Cops Arrest Drunk Guy, Politely Apologize for Giggling at Him


Watch as cops encounter a drunk dude, speak with him politely despite his erratic behavior, giggle when he shouts the word "horsecock" and then apologize for that giggling, and finally take him to the drunk tank to sleep it off. No one is beaten. No one is Tased. No one is shot.

The not-so-surprising twist: They're Norwegian. 

Happy Friday everybody. Here's a peek at what cops can be like when they use basic common sense and human decency—and speak some kind of crazy Muppet language.

NOTE: This is from Live-Leak and appears to be a reality show (?), so I absolutely cannot vouch for the accuracy of the translation or the provenance of the video. Also, you probably already saw this in your Facebook feed. But seriously, watch it again. It's delightful.

There are lots of polite, good-humored American cops out there too, of course. But if you're looking for a parallel situation without the happy ending, here are some U.S. cops encountering an otherwise harmless person who is not in full possession of his faculties: 

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  1. There are lots of polite, good-humored American cops out there too, of course.

    Citation needed.

    1. My only personal anecdote is 20 years old, but I did meet a couple of good-humored cops in college. They came up to us like they were going to check ID’s, but quickly admitted to not caring and that they really just wanted a place to sit in the shade and the breeze for a few minutes. Those two were, for five minutes at least, cool.

      1. I am a former police officer. This sounds like something I’d do; indeed, something I’ve done.

        My police career lasted only 5 years, however, because I couldn’t stand what the job is and the kind of assholes that are doing it.

      2. Sounds like the cops they put on duty for the bar street at my school on weekends. They have a complete wink, wink, nudge, nudge attitude towards underage drinking (at least for college kids) except for the 1 night a semester they raid to keep up appearances.




  3. Shouldn’t this be on a “The Opposite Of What America Does” memo?

  4. Lots of failure to obey. No way an American cop would have resisted the urge to administer a harsh beating.


  6. Was the drunk guy’s voice being altered or does someone really possess voice of the Prince of Darkness?

    1. People from Lofoten for fucks sake do!

  7. Now I want to go to Norway and get pissed in public just to meet those guys.

    1. Getting pissed in Norway is so prohibitively expensive that seeing someone so pissed is probably unusual experience for those cops.

  8. I don’t get it. How in the hell is that one ever going to learn to respect their authoritah? No dethatched retinas nor coma from a savage and near fatal beat down? No tazing until he shits himself in the throws of a seizure? No barrage of gunfire, crippling him for life, whilst killing several other onlookers with the strays? Being a cop in Norway sounds kinda lame…

      1. I… I.. stand corrected.. You’re now on my list!

        /Narrows eyes

        1. Well to jump on the bandwagon…it’s detached retinas as in no longer attached. Dethatched would be no longer covered in thatch which in regards to one’s retinas seems like a good thing.

  9. Anyone in America who kicks a cop in the chest usually doesn’t live to tell the tale.

  10. There are lots of polite, good-humored American cops out there too, of course.

    I would’ve gone with “some” rather than “lots”. They do exist, or at least some of the cops I’ve encountered have been polite to me. I practically radiate “Lawyer on the edge!”, though, which probably has something to do with it.

  11. When in Amsterdam, my buddy was tripping balls on the 5/5 intense mushrooms. At some point he was separated from the rest of our group, but knowing the individuals involved, no one was concerned for his safety.

    Eight o’clock the next morning there is a knock on our door. My brother answers it to find two Dutch cops. They explain to us “We found your friend wandering the streets and brought him to the police station. He is, as you Americans put it, a little freaked out.”

    My friends and I still laugh about that one. All the cops at the precinct and the two that came to find us were all very good sports about our buddy tripping his balls off. I just don’t have faith that it would happen here at home quite the same way.

  12. Here’s a peek at what cops can be like when they use basic common sense and human decency

    That ship ran a stop sign and got hit by a train.

  13. “Here’s a peek at what cops can be like when they use basic common sense and human decency

    ‘Next you’ll be telling me I can’t shoot dogs!’

    ‘Also, uh, that ‘decency’ thing is, uh, when generally applicable… for uh, domestic, you know, within the city…yeah, that aint legal either.’

  14. I don’t know why, but I actually got my hopes up that Reason was trying to bring me a little joy on a Friday, which was completely crushed as soon as I read that it was in Norway. I fell for it. Nuts punched. Thanks for nothing.

  15. The first video is just hilarious!! 😀 😀 Is that guys voice changed o he really sounds like that? 😀

  16. Holy shit, cops acting like human beings! There’s hope yet.

  17. I think the real issue here is poor police training. These guys had a good chance at punching the daylights out of the guy, tasering him for sure, and maybe even shooting him four or five times….and they missed it.

    I think the LAPD should send some ‘advisors’ to Norway.

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