Border Patrol Harasses Local Protesters, Tells Them 'You Have No Rights Here'


Border Patrol checkpoint
End Border Patrol Checkpoints/ACLU

When last we dropped in on the good people of Arivaca, Arizona, they were keeping a close eye on a Border Patrol checkpoint that controls access to their community and puts just about anybody entering or leaving town through an Iron Curtain nostalgia tour.

Tired of running the gauntlet, locals set up a monitoring operation at the checkpoint, where they simultaneously protested and recorded the agents' activities.

Border Patrol didn't like that. The agents got nasty.

How nasty? In a letter dated April 16 and sent to Manuel Padilla, Jr., Chief Border Patrol Agent for the Tucson sector, the American Civil Liberties Union of Arizona describes agents at the Arivaca checkpoint threatening protesters with arrest, forcing them behind an arbitrary line at the edge of a "Border Patrol Enforcement Zone," refusing to identify themselves, cursing at the locals, and blocking their view of agents' activities.

Some of the agents' actions are incredibly petty, such as parking a running vehicle so that the exhaust vents directly at the protesters. Then when they move, agents set another running vehicle in front of them.

Meanwhile, the feds let a local Border Patrol supporter into their checkpoint to turn his cameras on the protesters.

So matters are pretty tense betwen Arivacans and Border Patrol. What started all of this? An ACLU complaint filed in January details some of the abuses.

One former local business owner (her small business suffered from the decline in tourism caused by the checkpoint and was forced to close its doors at the end of 2013) described being detained on her way to a doctor's appointment following a heart attack, held for over an hour in the hot sun, not permitted to sit down, and denied water. Other Arivacans report that agents at the checkpoint have told them, "You have no rights here," or that all community members are considered suspect simply by virtue of living in Arivaca.

The "you have no rights here" comment was documented in an op-ed by activist John Heid.

The caption for a picture of a school bus at the Arivaca checkpoint from the End Border Patrol Checkpoints Facebook page points out:

Our children live in a world where they pass through a military-style checkpoint every morning and afternoon for school. Every time their parents take them to Tucson shopping. Every time they go to a friends house in Amado, or to Karate in Sahuarita. Men carry guns, dogs bark, lights flash.

So a federal agency has basically declared war on an American community because it doesn't embrace agents' presence with open arms.

Below you can see a video of a uniformed douchebag with an attitude about "your little civil rights thing" harangue a woman for politely asking him to justify his actions. Imagine driving through this checkpoint every single day.

Woman Screamed at and Harrassed At Border Patrol Checkpoint from End BP Checkpoints on Vimeo.

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  1. Can’t… watch… can’t…

    1. Don’t worry, nothing else will happen.

    2. I am being dead serious when I say I have a visceral reaction when watching this shit. I had to stop the video about 2 min in. If that fucker had put his hand inside my car I would have driven off with it. I swear these dangerous criminals will be brought to justice some day.

      1. Yep. I’m kinda starting to wonder if I have PTSD from the time I was held at gunpoint (with helicopter backup!) by BLM agents, in Clark County, NV. (Yeah, you get precisely one guess who I’m more sympathetic to on the Cliven Bundy thing.) Even just watching videos like these, I get a huge adrenaline dump, and my fingers shake so much I can barely type.

        Imagine driving through this checkpoint every single day.

        No. I can’t. It would not go well. I wouldn’t be living there for long.

        Well, or, I suppose, I’d callus up, and take great pleasure in fucking with the border patrol assholes every day.

  2. You learn something new every day. Here I thought the Constitution applied to every last interaction between the US government and its citizens, residents, and occupants, regardless of their location.

  3. If I have no rights here then you have no power here. The same document that gives you “authority” limits it. If that document is null and void, you have no power.

    1. Their authority does not come from any document. It comes from the fact they they engage in organized violence and have more friends than you.

    2. . If that document is null and void, you have no power.

      Nice try. With the document null and void, enumerated powers don’t apply, so they can do whatever they want.

  4. See how great it is when you free officials to “follow their own commonsense and judgement” rather than paralyzing them with having to follow “rules”?

    1. What idiotic point are you trying to make?

      1. How is his point idiotic?

        1. He is implying that if the border patrol had stricter and more voluminous rules governing its’ agents behavior this kind of thing wouldn’t happen, which, considering who would be making and enforcing those rules, is idiotic.

