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Tonight on The Independents: Cops vs. Ferguson Residents, Hillary vs. Obama, Russia vs. Ukraine, Bloomberg vs. the NRA, Kentucky LP Candidate vs. Mitch McConnell, and the President vs. his Lobbyist Promise


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Tonight's live episode of The Independents (Fox Business Network, 9 p.m. ET, 6 p.m. PT, with re-airs three hours later), like all good drama, is fundamentally about conflict. First up Party Panelists Charles W. Cooke (National Review) and Jehmu Greene (co-founder, Define American), will jump right into the ongoing fallout from the fatal police shooting of Michael Brown in Missouri. The panelists are also scheduled to discuss Hillary Clinton's distancing of herself from President Barack Obama's foreign policy, Michael Bloomberg's political action committee dropping $150,000 to unseat a National Rifle Association-backed sheriff in Milwaukee County, and the latest news about Robin Williams's apparent suicide.

Michael Weiss of The Interpreter is back on to talk about whether the Russia convoy headed to eastern Ukraine is about helping besieged Ukrainians or sneaking across a Trojan horse. David Patterson, the 42-year-old Libertarian Party candidate who is currently polling around 7 percent in the neck-and-neck race between incumbent Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky) and Democratic Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes, will discuss his campaign and its potential to alter the national political debate. And I'll close the show with some japery about the White House's new rules making it even easier for registered lobbyists to sit in on policymaking decisions.

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NEXT: Justice Dept. Reviewing Nationwide Police Tactics

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  1. Indian PM Modi is turning into every bit the useless dud Shikhia warned us he would. Can’t wait for the next recession because that is what’s going to affect reform.…..dChannel=0

    1. Too bad.

    2. Interesting article. The author, Sanjeev Miglani, is not a happy camper. Calling Bharatiya Janata a strongman is an opinion not objective news. Here in america, smart journalists use high-pitched dogwhisles to express their opinions.

  2. Do the police cover their faces with masks because they’re actually using tear gas, or is it just, “we plan to beat the shit out of people and don’t want anyone ID’d”?

    1. Already a couple of the faithful have sent in checks for a foundation memorial to the innocents who perished at the hands of the ninja at Waco. … I have been criticized by referring to our federal masked men as “ninja” ? Let us reflect upon the fact that a man who covers his face shows reason to be ashamed of what he is doing. A man who takes it upon himself to shed blood while concealing his identity is a revolting perversion of the warrior ethic. It has long been my conviction that a masked man with a gun is a target. I see no reason to change that view.

      Jeff Cooper

      1. I was thinking of this and couldn’t place it.

        someone cited it the other day and it was bouncing around in my brain.

  3. I’m pretty sure this will become the Lawyers’ Retirement Act:

    “‘Ban the Box’ takes effect for private employers Wednesday”
    “bars most private employers, publicly funded housing providers and city contractors from asking about a person’s criminal history on a job application”…..wednesday/

    ‘You hired a guy with that rap sheet as a guard?!’

    1. “He noted that the city is often a leader in labor laws”

      Jesus, this is the third time today I’ve read this crap from someone in either SF or CA. The insufferable smugness of that place is a major reason I fled.

  4. Posted this late on the P.M. Links:

    Doubts surfacing in the climatologist community:…..165812.htm

    “We have been building models and there are now robust contradictions,” says Liu, a professor in the UW-Madison Center for Climatic Research. “Data from observation says global cooling. The physical model says it has to be warming.”

    1. Well, a model said so!

      At least scientists all agree, which is the important thing.

      1. When a model tells me to do something, I do it!

      2. But what do the supermodels say?

        1. “Uhm, like, oh my god, is it hot in here?…

          and no, i’m totally not vaccinating. I hear it makes babies retarded?!”

    2. also… Say What??

      “”The fundamental laws of physics say that as the temperature goes up, it has to get warmer,” Liu says.”

