Let the Kids Stay: The Drive to Deport Unaccompanied Minors, Refugees of America's Drug War, is Immoral


So let's get this straight: Like a marauding elephant, America sticks its trunk in Latin America, snorts out

Border Kids

one-trillion in military and other aid to stop the flow of drugs that Americans want, gives a huge push to drug cartels in these countries who unleash all kinds of unspeakable atrocities on innocent civilians, and now, when these civilians desperately try and get their children out of harm's way by grasping at a Bush-era law that is required to give them a hearing, nativists march on the street blathering about America's national sovereignty?

Where were they when their guvmint (which is about to authorize nearly $4 billion in emergency funding to deport these kids immediately) was violating the sovereignty of Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala — the three countries from where most of the  unaccompanied minors are coming from?  These countries enjoy the highest murder rate in the world, thanks, in part, to our drug war.

 Yet nativists shamelessly march on the streets demanding that these kids be "Returned to Sender."

America is arguably experiencing its worst spasm of nativism since the early 20th Century, I note in my Washington Examiner column:

 Then, magazines such as Judge ran cartoons depicting a Statue of Liberty with a Chinese face welcoming crime-prone and diseased immigrants. Now, protesters in towns like Murrieta, Calif., are turning away buses carrying these kids to shelters, accusing them of being scabies-infected lawbreakers.

But just as the argument that blacks be kept in chains because slavery was the law of the land lost, so will nativism. That's because it'll run into the Huckleberry Finn Problem.

What is that? Go here to find out.