          1. No, I’m implying that this will happen as long as the border patrol agent has too much power and the situation will not be improved by giving him more leeway to exercise that power arbitrarily.

            1. The only “leeway” these clowns should get is which lifer’s penis are they going to suck down in the cell block.

        2. IOW, he’s saying if we only had more government this kind of thing wouldn’t happen.

      2. How Phillip K. Howard’s proposal is likely to end up working in practice and therefore a bad idea.

  5. “We can go to secondary.”



    1. Am I being detained?


  6. He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harrass our people, and eat out their substance.

    1. The New Declaration of Independence from the federal government.

  7. Hey, this is the cost of protecting us from the illegals. Freedom ain’t free… wait, what?

  8. This is a checkpoint.


  9. This shit has got to stop. This is fucking Nazi Germany.

  10. I had to stop at a Border Patrol checkpoint on the highway just outside of Bangor, Maine. In case you don’t know, Bangor is in the center of the fucking state. Yes, right smack in the fucking center. Their jurisdiction of one hundred miles from the border encompasses the entire fucking state.
    The stop itself wasn’t a big deal. He asked if we were both citizens, we said yes, and he let us drive off. But still, in the center of the fucking state?

    1. “Hey guy, what’s this stop aboot?”

      1. You forgot “eh?”.

      2. I’m not your guy, buddy.

        1. I’m not your buddy, friend.

      3. We’re not the illegals you are looking for.

      4. Ugh, they say “aboat” not “aboot.”

  11. We can’t have an America where people just disobey the law and walk away free.

  12. Most of his explanation felt like justifying his and LEO abuse of the driver and of people in general.

  13. OT: But the King is giving a speech from the throne so the local news suddenly broke in to cover it.

    All Obama is doing is giving a self-serving speech praising Obamacare and denouncing Republicans. How is this BREAKING NEWS?

    1. Your flagrant racism sickens me.

      1. “They’re not interested in any kind of military confrontation with us, understanding that our conventional forces are significantly superior to the Russians. We don’t need a war,” Obama said, according to a transcript of the interview.

        President Teleprompter insists that he’s a tough guy from the mean streets of Harvard Yard and that he’s doing the Russians a favor by not fighting them. And plenty of armies have had superior conventional forces to Russia. Ask Napoleon, Von Bismarck, and Hitler how well “conventional forces” served them.

        1. Is any American politician suggesting we conquer Russia? Is any American suggesting it?

          1. Give John McCain a little while for his Cialis to kick in. That war boner just doesn’t pop up as fast and hard as it used to.

        2. “Von Bismarck”

          What? He wanted to *avoid* a war with Russia!

          And yeah, I’m only saying this because I’m a hard-core Bismarck supporter.

    2. I had the radio on earlier when I was working and didn’t quite catch it….

      Did Jay Carney say the toughest interview obama had was with jon stewart, and then top it off with something about fox news lies?

      Every time I hear jugears or his acolytes refer to FOX news they sound like shreek. I think they are probably of about his caliber. Jesus, what a gaggle of idiots we have for an administration.

  14. She needn’t have done any of the things she did. Just keep asking, “Am I being detained?” answer no questions, and don’t cooperate at all until they give up. They’re not cops, they’re Border Patrol. As soon as she showed any deference, she was toast.

    1. “If I’m not being detained, give me your card. I’ll have my lawyer contact you or your supervisor.”

    2. I don’t know about that. The SCOTUS has declared the area within 100 miles of the border a Constitution-free zone.

      1. If you know your rights in that zone, you can get past it. There’s a LOT of video footage of people refusing to cooperate, then finally being sent on their way.

        BP get angry and put on a show, but in reality, they’re limited about what they can do after they stop you.

        1. I’m sure there are plenty of times (not caught on video) where someone refuses to cooperate, so the agent drags them out of their car, pulls out a big knife, and proceeds to completely destroy the interior of the vehicle while “looking for drugs.” And nothing else happens. My wife witnessed that once at the border.

