Friday Funnies: Stalled


Stalled economy

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  1. Ugh. This one is so pedestrian I can’t even think anything up to play off it.

    1. Of course they are pedestrians, the car is broken down.


        1. Boooooooooooosh was bad too, so that cancels out all criticism of Barry.

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    2. You have to riff through the tough ones, FoE, they are the ones that test your mettle and, ultimately, make you a stronger commenter, and a better human being overall.

      When you are lying on your death bed, FoE, it will be the comments that you let get away, not the one’s about Michael Bay, that you’ll most regret.

      I want you to go back in, and give it your best, I want you to go out there with all you’ve got and win just one for the Gipper.

      1. Their other neighbor probably owns a blue ox named Babe?

  2. Where’s the car to go? There are no ROADZ!

  3. The tree only hit the top of the car, so why is the front damaged too?

    1. That’s where the national debt tree hit it.

  4. Needs more unhelpful Republicans with Slurpees

  5. I thought it wouldn’t start because the Republicans drove it into a ditch or something.

    1. You can say that again!!!

      1. The browser was having memory handling problems (H&R tends to cause that) and I didn’t realize the first post went through.

        1. Sure, Ted. Blame it on the website.

        2. wrong, it was squirrels.

    2. *reminds self that sometimes reading downthread before commenting sometimes avoid duplication of previously-posted memes – returns to reading comments and/or comenting*

  6. I thought it wouldn’t start because the Republicans drove it into a ditch or something.

  7. I thought it wouldn’t start because the Republicans drove it into a ditch or something.

    1. b-b-but the stock market! /derp

  8. Seeing that the doors are welded shut, it’s a good thing the tree smashed out the windows.

    1. They did nice bodywork to cover that up – cannot see it through the paint at all.

      /Wheeler Dealer

    2. I think the General Lee looked better red.

  9. Huh. I kinda like this one.

    1. It is very subtle….for Payne.

  10. The cold weather needs a label. I suggest “Obama’s disappointment in us” written on the snow in yellow.

    1. Good point. However, I’d have portrayed it as background figures of a crying Statue of Liberty behind a crying Gabby Giffords (with a thought balloon, “Man, I need this like a need a….”), with a crying sun all looking down on the scene, with “Climate Change Deniers” ghosted over the whole thing.

      Oh, and all in Thomas Kinkade style.

      PS I disturbs me that Kinkade didn’t even know how to spell his own name. “Kincaide”, dude. “I’ll take Kink Aid for $400, Alex…..” /Connery

      1. I donated $50 to Kink Aid

        1. How much are Ozland dollars worth these days?

        2. A receipt for your 2014 tax records is in the mail. Thank you for supporting Kink Aid?!

          PS Does Oz do tax deduction for charitable contributions? I don’t know what other countries’ tax codes do in that regard. Suddenly, I have an urgent desire to know…..although I’m far too lazy to BingGoogle it…

          1. 1) $A1 = 93 cents US / $US1 = $A1.06

            2) Yes, anything over a couple bucks is deductible, but I would support the wonderful work of Kink Aid anyway. For the children.

  11. 1) I don’t get it
    3) Labels! Labels! My kingdom for moar labelz!

    It is awful – although less so than usual – therefore, perfect for a Friday morning (EDT) at teh HyR.

    Happy fucking Friday, Reasonoids.

  12. Even though I could think of a couple better ways to represent Regulations choking the economy, I could see what he was going for.

    Just a couple of questions, though. What kind of car is that? A tree that big would do more than dent the roof. Especially with no center post. But I guess gravity is different there, since the guy can lean way over like that without falling.

    Also, what’s that square thing on the tree branch? Looks like block of cocaine or something.

    1. The first of the Mailbox Overlords coming to check out Erf for the impending invasion.

      “These guys are pussies. This is gonna be easy!”

      1. No, clearly it’s a scarf caught on the braches, and the guy’s leaning over because of the strong wind pushing both to the left…

        1. *looks intently*

          AH! Right you are!

