Police Abuse

Cops Pull Mother with Four Children Over at Gun Point, Caught on Camera, No Apologies


Child from car pulled over in Texas, hands up

Police in Forney, Texas, were looking for a tan-colored Toyota from which someone was reported to be waving a gun around when they pulled over Kametra Barbour, who was driving with her four young children, in a red Nissan. They pulled Barbour over at gunpoint, forcing her and her children to put their hands up. Police admit they made a mistake but aren't going to apologize, because officer safety.

WFAA reports:

Was Barbour treated properly by the police?

"For the nature of the call—that a weapon was involved—yes," Detective [Michael] Clay said.

Barbour understands officers were making quick decisions that night. Nonetheless, she is still deeply troubled.

"I need you to make sure you have all the facts, because you can't just say, 'Okay, I'm sorry,' and then I'm over it. I can't. Every time I listen to and hear or think about it, it bothers you. I can't just say, 'I'm fine. It's okay. It's not a big deal.' It is," Barbour said.

"Quick decisions" shouldn't be an excuse for reckless behavior. I don't know any amount of training that can get a cop who mistakes a tan Toyota for a red Nissan, even at night, not to do so. We hear a lot about "officer safety" (Conservative commentator Andrew Malcolm seems to defend any amount of militarization in the name of officer safety, despite statistics showing officers facing record low fatalities). What about the safety of people exposed to police officers? Each of those encounters involve a weapon.  Last week we brought you the story of an alleged sex predator returning to the streets of Philadelphia as a cop even though the police commissioner doesn't think he belongs in a uniform. (Thanks unions!)

And here we have a department defending an officer who mistook a tan Toyota for a red Nissan and terrorized four children in the process. The mother remains deferential, as many Americans do, inculcated as they are with that attitude by a pervasive "safety first" culture that continues to ignore the threats cops pose in favor of the wrong-headed notion that those given the authority to use violence against us are all that stands between society and chaos.

Watch dashcam of cops pulling Barbour over below:

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  2. How far have things gone if my initial reaction was “well, at least they didn’t fill the car with bullets like the cops who were looking for Christopher Dorner”?


      /Officer Shithead McKnow-it-all

  3. I think the fact that an officer can and does see a woman with four children in the wrong car as a potential threat to their “safety” –and is willing to threaten them with death if they make the wrong move–indicates exactly what police see us as: all enemies. Or at the very least, expendable.

    1. I think it’s as much indifference as anything else. Saying that they view us as enemies gives us too much credit. We’re an annoyance. Our job is to obey. Otherwise the cops kill us, shrug their shoulders, and get on with their day. In their eyes our lives matter as much as the life of a fly.

  4. What about the safety of people exposed to police officers?

    As long as they unquestioningly obey like good peasants then they should be fine.

    1. Sort of, unless they are looking for someone like Dorner and randomly decide to fill your vehicle full of lead in a panic fire because you happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

      1. You forgot the “in the wrong vehicle, with the wrong number of people, of the wrong sex, and the wrong ethnicity” part.

    2. Either that, or they’re collateral damage. We’re having a war on [fill in the blank], so some people are just going to be inconvenienced.

  5. Look, the police took a huge chance with their lives by showing such constraint. The proper response when pulling over a red car while looking for a tan car is to riddle the vehicle with bullets, and then go to check if the bodies are the ones we’re looking for.

    Jeez, some of you anarchists want anarchy!

  6. Red is tan, just as 2+2=5, if those in charge say it is.

  7. ::braves the comments::

    ::sees comments to story by a police officer named Pedro Turner::

    ::prepares to eat barrel of gun because life isn’t worth living anymore::

    1. Yea, I usually never comment on stories but that guy pissed me off. I’ll polish your monocle if you can spot me.

  8. I saw this,we are told cops are trained to see details.That’s why they can see drugs or guns under clothing,smell drugs and see dangerous movements we lesser beings miss.Not good on car makes and colors though.

    1. colors and numbers are tough, just ask any kindergartener.

      1. My kindergartner can read, write, knows all her colors and can count to 100. I’m guessing she wouldn’t qualify as an officer at this point.