          1. That’s the best reason to have your video running- and simultaneous upload to the cloud.

          2. They do that on video too. Remember that video where they basically beat up the pastor guy and smashed his window?

        2. Can you give me links to any of these things? Positive or (as with the pastor) negative?

    3. You: “Am I being detained?”

      Agent: “Do you want to be fucking detained?”

      You: “What for?”

      Agent: “For pissing me the fuck off! Get out of the fucking car! See that Joe? He took a swing at me!”

      *bam bam bam bam bam*

      Resist at your own risk.

      1. I think those resistors are honest to shit heros. This is the type of resistance required to make peaceful change. It’s gotta be done. I hope that I’d have the balls if put in that situation.

        1. Thats a fact. Qik streams video live to a site that you can protect with a password by the way…very important for those pesky evidence room gremlins.

  15. To: Reason Foundation
    Attn: Board of Directors

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I hereby request remittance for one (1) MacBook Pro laptop, which was thrown against the wall after repeated nutpunch articles from your writers. Please remit as soon as practicable. Thanks.


    Andrew S.

    1. My wife says she will be suing Reason for her loss of hearing brought on by me screaming at the video and pounding my desk.

  16. Mr. Cocaine (no, really!) cops a felony for possession of two Xanax.

    1. Are we quite certain he gave his actual name?

  17. The government is here to protect me. If I assert my rights then the bad guys win.

    1. Only once we are all embraced by Stockholm Syndrome will we truly be free.

      (I know you were being sarcastic. I was sarcasticking along with you.)

  18. OT: Pauli Krugnuts thoroughly pawn3d


  19. The worst part is that the protestors are paying for the gas the pigs are wasting to pointlessly antagonize them.

  20. These men and wymyn are heroes. You people sicken me. The First Amendment wasn’t invented to protect imbeciles who threaten cops.

    1. Exactly. Why do you people not want these brave officers of the law to go home safely at night? That’s the only thing that matters, right?

      1. The idea that they are supposed to serve their constituents, and not lord above us, is insane.

        1. On another board that has a bunch of cop fellators, I mentioned the Peelian prinicples in a thread once (probably about the Boston Marathon bombing, but I don’t remember). Most of the people reacted as though I was some sort of freak. 🙁

          1. They’re called copsuckers.

  21. Herewith the Obama Administration’s outreach to Hispanic and Anglo voters in the region.

    1. Why should Obama make concessions to people who will just end up voting Democrat, anyway?

  22. Proponents of an increasingly restrictive immigration policy seem to think that they can take credit for only ‘the good parts’ of their concept = that the natural result of their advocacy is nothing but sunshine and roses and Moar Jobses for the unskilled American labor-hordes no one can seem to find.

    and naturally, they seem to think their opponents who advocate for a *less restrictive policy and/or reform of the status quo* to reduce costs and reduce interference in the lives of citizens ONLY seek the “worst possible outcome” of their ideas = Hordes of socialist Mexican welfare-leeches ushering in a endless reign by progressive liberal overlords.

    in other words, the most common position is debating One Fantasy versus Another.

    In the day-to-day reality, you could ask a “Secure Teh Borders!”-advocate whether this sort of border patrol checkpoint is at all *useful* and they’d likely admit: its a horrible restriction of citizen’s liberties, and a waste of money which doesn’t do anything to actually address the “problem” they ostensibly want to address.

    Yet, they’ll say = ‘well at least its *something*”

    because = INTENTIONS.

    this is where SoCons become just like progtards. They will support hideously useless and counterproductive policy, ‘just BECAUSE’ it is loosely justified in aid of some fuzzier purpose they believe in.

    The “hordes of messikans” is basically “Global Warming” for SoCons.

    1. It is possible to support enforcement of laws while deploring abuse by law enforcers and working to end that abuse. You know that but just forgot it for a minute, right?


      2. Yeah, I’m sure a crackdown on illegal immigration is going to result in greater protection of civil liberties by the Border Patrol and law enforcement


      3. Sometimes, simply enforcing the law is abuse in and of itself.

      4. Homple|4.17.14 @ 4:19PM|#

        It is possible to support enforcement of laws….

        Can you explain in detail what the process involved in legally attempting to come to the USA and work are?

        i.e. Can you even claim to have a rudimentary understanding of what it is you say you claim you want to ‘enforce’? – outside of a generic, fuzzy concept that implies ‘we’re keepin’ teh terrorists out!’

