Door-to-Door Dope Delivery: "Pot Is the New Pizza" in Washington State


origamidon / photo on flickr

Meet Evan Cox, who left his gig as a pizza delivery dude and now employs 50 people in Washington state as part of his pot delivery company, Winterlife:

Although it is legal to buy marijuana in Washington state, the person who delivers it could be guilty of a felony. That hasn't stopped Winterlife from attracting competitors.

Mr Cox has registered as a business with the city and state, but he cannot open a bank account, thanks to federal rules.

In April, he paid $167,000 in sales tax to the Washington State Department of Revenueā€”in cash.


Of course, Reason's own Jacob Sullum already covered all the angles in his great feature on Washington's legal marijuana mess in our last issue, plus a sidebar on how entrepreneurs are being forced to keep their marijuana money in the mattress.

There are certainly still hurdles to clear, but when The Economist declares that "pot in the new pizza," we can all rejoice.

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  1. Hey, maybe they can deliver pot faster than the 45 minutes minimum it takes for food delivery in even downtown Seattle. Jimmy Johns excepted, of course. They’re insanely fast.

    1. That’s because Jimmy Johns are a bunch of savages who don’t heat their food.

      1. This. Why in god’s name would I pay for someone to make me a cold sandwich? I can make that shit at home just as easily.

    2. So, order pot, order food. Pot arrives. Smoke pot. Food arrives. Eat food.

      They may be on to something.

      1. But eating a bunch of food reduces your high and you then have to smoke more pot!

        Holy shit, you’re right…they are on to something here.

  2. “If the pot is not at your door in less than three hours, it’s free!”

  3. Hmmm… Which is the peak of civilization: Bacon or Door-to-Door weed delivery?

    1. Idiocracy was right.

      1. +1 for Captain Obvious.

    2. Door-to-door bacon delivery.

  4. Personally, I still get a thrill walking into a local clinic, perusing their wares and making my purchase. Getting it delivered would take away some of the fun.

    1. Oh, an old-fashioned type, eh? Why, in my day, we had to know a guy who knew a guy!

      1. Plus, for some reason most of the clinics in my area are staffed by gorgeous, young women who look like models.

        1. They work there for the discount.

          1. Hmmm…I’m pretty sure these ladies get all the free weed they want wherever they are.

  5. OT: Isis jihadists ‘seize Saddam Hussein’s chemical weapons stockpile’

    Wait, what? I thought all this didn’t exist. If it did, why didn’t we get rid of it while we were around?

    1. What a nightmare if they were to actually use these – if they really exist.

    2. It’s just the old equipment the UN already knew about after Gulf War I, declared, inspected and sealed. They’ve just dithered around for decades about how to dispose of it.

      1. Oh brilliant. That was time and money well-spent.

      2. I don’t think the “sealed” aspect will matter much to ISIS. And some of the writing about this seems absurd. “Oh, it’s just chemicals and equipment that would be hard to make into effective weapons because it would be dangerous.” Yeah, I’m sure “dangerous” will stop jihadis from trying to make use of anything there.

        1. Chemical weapons were used in Syria, so someone has some capabilities.

          1. One theory is that Saddam sent a bunch of chemical weapons to his fellow Baathists in Syria before the Americans invaded.

  6. Imagine the freak out when the weed trucks start rolling.

    1. My dream of a roving ice cream truck that sells marijuana, guns, and cigarettes is coming closer than ever to becoming a reality.

      1. Will it also sell ice cream?

        1. duh

        2. Eh, if there’s space left over. Orphans gotta have something to spend their 10 pfennig a month on.

          1. Orphans gotta have something to spend their 10 pfennig a month on.


            I pay my orphans in DogeCoin.

            1. 5000XDG and hour and you’ll like it!

      2. I was in a convenience store in Nevada back in the early 90s that sold cigarettes, gunz and booz.

        Close…very close…

        1. A friend’s dream was to own an ATF shop. Smoke and shoot, relax afterward with a quality beer.

    2. “The weed trucks are rolling. Hallelujah, hallelujah!”

  7. “It’s me, the weed delivery guy!”

    “The weed delivery guy isn’t here, man.”

  8. There has been to-your-door (kitchen) weed delivery in NYC for about 20 years. Usually guys would also be able to provide at least 2-3 varieties to choose from as well. Depended on who your service was.

