"Change the Presidential Debates": Gary Johnson and Our America's Bold New Lawsuit


The Our America initiative, which is headed up by 2012 Libertarian presidential candidate and former two-term New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson, has produced a sharp commercial asking for donations to fund a legal challenge to presidential debates. The basic argument? The debates should be open to "all qualified candidates." Which implies that both the Dems and Reps may have to rethink their candidate-selection processes.

Watch above and go here for more background.

Hat tip: Twitter feed of Like a Libertarian.

Johnson and Vice Presidential nominee Judge Jim Gray pulled about 1.3 million votes and just shy of 1 percent of the national vote count, making them the most successful Libertarian ticket since 1980, when Ed Clark and David Koch pulled 920,000 votes and 1.06 percent of the popular vote.

As part of a series of articles about whom libertarian should vote for, I made "The Libertarian Case for Gary Johnson" back in 2012. Read that here (contains links to cases for Romney and Obama as well).