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Tonight on The Independents: (Un)happy Tax Day, With John Stossel, Gavin McInnes, Sherrod Small, Dr. Carl Hart, Philip Howard, Plus a Woman Who Renounced Her U.S. Citizenship Rather Than Comply With FATCA


Happy Tax Day, humans! |||

Tonight's live episode of The Independents (9 p.m. ET, 6 p.m. PT, on Fox Business Network, with repeats three hours later) will, like last night's, feature as fill-in host yours truly. As a result, like last night's, tonight's associated blog post will be brief. Oh–go to Facebook to decide what we're talking about in our second panel with Gavin McInnes and Sherrod Small: That new immigration study, or the standoff in Nevada.

Basically, we'll be kicking off the show with an extended slam on the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, or FATCA, which fills me with a very special rage. Coming on will be Trisha Moon, a resident of Canada who tore up her citizenship because of the damn-fool law.

John Stossel will talk about Tax Day and Earth Day, Dr. Carl Hart will talk about the alleged heroin epidemic, Philip Howard will talk about deadbeat laws, and the aftershow is destined to be a delightful trainwreck. Go to at 10 p.m. sharp, find us on Facebook at, on Twitter @ independentsFBN, and click on this page for video of past segments.


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  1. The first TI comment.

    It was here, right here, and I couldn’t think of anything.

    1. Hello.

      You panicked and you choked.

      1. There’s a funny tale about a lady friend I was with who panicked and “choked”, but I think we’re still in the family hour here. Plus I think kibby might be too young for R-rated stories.

  2. Gavin McInnes is better when paired with Moynihan.

    1. Or cocaine

  3. Immigration and Gavin McInnes might be interesting, by which I mean bat shit insane.

    1. I’m surprised there isn’t a standing fatwa on him after that one after show.

      1. Proof nobody watches The Independents.

        1. Stop microaggressing against me.

    2. And by Bat Shit Insane, you mean, “Awesome”, but an awesome which would be even more Bitchin’ if they’d brought the Hot Redhead out to play as well.

      Seriously. Plus, she’s sorta an Immigrant herself? HOW COULD HE REFUSE *THAT*?

      1. I can’t wait until Bitcoin’s next PR disaster, just so they can have her back on the show.

  4. Let’s lay our cards on the table. Kennedy was told by Fox Biz to take some time off and center herself, probably because she killed a production assistant.

    1. Was she sent on some sensitivity training?

      1. She obviously is prejudiced against bald people.

      2. She’s plenty sensitive. She has a clittoris piercing.

    2. Hmm, I was going to go with an OD, but I like this better.

      1. “Exhaustion”

    3. Her earrings got caught on something.

  5. Benjamin Wittes:

    “…for whatever it’s worth (not much) and to whomever, I dissent from the Pulitzer Committee’s decision to give its public service award to either the Guardian or the Washington Post….

    “There was a time, and it wasn’t very long ago, when this medal meant something more, when “aggressive reporting” meant more than being a vehicle to shovel leaked documents to the public, with stops along the way for obligatory government comment, for fawning characterizations of one’s own sources, and for tendentious claims about what those documents say.”…..deserve-it

    1. Oh, wait I get it.

      They didn’t worship Obama enough.

    2. I didn’t know grapes came that sour.

  6. Oh?go to Facebook to decide what we’re talking about in our second panel with Gavin McInnes and Sherrod Small: That new immigration study, or the standoff in Nevada.

    I’m not going to any goddamned social media site to tell you what you should already know. The Nevada thing is FAR more interesting a topic for discussion, and which, by the way, has been neglected here at reason. One or two posts? Bah. Reason24/7 would have been all over this thing, God rest its soul.

    1. “Reason24/7 would have been all over this thing, God rest its soul.”

      Huh? Mr Kurtz, he dead?

      1. “A penny for the old Guy.”

  7. “Judges as the ultimate arbiters of all constitutional questions would place us under the despotism of an oligarchy.”

    Thomas Jefferson was pretty smart. I mean for a dead white guy anyway.

  8. second panel with Gavin McInnes and Sherrod Small

    If TI is going to be pinching Red Eye contributors there are options with better legs.

  9. Funny, capitalism itself is not considered a selfish ideology, but anyone who wants to restrict immigration to preserve capitalism is selfish. Just goes to show you that everything libertarians believe in goes out the window the minuet multiculturalism enters the picture. Anything to destroy the White race.

    Libertarianism is one of those things that would definitely threaten the Jews if it were actually enacted, but the Jews know it won’t ever be enacted(because 80% of the population would never support it), so they tolerate it because it distracts a certain set of aspergery people from embracing more dangerous ideologies. Thus they get coverage in the MSM. I don’t know how McInnes gets away with it.

      1. What I like about the Jews.

        Though leaving Esti Ginzburg off the list almost amounts to a hate crime.

      2. I never said there weren’t some admirable things about the Jews. But they shouldn’t be allowed to rule us.

        1. No, you *always* mention there’s something Admirable about the jews.

          From what we’ve gathered, you have a fine respect for their *racism*

        2. But they shouldn’t be allowed to rule us.

          How long have the Jews ruled us?

          1. I keep a Jew in my cupboard, just so I can consult him before taking any action.

            If you do anything in America without a Jew’s permission, there’s no telling what kind of horror might befall you.

            1. I usually turn off my electric rabbi.

              1. Answer the question Jabby. Give me a year, or even a decade. When exactly did the Jew assume control?

          2. How long have the Jews ruled us?

            I thought the Illuminati ruled us. Are they the same?

          3. It was a long, gradual march through the institutions, by about 1970 most goy resistance had been crushed.

            1. It was a long, gradual march through the institutions, by about 1970 most goy resistance had been crushed.

              This is why there are no longer any institutions run by protestants and every president since 1970 has been Jewish.

              1. Two words: shabbos goyim. How do you explain the massive Jewish over representation compared to their small share of the population? Tell me how many Ivy League students are Goy Whites?

                1. Why do we always have to bring the Goys into this? Not everything is about sex. Goy marriage has been legalized. Get over it.

                2. “Jabby|4.15.14 @ 9:25PM|#

                  Two words: shabbos goyim.

                  Three thousand years of beautiful tradition, from Moses to Sandy Koufax…

        3. Don’t you have a Jewish community center to shoot up or something?

          1. Be careful you don’t spill your watermelon on your computer…..

            1. Jabby, did you know that HM is the product of miscegenation? It’s true. Doesn’t that just make you so angry?

              1. What should make him angrier is the number of white women my penis has been inside of. Women he desires but could never get.

                1. And yet by your own admission you married an Oriental girl. Either you are lying or the women you are referring to are not desired by even you.

                  1. HA HA HA! How is that even related, you fucking retard? Before I got married I dated a lot of different women from all over. I know you don’t believe this, because you’re a mentally unstable closeted homosexual in denial of his sexuality, but you can find women of different ethnic heritages attractive in different ways.

                    1. you can find women of different ethnic heritages attractive in different ways.

                      White libertarians should read HM’s comment, very carefully. He is not like you, he is much more like me. He understands that there are race differences in personality. He dated White girls, but he married an oriental one, it doesn’t take a genius to see what he is implying.

                      I have heard White nerds claiming that they “choose” Orientals over Whites because they are more submissive and feminine. Though that is true, I don’t buy their “choice” for a second. I have never heard any White alpha males say that. When they settle down to marry, they get a White girl.

                    2. My Gawd, you are a pathetic fuck. I can just imagine that you and your 400 lb. ‘white girl’ are settled down in your double wide right now, drinking Boones Farm strawberry wine and snorting Lysol, while she ass bangs you with her cheap plastic strap-on.

                      Go the fuck away, loser.

                  2. HA HA HA! How is that even related, you fucking retard? Before I got married I dated a lot of different women from all over. I know you don’t believe this, because you’re a mentally unstable closeted homosexual in denial of his sexuality, but you can find women of different ethnic heritages attractive in different ways.

                    So yes, I dated white girls and asian girls and then eventually married one.

                    U MAD, BRO?

                2. Tell the truth, HM, you’re a jazz musician and you smoke the demon weed.

              2. Can we have some kind of racist troll AMA?

                Please rank in order of how much you’re bothered by the thought of.

                black guy on white guy
                black guy on white girl
                racially homogeneous gay sex


                1. That would be hilarious. Just from the inevitable misspellings alone.

                2. The only kind of porn American likes is when the man’s cousin prods his chin fat with a corncob while their inbred cousin Jimbo plays the harmonica on the porch and the goat they have tied to the bed looks on with a vague look of hate in its eyes.