    Back in the early days, i’d explain this to people and they’d be gobsmacked. Most seemed to still rely on “their sketchy friend” up until about 10 years ago.

    1. In NY, my understanding is that it isn’t just weed. Some of those guys are pharmacies on wheels.

      My brother in law got promoted to general counsel of a PE firm, and all of a sudden, he had an “unofficial” ritalin prescription delivered every few weeks.

  9. OT: Here’s a compromise on the Washington Redskins issue: they keep the name, and just change the image to this.

    1. They should use this image instead:


      1. Hey! I’m 1/16th Navajo and 1/32nd Algonquin and find your lustful ethnic fetishization of my people offensive!

        1. Your people? Aren’t you mostly Canadian?

          1. French-Canadian, but there’s some Algonquin in there. My grandfather once sent us a detailed genealogy report of his family going back to 16th century France.

            1. Does your grandfather look like that Native American? Because if he does I’d like to meet him.

              1. No, he was a bald white guy. Also deceased so that won’t be happening either.

                1. Awwwwww. šŸ™

            2. Ha. Same thing on my mother’s mother’s side. Acadian diaspora, but family legend is Iroquois rather than Algonquin. Although my mtDNA (x2c1) is more likely from the Mi’kmaq, which is an Algonquin subgroup.

              Could also be Hutterites though, although I’m not sure who would’ve knocked up a Hutterite woman.

              The best part is that search result #2 for it is stormfront and #4 is a blog post: “X2c1: Aliens, Mormons, the Remnants of Atlantis? and Me”

              1. I didn’t realize that I was fraternizing with a bunch of mongrel half-breeds. My pure-European-genetics sensibilities are scandalized. I think I need to go hang out with ‘Murkin now.

                1. My pure-European-genetics sensibilities are scandalized.

                  Guido, please.

                  1. I’m Alsace-Lorraine and German too!

                    1. God, you aren’t even a pureblood Wop?

                      Not that that would even count for much. Your swarthy Mediterranean ancestors certainly got around.

                      And who in Europe hasn’t contributed to the Alsatian genepool?

                    2. I’m not offended. What can we expect from a simpering, devil-eared freak whose father was a computer and his mother an encyclopedia?

                      You’re a traitor from a race of traitors. Disloyal to the core. Rotten! Like the rest of your subhuman race. And you’ve got the GALL to make love to that girl!

              2. “I’m not sure who would’ve knocked up a Hutterite woman.”

                Starts with an “Epi” and ends with a “siarch”.

                1. I doubt there were many anabaptist skanks 5+ generations ago…

                  Although considering my mother’s mother’s side of the family seems to be completely allergic to monogamy going back 3 generations, I suppose it’s possible.

        2. Yeah, but he sure would look fine on a giant super bowl billboard, wouldn’t he?

          1. I object to his hairlessness, and I’m Scandinavian for god’s sake!!!!

      2. She’s cute!

        1. Did you know the name ‘Manhattan’ derives from the Lenape language and means ‘jealous bastard’?

          1. disagrees with you.

            Yeah, I went to the website. But it’s not like you’re in my head or anything.

        1. Meh. They look like airport hotel quality hookers.

          1. You’d know.

            1. I only asked for directions there so I could get away from there.

              1. You know, that’s just what your mom said.

                1. Good. That means she’s done at the LAX Holiday Inn.

          2. I wasn’t looking at their face.

        2. Something a little nicer for the gents to look at:


          1. You’re tough, but fair.

          2. Nice

          3. Oh, yeah. That’s more like it. Dear god she’s awesome. I’ll be in my bunk…

        3. So what’s the pink thing?

          And don’t tell me you didn’t notice.

          1. You got in there with your Hi-Def monitor, eh?

            I’m going with panty liner or maxi pad.

            1. I’m going with panty liner or maxi pad.

              Eeeeewwwwww! Chicks are gross.

              1. And yet I just can’t seem to help myself.

      3. You are officially my favorite person ever (well, for today at least). That is all. Thank you.

    2. My vote is this:


  10. Is this the evening links?

    Then you’ll be shocked to know that Gallup has recorded significant declines in the public trust in the media over the past twenty years.…..90749.html

    1. If this is the evening links, then I would like to share something.

      I ordered powdered vinegar from Amazon, and it should be here any day now.

