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Plainclothes Philly Cops Shoot At Pizza Delivery Guy 14 Times


shot by cops
via NBC

Who is the criminal element here? Via the Philadelphia Inquirer:

20-year-old [Philippe Holland] from Upper Darby had been running orders two nights a week for Slices & More for a few weeks. That was on top of another job at an airport restaurant.

Maybe he had heard the gunshots two blocks away—the ones two plainclothes officers were responding to—when they attempted to stop him just before 10 p.m. Moments later, they riddled the Taurus with 14 shots.

Holland was struck at least three times, in his neck, a leg, and his head. He was in critical but stable condition late Wednesday at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.

The officers would later tell investigators that they had identified themselves as police. Maybe Holland heard them.

Or, as Commissioner Charles H. Ramsey said, maybe he didn't, and thought he was about to become a victim in a neighborhood where gunshots are not uncommon and robberies of deliverymen are a constant threat.

Ramsey suggested Holland may have thought he was being robbed, a reasonable assumption, especially when your job involves carrying around cash and you are confronted by armed gunmen. Police say he had a hoodie on and his hands in his pockets when they approached him. Holland survived the shooting and is in the hospital, and Ramsey hopes police can talk to him.

A spokesperson for the Philadelphia Police Department told the Inquirer the department has a policy against shooting at moving vehicles, although he also said he wasn't there so he couldn't say if they were right or wrong. In the real world, it would seem pretty clear if a rule says don't do that, than doing that meant you were, according to the rules, wrong. The spokesperson admitted cops getting in the way of a moving vehicle would not be "tactically sound."

Court records indicating Holland had a recent minor run in with the law (over allegedly throwing a cellphone at his girlfriend) are already being reported. But the names of the officers involved have not yet been released.

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  1. Police say he had a hoodie on and his hands in his pocket when they approached him.

    Say no more, they were OBVIOUSLY JUSTIFIED.

    1. I say this actually calls for hoodie-wearing solidarity

    2. If he was in his car how the fuck do they know where he had his hands?

      1. I’m sure the fact that Holland is black had *nothing* to do with the police response. If the report says his hand were in his pockets, then by God his hands were in his pockets! Why do you hate cops?

  2. let the victim blaming begin.

    1. Tulpa will be here later today.

      1. To smear ranch dressing all over his body while masterbating. In between informing us all how “there’s more to the story that reason is leaving out” and that we’re all just a bunch of cop hating bigots, natch.

        1. You…you…have glimpsed the future!

          *bows to Loki*

  3. That was on top of another job at an airport restaurant.

    He’s going to be in for a double whammy when the TSA gets armed.

  4. How did they know he had his hands in his pockets if he was in a moving vehicle?

    Am I missing something here?

    1. “Clearly there’s more to the story that Krayewski isn’t telling us in order to stoke the anti-cop bigotry of the commentariat. I’m the only person here interested in hearing the whole story before jumping to conclusions.” /Tulp-tard

    2. The article explains it better.

      His hoodie was up, his hands in his pockets, police say, as he walked back to his gold Ford Taurus, parked on 51st Street near Willows Avenue.

      Whatever was running through his mind, police say, Holland jumped into his Taurus, reversed, and drove quickly toward the officers, who then opened fire.

      1. Ah, thanks Brian.

        Doesn’t make that much more sense but that clears up my question.

  5. 14 rounds of ammo: $7 ($0 after billing the target)
    2 new pairs of underwear after shitting theirs, again: $5
    Paper used in paperwork: $2

    Being able to shoot some black kid, brag about it to your buddies and walk away without any worry of punishment: PRICELESS

  6. Court records indicating Holland had a recent minor run in with the law (over allegedly throwing a cellphone at his girlfriend) are already being reported. But the names of the officers involved have not yet been released.


  7. Hold on…ths leaves out the most important aspect:
    Did the officers make it home safely at the end of the shift?

    1. Well, they were frightened by the hoodie and the moving car. So they should probably get some therapy.

      1. And a paid vacation.

    2. No, a Karma Bat swooped out of the sky and ate their patrol car.

      1. Once upon a time
        A man was attacked by a vampire bird
        He was sucked to death
        The vampire bird killed him at last

        Vampire bat! (x5)

        The lake of fire tore his ass up
        He was burning to the crisp
        He was cast into the lake
        Of burning flame

        Vampire bat! (x5)

        After the vampire bird sucked blood out of me
        He started stabbing me in my ass
        Then three more vampire birds stabbed me in my ass too
        They sucked the blood out of me, killing me

        Vampire bat! (x5)

        Rock over London! Rock on, Chicago!
        Folgers, it’s good to the last drop

        1. What the actual fuck.

          Hey, you.might know.this:

          In the mid-late ’90s there was a “band” called “Wonderbus” That was supposedly made up of mentally handicapped members. They did a song called “Shit my Pants” among.others. I think their promoter/producer was shamed or otherwise decided.to quit it. I haven’t been able to.find.d any reference to them anymore; it is like the.internet was wiped clean of their.presence. any leads?

