House Alarm Accidentally Triggered, Cops Shoot Dysplasia-Stricken Dog



One week ago, Hope and Russell Lane's home security alarm was accidentally triggered when their granddaughter departed for school and left the front door ajar. What followed, the Lanes say, just doesn't make sense. Although Russell deactivated the alarm, the police of Round Rock, Texas came and killed the family's dog.

A CBS affiliate reported at the time:

Two officers arrived to Lane's home Friday, entering the house and shouting verbal warnings. Round Rock authorities say when they came upon the 120-pound Rottweiler named Bullet, the dog became aggressive toward them and made threatening actions.

The police fired at the dog seven times, hitting him five.

The Lanes became skeptical of the officers' account when they came home to find that the bloody scene had already been wiped clean and the eight-year-old dog's body had been taken away.

On a Facebook page titled "Justice for Bullet," the family claims that the Round Rock Police Department can't keep its story straight:

When we first talked with Captain Stuart he told us that his officer's said bullet stood up on the futon and lunges at them. Now since they've had time to get their story together it changed. Now bullet barked, growled, showed teeth three feet behind the officer. How did he get from the futon to three feet behind the officers. Couldn't explain how the bullet holes got in the wall and he didn't think the hole in the futon was a bullet hole. I got home and stuck a rod all the way though in the hole.

Furthermore, the Lanes believe it would have been physically difficult for Bullet to lunge at the law enforcement agents. Not only was Bullet "not an aggressive dog," explains Hope, but he also had hip dysplasia. The family posted a video to Facebook showing Bullet's stiff, slow movement.

"If they'd have just waited they would have saw my dog was probably going to wait for them to let him out the backdoor to use the restroom," speculates Russell.

In light of this incident, the Texas Humane Legislation Network (THLN) said on Tuesday that they'd like to see a law requiring that police take training courses to understand animal body language. "Anytime a canine approaches an officer, that doesn't mean they're necessarily coming to attack," said THLN representative Stacy Suttonkerby.

The department launched an internal investigation, which yesterday concluded that the "the officers acted in a reasonable manner and followed protocol," reports ABC.

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  1. The department launched an internal investigation, which yesterday concluded that the “the officers acted in a reasonable manner and followed protocol,” reports ABC.

    And nothing else happened.

    1. That dog should have stopped resisting, Hugh.

      BAD DOG!

    2. Are these magical responsibility-dissolving procedures ever made public? Who writes them? Is there any review of them by responsible elected officials? Do clearly written procedures even exist?

      1. Of course they exist. It says it right there in the statement that they do. Showing them to the public would compromise officer safety, but rest assured that the proper internal investigation procedures were followed.

        custodiet ipsos custodes qui custodiebant

  2. “the officers acted in a reasonable manner and followed protocol”

    There. PROCEDURES WERE FOLLOWED, libertards! Thank Zod those occifers got to go home to THEIR families. And Rottweilers.

  3. The only “training courses to understand animal body language” the police care about is “it’s coming right for us!”

    1. Yeah, better understanding canine body language won’t matter when they all just want any excuse to shoot.

    2. If there’s no dog, they’ll shoot the cat. If no cat, then the fish.

      Looks like maybe they’re trying to send the message, if you make us get off our asses and investigate something, you’re going to pay.

  4. “Oh no! Dog! It’s getting up! It’s still getting up! Whoops, it’s hind legs went out on it! Now it’s getting up again! It’s almost up! It’s up! It’s up! Deadly threat! Must go home safely to my family! Nope! It fell down again! Now it’s trying again! It’s almost up! It’s up!”

    1. 5 out of 7 managed to hit the semi-moving target. Better than usual for cops.

      1. Since they probably shot the dog on his futon, still not so good.

        1. At essentially point blank range.

          “Nice shootin’, Tex….”

      2. t5he VERY first thing through my head was 5/7…fucking idiots.

        Seriously, I think it may be safe to violently resist cops than to try to peaceably deal with them. If you are peaceful they shoot your dog, drop you on the pavement and break your face, and then cuff you until your circulation is cut off. All followed by false charges and perjury by the cops only to be later “dropped” by the DA. But if you resist it is pretty obvious they couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn. No Joke, I have seen many at the range that were real bad shots.