      The question is: What can’t you do with powdered vinegar???

      1. “What can’t you do with powdered vinegar???”

        You can’t catch as many flies as you could with powdered honey.

        1. Oh, I think they’ll like the powdered apple cider vinegar just fine.
          But I’m not in the fly catching business, so I can’t say for sure.

      2. Clean? I use water and white vinegar on my wood floors.

        1. I was thinking more of cooking applications, as that is my primary hobby. Possibly a supercharged balsamic glaze or something along those lines.

          But theoretically, I could make a super concentrated vinegar to clean the wood floors. Hopefully not strong enough to strip the finish.

          1. You could pickle something – cucumbers maybe?

            1. I pickle red onions (blanched first) every month or so. They’re good, but tiring. A lot of the fusion latin food around here has them, so I like to keep them on hand in case I’m in the mood.

              1. I think you posted some weeks ago about roasting a pork shoulder? Was it you?

                I’d never used pork shoulder before but decided to give it a go. I slow roasted it using a recipe from foodtv, and it was a real hit with the family. Better than any pork chop and really cheap – like $2.99 per/lb.

                Good stuff.

                1. It might have been me. I have a lot of pork recipes in my regular rotation, most of them latin. Sloopy used to be a chef in Puerto Rico, so we went back and forth about Lechon Asado a few times.

                  I was very happy to learn that Pork Butt isn’t what it seems.

                2. Pork shoulder is the best stuff ever. Did this recipe once. It was heaven. Braising in lard is not something I would normally do but a definite treat.


                  1. Yeah, I’d like to try pulled pork for tacos. As long as the lard is natural animal fat and not Crisco, I’m fine with using it.

                    1. Yeah, you can get real lard in the meat case of most grocery stores.

                  2. That is a legitimate simple carnitas recipe. Pork, citrus, garlic, fat, and salt, slow cooked and shredded.

                    Some of the more advanced recipes call for sweetened condensed milk, bay leaves, and other such things. Marginally better, but not worth the trouble IMHO.

                  3. Pork shoulder is the best stuff ever. Did this recipe once. It was heaven. Braising in lard is not something I would normally do but a definite treat.

                    Dude! Pork is the best meat, and pork fat is the best cooking fat. Period.

                    I’m one of those who saves my bacon fat. I’ve always got some in the fridge. Though it does go bad after a while. But I always keep it around for frying pretty much anything my wife isn’t going to eat. She likes anything that’s cooked in it, provided she doesn’t know. If she knows then she says it tastes gross. Women.

                    But pork shoulder cooked in lard? OMG that sounds soooo good.

                    I did slow roast a pork shoulder once to use in a chili for the cook off at work. I always try to do something different. Didn’t win, but it was yummy. The traditional ones always win, but I try.

                    1. “pork fat is the best cooking fat”

                      Ahem. Quack Quack.

                    2. Ahem. Quack Quack.

                      Never had the opportunity. =-(

                    3. Episiarch is apparently a purist, and renders his own duck fat, likely from waterfowl stolen from his local golf course.

                      I just buy duck fat at Whole Foods. $4/pint. It’s a game changer.

                    4. Golf course?!? Actually, I trap seagulls at Golden Gardens and use them. It tastes mostly like duck. Mostly.

                      (Just buy a frozen duck and then cook the bitch. You’ll get more duck fat than you’ll expect, and you’ll have a whole cooked duck too. Fresh is even better but unless you’re hunting that’s going to be hard to come by.)

                    5. Air Force survival instructors get dropped all over the world with a knife, a rubber band and some duct tape as part of their training. The list of shit they’ve eaten is amazing.

                      Everyone I’ve ever talked to has claimed seagull is the nastiest meat on the planet.

                    6. It’s funny. Lobsters eat garbage and they taste good. Catfish eat garbage and they taste good. Pigs’ll eat anything and they taste good. But not seagulls.

                    7. Yeah, it was killer. I’m actually thinking about doing that recipe Saturday now. It’s been years since I made it but was one of the best things I’ve ever made. There was one other Emeril recipe I did a long time ago that was way up there on my best meals as well. Pretty sure it was country fried steak. I know it had a white gravy that was ridicules. You could put that stuff on a tennis shoe and eat it. It was that good.

