Did Ferguson Cop Darren Wilson Suffer Broken Eye Socket in Struggle With Michael Brown? Apparently No.


Two days ago, FoxNews ran an anonymously sourced story claiming that Darren Wilson, the Ferguson, Missouri police officer identified as the shooter of Michael Brown, suffered "severe facial injuries" including a broken eye socket during the altercations.

Now, CNN is saying that story is false. Here are tweets by producer Julian Cummings:

Among other things, this is a strong reminder to remember that it takes time for the actual truth to out in these sorts of situations. The FoxNews story may be wrong, the CNN account may be contravened, etc.

Which also suggests that it's good news that the grand jury investigating the death of Michael Brown will take its time looking at evidence, possibly taking until October before returning any indictments. Justice delayed is no easy thing to take, but it's also true that Gov. Jay Nixon's calls for a "vigorous prosecution" in the case veer close to mob rule.