Tonight on The Independents: The Road to Hell


Friday night episodes of The Independents are organized around a theme. Tonight's installment (Fox Business Network, 9 p.m. ET, 6 p.m. PT, with re-airs three and five hours later) is all about how the best of intentions have often paved the road to policy hell, as this Reason TV video (which will be excerpted in the program) reminds us:

Among the policies to be highlighted: Affordable housing initiatives and affirmative action (which will be discussed by National Review Online contributor Deroy Murdock), ethanol and Obamacare (broken down by our own Peter Suderman), prohibitions on various vices (declaimed by Reason contributor Thaddeus Russell), TARP and stimulus (defended by former congressman Anthony Weiner), the Iraq War (explained by former Army Major General Paul Eaton), and federal education policy (Cato's Andrew Coulson).

Mary Katharine Ham will once again fill in for Kennedy, and I will close out my week-long stint in the hosting chair. Follow The Independents on Facebook at facebook.com/IndependentsFBN, follow on Twitter @ independentsFBN, and click on this page for more video of past segments.