                    8. If you’re really into Carnitas, look into Rick Bayless. He knows what he’s doing.

                    9. Yeah, I like Bayless.

                    10. I use bacon fat for frying eggs or omelets. delicious.

                    11. Ditto. But my Joo wife doesn’t appreciate it for some reason.

                    12. But my Joo wife doesn’t appreciate it for some reason.

                      I dated one of those once. Her mom fit every stereotype in the book. It was eerie. And she didn’t like me much since my name is one of the first four books of the New Testament. I think her daughter dated me to piss her mom off.

          2. Sprinkle some in a cut and see how painful it is. We’re all looking forward to your report. Don’t chicken out!

            1. I have no problem with that. I’ve stitched and cauterized myself before.

              Vinegar requires a long contact time to disinfect, so there’s no point. Unless you want a hilarious youtube video.

              1. Did you do that when you circumcised yourself at age 18?

                Of course I want a hilarious YouTube video; something Tosh-worthy. Come on, man.

                1. I have a better idea. I’ll do it to Tosh the next time I see him, and if he doesn’t put it on the show, I’ll upload it.

          3. Usage: To reconstitute to the acid strength of 50 grain vinegar (5% acetic acid) 1 part Apple Cider Vinegar Powder to 2 Parts water


            Guessing you could do the same with the white. Prolly cheaper to just by the liquid.

            1. I’m not going to reconstitute, unless you count mixing with chicken juices while the chicken cooks.

              For the most part, this is experimental, and I have no expectations.
              I’ve screwed around with some fun food chemicals, and often times nothing will come of it. Sometimes, I learn something valuable.

              I messed around with transglutaminase (meat glue), and didn’t see the point. However, Sodium Citrate was awesome, and is a staple of mine for home made Mac N Cheese….

              1. The best way to do molecular gastronomy is just to experiment. Sure, you waste some food sometimes, but the successes are worth it.

      3. Why have I never heard of that?

      4. I’d happily eat that on fried potatoes.

  11. Based on a complaint from a high school student, public school officials in Connecticut are investigating claims that the filtering software in school computers is biased.

    “To start with, [student Andrew Lampart]…said he couldn’t access the National Rifle Association’s website.

    “”So, I went over to the other side,” the 18-year-old told WTIC-TV in Hartford. “And I went over on sites such as Moms Demand Action or Newtown Action Alliance and I could get on these websites but not the others.””


    1. Just read the same story here:…..l-website/

      Little more detail. FTA:

      the school district is blaming the blocking on Dell SonicWall, their content filtering service

    2. The various zero tolerance idiocies about pop tart guns are not crazy, they’re part of an ideological campaign to delegitimize gun ownership by citizens. The Govt., of course, should have *more* guns in *more* places.

  12. Related?

    “POCATELLO ? Idaho State University Public Safety Officers will be armed with Glock pistols in the near future. Campus officers will also begin strict enforcement of a total firearms ban in certain areas of campus beginning July 1….

    “Beginning next month, students, staff and visitors will be allowed to bring concealed firearms onto college and university campuses in Idaho as long as they have a valid enhanced concealed carry permit or are retired law enforcement officers….

    “The new state law also allowed college and university campuses to ban any weapons from certain venues. [list of no-gun areas of the Idaho campus omitted]…

    “”As the seventh safest campus in the United States, we are committed to providing a secure environment conducive to teaching and learning,” ISU President Arthur Vailas said. “We will take every precaution necessary to ensure the continued safety of our Bengal community.””


    1. Wait, that was supposed to go on the campus thread below.

      1. I’ve done that.

    2. They have tigers in Idaho?

    1. Privilege whale would make some nice lamp oil.

      1. Both of ’em.

        1. Whale privilege.

          Whale privilege is being able to spend long periods of time underwater without special gear and maintain your status as a mammal. Very few other mammals have this ability, and whales continuously flaunt it by coming up and displaying the fact that they have blowholes by spouting on the surface. Whales need to check their privilege when it comes to this, and be more considerate of those with lesser lung capacity.