                    1. Wait is Gavin playing the role of Jabby tonight?

                    2. He is a writer for Taki’s Magazine:


                      Let the point and sputter begin.

                    3. Oh, he went on an incoherent rant about Muslim inbreeding. I was just pointing out the connection. I think everyone’s aware of his involvement with takimag.

          2. They were all closed today.

        4. They are God’s chosen people. Name one group that would be better

    1. Hi Murican! Is your wife out on a date with DeQuan right now? Is she gonna let you watch later?

      1. Let him watch, Hell, she’s going to upload it for everybody to watch. ‘Murican found the one woman he would marry when he knew she could give his momma a run for her money, so to speak.

    2. Some day Merkin and Mary are going to run out of new names and ways to register.

    3. I’m a Jew, and a Libertarian, and you’re an idiot.



    Liberty for all scorecard for politicians. Cruz ranks higher than Rand Paul?

    1. Apparently voting for The Nomination of Jack Lew to Serve as Secretary of the Treasury hurt Rand.

    2. The average score is pretty pathetic, huh?
      Also, my reps score a 48, an 80, and a 4.

      1. Tulsi Gabbard scored a lousy 47 but boy is she fricken hot!

        1. If you score, say, 9/10 on the hotness scale does that move you up the liberty scale at all?

          1. Nope.

            But, it makes the “hate fuck” a whole lot better.

    3. It seems to me that there is a substantial portion of human effort devoted these days to generating meaningless shit which people are encouraged to tweet to each other and post on facebook.

      Soon it will be a substantial portion of the modern economy. Stuff was made; stuff was tweeted; comments were made; clicks were exchanged; and on the 7th day, someone mentioned it on late night television, and there it died.

      1. But don’t you know that if Bob gives Alice 1 dollar, Alice gives Eve 1 dollar, and Eve gives Bob 1 dollar, 3 dollars worth of value was created? At least according to libertarian “rational market” crap.

        1. What? In my entire life I have never heard a libertarian argue that the exchange of dollars creates value. I think you’re thinking of Keynesianism.

          We argue that value is created through production, and that dollars are simply a means of exchange.

          This makes us different from you, a man who apparently believes value is created from the exchange of slaves and cotton bales.

          1. You just suggested ‘murkin was thought something.

            What have you been drinking?

          2. Don’t be dishonest. You believe in the so-called “rational market” hypothesis, which says that if Bob gives Alice 1 dollar, than she must have given him something worth one dollar, and so on. Because otherwise Bob’s action would be irrational, and we all know that people never ever ever act irrational. In the real world when Bob gives Alice one dollar what has likely happened is that Alice has simply figured out a way to extract rent from him without giving him anything of value back.(or giving him something worth 15 cents)

            1. Don’t be dishonest. You believe in the so-called “rational market” hypothesis, which says that if Bob gives Alice 1 dollar, than she must have given him something worth one dollar, and so on.

              That’s a blatant lie. Nothing is ‘worth’ one dollar since value is subjective.

              Let’s say I trade $10,000 for a car. Some people would say this means the car and the $10,000 have equal value. These people would be wrong. When I trade $10,000 for a car, that means that I valued the car more than the $10,000 and the person who sold the car valued the $10,000 more than the car.

              It isn’t that the two things have equal value, it’s that the buyer and seller value the traded goods *in opposite orders.*

              Because otherwise Bob’s action would be irrational, and we all know that people never ever ever act irrational.

              No. Libertarians acknowledge irrational behavior, we just don’t think government should subsidize irrational behavior.

              In the real world when Bob gives Alice one dollar what has likely happened is that Alice has simply figured out a way to extract rent from him without giving him anything of value back.(or giving him something worth 15 cents)

              That’s why when I buy a car I walk off the lot and later I’m all like ‘holy shit, where’d the car go?’ Because, as we all know, that skank Alice somehow managed to take my $10,000 without giving me my car, in your stupid ass fantasy universe.

          3. Hey, but what will really blow your mind (to start with) is what happens when you give ‘Murican’s momma a dollar.

      2. It seems to me that there is a substantial portion of human effort devoted these days to generating meaningless shit which people are encouraged to tweet to each other and post on facebook.

        This statement is genius in its simplicity and fidelity to The Truth.

  11. go to Facebook

    No thanks. Too anti-social for social networking.

    … Hobbit

  12. You’ve been naughty…and she’s going to DISCIPLINE you!…..101202.jpg

  13. Canada’s immigrants are mostly Oriental and Mohammedan. There are Black Africans from the Caribbean, anyone who can show that they vote Conservative will win the internet. Orientals and Mohammedans used to vote for the Republicans in America too, but now are solid dem voters. When they were a smaller proportion of the population, surrounded by Whites, they tend to blend in, absorb the views of the Whites who surround them, and try not to rock the boat.

    1. Derpderpderpderpderp

      1. The acoustic version is better

      1. They ain’t even old timey!

    2. News to me.

      Lay off the hootch.

    3. Orientals and Mohammedans.

      The 19th century called, they said they didn’t want their idiot bigot back.


  14. So, is Kennedy back tonight, or is it the 2nd round of the Matt show? I missed the first round, apparently.

    1. “Tonight’s live episode…will, like last night’s, feature as fill-in host yours truly.”

      1. I guess I could have read at least the first sentence.

        But I was trying to learn more of the crafting system in 7 Days to Die and I am a little annoyed that I will wind up wasting my evening watching The Independents just to see how much Matt doesn’t suck.

  15. Tales from the Derp

    I recently got a notice from YouTube that I supposedly infringed on someone’s copyright. The plaintiff is a European soccer broadcaster. Apparently, they took issue with the word “European” in my video’s title. I disputed it and my video remains unblocked.

    1. The Europians take their football seriously.

      1. Europeans don’t play football.

        1. We call it soccer. But I have to be careful in my house, where I just concede that it’s real football.

          1. Pussies chasing a ball around the lawn, instead of drinking beer and brats afterwards, they sit around sipping wine and eating cheese.

            Fucking commies!

            1. This might change your mind – or at least make you laugh beer out your nose.

              1. THAT is a reason to have children

          2. Football and f?tbol are pronounced differently. Shouldn’t be an issue.

  16. This story makes me proud to live in Tennessee.

    Tennessee Passes Mind-Boggling Ban on Bus Rapid Transit

    Of course Wired scratched their heads to figure out why, and in the comments the answer appears.

    It wasn’t about the money, The Kochtapus, the politics or mass transit itself. It was about this.

    Chris Wilcoxson ? 3 hours ago

    Nashville resident here. The main opposition to the AMP, or at least most of the people I’ve talked to, is the fact that it will remove three lanes of traffic from one of the busiest streets in Nashville (West End Blvd). While banning BRT in all of Tennessee is clearly an overreaction, the objections to the AMP are still perfectly valid. I don’t know any about the Koch brothers connection and frankly don’t find it relevant to making the traffic problems of a poorly planned out city worse.

    Score one for common sense! I wish this wasn’t so unusual that you feel like you celebrate.

    1. The Koch brothers are behind every right wing scheme in the country.

      I’m surprised they find time to run their businesses. You’d think they’d go bankrupt given that they apparently each spend 100 hours a week finding ways to fuck with progressives.

      1. To be fair, if I had that kind of money, I’d sure as hell find ways to fuck with progressives.

        One idea: start a lottery. Anyone who sends me a Vine/cellphone video of them voting straight ticket Libertarian gets entered into a drawing for 50 million dollars. Set up one for each swing state, and just sit back and watch the gnashing of teeth.

        1. I’m sure this violates some campaign finance law.

          Yet, I’m willing to overlook it for its sheer awesomeness and the fact that barely limbos under that bar of quid pro quo.

        2. sit back and watch the gnashing of teeth

          Don’t forget the lamenting of their wiminz, burning their villages, and driving them into the sea, and all the rest of the good shit.

      2. Living rent free inside their heads, one might say.

        I still don’t understand why the left has lost their mind over them. Even my “not normally that annoying” lefty friends are nutso when it comes to the Kochtopus.

        1. I think it has something to do with the failure of the left to get everything they want. Since their ideas are so rational, there must be some other reason. It would be too complicated to come up with multiple causes so let’s just blame money. And the Kochs have a lot of it.

