Police Abuse

Brickbat: I'm in Shock


Thomas Mathieu, 70, says he recalls feeling a low blood sugar incident coming on, so he pulled his car over into the turn lane and parked. That's the last thing Mathieu, who is diabetic, remembers until he awoke to being beaten by San Antonio, Texas, cops. The beating left him with three broken ribs and cuts and bruises over his body. Cops say he refused multiple orders to step out of his car.

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  1. He’s coming right for us!

  2. Apparently Mondays are not a sufficient nutpunch in themselves. Thanks, Reason!

  3. My wife is diabetic. You can imagine my opinion of this.

    1. I would imagine that depends on how much you like your wife.

  4. For those who didn’t click through, the cops were cleared of all wrongdoing.

    1. Isn’t that a given in these stories nowadays? Nobody holds them accountable.

    2. Of course they were. Failure to obey is usually punishable by death. They deserve commendations for their restraint in not killing this uncooperative suspect. And the cops went home safely at the end of their shift, thank God.

    3. Hey, how bout a little “Spoiler Alert” next time, huh?

      1. More like a Trigger Warning, there were no spoilers there.

    4. Let me guess, they decided that more training was needed in order to help identify and deal with diabetics without incurring a civil lawsuit against the city.

      I assume that if a cop took a shit on Queen Elizabeth’s dress, the response would be “we need more training on how to deal with these types of situations.”

    5. The clickthrough was entirely unnecessary to ascertain that.

  5. His pancreas was resisting.

  6. Q) What kind of person punches a semi-conscious elderly man in the face multiple times?

    A) A hero. That’s who. A mother fucking hero.

    1. That guy looks darn good for 70 yrs old and beat up.

  7. “Get out of the car or I’ll break your *other* leg!”

  8. “Alright! He’s resisting! Party time!”

  9. This story makes me want to piss on the Alamo.

    1. And become a registered sex offender for the rest of your life?

      1. There is that, but the upside is that people will keep their kids the hell away from me.

  10. When it takes not one but two cops to pull an unconscious man from a car and then beat him, it now makes sense to me when there are a dozen cop cars on the scene when a young, muscled scofflaw is making trouble.

    1. This. They’re cowards, and like all cowards can only summon the courage to act when they have superior numbers, or vastly superior weapons. Knowing that there are no consequences to what they do, and that any one who defends themselves from their assaults will go to jail is just icing on the cake.

  11. Even if he was passed out and shitfaced, these pigs should have been fired and put on trial. The article makes it sound as if this would have been the appropriate way to deal with a person who was drunk.

    1. That is how they deal with someone who is drunk.

  12. Can you imagine the cops’ story if there hadn’t been a dash cam?

  13. Pffft, this was just his initiation. You’re not a real diabetic (Type 1 or 2) until you’ve been cuffed and/or beaten and/or wound up in a holding cell for having a hypoglycemic reaction and not hurting anyone else in the process. I still remember the cuffs on my wrists and the knee in my back from the first time it happened, as I kept telling them “all I need is a Pepsi”.

    Yes, I did specifically say “Pepsi” for fun. If one of them had replied with “you’re on drugs!” I would have probably started laughing my ass off and been beaten to death.

    1. +1 suicidal tendency

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