          1. ABOUT THE MODS

            THE MOD: Bluu. 18. Femynyst. Gray asexual and pandemiquasitoyotathon romantic. Vegan (except for white ciswhale tears LOL!) I love attention and HATE the patriarchy! Unlike some other blogs, THIS BLOG only needs one mod. Partially because I have trust issues and also because that way the attention I get isn’t diluted. Also wow not everyone can afford to have multiple mods check your fucking privilege DIE POND SCUM

            So funny.

          2. This might have topped the sober privilege tumblr that my name is a link to.

    2. The Privilege Whale should say “I’m sorry your a bitch”. DTF?

      1. you’re. Watch your grammar privilege whale!

  13. Did Reason cover this last month?

    “Everyone gets a perfect score! Federal financial agency ditches employee performance ratings after union members and minorities consistently perform worse

    “Consumer Financial Protection Bureau staff ratings showed racial disparities and other unequal results

    “Whites consistently outscored blacks and unionized workers trailed their nonunion counterparts

    “The agency has scrapped the system instead of examining why the data came out skewed, awarding everyone the top rating on a scale of 1 to 5

    “‘Our performance ratings system did not meet our own objectives and expectations,’ read an internal report released this month to reporters

    “Annual performance reviews affect salary raises, bonuses and career advancement

    “Congress has subpoenaed CFPB officials over accusations of discrimination”…..lower.html

    1. What, are union members a protected class?

      1. All major donors are protected classes.

  14. The population of a small Japanese village has declined over the last generation. It went from “hundreds of people” to a population of 37.

    Or 387, if you count the dolls.

    “Ten years ago, [local resident Ayano] Tsukimi made a scarecrow resembling her father after she planted seeds that failed to sprout. Since then, she has made 350 dolls that litter the roadsides, fields, and forests.”…..lls-2014-5

    1. Documentary on Vimeo:

  15. ‘Jihad Cool’: The young Americans lured to fight for ISIS militants with rap videos, adventurism and first hand accounts of the ‘fun’ of guerrilla war

    Six months ago the father of nine from Minnesota was shooting hoops in Uptown Minneapolis. He was neither overtly religious nor politically vocal. Today he is one of as many as 15 young Somali -Americans from the Twin Cities currently under investigation by the FBI for having travelled to Syria and Iraq to fight alongside the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

    1. A father of NINE decides that fighting in a guerrilla war would make a good hobby?!
      I think there’s more to the story here, like how was he getting along with the missus?

      1. Eh, going guerrilla might at least prevent him from becoming a father of 10.

        1. Insha’Allah

        2. Now that I think about it, this guy prolly wasn’t shooting hoops with his kids in the driveway of his 5BR ranch, was he?

          1. It said young father of 9, so I’m not sure what he was.

            1. Besides a future poster child for SnipStarter?

          2. The number of kids does make me suspect there might be some taxpayer assistance involved. But remember: our future depends on immigrants!

    1. 1:40
      That is all

    2. Also, the video isn’t necessarily sexist. The title of the video may or may not be.


    3. Very funny.

      1. That’s awesome.

        Her mother’s cadence sounds almost Italian.


    1. Because you are doing it yourself?

      BTW, I have some questions about your new job. It sounds interesting.

      1. I may as well be at this point, yes. My bank account is thrilled.

        Really? It sounded interesting when I applied & gets less & less appealing the more I learn about it…

        1. I thought it sounded really interesting when I thought I might get something chippy out of it.

          1. I don’t know why you think it’s my department!

            1. I work at a company where the staff has NO IDEA there is an org chart, and where I’m technically under the accounting department because nobody was sure where to put me.

              While I understand the idea that something is not “in someone’s department” it has no practical attachment to reality.

              1. My building is all call-center based so I wouldn’t even know where to go for something like that.

                1. It’s fine. I need a new one in September and I’m sure it’ll be chippy by then. Maybe I’ll call ahead and confirm though.

    2. You should’ve made Serious come out and help. Even the completely useless guy I was dating at the time managed to be helpful the last time I moved.

      Unfortunately he insisted on wearing the man-pants, drinking beer and putting together some Ikea furniture that I later had to take apart and reassemble so it didn’t look like modern art, but for most of it, he was helpful.

      1. Serious is going to help, actually — over the Fourth when my Mom is finally home & we’re moving all the actual furniture. I’m sure he’s really looking forward to spending his vacation moving my crap.

