Or how about the beating cops do and say it was all in the name of self defense?

  25. I'd be happy to pay her fine and contribute to her defense fund.

  26. It's the rotten dip-stick cops who give the other .000001% a bad name.

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