Police Abuse

Cop Block: Cops May Do Bad Things, But Are White Guys Filming Them Worse?


Cleveland Scene magazine has a long profile of Cop Block, a national organization founded by libertarians from, surprise, New Hampshire dedicated to citizen observation and if possible prevention of police abuse and brutality.

While spending part of the article detailing how incredibly important it often proves to be to have a citizen video record to expose police lies, especially when it comes to their use of often fatal force, the author still seems dedicated to finding something weird and untoward about Cop Block. (Readers of Hit and Run are all too familiar with such stories of bad police behavior.)

He does note that Cop Block founder Pete Eyre:

speaks fluidly and subtly drops dismissive language about cops into the conversation with ease. They aren't police officers, they're police employees. The police don't wear uniforms, they wear costumes. A person isn't sent to prison, they're put in a cage.

But then author Doug Brown has to note that, hey, Cop Block seems to be made up of "pissed off suburban white men." This is not meant to show how much credibility they have.

Yet later he notes:

During a trip to Austin for the Peaceful Streets "Accountability Summit", the Sandusky [Cop Block] group met with Bobby Seale, the co-founder of the Black Panthers. "He's talking to us and he said 'you know, we walked around with those rifles not to defend ourselves, but so the cops would know who we were. It would put them on edge and make them do their job right,'" Gold says. "[Seale] said, 'The phones you carry around with you today are so much more powerful than those rifles we were walking around with back in the day.'"

Indeed, and it's probably far safer for a citizen filming a cop to be a "suburban white man," other things being equal, when it comes to considering how an officer is likely to treat the filming citizen.

The rest of the story is dedicated to describing a night out with Cop Blockers meant to make them seem like laughable ninnies, dissed by hot chicks, their foolishness tolerated by beleagured innocent cops, and making flailing nuisances of themselves as cops come by to do their real, important duty when someone is hurt.

It's a shabby performance, but at least open-minded readers of the full story will be reminded that the general mission of keeping a citizens' eye on cops as they do their work can be a matter of life-or-death justice.

Reason on Cop Block.

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  1. “Only white men care about police abuse”

    See how racist that sounds? Asshole.

    1. Right, because the black guys who are disproportionately imprisoned by profiling peace officers are overly joyed that the police are just doing their duty.

      Sometimes lefties don’t even have a clue just how dumb they sound (are).

      1. You know what? I have to wonder if the black brothers really ARE pissed off at cops. The stupid fucks seem to be stuck at Demo-Progesso and their million man imprisonment projects.

      2. Sometimes lefties don’t even have a clue just how dumb they sound (are).

        Sometimes? Sometimes? Some-fucking-times?

  2. This is just moronic tribalism, and there’s really no point in getting upset about it. Essentially the writer of the article thinks that it was okay when leftists were talking about and rallying about police brutality, but it became dorky and passe when he found out libertarians do it too.

    The guy writing this is writing for a fucking alt-Magazine in Cleveland. He’s the type of person who thought he’d be the next Hunter S. Thompson and is now relegated to writing for a mediocre magazine that nobody cares about in a city that nobody cares about.

    Getting offended because this type of person would rather see black people be abused by the police than see white people talk about said abuse does nothing of value but drag you into the gutter with him.

    1. Hey! World-class orchestra!

    2. It is apparently Trout Day here at reason – the staff are all rising to the bait.

  3. Now granted Bobby Seale carrying a gun in public in order to protect himself from Cops beating the shit out of him in the 60’s is not exactly the same as copblock suburban white dude carrying a gun in public today, but the boot tastes the same either way so I’m glad they both do.

  4. But then author Doug Brown has to note that, hey, Cop Block seems to be made up of “pissed off suburban white men.” This is not meant to show how much credibility they have.

    The rest of the story is dedicated to describing a night out with Cop Blockers meant to make them seem like laughable ninnies, dissed by hot chicks

    So proponents of liberty are slandered by opponents as being white guys whom no one will fuck.

    Sounds familiar…

  5. The author covered a story of local police shooting an unarmed man, and the case only being reviewed due to the release of video footage of the incident:


    “It was only after Love contacted an attorney for the traffic violation case against him that the city released video surveillance footage of his right turn and subsequent shooting.

    That video is crucial to the case, documenting the two cars turning right onto West Sixth seconds before Love was stopped by Montague. It shows the officer standing at the hood of his car in the crosswalk, Love slowly trying to back out to continue down St. Clair, Montague running up to the driver’s window and then firing, and other cops punching Brandon Vason in the head and roughing him up on the ground when he was pleading for them to call an ambulance.

    “I was so thankful, man, that I was underneath that camera,” Love says. “This stuff is just a blessing, to be underneath a camera.”

    He doesn’t seem like he would be unsympathetic by default. Maybe the Copblock guys are in fact Assholes, despite having the right idea?

    “”pissed off suburban white men”

    True, this expression is *mostly* used by Progressive White Suburbanites Who Move to Cities to distinguish themselves from the Unenlightened people who suck and vote Republican and shit.

