Cop Shoots Dog Hanging Out With Kids in the Face, Claims Self-Defense


shot by cop
via My Fox Chicago

Police in Hammond, Indiana, say they got a report of a loose dog before a cop showed up at the home of the Maldonados and shot their pitbull Lily while she was hanging out in the yard during a barbecue. In fact, according to the mother, Norma, Lily was following behind two of her sons who had just grabbed some food when she heard shots fired. My Fox Chicago reports:

Maldonado begged the officer to tell her why he shot the dog.

"He said, 'because your dog was loose," she said. "And I said no she's not there's an electrical fence, read the sign."

The police department told a different story. Through a statement they said the officer called to the family and the dog charged at the officer.

He ran back 15 to 20 feet and the dog lunged at him, so he fired the shot.

The statement continued: "The Hammond Police Department has determined that based upon the circumstances that the officer was justified in defending himself at the time of the incident."

Maldonado said her dog did not lunge at the officer, adding that Lily was shot at the edge of her home near a bush.

The home is a full car length from her invisible fence line.

"He had pepper spray, he had a Taser gun, he didn't have to use his gun with my kids in range," added Maldonado.

After cops shot her dog and cleared themselves of any wrongdoing, Maldonado will now have to go to court because her invisible electrical fence is prohibited in the neighborhood.

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