        1. too high of a IQ

  9. a tan Toyota for a red Nissan

    Japanese cars all look alike.

    /Forney cop

    1. Lacist.

    2. No. According to the cop in the comments, witness statements are unreliable, so if the witness claims it was a tan toyota, they obviously have to pull over a red nissan, because the witness might’ve been wrong.


      1. According to the cop in the comments, witness statements are unreliable

        If they’re so unreliable, how can they be the basis for reasonable suspicion?

  10. I remember a while back I got stopped by the cops who said they were looking for someone on foot who was dressed in camouflage. I was on a bicycle in a jean jacket. Sometimes they just want an excuse to fuck with people.

    1. Like a person on foot can’t steal a bike? And, it’s camo, it could easily have been blending in to some denim behind it.

    2. I had cops spit back my description to me as who they were looking for on two separate occasions

    3. I got pulled over a while back by a cop who said the reason he pulled me over was because I had a brake light that was out. He checked my information and sent me on my way. When I got home I had my wife step on the brake so I could see which light was out. Guess what? The cop lied, both were working just fine.

      1. They lie about everything to the point of absurdity.

        1. This is true. I have been floored by how much cops lie. Even when it is totally unnecessary, they often lie. I had a ticket for running a red light (which I did) dismissed because the cop lied about how long it had been red before I blew through it. He didn’t need to lie, but he decided to anyway, and it was so obvious even the judge saw through it. When the judge dismissed it, the entire courtroom erupted in applause. That’s how obvious the pig’s lie was, yet he did it anyway.

          1. Did the guy face any consequences for lying in court, other than losing the case? Probably not. And you can bet that he was being paid overtime when he did it.

            1. No, except that the judge was clearly disgusted with him and I imagine his future testimony in that judge’s court was not going to be well received. And he had that smirking pig face on when he did it, and it came back on his face when the entire courtroom applauded him being smacked down for lying. It was incredibly sociopathic. When I left (this was at the DMV in Coney Island), I kept watching my rear view mirror because I wasn’t sure if the pig would try and fuck with me for getting embarrassed like that. Luckily, no.

            2. But you better never lie, otherwise it’s contempt of court and perjury jail time for you.

      2. The cops, at this point, are virtually unrestricted in their ability to fuck with anyone. If they want to, they have a myriad of lies they can pull out of their ass.

      3. That happens a lot. Just prove that the light was working when he pulled you over.

        1. I’ve tried doing this before, but it’s been difficult. I’ve had witnesses come in who testified that the light was working, but the prosecutor’s response was “the defendant could easily have fixed it by the time the witness viewed it.”

          The last time I tried it, I had a co-owner of the car testify that she had seen the light working when she went to pick up the vehicle where it had been stopped, and checked it again in the garage after taking the car home. The judge said (basically), “I have to put myself in the officer’s position, and if he thought he saw a broken light, I’m going to have to believe that’s what he thought he saw.” And then he dismissed my motion to suppress. Like usual.

  11. Her name is Kametra? I quit reading right there. I just can’t take this story seriously. Kametra? Really?

    1. +1 black blood

      1. No. Just no.

        Also, your mother.

    2. I’m guessing Kametra was not on the way to a traktor pull.

    3. Reminds me of an old joke about some woman going to get her license at the DMV. She’s waiting for them to call her name to pick up the new card, when the guy comes out and meekly says “Uh, Shit-head? Um, is there a Shit-head in here?” The black woman gets up, grabs the license and says “It’s Shi-thee-ed!”

  12. This just shows what fucking cowards police are. We don’t have all of these police shootings becaus3e cops are brave. We have these shootings because cops are cowards and they are scared shitless out there.

    So they have a report of someone waving a gun around. Okay, that is something worth checking into. The cop in this case is such a coward he couldn’t even walk up to a car without pulling his gun. That is cowardice. That is all that is. He thought that there might be some small risk that the person in the car might have a weapon and that possibility scared him so badly that he immediately drew his weapon and terrorized these people before he even knew he had the right car.

    1. Ever seen Airplane Repo ? In one episode the subject calls a cop on the repo man, then fires up the helicopter while the cop is checking paperwork. Cop and repo man run towards the helicopter…and the cop has his hand on his pistol. Where was the deadly threat ? If he had drawn the weapon, who was he going to shoot ? But there it was…anything that happens..go for your gun.