      Jesus, will someone decode what the egghead scientist here is talking about? I mean, come on. Simplify it a little for us ‘earthlings’

    3. Get ready for their ‘Scanners’ moment.

      1. Is that when Tony’s head explodes.

  5. Also, small observation =

    The cops in Ferguson appear to be wearing MARPAT

    i.e. “Marine Corps combat utility uniform”

    Not that it makes a difference. But what, their department gets their SWAT outfits on surplus discount from the corps? whatever happened to the Thin Blue Line / Boys in Blue? Have they no unit pride?

    Also, you’d think they’d go surplus, and get the old woodland cammy for much cheaper. Maybe they all play airsoft on the weekends. oh, sorry: Milsim

    1. How indistinguishable do cops have to be from soldiers before some enterprising court would entertain the notion of calling it a violation of posse comitatus?

      1. I think anything sort of calling in airstrikes is cool for now.

    2. Surplus clothing? Fuck no. Only new stuff for our heroes. They’re not the ones paying for it.

      I noticed one of the local PD’s SWAT was wearing Multicam just as soon as it first became available.

  6. But what, their department gets their SWAT outfits on surplus discount from the corps?

    Remember that story Balko had about the feds giving/selling surplus military stuff to local law enforcement?

    1. I would have thought that actually excluded *uniforms*

      Because what the Marine Corps really needs for a recruiting poster? is some fat cop beating the shit out of a civilian wearing their distinctive uniform.

      1. No kidding. But the Corps probably has no control over the surplus.

        1. MARPAT or MARPAT like camo is pretty easy to find on the civilian market. Uniforms are not usually organizational issue so they generally aren’t available from the DOD’s transfer program.

  7. About Define American:

    “Define American is a media and culture campaign using the power of story to transcend politics and shift conversation around immigration, identity, and citizenship in America.

    Our request is simple: Let’s talk.

    Whatever your background or beliefs, our campaign is about asking how we define what it means to be American, and elevating the conversation about how we engage as citizens.

    To start, the conversation is about immigration.

    Our immigration system is broken ? and fixing it requires a conversation that’s bigger and more effective than the one that we’ve become accustomed to.

    We hope you’ll join us in asking new and better questions.”

    I call bullshit.

  8. RIP Lauren Bacall.


  9. A bit of derp from the Smartest Community On the Internet (or so they keep telling me),

    atomliner 15 April 2013 06:21:10AM 4 points [-] .

    Outlawing religion outright in a religious society would cause some serious problems and would probably require a very authoritarian government.

    Comment author: RichardKennaway 15 April 2013 07:34:07AM -1 points [-] .

    “Probably”? Are you (and pnrjulius, and JD19) entirely ignorant of the history of the 20th century?

    Comment author: atomliner 15 April 2013 03:01:10PM 0 points [-] .

    I say probably because it might not require an authoritarian government to enact such a policy. I can imagine realistic scenarios.

    This would be why polls consistently show that most Westerners would rather their government be run by followers of Islam than by atheists, by the by.

    1. Any group that postures itself a haven for rational, intellectual types is doomed to become a retard-magnet.

      Isn’t that called ‘self-selection bias’ or something?

      1. Leonard Peikoff says you should shut yer cakehole!

        1. Heh. The descent of self-appointed “rational” communities into L Ron Hubbardism is amusing, I’ll say that. Whom the gods would destroy, they first make into dogmatic assholes.

        2. Peikoff = the one who said we should nuke Iran, Iraq, etc. after 9/11… ‘to make a point’ – and that there are no such things as ‘innocents’ in War.


          1. *nuke Iran, Iraq, etc. after 9/11… ‘to make a point’ *

            Maybe we should have. It would have been cheaper than the invasion of Iraq, less American military would have perished/been injured. We’ve already paid for the nukes–why not use them?

      2. Never thought of it that way — why, I might have to reassess my priors* on how good a source of truth intellectuals are, or something.

        *Full disclosure: I work in a field which uses mathematical probability, and nothing pisses me off more than stupid teenagers and pretentious internet bloggers using that phrase rather than the far less pretentious “I’ll have to reconsider my assumptions”

        1. a field which uses mathematical probability

          you mean forecast =/= prediction?

    2. Well, to be fair, the ‘atheistic societies’ that have tried to get rid of religion are almost to a man worse than the islamists.

      It makes me sad that the vat majority of my fellow non-believers are filled with the authoritarian leftist, ‘state-as-god’ bullshit.