  5. How is it that mail carriers manage to deal with dogs, probably millions of times every week, without killing any of them or dying a brutal death themselves, at the jaws of such savage beasts?

    Are these cops trying to say that they’re such massive pussies, that a 110 pound female mail carrier, who only has pepper spray to defend herself, is far, far braver than they are?


      9/11!!!! 9/11!!!! 9/11!!!! 9/11!!!!

      1. +911

    2. How is it that mail carriers manage to deal with dogs, probably millions of times every week, without killing any of them or dying a brutal death themselves, at the jaws of such savage beasts?

      Actually they just freak out, stumble backwards and turn their ankles on a curb, or get bitten relatively frequently. Letter carrier training on dogs is “put your satchel between you and the dog, spray wildly with pepper spray.”

      1. A mail carrier once surprised my old Weimaraner which barked and would have loved to take a chunk out of him. The guy was quick draw with the pepper spray and hit the dog right between the eyes from about 4′ away. I’d posit that he was a better shot and cooler under pressure than most cops.

        1. I don’t doubt it. I just see the ones who are injured though.

          1. Our guy carries milkbones with him…seems to work fine for him.

            Most dogs are warning signs not fighters (unless pushed).

      2. I was going to ask the Post Office question, too.

        Have post(wo)men killed as many dogs in the Postal Service’s entire history as cops kill in one year? I don’t have the figures in front of me, but I’d guess no.

      3. A German Shepherd in my ‘hood once gave the mail carrier a compound fracture on his leg. It was supposed to have been muzzled based on past incidents.

        The owner is lucky that the only thing that happened was the dog was euthanized. She was also a mail carrier, you see. The union probably “handled” it.

        The good news is she hasn’t gotten another dog.

    3. Pepper spray? My UPS guy carries Milkbones.


        No, wait…

      2. Yeah, it’s funny how many supposed watchdogs are extremely bribeable.

        1. so, like cops?

          1. but unlike the dogs, the cops are both bribeable and extremely violent

        2. A dog is just a way to get a stomach from here to there.

          1. That’s most animals.

        3. I had a 165 lb Rottweiler who would never take bribes (from strangers) unless mom or dad had touched it first.

          He would, however, jump up and down in place whenever getting to meet someone new. The only real danger was a broken toe from having him land on it.

          We did have a handy man come into the house once and they both startled each other. Bear let out one loud bark and there were two puddles of piss on the kitchen floor.

    4. I have a job where I go into yards where people have dogs, some aggressive, most are not. I’ve managed to do this job for 9 years without killing, maiming, or otherwise harming a single dog. Even the one that bit me.

      If I were to shoot an animal, I don’t have a badge to use as a shield.

  6. What goes on at these “internal investigations”, anyways? I’m assuming that they take place at a bar, where officers drink beer and try to settle on a story that sounds plausible enough for the public to believe it.

    1. Yes.

      I wish that once, some department would just say -“our guy panicked, about soiled himself and blasted away, mistakenly, at the animal. We fired him, referred him to the State’s Attorney and will be paying restitution for the damage and a replacement dog. Our apologies.”

      Then I snap out of it.

      1. Well yeah. I mean, if they fire the guy then the public might think that cops are fallible. Instead they must make up lies and cover stories to make it look like the cops did nothing wrong. That way the people will trust them. Admitting fallibility is to invite mistrust while shameless dishonesty does the opposite. Works for politicians.

        1. The public knows cops are fallible. What the cops can’t afford is the public thinking cops are culpable.

      2. Simple proposal. Take all the useless mail carriers/postal workers (now that they seem to be a little less trigger happy….and they only shot at each other anyway) and make them cops. At least they seem able to handle canine interactions without peeing themselves and leaving a trail of dead dogs in their wake.

        The fired cops…they get to staff dog parks across the nation without their guns….95% quit in terror after two weeks.

        Problem solved!

        1. Except the cops aren’t really afraid of the dogs, they just use that false fear as an excuse to indulge their lust to kill.