          And, please, try to ignore the oodles of cognitive dissonance and double-standards involved.

      3. hey apparently each spend 100 hours a week finding ways to fuck with progressives.

        If they really do that, I will send them more money, even though they already have vastly more than I do.

    2. don’t know any about the Koch brothers

      Umm, knowledge of the Koch brothers, knowing what they do, or even who they are, is not a prerequisite for mindlessly blaming them for all your problems in life. You need to contact your Democrat overlords for the latest screeching point, Chris Wilcoxson, you have not yet learned the way of the derp.

    3. Wired was confused because it didn’t map to San Francisco.

  17. Coming on will be Trisha Moon, a resident of Canada who tore up her citizenship because of the damn-fool law.

    Hope she doesn’t have family in the US she might want to visit some day. The State Department goes to extraordinary lengths to make sure that people renouncing their US citizenship aren’t tax exiles. If you are a tax exile be prepared to be barred from ever entering the US again.

  18. I’m sitting in torts class “learning” about NY Times v. Sullivan… I wish I could put in headphones and stream The Independents, because the show may look better when compared to the trainwreck that is this class.

    1. Torts can either be the most enjoyable class you’ll take as a 1L, or a certified clusterfuck.

      Sounds like you’ve got the latter.

      1. The prof is a nice guy, but he just had a kid and has been phoning it in for a while. That’s great if you have a good casebook to guide the discussion, but this casebook is a disaster.

        1. Who authored the casebook? More importantly, are you learning out of a hornbook/E&E like you’re supposed to?

          1. This is the casebook, and it’s the only material we got for the class. The prof occasionally reads from the restatements, but that’s few and far between.

            1. Yeah, head to your law library, grab Examples and Explanations for Torts, and use it to supplement your notes and as a study aid for the final.

              1. Will do! Thanks for the tip!

  19. Well now that makes a lot of sense dude.

  20. Prediction: Dreamcatchers.

  21. I can’t tell if Matt is being embarrassing here or strangely adorable.

  22. Matt, that got a little scary. Let’s dial it back a notch.

  23. She’s got a long neck…

  24. Tax show and Welch’s awkward coolness. Hellz yes. (and J. Bila! I may just watch the show on mute.)

  25. Okay, I admit it…definitely cackled at the hoop earrings line.

    1. Jeez, is Matt actually playing to this crowd? That reminds a bit of this where the players are advised not to feed the animals.

  26. Derpbook Round-up

    Today I told a prog that claiming the govt created the internet is like claiming the Wright Brothers invented the jumbo jet. I suppose a better analogy would be comparing ENIAC to an Ipad.

    1. and they always trot out the internet….like one trick every 40 years is worth 40 Trillion.

      1. But I have it on good authority that St. Gore the Cereal laid all that fiber optic cable with his own 2 hands!

    2. My preferred comeback to the internet invention meme: it’s like claiming the invention of the wheel is equivalent to inventing a Lamborghini.

  27. Jedidiah pushing hard for the anime fan boy demographic.

  28. Welch needs to grow the Charlton Heston beard back. It’s the playoffs, after all.

    1. Mmmmm…red beards.

      1. Was there more than one Barbarossa?

        1. I’m one of them.

          1. It may be the only reason I like you.

            1. Just don’t make me dress up like Welch in the bedroom and I’ll be fine with it.

              1. This got super creepy very quickly!

      2. So, uhh you like redheads with beards eh?


  29. If you have nothing to hide…..

  30. Fuck.


  31. No one wanted to escape Dubya.

    1. There was an awful lot of talk about it, though. That was a fun time!

  32. Penalize the cut and runners, Senator Schmoob!

  33. So to be clear: all this bullshit totally negates the idea that taxes are voluntary, right?

    Like the progs can’t seriously say that with a straight face.

    1. volunquired.

  34. Do you know who else “penalized” people for renouncing their US citizenship?

    1. Abe Lincoln?

      1. Correct!

  35. Victim of the patriarch.

  36. Oh, there are the hoops. Over her eyes.

  37. Shumer says “penal ized” with a gleam in his eye….and stiffies on his moobs.

  38. So which Chuck Lorre creation is the best? Mike and Molly, Big Bang Theory, Mom, Two and a Half Men or the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme song?

    1. They all suck.

      1. It’s Michelangelo’s fondness for deepdish pizza isn’t it?

  39. You know, I always wanted to come and live down there. But seeing shit like this, fuck that. Canada is heaven next to this evil behavior.

    1. Permanent resident without citizenship?

      1. Whatever. I see what the IRS does and CRA are sane saints next to those yahoos.

  40. Is this woman….Bajoran?

  41. OT: I figured out how the poisoning was executed on GoT. All without reading the silly, silly books. I don’t have a good idea why, but I know the how.

    I’m king of the world!!1!

      1. In the dining room with the poison jewel!

        1. ah…interesting. I will have to re-watch.

    1. Because…Joffrey is a little shit?

      1. I thoroughly enjoyed watching that petulant little assmunch choke his life out.

    2. Boardwalk Avenue!

  42. Myanmar also taxes on citizenship.

  43. Welch is married to a french woman, eh?

    1. Welchois.

  44. Unintended consequences? Say it ain’t so.

  45. A small victory

    I got a Derpbook prog to admit that the govt committed wrongdoing at Ruby Ridge.

    Baby steps.

    1. I got a Derpbook prog to admit that the govt committed wrongdoing at Ruby Ridge.

      They didn’t kill the whole family?

  46. How drunk will Gavin be tonight? Place your bets.

    1. Hopefully, just drunk enough, between the awkward stages.

  47. If that production assistant was still alive, he would have stopped that awkward walk-on.

  48. I feel for you Matt, the FATCA stuff is pure shit. Thanks, Chucky Moobz. I am sure I’m going to run into problems because of this too when I move to Brazil. Although, I think Brazil has pretty much just silently declined to comply with it.

  49. Matt is doing well in his new role.

    Nick Foles takes over from Michael Vick.

  50. What is man-uh-facturing?

    1. What my orphans would be doing if not for child labor laws.

    2. They used to do it in Murika, before all our jerbz were stolen.

  51. A Serious Fashion Blurb:

    If Kmele would just replace the tie with a bow tie he’d have a most awesome Chalky White look going on.

  52. Ah, the Canuck who fell on a puck when he was a baby.

  53. 42 is the answer

  54. Yeah, it’s very confusing. Everyone in 42. Next year they’re switching to blackface instead.

  55. Behold the rationalization of evil:

    Sure it is, but like I said, things like that don’t happen without reason usually. Perhaps the guy was warned or fined time and time again and continued to skirt the law. In some cities you can be arrested for not mowing your lawn if you continue to ignore the ordinance and refuse to pay associated fines. Do I think that’s dumb? Yes. Sure. But these types of examples are extreme and rare. I mean I wouldn’t say I was a victim of the system, but I certainly believe their should be a distinction between grabbing girls asses, and child rape. Or that a 19 year old dating a 17 year old should be charged with statutory rape. More often than not, when these things happen, it’s because the person on the receiving end pissed off the wrong person. In my case for instance, one of my victims, was the court stenographers daughter, and the prosecutor was a rape victim. So they really wanted to throw the boom at me and pretty much saddled me with as much as the could for misdemeanors. But that doesn’t mean I believe there shouldn’t be sex offender registration or laws for these kinds of things. In most cases, the system just needs to be revised and amended, not torn down. If your boat is leaking, you try to patch the leak, not sink the whole damn thing.

    The video in question:

    1. In some cities you can be arrested for not mowing your lawn if you continue to ignore the ordinance and refuse to pay associated fines. Do I think that’s dumb? Yes. Sure. But these types of examples are extreme and rare.

      Translation: A little tyranny is a-okay so long as it doesn’t affect me.

    2. He grabbed the ass of court stenographer’s daughter.

      What an unbelievable fool!

  56. Doesn’t take long for Welch to lose control. Find Kennedy’s balls, Matt.

  57. NY unveiled a plaque for Mandela.

  58. cool! My new app plays FBN on my android — I’m able to watch here at work!

  59. How does that compare to the national average? Isn’t it like 3% higher?

  60. So George Zimmerman is BLACK!

  61. Matt really loves that book. My copy is signed “Best Wishes, Jackie Robinson” on the FFEP.

  62. Where are all the black hockey players dammit!

    Anson Carter you come back, you hear?