      1. Well, if they didn’t have their guns, they’d grab their dicks, which looks less professional and tough.

        1. And doesn’t feel as good.

          1. That 30 seconds of pleasure is nothing compared to a life-long high of lording over people.

      2. I fucking love that show. I imagine it is mostly staged but I don’t care. It is like watching a real life heist drama every week.

        I didn’t see that episode but what the fuck? Did the cop think he was going to shoot the helicopter down? Yeah, that is a real safe thing to do. The sad fact is that these trigger happy baboons really would shoot down an aircraft and endanger God knows how many innocent people’s lives.

  13. Since we get cops from society at large, cops as a group are going to suffer from whatever maladies society suffers. I think that is part of what is happening here. We have as a society, totally embraced the victim mentality. It used to be that you gained respect by bearing whatever burdens you had with a stiff upper lip. Guys came home from storming Omaha beach and never said a word about it because that is not what you did. Now, our whole society is built around who can be the biggest victim. Well, how can you be a victim if you are cop? You can be a victim by going out there and being in so much danger. So cops, because they are just like the rest of society, get in on the victim action by telling themselves and the world how much danger they are in. And eventually they believe it. So they go out every day scared shitless and convinced they are this close to getting shot. Thinking that makes them victims and of course gets society to call them heroes and such. The result of this is we now have entire police forces of trigger happy terrified cops.

    1. I’m too lazy to google it again, but last year there was a report showing the lowest number of gun-related officer deaths since the 1800s. That’s absolute numbers not per capita.

      The police are the new terrorists.

    2. I disagree, John. While that type of “victim cred” is prevalent in certain sectors of our society (such as universities), I don’t think that’s what’s going on here. I think it’s a toxic combination of the cops viewing the public as enemies, or at least an annoyance that’s in the way, combined with the endemic laziness that seems to be part and parcel of the kind of people who gravitate towards these types of jobs. They want power over others with absolutely no responsibility. They don’t want to think, at all. So they fall back on simplistic “rules” like officer safety. This pig didn’t feel like thinking or reasoning. He saw a car and did–for him–the simplest and safest thing; he pointed a gun at the occupants and threatened them with death if they twitched. It might be terrifying for them, but Officer Sociopath doesn’t care, because it’s simpler, easier, and safer for him.

      1. I suppose victim is the wrong word. The better term would be “self importance”. We live in the self esteem generation. People have a shocking lack of humility. People think that everything they do must be important and noble and all of that. Since most things and jobs really are not that important, people imagine they are. And the way cops imagine their jobs to be important is to imagine that it is dangerous. You define yourself by your enemies sometimes. If I am your typical small town cop writing traffic tickets and taking down the odd meth lab or wife beater, how important am I? Not really. It used to be that people were just happy to make an honest living. Well, thanks to self esteem, that isn’t good enough. So in the case of cops they imagine the people they are dealing with to be much worse and much more dangerous than they are as a way of feeling self important. That is why they view the public as the enemy and why they are such terrified cowards.

      2. I think you have to add in the fact that Officer Sociopath feels justified in doing whatever he wants not only by his union and his supervisors, but also by the incessant hero worship.

        IOW, you get the exact behavior you enable.

        1. They can’t admit to themselves that what they do isn’t particularly dangerous and most of the people they deal with are either entirely innocent or at worst just stupid because doing that would be admitting that they have a boring job that pays the bills like the rest of us. It is so much more fun to live in a fantasy land where everyone you deal with could be a crazed killer and you are the only thing that stands between civilization and chaos.

          Like many things, Andy Griffith pegged this part of human nature. This is Barny Fife run amock. What was Barney’s problem? He could never accept that he was a small town sheriff’s deputy and not some big city cop out fighting evil every day. So his solution was to live in a fantasy land where he did. Fortunately for Mayberry, Barney had adult supervision in the form of Andy. Sadly for us there are not anymore Andy Griffiths left in the world. It just us and Barney Fife and this time he has a union and a whole lot of toys and power.