      1. If you look at religion in terms of the psychological function it serves, most atheists aren’t actually atheists anyways. They’ve just redirected their theism by attributing agency to something that clearly has no agency like “humanity” or “society”, without realizing that they’ve merely created a more subtle, yet no less imaginary, form of God.

  10. Media upset about the gruesome details of Robin Williams’s demise provided in press conference. Even the CDC weighed in with recommendations. I mean, shit, we already have an obesity epidemic. Could America handle a suicide epidemic at the same time? Now that shit is contagious.

    1. upset about the gruesome details of Robin Williams’s demise

      can you imagine if he had killed himself with a gun?

      1. The news would be even more insufferable.

        Wait, is that possible?

        1. Wait, is that possible?

          I’m afraid it could be

          1. I’m afraid it could be

            Yeah, imagine if he’s used an AK variant of some sort, and was able to get off all 30 rounds!

            (“See? See!? We told you those high-capacity bullet clips were only good for killing!!”)

      2. I thought for a moment that he went out Carradine-style and the cops were describing cum icicles on the ceiling that got their before…he…

  11. Prediction: I’m not home.

  12. boy the cavuto panel is very lame…him and three women debating the merits of chicken fries at BK

    1. I can think of nothing more important for our nation’s continued prosperity and moral character.

    2. Are they at least hot wimminz?

      1. hot wimminz?

        they are the std fox models. white bread. red/blue dress. long hair. two blondes and a brunette.

        1. The Inderpennants needs some of that.

  13. Hillary Clinton is yesterday’s news!

  14. Yeah, Jehmu could be on that shit-fest of a show.

  15. Selfie nation…for truth

  16. I like british-guy as a party panelist.

    I like him better then Weiss as well, even though their quasi-beards are equally disappointing.

    He’s succinct. unlike weiss.

    1. Good point. He comes across as needing a lot to make him shrill/pointless/what-have-you.

      1. ‘unflappable’

    2. and here’s Weiss…compare and contrast

  17. OT: So here’s my plan for immigration reform

    Anyone who shows up in the US can become a legal resident by passing a rigorous English and civics exam. They are then allowed to live & work here & join the military. To become full citizens with the right to vote, they must live here for 10 years or complete 4 years in the military.

    That’s just the basics. Now- let the nitpicking begin!

    1. passing a rigorous English and civics exam.

      Question 1: Is your favorite color red or blue?

        1. I’d give a green card to anyone who could quote a Monty Python sketch in full.

    2. What happens if the military doesn’t find them suitable?

      1. Then they have to stay 10 years to get their citizenship.

        I should have made clear that joining the military was an option, not a requirement.

  18. The Independents Attire Review, 12 August 2014

    “Once Hugo Black…“-Edition

    – Kennedy: Bananarama! When do you ever see a host wearing *yellow*? Hardly never?! Crazytown. There is probably a reason why in the secret book of “stuff psychologists & broadcast TV producers learned when TV went color”. I’m guessing its just… uh, mildly nauseating? I confess. Its hard to look at. Slightly headache-inducing? A little *nuts*. We’re suspending judgement until the ringing in our ears goes away.

    – Matt: Tuesday is Grey-Shirt Day. The Grey-Shirts are vastly improved by the new suit (as is everything else) and seem work better with a wider variety of ties than before. Matt also seems to be more judicious in his choice of pairings, regularly utilizing the blue-striped #s and avoiding anything too weird. Solid showing.

    – Kmele: Plaid-shirt formula #2; between the various combos, I think the grey-tie with the blue plaids is my favorite as of now. This one is good, and almost all of them are better than the bright red/yellow/blue shirt which seems to overwhelm the jacket/tie completely. As per yesterday: when the colors go overboard, we say ditch the tie.

    – British Guy: We’re sticking with our call that a) men look better bearded, or beardless – but that the perpetual quasi-beard is a sign of ‘indecisiveness’; and b) pinstripes, sans tie, fail

    N? goodoota-ngaa naa ci

  19. imo she looks good in yellow

    1. yes,

      I’d be circling her like a bumble bee myself if we were socializing…

      …but as far as ‘TV-Host Chic’ goes?

      its weird

  20. it was an itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny-yellow-polka-dot….