        If you don’t really know what the fucking laws ARE, but still say with some kind of certainty that “they’re not being enforced *enough*! – despite jackbooted thugs randomly shaking down people 100+miles from the border in constitution-free zones…

        Then you really aren’t “supporting” jack-shit so much as tolerating hideous abuse of power in the name of defending your fantasy-version of reality.

        How do you know what the hell ‘abuse’ even is if you don’t know the details of laws you claim are ‘barely enough’?

    2. This.

      Draconian laws* = Dracionan enforcement

      *Having been through the immigration process on behalf of my spouse I can tell you that our immigration laws are, in fact, draconian.

      1. That is putting it lightly. The agency closest to IRS and DHS is ICE.

        1. Or, FSB!

      2. lol

        Check Mexico’s immigration laws if you think ours are draconian, holy shit.

    3. How much overlap is the between borderhawks and socons?

      Theoretically, the two positions shouldn’t be all that strongly correlated (esp. given Mexicans are very catholic), but in practice the two seem to go hand in hand (especially with politicians).

      Not sure why.


      2. If Mexicans are “very catholic(sic)”, why the saying “Poor Mexico, so far from God, so close to the United States”?

        1. ‘Cause God resides in Mexico, duh!

        2. Presumably that saying was first said by a Protestant.

      3. Can we get some examples of immigrant-bashing SoCons?

        That way, we can get an idea of how great the sinister SoCon threat actually is, and how much it’s caused by, say, low-wage workers who religiously vote Democrat.

    4. this is where SoCons become just like progtards. They will support hideously useless and counterproductive policy, ‘just BECAUSE’ it is loosely justified in aid of some fuzzier purpose they believe in.

      They don’t become jack shit. They were the original progressives! Modern progressives are just the slightly more atheist cover band.

  23. Why is the State of Arizona allowing the feds to shut down businesses in this town, harass it’s citizens and trample their rights?

    Where is the State government in all this?

    1. It’s Arizona. You can’t hear them because the federal cock is blocking their airway completely so only a faint muffled sound escapes.

    2. Its fucking Arizona. As great as this state is in many way, we have a fucking *major* hard-on for ‘border protection’.

      I’m actually kinda scared – it seems that if your white and reach the age of 55 you magically, all at once, become terrified of Mexicans. I don’t want that to happen to me.

      1. For example of some of the *good* stuff – until recently the BP was forbidden from establishing ‘permanent’ checkpoints.

        Unfortunately Kolbe retired and support for that’s gone away.

      2. Interesting- I’m 59, white, and live in a 90% Mexican community. Never seen a Mexican panhandler. Most of the ones I meet are polite, friendly, hard-working and family-oriented. That was also my experience during 25 years of living in California.

        Why would that bother a SoCon? Are Arizona Mexicans that different than Illinois Mexicans or California Mexicans?

  24. Tired of running the gauntlet, locals set up a monitoring operation at the checkpoint, where they simultaneously protested and recorded the agents’ activities.

    Border Patrol didn’t like that. The agents got nasty.

    As the police and related agencies keep telling us, “If you’ve done nothing wrong, you have nothing to hide.” Obviously, since Border Patrol is trying to hide stuff, they must be doing something wrong.

  25. From the Border Patrol website:

    “Mr. Kerlikowske oversees the dual U.S. Customs and Border Protection mission of protecting national security objectives while promoting economic prosperity and security.”

    Clearly Border Patrol doesn’t give a single shit about economic prosperity if they are educating their minion thugs to be so irritating that small businesses cannot survive around them.

    1. Government doesn’t give a single shit about economic prosperity or small business in general. Small business doesn’t repay favors with campaign donations or allow the Harry Reids of the world to become absurdly wealthy while remaining sanctimonious about their careers in public service.

  26. You know, maybe the local town should just bulldoze a dirt road *around* the checkpoint and declare it a road.

    Then when BP moves their CP, create another road.

    Its in the arse end of nowhere. There’s no real reason for a permanent checkpoint here, no-one is smuggling people along this road that goes from nowhere to nowhere.