    In fact, using “White People” as a derogatory remark is largely a White Thing.

    I’m sure ‘Murkin could probably give us all a lesson in the ‘whys’ of this.

    1. “In fact, using “White People” as a derogatory remark is largely a White Thing.”

      I’ve heard people who weren’t white use the term in non-flattering ways.

      1. Sure.

        However, 90% of the time blacks and Hispanics in NYC mention ‘white people’ its in most cases just being a technically accurate description.

        When ‘white people’ reference ‘white people’… it is far, far more likely to be used by leftists to mean, “The Bad People” Not like “us” (as meaning, ‘we’re not *white like that‘). “White” as adjective rather than noun.

        Just for fun, let’s google to see if we can find the typical example=

        BOOM (5 links past “Stuff White People like”)


        Read the headline and nothing else

        Then ask yourself =

        1 – do you think he’s a white guy saying “WE AS WHITEY MUST ALL VOTE GOP! HUZZAH! UP WITH OUR RACE!”

        2 – is he a Black Guy saying that the GOP is most beneficial to the interests of whites to the detriment of blacks?


        3 – Is he a lefty stating that as *a derogatory remark*?

        it should be obvious.

        This is what I’m talking about.

        1. Oh, I’ve seen that kind of stuff as well. But I’ve actually had a black person refer to white people as “y’all” in explaining something she found annoying about whites.

          1. Naturally.

            But the term *by itself* isn’t derogatory until they add the extra qualifier. When White People reference White People, they mean ‘the bad ones’.

            That the above-linked NYT Book Review editor(!!) is so comfortable using it this way is just an example of how entrenched the idea is. When he says, “The GOP is the Party of White People” he does not at all mean *all white people*. He means, “Racists!”

            Its also hilarious how in his ‘timeline’ (on the right) of “The Right in America”, he skips the civil war entirely.

            1. Ha ha, straight from the Fort Hill Address in 1831 to the publication of The Conservative Mind in 1953.

              What about the founding of the CSA, the establishment of the Ku Klux Klan, the execution of *totally innocent* political activists like the Haymarket bombers, Sacco and Vanzetti, the Rosenbergs – you know, those key developments in the conservative movement! /sarc

      2. In another perfect example of the issue = Irish’s comment below

        Irish|4.10.14 @ 9:30PM|#

        White people all having a pretend “Awww!grrr!? NOn-FAIR!!”-session about how un-cool it is for a late night show to hire a “white guy”.

        its just their way of scrubbing themselves in some kind of ‘white guilt removal’ lotion.

        Its retarded

  6. What’s with all the TEAMtards coming out of the woodwork lately to renounce what minuscule dedication to liberty they once had as soon as they find out that libertarians agree with them on a particular issue?

    1. It’s a side effect of Koch Derangement Syndrome.

    2. Both teams hate libertarians with a purple passion(pun intended).

      Really, libertarians are the only threat to their legalized mafia.

  7. I’m so pissed a white person got a T.V. show, shriek people too lacking in self-awareness to realize they’re racists.

    1. Most telling is that all of these people are upset that CBS picked a “white guy” but not one of them is suggesting anybody they would rather see have the position. They just want any black dude. Pick some guy off the street, they don’t care, people’s individual talents mean nothing, all that matters is their symbolic value to the collective.

      Also, somewhere Arsenio Hall is weeping, for the world has forgotten him.

      1. Just change the channel to a show with a nonwhite star. Make him/her popular. Colbert loses all his hipster audience, his show gets cancelled. Voila!

        1. Heck, if you’re nonwhite get a TV show or a viral Youtube series or something. I mean, I know how hard it is for, say, black people to break into entertainment.

          Even better idea: “Live from New York, it’s the Janice Rogers-Brown show, with special guest Thomas Sowell!”

  8. This is a good example of the oppression of the cool. Since these guys are cool or fashionable, what they are doing must be a stupid waste of time. This is why I hate it when Reason puts it cultural hipster snob on. It doesn’t matter if these guys are nerds, or rednecks or whatever. What matters is what they are doing. But in a culture that values cool over all else, it matters who they are. And that sucks.

  9. So, I had my first experience with the cops in the PRM this week.

    I was just coming back from lunch, on a WFH day, and heard siren, looked in my rear view, and saw flashing lights.

    So, I pull over, and wait to see what is up. Apparently, I was at fault, but not intentionally. I was crossing a certain intersection about a couple miles from home (it’s 6 lanes and a wide island in the middle of the lanes. The lanes are marked, but faded), and I guess I drifted into the other lane without signaling, while a cop just happened to be right behind me.

    Anyway, the guy was not too bad. He asked me if I realized what I did, and I truthfully, said ‘No, I didn’t realize it, I guess I got confused crossing the intersection and didn’t really realize what lane I was in’.

    So he did the typical license/registration routine, which I handed over. He never asked me for proof of insurance.

    Then he says ‘So, you aren’t a terrorist are you?’. I laughed, because I suppose something so absurd must be a joke. So he says ‘Ok, I’ll be right back’.