  63. So, how’s the ratings on The Independents? Do we even get that sort of thing?

    1. Latest ratings. 25k-30k~ average or so.

      1. That’s fucking it? And like 2 million brain dead morons are watching that dick O’reilly?

        We really are doomed.

  64. I thought we were supposed to have a raceless society once all the progs were in charge?

    1. But for all the obstructionist racists they have to deal with.

    2. I thought we were supposed to have a raceless society once all the progs were in charge?

      I know, right? What with all the incessant grouping of people by race, only acknowledging race, and making race the premise of every statement every time someone is criticized, ‘n such.

    3. We will, they will ban race along with everything else.

  65. American was right! Urban Jews dominating baseball!

  66. Excellent use of “fleet footed” in a humorous way.

  67. “Fleet footed jews” ?!?!

    Has anyone checked if Kmele wrote the Ron Paul newsletters?

  68. Foster just found out the internet is racist.

    1. Gore put the racism in the internet.

  69. The interesting thing about Jackie Robinson was that he was a Republican until 1964 when he walked out of the RNC in disgust at Goldwater.

    1. What disgusted him about goldwater?

      1. Goldwater’s opposition to civil rights legislation. He was very much a Rockefeller Republican.

        According to Wikipedia he walked out of the 64′ convention with an understanding of “how it felt to be a Jew in Hitler’s Germany.”

        1. that’s unfortunate.

        2. ’64 the apostrophe is taking the place of the 19.

    2. I guess he preferred the Echo.

  70. Uh, I don’t think Gavin really gets to talk smack about people believing ridiculous crap.

  71. I thought she was about to say she had binders full of Jews.

  72. you do not save used tampons!

  73. Well, at least Jedediah and Kmele are smart enough not to talk about needing to have Jews manage their money.

    1. Talking about that is the sort of thing that puts you on the IRS audit list.

    2. I was gonna say: Kmele is a Jew-loving negro. Is that wrong? What are the boundaries? Am I exempt for being Canadian?

    3. A Greek handles mine. Which isn’t all that much these days seeing I took it and invested it in a business.

      But the family lawyer is Jewish!

  74. Save everything, huh.

    Condoms too?

  75. The Independents Attire Review, 15 April 2014

    “TAxES R TEH AWESUMS”-Edition

    – Matt: “If Big Brother had a Littler-Brother?”…Still bitter after all these years from being cut from the 1998 Movie ‘Pleasantville‘, Matt does his one-man re-enactment every other month. The get-up isn’t so much “News-Anchor” as it is, “Sci-Fi Villan”-evocative. We’re getting to the point where we want Matt to abandon the Black Suit entirely, as nothing good has come from this so far. Tonights Rating: Mostly Harmless

    – Kmele: We’ve been given a brief respite from the onslaught of ‘Boyd Crowder’, plaid/madras-under-sportcoat arrangements; however, the Innovations Will Not Cease: Jacketless, waistcoated, with tricolore tie? We’ve taken a moment to chew on this, and unsurprisingly = we approve. Matt (as usual) should take note how a White Shirt is used to make otherwise-subtle shades look *dramatic*. We’ll go a step farther and give this getup the A+. He goes Big, and He Wins.

    – Gavin: Not drunk enough? Probably not. ‘Murkin is upset he’s not racist enough either.

    – Sherrod: “Black people are like this, and white people are like this”. HA! See, its funny because its true. He’s Huge; He’s Green. We have nothing more to say.

    The Jews: Doing Your Taxes Since The Romans

    Thank You

    1. You’ve redeemed yourself for your misstep last week. Kmele’s outfit is transcendent.

      And the Jews were forced to handle money since the Church outlawed moneylending among Xtians. So don’t blame them for getting good at it.

      1. “Blame? I’m telling everybody!”

        If you don’t know that reference, its the punchline to a joke about a Rabbi who goes to Confession. Which you probably already know.

        1. Also, I contradict myself.

          I contain multitudes.

  76. A Fargo series?

    Oh, ya, dats a good one, Maaargi.

    1. I’ll watch. Bill Bob Thornton, Bilbo Baggins/Watson, what’s not to like?

      1. Oh, shore, got it set up to record, yew betcha.

        1. I used to live a couple of blocks from the bar in the opening scene of Fargo. It was in nordeast Minneapolis. Gone now.

  77. What, pray-tell, is my “fair share”?

    1. Fair share is what they tell you is fair and what share of fair you will pay.

      It’s an open-ended concept for crazy commies.

  78. Stoss brought the Tax Code with him. He uses those books to smack paupers around.

  79. Is anyone going to say that they like Stossel?

    1. Francisco and I will make a sandwich with Stossel

      1. Does Stossel know he’s going to be lucky Pierre?

      2. Does everything need to be sexual with you guys? I’d be happy just holding hands.

      1. I didn’t say it, bro.

  80. This segment is prerecorded. Wonder what they’re doing during the break.

  81. If Welch really did his homework, he would know Stoss was alive in 1913.

  82. The complexity of the tax code makes everyone a tax cheat, a criminal. The govt can get anyone they wish.

  83. That’s because people are idiots.

  84. Stossel recycles his knuckles into those people’s faces.

    1. He really looked disgusted.

  85. Does anyone feel the Matt-Kmele dynamic has strengthened?

    1. I really enjoy them actually getting to converse a little.

    2. I am enjoying the show much more this week. Sorry to say it but I like this show much more without Kennedy leading.

  86. Cost-benefit analyses?…are you serious? that’s a tool for capitalists.

  87. Subsidize flawed science using a flawed tax code?

    Seems legit…

  88. See, they overdid it on fixing Global Cooling.

  89. Next, week, the enviro-nazis try to bomb the set of The Independents.

  90. LIVE, MY ASS. I just saw an edit. Second of the show.

    1. You’ll note that a “LIVE” tab appears above the clock when it is, in fact, live.

      They’re not deceiving you, Fist.


  92. Prog claims Southern Democrats all turned into Republicans after 1964. I point out the Civil Rights Act was signed into law by a liberal Southern Democrat. Also point out senator who filibustered CRA the longest was a former Klansman who remained a Democrat for the next 50 years.

    Here’s Bill Clinton trying to rationalize it at Senator Byrd’s funeral:

    1. So will the Progs disown Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt for receiving all of those votes of Southern Democrats?

      1. In training today we watched a little program about the grid. The amount of praising for Roosevelt ending the EVIL MONOPOLY the utility holding companies held on the electricity grid was disgusting.

    2. Have they blamed the Trail of Tears on the GOP yet?

      1. I won’t be surprised when I see it eventually.

        1. Will Liberal Hollywood acknowledge that the actor that did the most damage to a Republican President was John Wilkes Booth.

    3. Question: If all of the Dixiecrats engaged in this mass exodus, why did it take TEAM Red 30 years to regain control of Congress?

      1. And until 2002 to win the Governorship of Georgia and later to control the Legislature?

        Or that George Wallace was a Dem Governor in the 1980s?

  93. I have to admit, I am impressed with Matt. He’s really doing this. Now, if we can just get that boy in some cooler threads and facial hair.

    1. He must be Jewish.

  94. KFC knows how to get free national advertisement.

  95. Serious Man: Don’t. Even. Think. About. It.

    1. ????

      I walked away for 10 minutes to eat dinner. What did I miss?

      1. Fried chicken corsages.

        1. Oh, well of course I wouldn’t giver her a fried chicken corsage. Wrong type of flesh.

  96. “Tommy, why is there a grease spot on your shoulder? The tux shop is charging us.”

  97. Don’t want to smell like chicken?..How about BACON?

    1. A well fed militia, being necessary to a content and healthy state, the right to cook and eat bacon shall not be infringed.

      1. A well fed militia, being necessary to a content and healthy state, the right to cook and eat bacon shall not be infringed.

  98. You know, if that was Popeyes chicken, then I can appreciate it. But KFC chicken is just nasty.

    1. I second that, Popeyes is simply the best fast food fried chicken available. And the science on that is settled.

      1. Bojangles is good too.

  99. Putting it on a stamp ensure that only old people will see it.

  100. Tom of Finland on stamps? Are they wearing protection?

  101. …because I can write my name on any wall, anywhere. That’s why.

    1. It’s a multi tool…what can’t a man do with it?

  102. Totally worth the cost of incarcerating him.

  103. It doesn’t rain in San Antonio?

      1. So, I won’t piss on it often either.

      2. 83 days and 32″. I must have been there during a drought. I remember it rained twice in 3 months.