    2. It’s really more of a circle jerk that occasionally allows itself to slowly morph into a rhombus.

  7. OT: Koch Bother’s Sinister Plan to Control Negroes! From WashPo comments:

    Justin Mayberry
    12:48 PM CDT
    Exactly – This is a matter of values. If the UNCF accepts this $ it feeds the efforts of people like the Kochs to throw people off guard. Returning the $ makes it clear we will not be thrown off guard. Accepting this $ is like the NCAAP giving the Clipper’s Donald Sterling an achievement award. UNCF – Do the Right Thing – RETURN the $

    1. Koch Brothers Dismantle UNCF From Inside Out:

      12:54 PM CDT
      It’s also their way of dismantling UNCF. Apparently they have been donors for a while, so why, suddenly, this massive donation? The Kochs’ are creatures of habit. And this is one of the ways they go about destroying institutions they don’t like. They buy it.

      1. Gableegal doesn’t seem to grasp what the word “donate” means.

    2. And my personal fave…drumroll please…

      12:31 PM CDT
      Kochs throwing money at United Negro College Fund as a bribe to get votes.

      1. Ahem:

        SugarFree|6.6.14 @ 2:12PM|#|?|filternamelinkcustom

        They will just say the Koch brothers are just covering their ass. This donation is to distract the pure and good people of progressive America from their Obama racism.

        1. Unfortunately, the sarcasm will go right over these numbskulls heads.

      2. Get votes for whom? Themselves?

    3. I like the way Justin is urging the UNCF to throw away $25mm to send the message that Justin isn’t fooled by the Kochtopus.

      As always, no price is too great for other people to pay.

      1. But Justin has good intentions!

      2. Look, RC, he cares about the poor so much that he’s willing to forgo $25 million for them. He’s a much better person than you. And he knows it.

        1. Technically, he’s willing for someone else to forego $25mm.

          If the UNCF turns this down, it will quickly become “The Kochtopus took $25mm from the UNCF!”

          Because not giving is taking, you know.

          1. Technically, he’s willing for someone else to forego $25mm.

            That was my joke, I just…worded it sort of poorly. I blame you.

            1. Yeah, yeah. I’m the 11th worst. Since nikki has the top ten spots all to herself.

        2. He’s a much better person than you.

          Talk about your low bars.

      3. The thought that his understanding of the Kochs is flawed is far too difficult to bear. There is no price that should not be paid to prevent the horror of Justin being forced to accept a more nuanced view of the world he lives in.

      4. Gary12 could never, ever see how his Party uses social spending to buy votes and has done so since LBJ. No siree bub. But if the Kochs give $25 million to a black college fund? Well, OBVIOUSLY they are buying black votes…you know, SOMEHOW.

        1. Because the Kochs are running for office or something. Probably.

    4. The Koch Brothers shot that poor dog?

      1. Yes. Through their conduit, the United Negro College Fund.

    5. I guess there’s a new documentary out about the Kochs (well, about Walker’s reforms and the recall, which is all really the Kochs!). There should be a lot of fresh derp coming in this weekend.

    6. I don’t hear them screeching when that “sponsored by the David H. Koch Foundation” comes up on PBS shows like NOVA. It’s OK when the donations go to organizations largely supported and used by white people, I guess.

  8. I’m pretty sure I know what happened:

    The cops saw a Rottie, so the cops shot a Rottie. End of story. Its pretty automatic, I suspect, for Rotties, pits, maybe a few other breeds.

    The notion that a dog with serious hip dysplasia can stand up on a futon and lunge at anybody is ludicrous. As is the idea that a Rottie with dysplasia can sneak up behind anyone.

    Cops are lying, which is the main procedure that needs to be followed from what I can tell. The important thing is that NOTHING ELSE WILL HAPPEN.

    And it won’t.

    1. Rotties, pits, chihuahuas, labradors, greyhounds, corgis, infants, anything that moves or threatens to move, really, is fair game to our brave public servants.

      1. Cops instead of journalists…

  9. When heroic first responders shit themselves in a panic over the gradual approach of a crippled dog, do you think the cops send the bill for a new pair of underwear to the family?

  10. Considering how many of these stories relate details of how the cops trash the house and leave it completely unsecured, sanitizing the crime scene screams “FUCK-UP!”

    1. The cleaning up the scene part is completely out of the ordinary. Did the cops do it themselves? Or did the animal control guy who, I assume, came to pick up the dog’s body, do it to save the home owners from a little extra trauma? Is the futon covered in the dog’s blood too? This is fucked up in so many ways.

  11. To be fair, it could have been worse:

    They could have just stood around tasing the dog and laughing until its heart gave out.

    I know, don’t give them ideas.

