Zero Tolerance

Brickbat: How Appealing


The school board in Wells, Minnesota, has voted to expel Alyssa Drescher for the rest of the year. Drescher, 17, was originally suspended by her principal for three days after police conducting a search for drugs in the school found a pocket knife in her locker. But the superintendent recommended harsher punishment. 

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  1. Her doo-rag shows she’s a gang member. Why wasn’t she pre-emptively expelled before birth? Don’t Minnesota school boards care about children?

    1. That isn’t a doo rag. It is one of those headbands that every female athlete wears around here.

      Now you are on the list of Title IX violators, ifh.

  2. “They smelled perfume, and they had to check my purse and they found my pocket knife,” she said.

    Um…what? They seriously justified this search by the SMELL OF PERFUME? Though, I suppose she is better off out of school than in if this is the reaction to a measly pocket knife.

    1. It’s a trigger.

    2. It’s a trigger.

  3. Imagine potentially ruining a kid’s life over a pocket knife.

    1. School administrators are getting a hard-on over that, Rufus.

      1. You know, I gotta say, you hardly hear this sort of nonsense up here. We don’t have ‘zero-tolerance’. It happens on occasion but it seems far less than in the USA. Quebec in particular, despite all the bull shit, can be pretty easy-going.

        1. It’s OK to carry a pocket knife around in Quebec as long as the label is more in French than English.

  4. ahhh, the pussification of America continues.

  5. I’d like to buy that young lady a nice, new Buck 110. For the children….

    1. That’s a good knife. Get her a holster too so she can wear it on her belt.

  6. If the community really cares about her, they would raise the money to send her to a decent private school where they actually teach. (After they lynch school board and superintendent)

    1. “After they lynch school board and superintendent”

      I don’t think we need go that far. Tarring and feathering, then ridden out on a rail should do.

      1. Yeah, but then they’ll just clean off and go get jobs in another town.

        1. Solution – use hot tar instead of the traditional tree sap.

  7. Procedures were followed. Administrators went home safely to their families. That’s all that matters.

  8. Looks like Wells is pretty close to the border. I blame the evil corrupting Iowegians for tainting our schools

  9. At a school board meeting Thursday night in Wells, members voted to keep Alyssa from school for the rest of the year.

    The superintendent says the school district’s zero tolerance policy left them no choice.

    So if zero tolerance left them no choice, why did they have a school board vote on it? Why do they even have school administrators? Just put a damn computer in the principal’s office. If a kid does something wrong, just punch in the offense and let it tell you the punishment. Would save a lot of money.

  10. Kid who hates school: “So all I gotta do is bring a pocket knife to school and I never have to come back here?”

    1. +1 perfume

  11. I would have organized a protest. Get as many kids as possible to bring a knife to school and display it openly on their desk. Except when I was in High School, I had a Swiss Army knife on my keychain, and you really had to try to get expelled.

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