  104. I once dated a girl who asked me to stop the car so she could go piss. Outside.

    1. I assume you let her out and then pulled away.

    2. …”and that woman is now your mother. Good night, kids”

      1. I was gonna say, ‘and no I didn’t marry her.’

        Bam. No. She was too hot.

      2. …”and that woman is now your mother. Good night, kids”

        The whole final season of that show was a disappointment. (as was much of the show, in general.)

    3. That only happened to you once? I guess you weren’t as much of a man whore as I was, or didn’t date many girls who like beer.

    4. I once stumbled across a girl popping a squat to take a piss between two parked cars outside a bar in Berlin. She smiled and waved apologetically and said hi.

      She should’ve familiarized herself with the two finger method.

      1. Wife tried that. Apparently it’s the initial squirt that makes it interesting.

        1. A friend of mine apparently got good at it, but she practiced in the shower for quite a while.

    5. I don’t think I’ve ever dated a girl who didn’t. Regularly. Wife does it all the time.

  105. Mrs. Gin: “Kennedy is not here tonight?”

    Me: “Nope”

    Mrs. Gin: “Oh, that’s why it’s not so loud.”

  106. Ooh, Dr Karl = vote quick on whether he still has the floating grey flecks in his dreads! Yay/Nay?

  107. Whoaa… WTF? Was that 18 months or 18 years? Surely, no one can be sentenced to 18 years for pissing on something, outside of PRNK, right?

    1. Was his name Lee Tracy?

  108. I can’t wait until they start inserting commercials in Manufacturing Marvels.

  109. Doubled. It must be huge!

  110. Heroin use has increased because other drugs – oxyccntin – have been severely reduced.

  111. His last visit is why the doctor has grey dreads right now.

  112. Hah, listen at the MSM talking heads.


    Fuck you all with a rusty chain saw.

  113. It really is nice to have someone speak without being interrupted.

    1. Truly. Every guest that appears for the first time tonight is going to be disappointed if they come back and get Kennedy.

    2. Apparently, you don’t like the Bill O’reilly show, you commie.

  114. Arrest him. He’s assisting people do illegal things!

  115. What’s wrong with these crazies!?

    You can’t help those druggies! LOCK THEM UP! YOU GOT TO LOCK THEM UP!

  116. Why do so many heroin users end up dead in bathtubs? What is it about sitting in a bathtub and heroin?

    1. Because gnomes pick them up and put them in the tub.

  117. A neurobiologist with dreadlocks???

    Sorry dude, an acetyl group makes a huge difference.

  118. Ah, morphine. Had it once after shoulder surgery. Good times.

    1. Ah, morphine

      Excellent band!

      1. Didn’t Mark Sandman actually die of a heroin overdose?

        1. Sorry: heart attack.

    2. Really? My mom got it after a gastric bypass, and hated it. Said it made her feel way too loopy and paranoid. Hope that isn’t genetic, in case I ever need some.

      1. I had it before (I think) I had my appendix out. Pretty awesome.

  119. Did that girl put glasses on during the commercial break?

    1. Do you have any ID that proves you’re from around here?

      1. are you suggesting that was a stupid question?

        1. I’m actually not even watching, rather, I’m drinking in my university pub, and thought I’d start spouting off some comments as the booze starts to crowd my bloodstream.

          1. Well, kudos on a creepy-if-accurate reference to my old post about getting arrested. Which genuinely made me feel anxious for a second.

            1. Haha, you trying to make me spit out my beer? I consider you one of the top comedians of the commentariat, and your previous comments about being arrested for not showing ID caused too many laughs in my house to so easily forget.

  120. Are there Georgia Democrats concerned about Rape Culture, Workplace Assault and the Influence of Outside Money? You Know Which Other Georgia Democrats were concerned about Rape Culture, Workplace Assault and the Influence of Outside Money?

    1. Winston, I know it might *seem* like people are just saying things ‘at random’, but we’re actually watching a show.

  121. Has the Nevada guy acquired some kind of Lockean homestead right which the government should have recognized? I genuinely don’t know.

    1. I don’t think he’s in the right, but I love the fact that folks are telling the feds to piss up a rope.

  122. So did you guys know that Chuck Lorre wrote the Theme Song to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? I think that is his greatest contribution to television by far.

    1. This is too good to check.

    2. I liked the green ranger the mostest.

  123. Matt. Start to believe. You’re not filling in. You’re taking over.

  124. We won’t be tricked into firing first, Gavin.

  125. Nice win for NV ranch controversy.

    Fuck you, Harry Reid.

  126. You’re not going to be disappointed, Gavin.

  127. Goddammit, McInnes has to be the one to talk about the Reid Chinese connection. First Alex Jones, now McInnes. Can’t an uncrazy person bring this up?

    1. Isn’t he Canadian to boot?

  128. This land is your land, this land is my land….

    1. This land is your land, this land is my land….

      Suddenly (now that I’m knowledgeable enough to recognize why), this song saddens me.

  129. The local sheriff was saying on the radio today that he was all for the ranchers and friends kicking some Fed ass.

  130. Kmele, they routinely fence ‘people’ in by calling it a “free speech zone”.

  131. The fact that we are on the TeeVee, and by US, I mean libertarians, and saying these things is just awesome. It has to be fucking with the MSM and their masters.

  132. The FBI will be paying Gavin a visit.

  133. McInnes just invited the United States Secret Service to the Fox studios. This never happened on Kennedy’s watch.

    1. “libertarians call for violent overthrow of US Government/Murder of President.”
      /HuffPo Headline

    2. Does it count as sedition if it’s coming from a Canadian?

  134. OK. Let’s do a poll of the snarkatariat: Welch or Kennedy?

    1. Welch. Less interrupt-y.

    2. I want to see what Foster can do before casting my vote.

      1. ^This.

        I was going to note: Even without Kennedy, Kmele doesn’t get enough talk-time. Matt is doing the job tolerably well, but even he would admit = he’s not a 1-man-show.

    3. Welch. Discussions are more well-rounded with him moderating. Kennedy is necessary, however, for the show’s offbeat appeal.

      Just have them switch chairs.

      1. Kennedy is definitely necessary. And I think they have different qualities that make them both good. Maybe make it a rotating thing: Mondays are Kennedy’s, Tuesdays Kmele’s, Wednesdays Matts, Fridays- flip a coin.

        1. A three sided coin. Draw straws. Whatever.

    4. Kennedy is snarkier. But I’m going to have to say that Matt is the more effective so far.

      After all, this is not just a wit and comedy contest, we are actually serious about this shit.

    5. Which Kennedy? The funny one or the bitch from hell that was on last Friday?

      Probably Welch.

    6. Welch. With Kennedy there is no continuation of ideas; everything gets cut off too soon.

    7. Welch. Let’s people talk and brings out more Kmele.

    8. Welch. The shows have gone smoothly. Adequate time has been spent on all segments w/o it feeling rushed.

      Ps. There were not soul piercing eyes, well, piercing through my soul.

    9. Welch

  135. NY Tax-free zones – are like the free speech zones on campus. What is not explicitly permitted is illegal. You are free to ask permission to do what you want.

  136. The Lemonheads, and they didn’t play “Big Gay Heart”? What a gyp.

  137. Ha, this poor bastard. They bring him on at 9:55PM. He’s not getting time to make a point to save his life.

    1. He’s been surprising efficient with his time.

      1. He also wasn’t interrupted every thirty seconds.

    2. Firing Line for the ADHD crowd.

      1. Firing Line


  138. Who’s the band on Lou Dobbs tonight?

    1. a hair band

  139. ATTENTION ALL MEN THAT PURCHASE CLOTHING: (an online outlet store based out of Brooklyn) is offering an extra 15% off of all orders with the promo code SCREWTAXES, if I had any money, I’d be burning it there. That is all.

    1. “For hipsters too lazy to shop…”

      1. Why would I trek up to Silver Lake when I can shop for hipster attire from the privacy and comfort of my bathroom?

        1. Bears!

  140. I’m reading The Rule of Nobody now. Interesting.

    But there’s a Hayek quote which suggests he’s blaming Hayek for all these problems, problems which include dysfunction in the Chicago public schools.

  141. Ron Paul and Dave Barry – be still my heart!

  142. Oh fuck, senior Paul is on tomorrow night. I have to watch so I’m losing another night of gaming.

  143. Derpbook prog has referred to Sowell as a token black.

    But remember- the real racists are on Team Red!