    1. You don’t know that they didn’t.

  12. So it’s gotten to the point where it’s probably safer to not have an alarm, because if it goes off accidentally (which is probably the vast majority of house alarms going off), the cops show up guns out ready to kill. Wonderful. What if grandma was there with the remote in her hand?

    Eliminate any interactions or potential interactions with the cops that you possibly can.

    1. What if grandma was there with the remote in her hand?

      I think we all know just what a threat grandma can be when she’s not pacified by watching “Wheel”.

    2. I’d say to invest in a simple alarm system that just has only a loud as fuck alarm bell going off if the system is tripped.

      No one gets called and the burglar gets freaked out.

      1. Oh, plus a big dog.

      2. Except, neighbors.

        Loud enough, and someone will call.

      3. Or instead of a bell it could use a PA system to seductively say things like, “I’m gonna tickle you from the inside,” with occasional giggles like you are watching the intruder on a security monitor.

        Quiet enough that the neighbors don’t hear, and yet loud enough that the intruder thinks he is about the get held up Marsellus Wallace style.

    3. Yep, when planning for your safety, you have to put just as much consideration into avoiding the wrath of the cops as you do deterring criminals.

    4. agreed. I think alarms are useful (especially in dangerous areas) but it should be local only and your “first responders” should be smith and wesson

  13. the Texas Humane Legislation Network (THLN) said on Tuesday that they’d like to see a law requiring that police take training courses to understand animal body language.

    They can go to the zoo and study the baboons. I’m sure they can pick up some pointers on dominance displays.

    1. I suspect the baboons are smarter and more civilized.

      1. And less likely to fling shit at each other.

    2. If I wanted to help my dogs understand cop dominance displays, I’d say the baboons at the zoo might be the place to start. Just kidding…I have nothing against baboons.

  14. Nut.Punch.

  15. Someday these stories will not profoundly upset me. Maybe. I’m going to go cuddle my cats now.

  16. Huge fail on the cops’ part here, but I just don’t buy the Lane’s argument about the dog being too lame to do what the cops say it did esp after watching that video (not that I’m saying the cops were justified). There’s a big difference between what an old/lame dog will do lounging around the house and what the same dog would do in a more heightened situation. My dobe will occassionally limp around for an as-yet-un-figured-out shoulder issue, but the minute she sees a squirrel, she might as well be 8 months old again…and part greyhound. A rottie w/ or w/o the hip troubles could jump up on a futon to do what’s basically written in their DNA all day long.
    Which brings me to the ‘aggression’. When you own a protective dog breed like them, that’s a tough sell saying your dog is not aggressive at least from the perspective of the dog ignorant. I guarantee that dog barked when a couple strangers entered that house. Was it “aggression”? Probably not, but to a dog-dumb cop, you bet it was. It is something we constantly fear for our doberman’s life all the time. We know she’s a big baby, but to the uninitiated, her barking is that of an attack dog. I think you’d have far fewer of these shootings if cops had the slightest clue of what dog aggression is or failing that, watching a couple episodes of the dog whisperer.

    1. I had a 100 lb Gordon Setter with hip dysplasia that would get up on our couch to sleep without incident. Getting down was a different story.

      I’ll agree regarding the agression, there was probably some growling and a barking at seeing unfamiliar people and our heroic first responder shat himself upon hearing it. But he got to go home safely at the end of his shift tour of duty, and that’s what’s really important.

  17. Cops love shooting dogs. What’s the mystery here?

  18. So, if the alarm was deactivated by the owner, why were the pigs in the house?

    So, pigs can come in your house if your alarm is going off? I’m assuming some court decided that an activated alarm system is considered prior consent by the owner, to allow pigs to enter without a warrant.

    I think I’ll run right out and put an alarm system in my home…

    1. My guess is that the owner deactivated the alarm remotely.

    2. Plus, if they are like other Texas town and cities, alarm permit required. No way they are going to let a potential home burglary get by them!!

      To be fair, I am of the opinion most homeowners want and expect the cops to come running if they get wind of a home burglary (present company excluded). They just don’t expect the Spanish Inquisition modern American police officer.

    3. The homeowner should sue the cops for trespassing, destruction of property, and emotional damages.

  19. Also, glad to see the cops were cleared by their own internal investigation.

  20. The department launched an internal investigation, which yesterday concluded that the “the officers acted in a reasonable manner and followed protocol,”

    The cops find that the cops did nothing wrong. Why am I not quite satisfied with this?