  21. What did I miss? Did we get to the guest-insulting portion of the show yet?

  22. La hija del mariachi!

  23. Aw. I was hoping the Zionists would be number 15.

  24. Did Welch just say “we’re” when talking about the wacko GOP?

  25. So, remember that turd burglar from the NYC teachers’ union? I found his speech:


    To every retard
    derp, derp, derp, derp
    There is a cake
    derp derp derp derp
    And time when they all must have it!

  26. This is my first time watching. How does this work? Is the online stream lagging behind the television stream by like 25 minutes?

  27. What kind of breast does Kennedy’s grandma have?

  28. ok kids, if the word “prehensile” gets used, everyone SCREAM!

  29. Animals sold into slavery? PETA’s not gonna like that.

  30. Did she just pronounce Spiderman like he was your Jew accountant?

    1. My Jew banker? I don’t think Mr. Hirsch would like that…

      1. Oh, you said “accountant”! Yes, Spiderman & Sons are quite good.

    2. Trust Spiddermann, Elmoch & Eisenmann – New York’s must respected accountants.

  31. Unsure who mentioned it in the PM links (I think?), but thanks for the heads up on amazon smile. I’m a huge prime user and it’s awesome I can give .5% to the institute for justice.

  32. So when does Kennedy get arrested?

  33. They’re the ferrets of the sea.



  36. Only the Krauts could be that efficient.

    1. White Power

  37. Sounds like his ex-wives were sucking him dry.

  38. Obamacare killed Robin Williams!

  39. Because what we really need to do when people die is make sure to pass judgement on them

  40. Jehmu, could you maybe wait and suck Li’l O on top of Robin’s grave?

  41. Suicide is never the answer unless you find yourself wanting to fuck kids or murder people.

    It is cowardly and selfish.

    1. Good pep-talk, Coach

      1. TY, now get on in there and take one for the team!

  42. Suicide as contagion?

  43. Matt Welch: The troops aren’t worth as much as our treasured entertainers. #WHATCOSMOTARIANSTHINK

  44. Suicide- a permanent solution to a temporary problem

  45. Ha. Nailed her. Try to put your own house out.

  46. Look to your right, buddy. You’ll be looking right into desperate’s eyes.

  47. False figure. 90% of my ass.

  48. Also, returning vets are killing themselves at no higher rate than other people their age.

    This is only exceptional because military suicides were well below that rate before the war.

    Other little publicized fact, soldiers who didn’t go to war are killing themselves at a rate as least as high as those who did.

  49. The show was in real danger of actually having a debate on facts and logic as opposed to repeating talking points

  50. Gun safety- practical lessons


    So, my dad was at home by himself when he heard someone banging very loudly on the door in the middle of the day. He gets his gun and cautiously approaches the door. He sees my sister on the other side. She dropped by unannounced and could get a hold of him on the phone.
    No shots fired.


    My 96-year old grandpa was startled awake from a nap by his housekeeper. He is ornery and prone to napping. Since he lives in NJ, he now wants my mom to buy him a revolver so he can defend himself. Yeah, that’s not happening.

    1. I don’t think I’ve ever met a non-ornery grandpa.


  52. Where it’s Matt? So you’re sticking with that, huh?

  53. Kennedy seems to have perfected the

    “Introduction that makes the guest go = Jesus, who the hell is this crazy broad!?

    because there’s nothing like a woman in a banana suit doing ‘dueling banjos’ before they cut to your piece.

    1. he did have the deer in the headlights look…but seemed to keep his composure.

  54. Welch as watchdog…what breed?

    1. Irish Setter?

      1. Nailed it on the first try.

        well done

      2. (golf clap)

  55. again with the stop hamas advertising…sheesh

  56. As a KY voter, I actively despise Droopy, but Alison Dunderhead Grimes would be a horrid abortion. This is the first I’m hearing of this guy.

  57. WHAT ARE YOU DOING, WELCH? “Where It’s Matt” is a two-minute segment. You don’t have time to run tape of that haltingly speeched buffoon.