    1. Now, now, Al Sharpton, Melissa Harris-Perry, and Eric Michael Dyson are all right-thinking black people!

      Only a token would be anything but TEAM Blue!

  144. STFU, Derbz!

  145. Dammit, Wednesday sounds like a good show. Alas, I have Pens tickets.

      1. The most amazing thing is that SportsCenter at one time acknowledged hockey.

        1. Ain’t that the truth. They got miffed during the strike. But then, I think they got royally pissed when they tried to get the contract back after NBC’s initial post-strike contract ended. NHL told them to piss up a rope (although in much nicer public terms) and that’s been it.

          Although, they do have Melrose on from time to time.

          I noticed last weekend when they were broadcasting the Frozen Four, it wasn’t even on their top of the page rotation.

    1. I smell a Columbus upset.

      1. If anyone could hand it to them it would be the Pens.

  146. Let’s see if the aftershow catches the federal agents storming the set.

  147. The Stuff that they Cut From the Real Show =

    – Etymology of “Honkey”

    I feel robbed

    1. Incorrect etymology.

  148. Bernie MacSmith is going to be a busy man.

  149. This is awesome.

    So much more real. Looks like a conversation with my friends.

  150. ‘Merkin is upset that the racism is only on the aftershow

  151. Matt:

    The appropriate nomenclature…

    1. Shut the fuck up, Gilmore. You’re out of your element.

  152. There’s only 400 comments, you pussies.

    No wonder libertarians can’t have nice things.

  153. They’ll give any three assholes a shot at Fox Biz, so why not?


    Whats the tattoo already?

  155. Tattoos and died hair. Thus is Foster’s spirited youth.

  156. Heh.

  157. “Stormfront is full of Sowell quotes! That means he’s a self-hating black!”

    -Derpbook prog

    1. I am almost entirely convinced that most Online Racists (excepting the VDare, who are boringly sincere) are actually liberal trolls attempting to discredit any actual “sane” conservative-ish types like moi.

      See: ‘Murkin. I don’t think he’s real-real.

      I do admit though- he’s not Tulpa, and he’s not Mary.

    2. That can’t be serious. There is no way on Earth Stormfront is pro-Thomas Sowell.

      They do love lefties like Max Blumenthal though. I’m sure the progressive will say how terrible that makes Blumenthal.

      1. I’m telling you, this guy completely blows Tony, Buttplug, Mary, and Tulpa out of the water in the annoying troll dept.

        1. He’s not the left-wing sex offender you know, right?

          1. That’s the guy. He’s vile in almost every way.

            He grabbed the ass of a court stenographer’s daughter- which helped land him on the sex offender list for 10 years.

            1. Why is he still arguing with you if you know he’s on a sex offender registry? Isn’t that the point where he should calmly put his toys away and go home?

              1. As far as I can tell, he is a complete idiot with no sense of shame whatsoever.

                But his derp is the best I have ever seen.

              2. He started talking to me again after he found out what I said about him on my blog. He begged me to take down the posts. I chose to be merciful. In exchange, I have access to his wall as the sole non-Team Blue drone. He also has a series of writing assignments to complete.

            2. So, did he complete his writing assignment? I’ve been missing comments for a few days…

              1. I decided to break it up into 30 200 word essays. He’s done 3 so far. The derp is simply off the charts.

                Check this out:

                The Clinton administration helped make the push to get the Internet started for public use. Remember Al Gore “invented the internet”? The power grid, phone lines, city plumbing, roads, and pretty much every other modern convenience we have would never had existed for EVERYONE in its current for if it wasn’t for government facilitating it. Without government incentives and subsidies, thousands of rural areas in this country would be in the dark ages, because there would have been no profit to be made by serving them from a private corporation. For instance, cut off the post office at the knees, and guess what? 20% or rural America no longer gets packages or mail.

                1. In a month or so, I will compile these essays into the Derponomicon.

                2. Given that Lysander Spooner was beating the shit out of the post office in the 1800s, at a time when the nation was far more rural than it is now, I wonder how you can argue that no one would take over the job for the post-office.

                  You want to know who benefits from the post office? My boss. He’s a lawyer and we send massive amounts of mail because we have to subpoena people, etc. As a result, the taxpayer subsidies of the post-office really help my employer’s bottom line.

                  Most people don’t send that many letters. As a result, the post-office primarily serves as a subsidy to high-volume mailers like lawyers, banks, and politicians.

                  This tends to be ignored by progs who love the post-office.

                  1. They favor because it’s an easy way to distribute jobs and bennies to their supporters.

                    1. Plus, isn’t that kind of reasoning one form of logical fallacy? That is, you can’t imply, as he is doing, that because the government did X, that the only way that X could happen was for the government to do it.

                      I had a parallel argument with a friend of a FB friend about NASA and just could not get him to see that, just because NASA had put men on the moon, that that was not necessarily the only way for a space program to function.

                    2. “Clearly the only way for churches to function is to have them run by the state. Anyone who believes in separation of church and state just wants our noble religion to crumble to dust.”

                      “How can you have a market in land? Everyone knows that all the land belongs to the king, and that a free market in land would be anarchy!”

                      “We can’t deregulate the telephone company! NO ONE WOULD HAVE PHONES ANYMORE!”

                    3. There’s also another logical fallacy contained in there: The assumption that the space program as practiced by NASA was necessary in any way.

                      What exactly was the point in sending a manned flight to the moon? The only purpose was a pissing contest with the Russians. It was a gargantuan waste of money that a more privatized space program would not have engaged in.

                    4. Agree. But I was just trying to get him to understand the problem in his own reasoning and gave up after 3 or 4 back and forths.

                    5. As Molyneux puts it:

                      “But if we free the slaves, who will pick the cotton?”

  158. Hilarious.

    It turns out that ridiculous picture of Jay Carney and his wife in front of all the books was photoshopped so that it would look like they had more books than they actually do.

    I have never seen a better representation of what massive, semi-literate pseudo-intellectuals the Democrats are.

    That picture of Jay Carney’s son throwing the egg in the air is also hilarious.

    1. On the plus side, without the red circles, the extra finger on the bookshelf kind of looks like a dong.

    2. I don’t understand that photo in front of the bookshelf. If these photos are suppose to represent their daily life, are we to assume they answer their children’s questions with evasive answers delivered from behind a podium with microphones?

      1. I like to imagine it’s the Washingtonian’s sly way of implying that their entire life is a sham marriage that exists for no purpose save their black-hearted political ambitions.

      2. Now I know why your name is Bam!

        Well played sir, well played.

    3. The sad thing is I have that many books. Sad because I’m pretty sure I invest more time in reading than these posers do.

      1. No, the sad thing is whoever did that photoshop job. I could have done a better job drunk and half asleep.

        1. Worse jobs have gotten presidents elected.

    4. If someone had bet me $1000 that Sebelius would fall on her sword before Carney, that would have been a loss for me.

      Somehow, I think Carney’s gonna ride this thing through to Jan 20, 2017.

  159. Welch is ashamed of his atheism during Holy Week. Either that or he knows the Fox Biz viewer will only tolerate so much.

  160. Explain this to me =

    We can’t get the Show properly live-streamed… however, the second the ‘livestream-aftershow’ ends, I get a Live-Stream of ()#$*@ DOBBS

    1. I don’t know, the after-show stream has been working great for me, this week. Looks like they fixed something, finally. Slightly new layout on the page, too.

  161. Well, Welchois is 2 for 2.

  162. Late breaking news: IRS going after Ron Paul’s new organization.

    Ron Paul’s nonprofit Campaign for Liberty will fight the Internal Revenue Service’s demand that it reveal its donor list to the agency, despite having already been fined for refusing to do so.

    “There is no legitimate reason for the IRS to know who donates to Campaign for Liberty,” Megan Stiles, the communications director at Campaign for Liberty, told the Washington Examiner in an email on Tuesday. “We believe the First Amendment is on our side as evidenced by cases such as NAACP v. Alabama and International Union UAW v. National Right to Work. Many 501(c)(4) organizations protect the privacy of their donors in the very same way as Campaign for Liberty. For some reason the IRS has now chosen to single out Campaign for Liberty for special attention. We plan to fight this all the way.”

    1. I guess it was a ‘fake scandal’ after all. They don’t seem to be letting up.

      What I’d like to know is context. That is, are the stories of abuse with the IRS worse under this administration than those in the past?

  163. I just saw more of ‘Murkin’s Race-trolling above, and I think I’m going to retract the comment about “Not Being Mary”.

