New York State Reaches Deal On Medical Marijuana, But There's A Huge Catch

What it took to get Gov. Cuomo to agree to sign the bill


New York is set to become the 23rd state in the nation to legalize medical marijuana, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced on Thursday. But there's a catch.

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  1. I hope Cuomo is ass raped by a gang of gorillas. What a fucking cunt stain. Plus, the legislature that went for this.

    Gorilla ass raping for the lot of ’em.

  2. To save a HuffPo click: patients can’t smoke the marijuana. Doctors can only prescribe edibles, tinctures or vaporizers.

    1. There’s another “Huge Catch” besides the smoking ban:

      The bill allows the governor to call off the program at any time.

      1. “If there are unintended consequences then we can suspend the program,” Cuomo said. “I have the total authority to do it, on the recommendations of those who know best. It would be turned off, you pull the plug out of the wall, the whole machine shuts down.”

        1. I thought this was a made up quote at first.

      2. Whoops, you are correct. That’s another shitty wrinkle.

        Fuck you, Cuomo.

    2. Can’t wait to see them arrest some cancer patient for smoking it instead.

      Because we wouldn’t want cancer patients to…um…get cancer?

  3. So: is this derpy outcome a result of Cuomo et al. being terrible at science, reason, logic, etc., or derpy because they’re good at PR?

    1. I said earlier that if it’s skin anthrax, they’ll be fine.

      “Two of the three labs conducted research that may have aerosolized the spores, the CDC said”


      1. I think I read a book about this, once.

        It didn’t work out for anyone, especially the reader.

        1. I thought The Stand was around 1000 pages too long.

      2. What were they doing, working on weapons?

    1. Dear NSA,

      I did not mean to click on that link. Please don’t drone bomb me.


  4. I usually ignore facebook derp, but this one caught my attention. In response to the Isla Vista shooting:

    To suggest it is mental illness is to candy-coat what it actually is: a willful and intentional pogrom against women that has been allowed to ferment, fester and grow by the radical right in order to dominate and silence us

    1. That’s…something.

      1. I… yeah. I don’t have anything to say about it. I just stand back and admire it.

        1. Ask her where a woman is more likely to be raped: A town run by suburban Republicans or inner city Democrats.

          1. I don’t want to ask her anything. I prefer her to be silent, except for the desperate sobbing and pleading of course.

            1. I expect her to put the lotion on her skin.

          2. I had one of these friends, once. I’d lob big, fat, obviously facetious softballs right over her home plate, and goddamn if she didn’t knock ’em out of the park every time. There’s almost nothing I couldn’t get her to accede to by pitching it in the language of social justice dweebs. Did you know that, not only should Title IX be extended to male-dominated curricula in the maths and sciences, but it should be the basis for extending student loans to men applying to schools that don’t promote enough women through those programs? I didn’t either, until I suggested all of the downstream effects that expanding CRA provisions might have.

  5. “The bill, however, prohibits patients from smoking the drug. Instead, doctors can only prescribe edibles, tinctures or vaporizers.”

    And progressives wonder why everybody hates them.

  6. I’m watching the ‘The Day The Earth Stood Still’ remake with Keaneu and I see him wandering around putting this slick, greasy substance on wounds and it hits me

    He’s an alien

    He’s an *illegal* alien

    He’s putting Vicks on everything

    OMG – Klaatu is Mexican!

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