  58. Daarrrrshhley?

    1. British media figures – doing the bloviating that American’s won’t do…well, that they don’t do as effectively.

  59. How about , ‘Regardless of what you’re doing to yourself right now’?


    cue montage of starving children

  61. There is a trend when we need it to be a trend.

  62. Okay, Foster is making some sense here. But I still think he’s underestimating some bit of racism here.

  63. Take longer to make your non-point Jehmu

  64. It’s the media!

  65. Lots of crashes. Kmele was going to move us into a post-racial world, but FBN can’t keep their shit working.


  66. Oh, it isn’t rocket surgery, Jehmu.

  67. An old white guy holding a cane *was* shot!

  68. What about the old white dude who pulled his cane out of the back of his pickup and got shot?

    1. Ha!

      1. This is another guy I’m talking about. Totally different.

  69. Take longer to “blah blah blah blah racism”, Jehmu

  70. Yeah, when she feels unsafe, it’s because of the media.

  71. Society isn’t racist, but the media is? And it poisons our brains? But she’s not saying racism!

  72. Kennedy doesn’t see color. People tell her she’s white and she believes them because she has no trouble getting a cab.

  73. Ha. Kennedy calling Foster out on dropping bombs at the very end where people can’t respond.

  74. No Kmele, It just makes you a hater!

  75. Kmele Foster hates all race…s…

  76. she made the signoff.

    2 in a row. Record.


    Might be old, but just now seeing it.

  78. http://blogs.riverfronttimes.c…..damage.php

    The stores that didn’t get looted.

    1. …the same paper has an entire piece devoted to the dead teenager’s rap music (attempts)…

      Don’t listen to it.

      Trust me. In 30 seconds you’ll find yourself thinking the hate-crime was a mercy-killing.

      1. I’ve read there are photos of the guy flashing a Vice Lords gang sign. No idea if it’s true or means anything, but I am skeptical of all the “He was such a good boy!” claims in a case like this. E.g. Trayvon.

        1. Silly Papaya, he’s saying that the poor kid sucked at rap. period.

    2. Nooo!!! Guy left is wearing body armor! No one needs those kinds of weapons of war.

      1. Guy on left.

  79. is inclined to find the weapons fall outside Second Amendment protection as dangerous and unusual.

    Stupid cunt thinks that the most common rifle in America is unusual.

  80. David Patterson, the 42-year-old Libertarian Party candidate who is currently polling around 7 percent in the neck-and-neck race between incumbent Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky) and Democratic Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes, will discuss his campaign and its potential to alter the national political debate.

    Ah the dilemma of libertarians playing the spoiler. On one hand the Republicans suck and in order to build the Libertarian Party you have contest races and pick up more votes. On the other hand you are electing Democrats who will grow the state more and I have my doubts that more libertarianish Republican can win or that Libertarians will win many straight fights against the Democrats.

  81. So speaking of the cops and anti-cop sentiment Guess who called for the abolition of the police, the army, the bureaucracy mere months before he came to power?

      1. Yes!

        Seems he hated the cops until he came to power. After all who is going to kill the counterrevolutionaries, wreckers, kulaks and saboteurs and run your show trials and gulags?

        He also called for the State to be abolished.

        Revel in his anarchist vision!

        (i) The anarchists propose the State’s immediate abolishment; Lenin counter-proposes that such idealism is pragmatically impossible, because the proletariat would need to crush the bourgeois resistance through a mechanism, and that is the state.

        (ii) Were the State immediately abolished, without the “conditions leading to the arising of the State” being abolished as well, a new State would appear, and the socialist revolution would have been for naught.

        In the event, the proletariat through the dictatorship of the proletariat would establish a communal State (per the 1871 Paris Commune model), then gradually suppress the dissenting bourgeoisie, in achieving the withering away of the State as its institutions begin to “lose their political character”.

        1. I cheated, Winston; read these this spring:

  82. Jon Stewart weighs on Hamas.

    Let the derp roll on like a river; and ass-clownery like a mighty stream!

    Bonus laughline- Pali rockets do not contain explosive warheads, so they’re like, totally not a big deal.