    It could very well be Mary.

    1. The odds of any particular troll being either Mary, Buttplug, or Tulpa is virtually 100%.

  164. So it turns out George Carlin is also over Stormfront. Now I get to ask the Derpbook fool why his favorite comedian is the same as white supremacists.

  165. Story about Bloomberg vs. the NRA. Go to the last paragraph. Be not surprised.…..e-nra.html

    1. But if he senses that he may not have as much time left as he would like, he has little doubt about what would await him at a Judgment Day. Pointing to his work on gun safety, obesity and smoking cessation, he said with a grin: “I am telling you if there is a God, when I get to heaven I’m not stopping to be interviewed. I am heading straight in. I have earned my place in heaven. It’s not even close.”

      Holy fucking shit.


      2. Bloomberg stands in the august company of other postmillenialist/progressive shitbags who believed they would create the Kingdom of God here on Earth if he could just force these sinful drunks/smokers/rock n’ rollers/Big Gulp drinkers/gun owners to repent and live righteously.

        1. Anonymous Coward|4.15.14 @ 10:35PM|#
          “Bloomberg stands in the august company of other postmillenialist/progressive shitbags who believed they would create the Kingdom of God here on Earth if he could just force these sinful drunks/smokers/rock n’ rollers/Big Gulp drinkers/gun owners to repent and live righteously”

          IOWs Jimmy Swaggart with better press? And here shreek hasn’t made a single comment!

        1. None of this shit is surprising at all, to me. As a consultant, I work for plenty of so called ‘liberal’ organizations. Some of them are quite well known.

          Anyway, I see a lot of their propaganda, and I have to say with 100% certainty that they truly believe that if they can just guide and ‘nudge’ people to believe what they have decided is the truth, that they can create the ultimate utopia.

          It’s all about that, about the proper messaging. They just have to convince everyone about how right they are. This, I believe, is why the current progressives administration believes that all of their failures lie only in the fact that they failed to convince others of what they already know.

      3. That can’t be real.

      4. “I am telling you if there is a God, when I get to heaven I’m not stopping to be interviewed. I am heading straight in. I have earned my place in heaven. It’s not even close.”

        This quote is so shocking I wonder if it was misreported. I would hope so. This goes a bit beyond the guy’s normal megalomania.

        I found this 2007 article by a Bloomberg supporter saying “he appears very uncomfortable?*John Kerry uncomfortable*?speaking about his own religious convictions.”

        Maybe not uncomfortable enough?…..s-god/8944

      5. He’s gonna ride that camel right through the needle’s eye!

    2. The $50 million could be significant: In recent years, the N.R.A. has spent only $20 million annually on political activities. The political groups affiliated with the billionaire Koch brothers, who are seeking to help Republicans take over the Senate, have spent about $30 million in the last six months.

      In the past few years? How much does the NRA spend annually?

      About 3.5 million dollars, apparently.

      So a rich man is trying to buy elections by overwhelming a low-spending opponent with money. I’m sure we’ll hear plenty of squealing from the left over this.

        1. Sorostoupus!

  166. Anybody watch the new Cosmos? Just noticed I’ve got 7 backed up waiting for me. Worth it?

    1. Friend of mine watched and told me it’s great and that I should watch. I guess I will when I get time.

      1. Oh, Christ, the first one opens with a pitch from Obama. Be ready to fast forward.

        1. Anytime I see that annoying fuck, my fingers automatically find the mute and FF buttons.

    2. I put it on every Sunday and then get distracted and watch about 10 minutes total. Its not bad but it isn’t gripping either. I enjoyed the original but I used to have a longer attention span.

  167. Florida teacher had multiple sexual relations with 17 year old student, then has abortion

    A 29-year-old English teacher who allegedly had a four-month affair with her underage student and aborted his child, has been charged.
    Jennifer Christine Fichter was arrested yesterday after allegedly confessing to the 17-year-old boy’s mother that she’d had sex with the teen up to 30 times, loved him and had no regrets.

    The Central Florida Aerospace Academy teacher was arrested about 11.40pm last night and charged with six counts of unlawful sexual activity with a minor. The teen has not been identified.

    According to The Tampa Tribune, police said the abuse began in November when the pair had sex in the early morning hours in Fichter’s Toyota pickup truck.

    The teen told detectives he and Fichter met for sex three times in the parking lot of a Lakeland apartment complex and three times near New Tampa Highway.

    He also said they had sex four times outside the city in Polk and Hillsborough. Lakeland police said those counties are investigating those incidents.

    Jeez lady, too cheap for a motel?

    1. Surrious.

      Also = the chick seems perfectly OK recounting every single time they fucked in the truck – WTF is the “Investigation” supposed to be? Post-Coital Residue Collection? Months after the fact? Too stupid to contemplate.

    2. This is why teachers need to be paid more!! /derp

      1. If we privatized education teachers won’t even have pick up trucks to bone their students in!

        They’ll have to do it in the janitor’s closet like some Third World hellhole!

    3. One thing’s for certain. This poor young man is going to be traumatized for the rest of his life.

      No one could handle that many high-fives.

      1. Maybe he’d have a bit of…discomfort…with the fact that she “aborted his child”?

        1. She’s expressed no regrets and said she loves the student. So maybe they agreed on an abortion?

          1. Let me RTFA…

            1. It doesn’t really go into the details

        2. Why? It most likely wasn’t even a person yet.

          1. Wait, are you baiting me? If so, you are a master at that art.

            1. Indeed I am.

              A master, that is.

    4. We all make jokes about this, but as Lifetime movie shows, consensual teacher-student affairs can be…..deadly!

  168. Jeez lady, too cheap for a motel?

    This is only more proof that our noble public servant teachers are underpaid.

  169. Anyway.

    My final thoughts. TI is a growing show. I know we’ve been hard on Kennedy but there’s a need for her. They just need to reconfigure things (e.g. less interruptions, bring Matt and Kmele out more, longer segments) and the show could have a chance. There definitely is room for professionalism.

    1. Well said, Rufus. While Matt is a kind and benevolent ruler when he is acting as the Black Hand, we still miss our Special K.

  170. More prog derp:

    Apparently, Obama can’t withdraw from Afghanistan because Team Red would kill him.

    Those Team Red meanies! Why won’t they just let the president do what he wants?

    1. Derpetologist|4.15.14 @ 11:16PM|#
      “More prog derp:
      Apparently, Obama can’t withdraw from Afghanistan because Team Red would kill him.”

      Even that shit-licker Trudeau threw in the towel this past weekend; he has his ‘action writer’ character thanking Obo for an additional 6 years of war; material for his books.

    2. If you got pissed off about Restrepo, drop a tip in the Kickstarter campaign for Korengal.

      1. That’s a tough one, I love the movie but from the description, the new movie is taken from the footage that didn’t make it into Restrepo instead of new footage. Those kind of things tend to be a bit of a let down. Plus $25 for the digital download is rather steep. I’ve never done the $1 throwaway thing before, maybe this time.

  171. So wha’d I miss??

    1. The return of Murkin up-thread.
      Regarding the show, I have no idea; don’t watch anything on TV that doesn’t include throwing a ball or grabbing a steering wheel.
      And if I did, the raccoon-glasses on the gal would put me off. Get some damn shades and be done with it.

  172. 500?

    1. Dois mais, amigo, so dois mais.

  173. Ok, since no one else can do it, it’s up to me. 500

    1. I was a little saddened at 480 something.

      Now I must drink a shot to celebrate the dawning of such a meaningless statistic.

      1. It truly is meaningless. Now, the magical 1000 number, it has only been reached a few times, in legends of yore, in times so remote, that we can’t even know if it’s true or just myth.

        1. So goes the legend.

    2. These threads die so quickly now.

      1. YOU’RE NOT HELPING!!!!

          1. I AM TRYING!

            1. NO, YOU’RE NOT JIMMAH!

  174. But no worries, our hero, Sir Matthew of Dorkshire is going to have us up to 1000 posts easily by the time that no one any longer suspects him of having Kennedy tied up in the root celler.

    1. You old fuddy. I have to go to bed too, but it’s only cause wifey can’t wait any longer for my sexual prowess.

  175. European committee of government ministers endorse circumcision, rebuke legislative condemnations of it

    The Council of Europe’s Committee of Ministers on March 19 repudiated an anti-circumcision resolution adopted last October by the body’s Parliamentary Committee (PACE), eliciting praise from European Jews on Thursday night, when they were informed of the decision.