    3. Hopefully they didn’t waste the delicious pizza Holland was trying to deliver.

      1. Perhaps the whole incident started simply because the cops saw the pizza and thought, “MINE.”

  8. Police say he had a hoodie on and his hands in his pockets when they approached him… Court records indicating Holland had a recent minor run in with the law (over allegedly throwing a cellphone at his girlfriend)…

    Clearly this miscreant got what he deserved. It’s a good thing these heroes in blue were there before this obvious threat to society killed someone or even worse. Thank God they all made it home safe to their families. /Derpa

  9. What if he was Christopher Dorner!?

    1. Then they would have shot up a newspaper delivery truck or a car with two women in it.

      1. For all we know those two petite Asian women were like the wonder twins and had taken the form of a big black guy and a dark gray nissan truck.

        You can’t know for sure.

        1. I thought they were Hispanic? Not that it matters, they looked absolutely nothing like Chris Dorner either way

          1. Maggie Carranza, 47, and her mother, 71-year-old Emma Hernandez

            You are correct. I will amend my mental file on the topic. Thanks.

  10. Soon, the odds of an innocent person being killed by the police will be greater than being killed by a ‘regular’ citizen.

    1. They aren’t?

      1. That was my thought as well. I guess it would all come down to how you define “regular.” Is that just anyone who isn’t a cop? Does it include persons with gang affiliations?

  11. maybe the officers don’t like deep dished pizza? /too soon

    1. Philadelphians may be awful, but not so awful as to eat deep dish pizza.

  12. Considering the totality of the circumstances, the attempted murder of this man by the state was merited.

    /Clarence Thomas

  13. …”Ramsey hopes police can talk to him.”…

    f I were him, that’s the last thing I’d want to do.

    1. “Look, kid, we’ve got you for evading arrest, assault with a deadly weapon, disobeying lawful orders, disturbing the peace, littering (I’m assuming his blood was everywhere), and failure to yield. But if you sign this pleabargain for the failure to yield charge that also says you won’t sue, we’ll forget the rest.”

  14. Where are the “Justice for Trayvon!” people?

    1. It was all posturing to show their friends how much they cared about black people. They don’t (actually care) so you won’t be hearing much from them this time.

  15. Jokes aside, just saying that made me think a bit and get madder than hell.

    Remember the murder of James Byrd, the black man dragged to death in Texas? Remember the news coverage, the outrage, and the hysteria? It was all justified.

    Remember the attempted murder of that black guy in …uh….Seattle? The one where the white guys attempted to subdue him and drag him to death? The one where the perpetrators told him very specifically that they were going to murder him just like James Byrd was killed? The one where, when they released an attack dog on him, he shot the dog dead with his pistol and then held the thugs until police arrived? Remember the news coverage that got? The cheering for the man who exercised his natural of self defense and to arm himself?

    God, progressives are evil.

    1. I hadn’t heard about that. Oh, I guess that’s your point.

      Is there a link?

      1. It was back in the early 90’s I think? I have tried to google it before and found nothing. The account I read was in “The Bias Against Guns” by John R. Lott Jr.

        I keep meaning to skim through that again and find it but I am lazy and have not done it yet.

        1. I googled James Byrd, that was 1998. The book was published in 2003, so it occurred some time between that.

        2. I checked Amazon and it’s on p. 78 – in a small town near Seattle.

          1. (In The Bias Against Guns)

    2. Every time I think progs can’t get any worse, I am proven wrong. It’s like staring into a bottomless pit.

  16. Was I the only one who thought the headline referred to 14 separate occasions? Am I the only one who thinks that was deliberate wording to make it read more outrageously?

    1. Yes, you are the only one with reading difficulties.

  17. Way to bury the backstory to heighten the faux outrage by the racist cop haters, Ed.

  18. Ramsey hopes police can talk to him

    I bet he does.

    [Hospital room fills with portly, armed cops.]

    “Say, uh, Mr. uh [checks note written on palm of hand] Holland. We’s here to make sure your memory of the, uh, incident is, waddayacall, clear.”

    [Cops chuckle, crack knuckles.]

    1. My thought as well. This is why multiple outside investigative agencies should be.involved.in these types of investigations. “Internal affairs” should never exist. It should all be external, and public.

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  20. “The officers would later tell investigators that they had identified themselves as police. ”

    So if some plainclothes random person you’ve never seen before says “I’m a cop”, you should just believe them?

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