    1. Why am I not quite satisfied with this?

      Because you’re not a cop?

    2. COP HATER!!!!!!

  21. Yeah, our big Lab has pretty bad hip dysplasia, but he can get moving pretty quickly, so….I dunno.

    I think there might be something to the cops’ story. Cause Rottweilers TEND to be an “aggressive breed”, and…heh…um…heh heh…I could see one being NERVOUS, what with the alarm and strangers and all.

    So…hhhhe,mmmmmmm heh heh….so I could see a dog…THIS dog, um….pfffffffffffffffffffff


    I couldn’t do it. Tried to see it like a cop. I can’t…

  22. Also – the irony. My experience is that little dogs are WAY more aggressive in real life than the big ‘uns. Yeah, not always, every dog’s unique…I but I’ve definitely had to fend off more Border Collies and shitzu’s (sp?) and the like than Dobermans, any retriever, German Shepsherds, etc.

    Maybe it’s just my mileage that varies, but them LITTLE dogs is the aggressive ones in my experience.

    Cute little fuckers (have a miniature dachsund/papillon mix who will fucking RAPE you if you fuck with her – think “nasty, point teeth” – and a rat terrier who will hang off the throat of all the other dogs all day long – he’s a brute.)

    1. *stands back to admire a particularly horrendous display of lack of typing skills*

    2. They are responsible for more bites per capita by far than the big ‘uns. They’re insecure little fucks

    3. One hundred percent agreed. A Corgi practically ripped off the ear off our old Doberman, who just stood there & took it because he was such a marshmallow.

      1. Our 10 lb. Chihuahua thinks our 100 lb. Shepherd is her personal chew toy.

        1. Ha! We had an 8 lb. miniature Dachshund who thought the same thing about our (also 100 lb.) German Shepherd. The Shepherd would always just let the evil little shit get away with it, too; he’d just move away from him.

      2. Small dog taking flying leaps at big dog’s ears & biting them on the way by is how they play. Any mouth-to-ear cx is friendly. The big dog does stand & take it, like mommy from puppy. In fact that’s how I’m sure they see it, no matter whether the big dog is male or female?the maternal programming is there in both sexes.

  23. Of course they shot the dog. How the hell were they going to toss the house for drugs with that thing in the way?

  24. They aren’t just an organized gang, they’re outright terrorists.

  25. Lets just call this what it is.

    Cops know they will get away with killing dogs, every time.

    So… cops kill dogs because for many of them it’s probably fun, and there’ no consequences.

    Psychopaths. If a regular plebe was to do this, they’d go to jail.

  26. I know, I know. I appreciate reason.com and Radley Balko keeping the awareness up on this stuff. And I could have chosen not to click on the link, but damn, there goes a perfectly good Friday shot right in the dog. Extra hugs and treats for mine when I get home from work tonight.

    1. One other thought – psychologists and the courts say that harming and killing pets is a pattern of sociopathic behavior in people, usually kids, that often progresses to worse sociopathic behavior. It is obvious that our sociopathic LEOS get a free pass on this and they in many ways are held to a lower standard of behavior. Very chilling indeed.

  27. Damn dogs are the new blacks these days.

    1. Open and shut case Johnson! We’ll, lets sprinkle some crack on him and get the hell out of here.

  28. Huh, they pissed themselves and panicked over a crippled-ass dog. Pussies.

  29. The police PROTOCOL today is to shoot anything they can as often as they can. After it is a WAR and all civilians are the enemy. As the Rochester, MN police chief said: “Law-abiding just means you haven’t been caught yet.” The modern police see everyone as a criminal and your dogs as targets.

  30. “The dog limped extremely aggressively!”

    1. Does it also repeatedly command “Stop resisting!” while using it’s force of 5 officers? If not, this is a grave oversight.

  31. “the officers acted in a reasonable manner”, yeah, for a sadistic murdering maniac.

  32. On the other extreme – http://bostonherald.com/news_o…..owning_dog

  33. So police are investigating a possible breakin in progress, only to find a dog inside the house that starts barking when they enter. Isn’t that pretty solid evidence there is no breakin? Maybe there is a new trend that burglars bring along their own guard dogs? It seems unlikely.

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