      3. threatened them with death if he twitched


  14. The cop keeps saying that the license on her car matched the complaint. Has anyone actually checked to see if it really did?

    I could see pulling over the wrong make/color car if the license matched, but if it didn’t then they are fucking wrong, wrong, wrong.

    My guess is that there was no license in the complaint and the pig is trying to cover his ass.

    Shit this crap urinates me off.

    1. Seemingly the 911 caller didn’t even give a license plate number.

      1. But if you listen to the video, the cop tells the woman that her license matched the complaint that was called in at least twice.

        So if the 911 caller didn’t call in with a license, the cop was a big fat liar.

        I sure hope that somehow the fact that the cop lied to his victim gets him in some sort of trouble (I know, I know).

        1. So if the 911 caller didn’t call in with a license, the cop was a big fat liar.

          Cops lie about everything to the point of absurdity.

          1. Yeah I know, but it is early Monday morning and I can’t start drinking yet. I need to rationalize some of this or I will just start weeping.

        2. “So if the 911 caller didn’t call in with a license, the cop was a big fat liar.

          I sure hope that somehow the fact that the cop lied to his victim gets him in some sort of trouble (I know, I know).”

          And then people wonder why a DA might get shot in their driveway around the same parts.

    2. There is no way it matched because it was the wrong car. And even if it did, so fucking what? Grow a pair of balls and walk up to the car you fucking half wit. If the guy in the car is a lunatic and plans to kill you, you are dead anyway. Drawing your gun isn’t going to help. The guy will just shoot you when you walk up to the car. How is having your gun out going to stop that? You can’t see into the car and would have no way of acting before the guy shot you.

      This is so retarded on so many levels.

      1. Totally agree about pulling the gun out. My father was a probation officer and he said that before the TV show COPS came out almost none of the cops he knew had ever drawn their pistol. After the knuckleheads saw other cops on TV pulling their guns out before walking up to anyone, they all thought it was cool and started doing it too.

        My question about the license though is because I have no idea about cars, so if I had called in a 911 complaint about a car my description would suck. I probably could have gotten red vs brown right, but Nissan vs. Toyota would have flummoxed me.

        So like I said, if the 911 caller had a plate number, but goofed the description, I could see that happening. If there was no license then there is no reason to pull over a car of the wrong make and color. That is me level tardation when it comes to car identification.

        1. Maybe they gave him the wrong plate number. The thing about being an LEO is that you are out there on your own. You are very unlikely to win any gunfight you are in. Your father was dead on correct about not pulling his gun. The day someone decided to shoot him was just a bad day to be him. That gun wasn’t going to help him.

          1. Hah, my dad was a probation officer. He didn’t have a gun. Yet he had to go make all sorts of home visits with dangerous felons and didn’t have any issues because he was mostly civil.

            In 30 something years, he was never involved in a shooting. Some scuffles, when a guy was getting his parole revoked and didn’t want to go back, but no shootings.

            My dad has never had a high view of the cops. He was mildly insulted when PO’s were lumped in with cops.

            1. No one wants to turn a probation violation into a capital murder case. Your father’s badge and uniform was his best protection.

    3. It was a 6×12 rectangular piece of metal. The EXACT SAME DIMENSIONS! You don’t think that is a match, you should move to Somalia!

  15. In fairness, all those japanese sedans ARE starting to look the same.


  16. What is with making her walk backwards?

    1. She’s more likely to drop a gun if she’s walking backwards.

    2. Officer safety, citizen!

    3. Back ‘dat ass up!

  17. Am I the only one who thought the cop in the screencap was wearing a pink bunny mask?

  18. One of the Ferguson police officers who arrested a reporter for failing to leave a McDonald’s earlier this month is being sued for allegedly choking and “hog-tying” a 12-year-old boy who was checking his own mailbox


    I could act all surprised but we’d both know I’d be lying

    1. I’m sure that fine officer was just protecting the ungrateful little plebe. Probably the upstanding brave officer suspected that there was a bomb in that mailbox. I bet he even went to the mailbox afterwards and confiscated the evidence and took to the station for forensic tests to ensure safety. Of course, he had to leave the kid tied up in case he wanted to go try opening up the potentially dangerous mailbox again.

      You extremists around here never think of the children.