    1. It’s a genu-ine all American Leibowiticism!

    2. I have had a nice day there is no way I’m watching that, but I would like a direct quote so I can show how stupid John Stewart is to my stupid friends.

    3. …”so they’re like, totally not a big deal.”

      Especially to a lefty twit who is in no danger of having one land on his roof.

      1. Can someone explain what lefty twits would like to see happen? Would they really like a one-state solution where Arabs and other “Palestinians” move into Israel and outnumber the Jews, taking over their government and institutions, then passing laws which disenfranchise all Jews and make them forced to convert or leave or die?

        I just never really understand what it is the ardent Palestinian supporters out there have as their goal. Can any of you tell me? I don’t have the ability to ask one of them.

        1. I can tell you: the annihilation of Israel as we know it. It must become a savage backwards hellhole like all the Noble Savage Lands. There are posters here who, under the guise of ‘eve-handedness’, would like nothing more.

          1. I disagree. To say that you think that Israel has reacted heavy-handedly is not to say that you think Israel should face annihilation. I routinely as many do here protest about the USA and its actions without hoping for its complete destruction. On the contrary, protest is about trying to effect change.
            Hamas is precisely unpopular because of its tactics to the detriment of Palestinians who are such by the accident of birth, but imitating ruthlessness ‘because they do it’ is a foolhardy foreign policy.

        2. I think many if not most of the lefty idiots think that if only the Israelis stopped being mean to the Palestinians, everything would be unicorns and rainbows. Standard peacenik fantasy twaddle.

    4. Pali rockets do not contain explosive warheads

      WTF?? Did he really say that?

      1. No, but a Pali commentator did. See the 3:07 mark of the linked video.

    5. To answer the narrator in the clip, I’d say it’s because the USA provides 20% of the Israeli defense budget, so unless that were to stop, the USA and its interventionist Senators and Representatives would be criticizing themselves if they are among the majority of pols who approve the funding.
      Stewart is making a fair point about one-sidedness, but he hardly strikes me as a non-interventionist.

  83. In Australia they’ve got…swine flu!…..7021980075

    More than 21,000 Australians have been struck down by the flu so far this year and the virus is running at levels 36 per cent higher than the same period last year.

    The flu season is due to end in October but Dr Hampson said in recent years it had dribbled on through the summer.

    It was unclear whether this was because of greater testing or a change in the epidemiology of the virus, he said.


    how about this one?

    1. bah, reply to thread above

  85. G?del’s Completeness Theorem of Presidential Power

    [G?del] rather excitedly told me that in looking at the Constitution, to his distress, he had found some inner contradictions and that he could show how in a perfectly legal manner it would be possible for somebody to become a dictator and set up a Fascist regime never intended by those who drew up the Constitution. I told him that it was most unlikely that such events would ever occur, even assuming that he was right, which of course I doubted. […]

    When we came to Trenton, we were ushered into a big room, and while normally the witnesses are questioned separately from the candidate, because of Einstein’s appearance, an exception was made and all three of us were invited to sit down together, G?del, in the center. The examiner first asked Einstein and then me whether we thought G?del would make a good citizen. We assured him that this would certainly be the case, that he was a distinguished man, etc.

    And then he turned to G?del and said, Now, Mr. G?del, where do you come from?

    G?del: Where I come from? Austria.

    The examiner: What kind of government did you have in Austria?

    G?del: It was a republic, but the constitution was such that it finally was changed into a dictatorship.

    The examiner: Oh! This is very bad. This could not happen in this country.

    G?del: Oh, yes, I can prove it.

    1. When [mathematician Kurt] G?del applied for naturalization as an American citizen in 1948

      Way to get in front of that ball, Godel.

      I have a hard time imagining how any American who lived through the reign of FDR the Awful could imagine that the US was anything other than a police state.

      1. From the Don’t Read the Comments file:

        America is about as fascist-coup-proof as you can get. Real, actual power is divided between federal state and local; executive, legislative, and judicial, and public, corporate, and individual. And each group is well armed!

        A coup? Do people think that the fascists were just a bunch of cackling Spielberg villains?

  86. Cops in general are jsut stupid people.

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