    The PACE resolution termed circumcision a “violation of the physical integrity of children” and suggested that member states ban the practice until children are “old enough to be consulted.” PACE further urged member states to “initiate a public debate, including intercultural and interreligious dialogue, aimed at reaching a large consensus on the rights of children to protection against violations of their physical integrity according to human rights standards.”

    Language in the PACE document that seemed to compare circumcision to female genital mutilation particularly angered Jewish groups, with the president of the Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece calling it “a sign of anti-Semitism.”

    The Committee of Ministers response panned the comparison between female genital mutilation and circumcision, calling the practices “by no means comparable.”

    Just the tip.

  176. I’m the only one who is willing to carry on this fight.

    1. I thought you had places to go & people to do?

      1. I was just trying to make Francisco feel better about being an old curmudgeon.

        Wifey is asleep, I’m home free on the intertoobs. (:

  177. So, I’m up drinking some Brew Free or Die IPA, on a work night, and we can’t make 1000 posts. I haz a sad.

    1. Serious Man claims to be trying to help this situation a few posts up. He is clearly not succeeding.

      1. Well, it’s hard. Unlike HuffPo posters, most of us actually have to work for a living, and we don’t get $5 and pack of smokes per post.

      2. Should I tell them we are planning our honeymoon?

        1. I think you just did.

        2. H&R is like the Love Boat of modern times.

          1. It’s true, it’s true. Welch should start selling subscriptions for the Reason dating service.

            1. Reasonable Love, Baby…

  178. I think a few more examples of derp should be enough to boost the posts to a respectable number.

    When I was in 6th grade, we spent a few weeks studying rain forests. Then we had a debate as to whether logging in them should be allowed. No one wanted to be on the pro-logging side, so I took it. I explained that the people who were cutting it down were just trying to make a living and that it was hypocritical for the US to criticize poor countries for doing what we did in the past.

    Judging from the reaction, I’m pretty sure I won the debate. The teacher was a little sad.

    1. I was working for an organization last year that had a fanatical greenie in administration.

      I was the recipient of an email that she had sent out that was basically several paragraphs of fanatical screeching about how the Amazon rain forest had been stripped of trees.

      As badly as I wanted to reply to that email, I couldn’t afford to lose that contract, but…

      I flew directly over the Amazon in 2011 in a flight from Atlanta to Brasilia. I can absolutely assure you that there is NO lack of trees there. In fact, there are several hours worth of fly over at 500+ miles per hour in which you cannot see any break in the canopy.

  179. I hate it when people ask me questions that begin with the words “why didn’t you..” My standard response is “because I can’t see into the future.”

  180. I hate it when people ask me questions that begin with the words “why didn’t you..” My standard response is “because I can’t see into the future.”

    1. I also hate sever squirrels.

      1. Squirrels are worse after a blood moon. Imagine what they will be like after a TETRAD! SQUIRRELPOCALYPSE!

  181. I once taught English to a Chinese woman. She had trouble with l, r and w. I made her practice “once upon a midnight dreary while I pondered weak and weary” until she got it right. Then I showed her the “Rhine in Spine” clip from My Fair Lady.

    Good times…

  182. Politicians and bureaucrats inhabit a world of rules, slogans, and paperwork. As a result, they believe all problems can be solved through rules, slogans, and paperwork.

  183. I’m so confused. Where am I? What am I doing? Hello? Hello? Hello?

    1. How did you end up in the middle of my rambling?

      Now where was I….

    2. How did you end up in the middle of my rambling?

      Now where was I….

    3. Did you get lost in the echo chamber again?

  184. I once asked some progs to describe their ideal society. I suggested that I thought the US was pretty good, and that basically all I wanted was an end to the income tax, a return to the gold standard, and an end to the War on Drugs.

    They were shocked that those were the only things I found that needed fixing. All their examples basically revolved around creating a kinder, gentler North Korea.

  185. i think hit and run is like a faulkner novel comments should be stream of conscience written style and i think this thread can go on longer if we just try to think of inspired topics

    1. This may be a good idea but I’m not entirely sure it wouldn’t end in sorrow for someone who accidentally typed something that they perhaps didn’t mean to….

      1. McInnes?

    2. There is no end to our inspired topics. Libertarians are simply the best of human kind since the beginning. We, and our threads, cannot be stopped.

    1. What is it about you Canucks, that you are thinking about caffeine at 1 am in the fucking morning?

      1. 3am maple syrup harvest

        1. The sap is actually up in the maples there? We’ve had the coldest winter in recorded history here in the mid Atlantic area of the US.

          1. there’s no maple here. I was pulling your leg.

            1. No maple? Is there anything except for arctic lichens?

          2. Umm, I meant to say that we’ve had ‘Global Warming’, which is same as coldest winter, ever.

            1. Colder winters is just proof that Global Warming is even worse than we thought.

              Yes, I have actually heard people say this.

  186. I once had a date with a hardcore prog. Over the course of a long, unpleasant conversation, we hit the usual topics. The breaking point was when I challenged her on the gender pay gap. She stormed out in disgust.

    The funniest part was when she was complaining about her low pay as a server. I suggested going to a trade school. Mechanics make good money and have job security. She said “I don’t wanna be a trailblazer!” I thought that was pretty funny after sitting through her “I am woman, hear me roar” speech.

    Oh well. The beer and burger was good.

    1. And, let me guess, all these years later, she is a bitter screeching harpy who hasn’t been laid in 15 years, and blames it on everything and anyone except for herself?

      1. Time will tell. This happened about 2 years ago. She’s probably around 27 now.

      2. Time will tell. This happened about 2 years ago. She’s probably around 27 now.

          1. Never underestimate the squirrels.

  187. Another time, a prog girl was all “eww, guns!” when I said I liked to shoot. My reply was “the 2nd amendment made all the other ones possible.”

    I should hasten to add that one of the first sentences on my dating profile begins with “I’m not a liberal…”

  188. Another time, a prog girl was all “eww, guns!” when I said I liked to shoot. My reply was “the 2nd amendment made all the other ones possible.”

    I should hasten to add that one of the first sentences on my dating profile begins with “I’m not a liberal…”

  189. overheard today:
    I don’t know why people think Alex Trebek is smart. He has the answers on his card!

    1. His name is cool and he’s on Jeopardy, dude! How can he not be smart?

    2. Were you hanging out with Sean Connery?

  190. Phrases we are tired of:

    “It is what is is”

    “Everything happens for a reason”

    “At the end of the day…”

    1. We’re so much more elegant that we used to be. We used to say things like ‘shit happens’.

    2. Thrown under the bus

      Human resources

      Action item

      Any of the following Japanese terms: kaizen, hoshin kanri, gemba, poke yoke

      Thinking you can run a better business by using Japanese words is like thinking you can be better runner by learning Swahili.

      1. We have bigger fish to fry.

        It’s a new paradigm.

        Have you ever played ‘bullshit bingo’ at a meeting?

        1. No, but I have pissed off coworkers by emailing them critiques and edits of their poor writing.

          My favorite example was “human-based manual process”. I asked if there were any manual processes we do that are not performed by humans.

          1. My husband tweeked my prog MIL nicely when she asked if there was organic food at our local grocery store and he replied, he was pretty sure all of the food items were carbon based.

            1. I think that joke probably sailed right over her head.

              This is the video I like to show to organic food types:


              1. Oh it did. Any of his jokes that she actually gets causes her to burst into tears at his micro-agressions.

                1. I once house-sat for a desperately liberal woman. She insisted on showing me how to turn on the outdoor spigot so I could water the plants. She said “now you can remember that you have to turn it to the left to open it because leftwing people are more open minded.”

                  I barely kept a straight face. Later, when I was looking through their library, I found a book entitled “Everything you’ve wanted to know about black people but were afraid to ask.” After about 5 minutes of uncontrolled laughter, I regained enough composure to read the book.

                  1. I literally cannot imagine the contents of that book.

      2. I had an associate who would start every conversation with “I was just gonna say”

  191. When I was in college, I had a professor who spent a class critiquing some of the bad writing we had turned in. My favorite example was “going through the process, a pump is first encountered.”

    Whoever wrote that was trying way too hard.

  192. ‘Fargo’ has been outstanding so far. Like a really great Coen Brothers’ cover band putting together their greatest hits.

    Yer darn tootin’!

  193. OK wow sounds like a plan dude.

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