Cops Arrest Drunk Guy, Politely Apologize for Giggling at Him


Watch as cops encounter a drunk dude, speak with him politely despite his erratic behavior, giggle when he shouts the word "horsecock" and then apologize for that giggling, and finally take him to the drunk tank to sleep it off. No one is beaten. No one is Tased. No one is shot.

The not-so-surprising twist: They're Norwegian. 

Happy Friday everybody. Here's a peek at what cops can be like when they use basic common sense and human decency—and speak some kind of crazy Muppet language.

NOTE: This is from Live-Leak and appears to be a reality show (?), so I absolutely cannot vouch for the accuracy of the translation or the provenance of the video. Also, you probably already saw this in your Facebook feed. But seriously, watch it again. It's delightful.

There are lots of polite, good-humored American cops out there too, of course. But if you're looking for a parallel situation without the happy ending, here are some U.S. cops encountering an otherwise harmless person who is not in full possession of his faculties: