All Your Emails Belong to U.S.

Federal judge rules Microsoft can be forced to hand over data it stores in Ireland.


U.S. law enforcement can force Microsoft Corp. to turn over emails it stores in Ireland, a judge ruled in a case that technology companies have rallied around as they pursue billions of dollars in data storage business abroad.

U.S. District Judge Loretta A. Preska ruled from the bench Thursday after hearing oral arguments in Manhattan.

She said she agreed with the findings of a magistrate judge who approved a sealed search warrant in December for a consumer email account that Microsoft stores in Dublin, Ireland. U.S. investigators were seeking the information as part of a narcotics investigation.

Preska said it was a question of who controlled the data rather than where it was stored. The information could be produced by Microsoft in the United States without intruding on the foreign sovereignty of Ireland, she added.

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  2. How epic would it be if Microsoft said they lost the emails?

    1. I’m sure that if Microsoft says they were lost in a hard drive crash, the Judge would just shrug and move on. Wouldn’t want to create a fake controversy or anything, right?

  3. My question – how about money stored overseas?

    How is a server different?

    1. Because FYTW

    2. And what if the money os stored on a server as most money is these days.

      This may crack open a window for the Feds to force the Corps with huge bankrolls in overseas banks to bring those $ back to the US.

  4. When did Ireland become such attractive place for foreign business?

    I met an Irish person once or twice in LA and it blew my mind. I really wish America was real melting pot and had some Euro presence.

    1. Non-predatory business tax laws make it and a few other countries very attractive to corporations.

      And with America’s unique, “you made it elsewhere but we want a cut of your profit anyway,” but odd addition of “once you bring that profit back the US” all that money stays in Ireland helping their economy. Worst of both worlds for the US.

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