        2. THAT’s what’s going on!

        3. It’s an NSA camera, disguised as a giant acorn, and it’s pointed directly at leaning man’s butt.

      2. “The first of the Mailbox Overlords”

        I am not worried – sloopy will destroy them with a baseball bat.

        1. Not if they drown him first in a vat of artisanal mayonnaise

          1. Just getting close to that would cause sloopy to Hulk out in rage. We’d be picking up splinters of the aliens for weeks.

    2. It is an axe with a bent and slender handle, WITH WHICH THE TEATHUGLICAN FUCKRATTER CUT DOWN THE ECONOMIEZ!!!11!!!

      /prog derp

    3. What kind of car is that? A tree that big would do more than dent the roof.

      I’m thinking it’s a Subaru of some sort. They’ve got built in roll cages.

      1. I’m thinking it’s a Subaru of some sort. They’ve got built in roll cages

        They lived!


      2. “Subaru”

        Dey took r jerbz!!!!!!

      3. Then shouldn’t it be a bunch of lesbians driving?

        1. Flannel shirt, oversized pants, short hair. Looks like lesbians to me.

        2. Hey! I’ve got an Outback and I’m no Lesbian! Just an old dude who does’t want to get stuck in the snow.

  13. The Iraqi Death Blossom comes to America……..-concerns/

    1. That is a gem! Every other paragraph starts out with a “WTF?!?!”

      The shooting is being reviewed by both the State Attorney’s Office and the Miami Dade Police Department.
      While those reviews will likely take years to complete,

      Nearly 400 rounds discharged by almost two-dozen officers in a polish firing squad and it’s going to take *years* for the investigation to be completed?

      1. It’s going to take at least 10 years to find all the bullets. They can’t proceed without all the forensic evidence.

    1. It’s the second time Stem has shot and killed a suspect since joining the department in 2012

      So he’s an expert

      1. AHA! So THIS is why I keep hearing so much about encouraging kids to go into “Stem” fields of study.


        Fuck. Stem. Research.

        /Emily Littela

        1. National Police Week, May 11-17, 2014

    2. why do you hate the pigs police?

    3. These things seem even more egregious when they happen in smaller cities.

    4. He gave her a lawful command which she disobeyed, so he killed her. The end.

  14. Clearly the economy car had a faulty ignition system.

  15. Very topical for May…

    1. I think it’s because all the economic reports from Q1 come out now and they all blame the weather.

      1. Oh, that. Thanks.

  16. A tree falling on your car is usually an accident. Regulations are almost never accidents.

    1. Something about unintended consequences being totally awesome?

  17. I actually laughed at this one!

    Off Topic:
    Pittsburgh police recruit ? once a wanted man in Mass. ? fired…..ce-recruit

    At least he’s well practiced at witness intimidation.

  18. The cartoon as a political message is always very effective. In this case, the message is that President Obama and his administration are responsible for making life in these United States of America “uncomfortable” and restrictive. The caption should read “GOVERNMENT REGULATIONS”. Obama is no more responsible than any other President for those regulations that limit our so called freedoms.

    Take a look at The Patriot Act as a good example of regulations that limit those freedoms. In any event, anyone who thinks he/she is going to get a break from “the regs” with the next administration is sadly mistaken. No matter who gets in the White House, the American people will continue to be governed at all levels by those regulations, which are implemented by The Congress and the Bureaucracy far more than any President could “decree” them.

    And for those who labor under the illusion that Rand Paul is going to lighten the load, dream on. If elected (which I doubt) his administration will be any bit as “regulatory” as any other, although that may manifest itself in more subtle ways.

  19. If the economy breaks down people will be needed to restore the economy which in and of itself creates jobs and fixes the economy. Thus our economy is self-healing and the more you break it the more it gets fixed?seems like sound logic to me.

  20. Side question: do you dorks think everyone is going to click on your endless You Tube links to who-knows-what every other comment?

    If you can’t make a joke yourself, don’t bother.

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