  19. Put yourself in the cops’ position.

    Just like how when you read about once a week that a passenger jet has plowed into the side of a mountain and killed everybody and you’re asked to put yourself in the pilot’s place, to realize how hard it is to fly a 737, asked if you know how to fly a 737, told that if you’re not a pilot you should just STFU, reminded that it’s only one or two bad pilots that give the rest a bad name, etc., right?

    How’s about you put yourself in an innocent persons place? You know that you’ve done nothing whatsoever wrong, let alone anything that would justify a cop pulling a gun on you, so wouldn’t it be reasonable to assume that the guy pointing a gun at you and ordering you out of the car is some madman who’s just killed a cop and stolen his uniform and now intends to murder you and steal your car to make his getaway? In that case, wouldn’t you be justified in running the guy over and then jumping out of your car and bashing his brains out with a tire iron? I can’t imagine that any jury would convict you for your entirely justified fear for your life, would they?

    1. I will put myself in the cop’s position. I am wearing a badge, a bullet proof vest and have an entire police state to back me up and hunt down anyone who does me any harm. I have a report that someone may have been waving a gun around. I am not the bravest of people. But I am pretty sure I can walk up to a car and see if they are who I am looking for without pulling my weapon and terrorizing everyone.

      Like I said above, if the people in the car are murderous lunatics hell bent on killing a cop that day, well it sucks to be me. Drawing my weapon isn’t going to help. If I don’t like taking that small chance, then I need to find a new line of work.

  20. Well, at least they will be able to pull their funding from that protective agency. The comments of the CEO with his lack of any care towards the customers, and the defense of violence against innocent families will surely lead to many, and maybe all abandoning this protective agency. The employees of that firm who pulled over the family and acted violently will most likely never be employed again in any protective agency. No agency would employ such reckless individuals, as their own insurance wouldn’t tolerate it, nor would the consumers.

    Continued acts, that is if the company even survives, could be met with defensive measures being taken by individuals, and those agents might not make it home.

    Oh crap, lest we forget, the totalitarian police are funded through extortion (taxes), and no one could pull their funding. The market mechanism of rewarding good performance over violent performance is nonexistent, as the individual and their voice is completely removed from the process. Try protesting and not paying the extortion rate, it will be met with more violence and the confiscation of one’s property, and their subsequent imprisonment or even death.

    And folks have the nerve to call libertarian anarchy chaos. Keep your slavery and chaos, as those dedicated to real deal liberty want no part of it.


    1. Heh. Nice. People in real life that confuse unconstrained gov. power with a businesses customer service pisses me right off.

  21. To be fair, it was Forney. Anyone with any knowledge of the DFW Metroplex knows that Forney (at least the last time I checked) was not someplace you wanted to be “driving while black”.

  22. Police are now no more than fascist henchmen just trying to do their job, which is to normalize the terror we are subjected to, so that we accept our place as serfs. Liars and cowards, one and all. How you get from a tan Toyota to a red Nissan, then lie about the matching plates and descriptions, is through pure deceit and contempt for citizens, sorry serfs.

    1. Vivu la Libert? per sempri!!!!

  23. There’s a reason they’re called pigs.

  24. When I lived in Gettysburg about ten years ago, my son and his friends pulled into a gas station and some ignorant slut (as Dan Akroyd would say) say a gun, it was a BB gun but looked similar to a real one. She called the cops, the officer, to his credit told her that it was legal to carry a gun in that part of the state. He came to our house, asked if we owned a such and such vehicle license number ……. I told him yes and my son was driving, he apologized for bothering us but had to check since it was called in, he told us what he told the woman. I was shocked, he just drove away and nothing else happened. I told me son to be more careful next time.

    There are good cops out there, but it seems to get less and less.

  25. Thugs in Blue. A red car is not a TAN car. That’s a mistake. Certainly an apology is in order. But being tough means never saying you are “sorry.” Small egos behind shiny badges.

  26. Tan Toyota, red Nissan — close enough for government work.

  27. Tan Toyota – Red Nissan – what’s the big deal?
    I can appreciate their concern for ‘officer safety’, this bunch is too stupid to be left in the same room with sharp instruments.

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