Drug Legalization

Watch Matt Welch Debate Pot Prohibitionists Tonight at 10 p.m. on Hannity (Update: False Alarm)


At 10 p.m. ET, Fox News host Sean Hannity will host another of his week-long series entitled "Stoned in America." As the name suggests, there is a built-in skepticism about recreational marijuana being legal. The show features a panel of about two dozen commentators, and I am a vocal part of the outnumbered legalize-it caucus. I don't know how the thing will play on television, but it was a pretty amazing exchange in the room, and I suspect that Hit & Run readers might find it of interest….

UPDATE: False alarm. Looks like it will air later this week.

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  1. And the Fox News stream works!

  2. Hannity is just terrible.

    1. Worst. Voice. Ever.

  3. I was going to debate Hannity, but then I got high.

  4. UPDATE: False alarm.

    It was all a weed-induced hallucination.

  5. Dagen McDowell is on talkin’ ganja with Hannity right now.

    1. Hannity sez weed legalization should be left up to the states.

      1. When the issue of stoned driving after legalization is raised Sean says people already drive stoned.

        He totally disapproves of dope smoking and other drug taking and thinks it is bad for the culture.

        He asks that people don’t drive when they are stoned.

        1. But does he approve of throwing people who might drive stoned into rape cages for years, while undercutting their future earning potential with the stigma of an ineradicable felony conviction?

          Because, if he doesn’t, I don’t really see the point of pitching the debate in terms of something that is already illegal and stringently enforced. Either smoking pot is by itself a criminal offense, or it’s not. Dragging potentialities into the debate is the refuge of asshole so-cons and federal supremacists who simply want to exercise power for the sake of power.

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    I have recently come into the possession of 2 oldies I’ve tentatively identified as Underwood #4’s.

    1. Underwood sold millions of typewriters.
      I’d rather have one of their M-1 carbines.

      1. Prices are all over the place but, Ebay has ’em going for around $100-150 in the same condition as the ones I have (really damn dirty) and clean ones at 250-500.

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  7. More time the Fox says? Why? To edit of course. War on Drugs. Big Pharma loading up swat units as we speak. They really like smoozing doctors who are handing out opioids like Cartel hands out hit lists. There’s no War on drugs. No. Only war on marijuana. Natural pain relief for the sick, natural stress relief for the anxious. Nah instead load up our kids on Ritalin at age 5 so they become dependant on scripts of all kinds by age 12. I’m one Conservative who says legalize it or at least let the states decide via the voters. Let’s stop Gov from reeling us in with these power words of War on women, war on drugs war on poverty war on education, war on terror(I’ll also accept workplace violence or Arab spring)..and now, soon to be war with Russia. War my arse

  8. Such anticipated! So disappoint! Much look forward! Cannot waiting!

  9. By “pretty amazing” you mean…?

  10. OT:
    William “Shakespeare” died on this date, almost four hundred years ago.

    You know, when William Shaxper of Stratford died, there was no national recognition of the fact; none of England’s best and brightest poets even noticed, it seemed.

    And yet I’m asked to believe that this (likely illiterate) wool merchant wrote the greatest works of the English language.

    1. Documentary evidence related to Shakespeare.”

      Collected correspondence of Voltaire: 20,000 letters.

      Collected correspondence of William Shakespeare (of Stratford-upon-Avon): 0

      1. Actually, it appears that there was one letter addressed to William Shakespeare of Stratford; it was a request for a loan of ?30. It was undelivered.

    2. I enjoyed that.

      1. I’ve seen it several times, now. I say that I’m an Oxfordian, but it looks more like the works of “William Shakespeare” were written by various men.

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