    1. The land outside the road has probably been claimed by the BLM.

  27. It’s this kind of shit that makes me wish we actually had violent anti-government radicals running amok (instead of the imaginary boogeymen ones).

    A permanent checkpoint like this would become impossible to run without being targeted by IEDs, snipers, etc.

  28. Took me a while to find it on Google maps – if that’s a ‘temporary’ checkpoint, I don’t want to know what there idea of permanent is.

    1. You know, I have to wonder – what are the residents of *Arivaca* doing that they have to cross this CP on a daily basis.

      1. Does it matter?

        1. Sort of, no.

          They are perfectly free to do it, and shouldn’t be hassled by it. But Arivaca is 30 miles away – from the CP, they actually have to go past it (south) and then deal with it on the return trip.

          There are closer towns than Tubac – you have to drive through one to *get* to the CP – if you need groceries.

          I could understand if the people of *Tubac* were complaining – as this CP sits right on their main route to the rest of the state – but all the reports talk about Arivaca residents protesting.

          The reporting is inconsistent on location also – some say Arivaca is 25 miles from Tucson (is a good deal further, more than 25 miles from *green Valley*), some say the CP is 25 miles from Tucson, some say the CP is at the Amado-Arivaca junction.

          The only consistent thing is *Arivacans* protesting – except there’s no reason to single these people out from the others.

          About the only thing I can think of is that Arivaca is most noticeable because they’re an enclave of old white hippies while communities like Tubac are mostly Mexican-American 1st, 2nd, and further immigrants who just keep their heads down.

          1. who just keep their heads down.

            This might be the problem.

          2. Maybe this is a different checkpoint? I see the BP checkpoint you’re referring to on I-19, just north of Tubac, but perhaps this really is a “temporary” CP set up on Arivaca Rd?

          3. Yeah, there are two checkpoints near there. This one is more temporary looking.


  29. What a ……. jerk!

  30. I loved the part about the BP not knowing if people have weapons on their person, or in their cars.
    This is AZ – where you don’t need a permit to openly carry, or concealed carry either.
    Where’s Josey Wales when you need him?

  31. Seems to me the BP agent, by opening the door and grabbing her, should be charged with assault. His actions are not acceptable in a free society. He also falsely told her she has to obey his commands which were out of line.

    If he’s so concerned about his safety, why is he stopping everyone and searching them? He’d be safer doing something else.

  32. Dude that jsut looks like its gonna be cool.

  33. I’m a truck driver. Once, years ago, I was traveling north on Hwy 86, between El Centro and the 10. The freeway is, in it’s entirety, diverted through a checkpoint just north of Westmorland.

    As I pulled in, a Mexican in uniform climbed up on the step outside my door, and ask – in such bad English I could barely understand him – if I was a citizen (for the record, at the time, I was in my late 30s, 5’10”, 240#, blond hair/green eyes – I’m of German and Irish descent).
    I was floored – *he* had the unmitigated gall to ask if *I* was a citizen!
    I looked him dead in the eye and replied, “Yes. Are you?”
    He didn’t have an answer to that, for some odd reason.

    If only I had known then what I know now. . .

  34. I’ll give the guy credit, he justifies it well. He’s an idiot and doesn’t know what’s going on, but at least he’s expressing his voice. XD Now if only he’d listen every now and then.

  35. Just more evidence of the fact that America is quickly becoming a complete police state. Russia, anyone? The check points are set up to try and trap drug smugglers. Smart drug smugglers know about the checkpoints and avoid them. But, really? A war on what, but for the war on drugs, would just be more honest, peaceful consensual behavior by citizens? How can non-violent, non-coercive, non-larcenous, consensual adult behavior be considered criminal, unless we have religious laws on the books. America’s answer to the Muslim Sharia laws. Children you say? During the prohibition of alcohol, more teens had access to alcohol than ever before, just like today with the so-called illegal drugs. All this government intervention into the lives of non-violent, honest people is just so anti-rightist that it makes me sick. When will the people of America wake up and say… Hey! Behavior that doesn’t violate the rights of others might be a sin, but it’s not a crime.

  36. If I were governor, I’d have the DHS district chief in my office, every week, explaining to me why this “temporary” checkpoint exists, and demanding they remove it. In lieu of a response, I would send state national guard troops to “monitor” the border patrol agents.

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