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Police Filmed Wrongly Arresting Libertarian Gubernatorial Candidate


Minneapolis police are backpedaling after wrongly arresting, citing, and injuring Minnesota Libertarian Party gubernatorial candidate Chris Holbrook yesterday.

According to a local ABC affiliate, Holbrook and "party members [were] sorting literature and getting ready to get signatures for his upcoming campaign"—their sixth consecutive day doing so—when "park patrol approached them and said they were violating a park ordinance and they had called the police."

Officer Brian Woodfill told the candidate that he needed a permit to be petitioning, told him stop filming the cops, and then cited him for allegedly violating Park Board Ordinance PB2-15, "use of parks, parkways and waters for financial gain." Petitioning is not actually within the scope of this ordinance.

As Holbrook describes it, the incident was a bit brutal. He told

"The officers asked for my ID which I refused because I had committed no crime. He ordered that we stop filming him with our cell phone cameras which he said was illegal. He then grabbed me, twisted my arm and smashed me against his vehicle."

Holbrook says that his shoulder was wrenched and injured and the handcuffs actually cut through the skin and Holbrook's arm causing it to begin bleeding.

He explained on his Facebook fanpage, "It was very painful, and when I asked the officer to loosen the cuffs they were tightened (hence the screaming)." Holbrook eventually sought medical attention for his injuries.

Park Police Chief Jason Ohotta personally apologized to Holbrook, dismissed the citation, and today announced that an internal investigation will take place.

Watch the incident below. See two more clips of Holbrook's day in the park here and here.

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  1. Park Police Chief Jason Ohotta personally apologized to Holbrook, dismissed the citation, and today announced that an internal investigation will take place.

    ::opens procedure manual:: Yep, it’s all in there. The officers are exonerated. Another case closed!

  2. Ignorance of the law is a wonderful excuse.

    1. Only for those “enforcing” it.

  3. At least they didn’t maim his baby with a grenade.

  4. “Park Police Chief Jason Ohotto apologized to Holbrook directly Thursday night, saying he determined “the officer erred and misapplied the ordinance.”

    “Ohotto announced Friday afternoon the department has launched an internal investigation into the incident. Any potential disciplinary measures will not be determined until the investigation is over.”

    Well, that’s unusual.

    At least the cops can be reassured that libertarians don’t believe in suing people?

    Or is that the Amish?

    1. Worth noting that the ONLY reason they backed down is because it is on video.

      If there was no video you can be certain this guy would have been charged with and probably convicted of the non-crime crime of “resisting arrest”.

      1. Of course. That’s why the po-po hate recording so much. If they were doing everything legit they’d have nothing to worry about.

        1. “If they’ve done nothing wrong, they have nothing to worry about.”

          OHHHHH, SNAP!

    2. The Amish. Libertarians will happily sue jack-booted government thugs.

      At least the next election campaign will be well-funded.

  5. Un-fucking real, but wholly believable.

  6. Power-drunk assholes.

    1. If they’re that gung-ho, maybe they should rent a laser-tag place, and shoot at each other with real guns.

      1. Ya but the laser tags vests don’t fit dogs.

        1. Guess we’ll just have to go with live ammo then….


          OHHHHHHHHH! Rusty ALMOST made it to the safe zone!

  7. I’ll watch the video later (if I have the stomach for it then), but just look at that still frame! It’s Cartman come to life! You can’t parody the pigs these days.

    1. 99% of the pigs in Minneapolis a obese. 99%.

  8. The aviator sunglasses and the badass strut by the main cop were pretty cool. If I were recruiting for a domestic SA, I’d consider him a prime candidate.

    1. “domestic SA”

      AHA! I think you nailed it. May I appropriate that term for use here and elsewhere?

      1. Anywhere and anytime you like, with my blessing.

    2. Why, yes, he would look good in brown.

  9. Tar. Feathers.

  10. My sympathies to Mr. Holbrook and anyone else victimized by those thugs. Also my admiration for standing up to the thugs.

    This was a spectacularly stupid move on the part of the police, given the proclivities of libertarians. Way to go, people who recorded this.

    Also, the apology from the chief is unheard-of. I think he knows his guys fucked up badly and publicly, and with the wrong people.

    Sorry Minneapolis taxpayers, you’re going to take a bath on this one.

    1. If he was “processed” as a member of a political group, I think their campaign budget just went waaaay up.

  11. You can’t be here, this is public property!

  12. That cop near the end of the video, standing between the other cops and the photographer, looks distinctly uncomfortable.

    I think my reaction to being treated like that would be to call them cowards every chance I got. Sure they’d tighten the handcuffs and find new ways to detect me resisting arrest, but it would make the payoff better and be absolutely worth it to know they’d remember what triggered their behavior.

    “Ooooh, 5 big brave cowards in uniform with their guns and tasers and backup. Aren’t you brave!”

  13. So, when are we getting badge numbers, names and addresses?

  14. Every day I find that, no matter how much these types of uniformed thugs might coerce me into complying with their authority we are on the opposite end of the galaxy from anything similar to respecting their authority.

  15. Of course the cop looks exactly like anyone reading the story would think he looks, like a complete cop douche.

    1. Douche with a badge. He doesn’t deserve “cop”.

  16. Uh, fuck the police.

  17. “Oh, but we need ROaDZ!!! and POLEESE…. Else you know….some evil private services might monopolize and stuff….but bad stuff duuude! Oh, but FREEDOM AND LIBERTY WOOOOOO!”

    Seriously… in the hell is the market efficient, yet some folks feel all of the sudden socialism is efficient at delivering roads and its great when the socialized police is monopolized and used as the arm of the state???? This sort of stuff will never end unless these services become free, and are subjected to competition and these employees am face consequences.

    Just think. Suppose some folks were going around a park, which mind you is private but you are able to roam freely and hand out flyers and enjoy your right of free speech, and are also able to carry. Would that same group of thugs, sans their costumes, even attempt to abuse and kidnap this guy? They might not have even made it home. That burley douche bag would have suffered consequences along with the rest of his minions. They could have been tazered, pepper sprayed, or shot if they attempted to take the individuals life.

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