        Your guy could not have been worse than my dad who got frustrated trying to put together his desk & haphazardly pounded nails into it at all sorts of dangerous angles. It was hysterical.

      2. I’m taking a Greyhound to see her 4th of July weekend. Which tentatively includes moving a bunch of stuff that Saturday from Tucson to Chandler.

        1. Criticism officially rescinded.

      3. Liquid nails or Elmer’s Wood Glue, bro.

        1. It was cute that he tried. He believed he was really handy, so I’d let him do stuff, but I’d either have to fix it myself when he wasn’t around or pay someone to get it fixed when he’d completely obliterated something.

          I’m handy by birth, not by practice, my maternal grandfather and my mother could fix anything after looking at it for a few minutes. My teenage mother was annoyed at a plumbing problem and disassembled the drain, repaired it and put it back together before my grandmother had a chance to call a plumber. I console myself with that when I remember that my junkie sister got my mother’s sociopathic levels of charm.

          1. That should read “my mother as a teenager.” My mother waited until she was in her thirties to spawn, hence me being so Downs-ey.

            1. How far apart are you and your sister?

              1. 5 years. Mom was 33 when she had me and 38 when she had my sister. Her ability to suck people in is astounding. People drop whatever they’re doing to do something for her at the merest suggestion. I would’ve abstained from meth and be governing CA into the fucking ground had I her powers.

                1. Holy shit! Your sister is younger? I guessed wrong.
                  Meth is a helluva drug.

                  1. Ah, did I fail to mention that? The older one is really normal. The sister you saw at Tin Roof is a little younger and mostly normal, the younger two are fucked.

                    1. Younger two? I’m confused.

                      I’ll message you later.


      11 times in 22 years.

      NEVER again.

      1. Do you ever really settle when you’re active duty?

        1. We had boxes that we never unpacked. Just stuck the in the garage or storage room. Mostly her sci-fi smut book collection and her grandmother’s china.

          I hated moving.

          1. My grandma’s china is still boxed, and I’ve lived here for 8 years. I’m classy, and I eat off of paper.

            1. We finally just got a nice china cabinet, so it’s on display for the first time in 15 years.

              We even used it once.

              1. My wedding china is still boxed up 7 years later. Kate Spade bullshit. Apparently, it’s nice, but I don’t care.

                1. If you have friends who play piano….
                  Lose them.

      2. Oh my gosh that sounds suicide-inducing right now.

    4. Because you own too much shit.

      1. I own hardly anything that’s going with me this trip. It’s just trying to set up everything when people are, on the whole, FUCKING MORONS.

  17. The blaspemy police are going wild these days. Let’s see if they can take down George Will.

  18. Guess they haven’t cured osteoporosis in the Star Wars Galaxy: Harrison Ford breaks leg on the set

    Unfortunately, the story about Harrison Ford’s Star Wars: Episode VII-related injury is one that has gotten worse as more details have been revealed. First, it was reported that he’d suffered an ankle injury while filming, then came the news that Ford has broken his left ankle ? and today, we have confirmation that the beloved actor (who turns 72 in under a month) actually broken his left leg, during the accident on the Episode VII set. On the plus side, though, we now have word that he’s already on his way to making a proper recovery.

    As much as we want to report that Ford sustained his injury while performing some elaborate, death-defying stunt as the cameras were rolling on Episode VII, the simple, if mundane truth is that a hydraulic door ? part of the practical Millennium Falcon set constructed for the film ? malfunctioned and fell down, hitting Ford and causing him to break his leg. Indeed, it’s possible that the initial report came in even before the severity of the actor’s injury had been determined.

    1. This is why George stopped using practical sets! Protect our actors, Hollywood!

    2. At his age he’s lucky it wasn’t a hip.

    3. It’s not the years, it’s the mileage.

  19. Weed delivered to my door?


  20. DAMMIT!

    Puppy just pissed on the floor. First time in 4 days.


      1. Standby, I’ll put them in dropbox.

        1. *dies* SO CUUUUUTE!

            1. She’s a puppy! That’s, like, their primary definition.

              1. Her life (and mine) just got a whole lot better last week. She got trained on the invisible fence and the doggy door. She’s significantly better behaved now that she can run outside whenever she wants and I don’t have to watch her every second.

                1. My hat’s off to anyone who has successfully reproduced and their children made it to adolescence. I would have killed myself long before that happened.

                2. Don’t you have acres and acres of land that she can explore?

                  1. Ten acres of the 20 is “fenced” for them.

        2. Cute little bitch.

        1. Serious, can we get a dog??

          1. One of the cats has to go first.

            1. You can’t just kill Gizmo because he tried to pee on your stuff. He is my sun & stars!

              1. Did you name your cat after this?

                *Throws out cultural reference a decade too old for Serious*

                1. Hahah everyone asks me that & no. He is named Gizmo because he’s all wound up like an eight day clock — or used to be, at least. Now he’s just chubby & sleeps a lot.

                  1. Catkins! Kitty diabetes medication is pricey.

                    1. He’s not that chubby!

                2. Horseshit. I’m only like 2 years older than Serious, and I know Gremlins.

                  No one is too young for Gremlins.

                  1. I’m going to have to disagree with you. Anyone who is young enough to have watched children’s television when Furbies were a thing will be confused.

                  2. I know what it is but I don’t think I’ve seen it, or at least not since I was like 6.

                    The Princess Bride I remember though!

                    1. The Princess Bride I remember though!

                      At least we don’t have to abandon you in the Fire Swamp to the

                    2. I don’t think they really exist.

              2. Well it’s high time you get new sun and stars!


            2. Get the right dog, and it will take care of the problem for you. šŸ˜‰

        2. What kind of dog is that? I have a Wheaton Terrier and a little mutt terrier.

          Your dog looks kind of like a Jack Russell.

            1. Got one from a shelter because my wife loved the look. Turns out she (the dog, not the wife) was very bitey in general and very aggressive with the then very little kids. Also the dog would only be near me. Totally unsuitable as a family companion. So back she went.

              1. Never pegged you as being married. Does your wife know about the jug wine?

                1. She knows I appreciate some nice jugs.

                  1. Nicely done. Golf clap.

              2. Wow, that’s odd. They are normally great family dogs although they need a LOT of exercise.

                The breed was originally bred as a hunting dog and noted for being easy to train and sweet-natured. The breed is generally more sensitive to correction than other hunting breeds, and harsh corrections are often unnecessary.[4][2] Brittanys are all around sound dogs, as they are excellent family pets as well as working dogs in the field. Brittanys are eager to please, friendly, and sometimes sensitive dogs. They generally learn quickly and are loyal and attached to their owners. They are great with kids. Brittanys are energetic dogs, and need at least an hour of vigorous exercise every day. The dogs are active and require frequent exercise and room to run, and a fenced yard is essential.

                1. She might have been abused prior to our ownership, though the shelter never mentioned anything.

                  1. Could be.

                    I have 3, and the second was in a kennel until she was 8 months old with very little human contact. She wouldn’t come near me for 6 weeks. They call it “kennel sour”.

                    The guy I bought her her from said to stick with it…I did, and now she’s a great dog. But that first couple of months was iffy.

                  2. Warrren|6.19.14 @ 11:47PM|#
                    “She might have been abused prior to our ownership, though the shelter never mentioned anything.”

                    In my experience, the shelter might well not know and won’t comment if they do. They wanna move dogs (‘tailights! I wanna see tailights!’).
                    Take the dog to a trusted vet for an examination *BEFORE* you get the sucker home and fall in love with it.

  21. Capitalism FTW!

  22. Patent troll hit with attorney fees.

    It’s too bad punitive damages can’t be given out this way, because if I were a judge I would bankrupt the troll company and, if given any legal avenue whatsoever, the people who own and manage the company.

    1. Well that was more uplifting than any EFF article I’ve read…ever.

    2. This happened to a friend of mine. Fortunately he had an attorney on retainer who found out they only owned the patent for another year. She said, don’t worry, I’ll bury them with requests for information until it expires. And that’s what happened.

      The inefficiency of the system actually worked for the good for once.

    3. I’m not a huge fan of IP but if you’re going to have it there should be more stringent standards.

      That is if you want to sue for infringement you must actually have a product uses that patent for sale in the normal stream of commerce for that product. Same for copyrighted items.

  23. Sounds like a solid plan to me dude. WOw.

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