    The wifey asked me if I am getting a ticket. And I told her I don’t know. Then she asked me ‘what is he doing for so long’, and I said, I don’t know, being bored, since I have never even had a traffic violation in my entire life.

    So, then he comes back and gives me a warning. And that was it. He was actually pretty polite. You know except for the terrorist thing. You never really know if it’s a joke or not.

    1. “except for the terrorist thing. You You never really know if it’s a joke or not.”

      I’m the kind of idiot who’d ask, “out of curiosity, has anyone ever said ‘yes’?”

      Rather, I DID sort of ask that once. Spent night in jail. Will not ask again.

      1. That’s because some dumbshit from the nypd probably believed you were admitting to it.

        1. What I actually said in response to “Can I see some ID that proves you live around here” was, “Why?”

          which got me pulled out of the back of a car, searched, cuffed, thrown in cruiser, and then later charged with ‘posession’ of weed the cop found in the car.

          He let the driver – whose weed it was, and who had committed a traffic infraction – go

          Lesson: just answer the question and do not ask why.

          1. “Lesson: just answer the question and do not ask why.”

            Did you really need to learn the lesson to never confront the Popo when you have weed in the car? That didn’t just come natural ?

      2. Well, my wife was with me. Knowing what I do about he cops these days, I will wait until I am alone before I decide to be my typical sarcastic smart ass with the fuzz.

  10. This is par for the course for the Scene. This is the only decent thing that rag has ever produced.

    Sometimes hogging is a group activity. Chris and his friends use a strategy they call “the scud missile.” Confronted with a group of hot girls and one heavy, they designate their drunkest comrade as the missile. “We’ll say, ‘It’s 11 o’clock, we’re going to launch him!'” The drunk is deployed to woo the big girl; the rest of the posse follows five minutes later and moves in on her friends.

    1. Mark’s had nothing but big women for a long time. On a woman of average height, he’ll go up to 160, 170 pounds — 225 if it’s St. Patrick’s Day or New Year’s Eve.

      I feel terrible for laughing at this.

      1. Depending on what average height is, you couldn’t say that a woman has to be ugly because she weighs 160 lbs.

        What is average height for a woman anyway? My wife is only like 5’2″ (which I am sure is less than average) and about 125-130 lbs., and very curvy, definitely not skinny, but not fat either.

        1. Yeah, a woman who is five eleven could easily weigh 160 and not be fat but built like a brick shithouse.

          1. Shit, dude, a woman who is five six could be 160 and built great. I have witnessed it with my own two eyes. You know, unless you have sarcasmic vision, and then any woman over 90 lbs., is fat, period.

            1. Shit, dude, a woman who is five six could be 160 and built great.

              I dated one. She could do 4 pullups in a row. Real ones, not that Crossx shit. She was a rock climber.

            2. Reminds me of the friend of my wife – she was an Olympic class skier and could crack walnuts between her thighs.

        2. It depends a great deal on her build too. A 5’7″ girl, if she has a bit of muscle, could easily be 160 and not the slightest bit fat.

          1. This.

            I had a GF who was 5’6″ and was about 155 and holy bejeebus, what a body, and not any belly fat, at all.

            1. Here’s a woman who cuts weight to get to 165. Granted she’s on the pin, but still. Excellence in assology.

              1. “Yes, haha very funny baby, now put me down…”

            2. She’s a little too hard looking in those pics, for me. I like the more feminine soft look. You know, solid, but not hard.

              But I’m sure she looks great when not in training mode.

              1. I’m sure she looks better when she’s off the Anavar, too. Anyway, the point is that there’s a 5’6″ woman who probably walks around at 180 and is far from fat.

              2. Oh yes, I see you weren’t talking to me. Goddammit.

                My point stands.

        3. Yeah, 160 isn’t necessarily fat. I just thought the 225 if it’s St. Patrick’s day line was hilarious.

          1. Well, they say a little too much green beer and you wind up in bed with either a fat girl, or a leprechaun.

            1. I woke up one March 17th and would’ve been happier to have the leprechaun next to me.

              1. This is the price you pay for being a libertarian, dude, we’ve all been there, probably more than once.

    2. Still, he wonders about his own track record: “When’s the last time you’ve seen me with a hot chick?” Mark demands, then answers his own question: “You probably haven’t.”


    3. There are actually men out there who will fuck anything and be happy to do it. Contrary to what sarcasmic obsessively claims, I am not one of them. I have, however known them. If you are a single guy, they really are indispensable if you plan to pick up women in bars.

      There really is no more effective strategy then having some guy fall all over a fat chick at the expense of her cute friends. Talk about softening up a target. Women are so jealous of each other. Let any women spend ten minutes being ignored while her fat friend gets hit on and she will be ready for the first guy who looks at her.

      1. Well, John, what’s your recent tail tale? Blonde above, brunette below 120 poundage? Ginger, tight and muscular, small tits but perky? Sexy, long-legged, savant and driving a jaguar but distracted and collegiate and super wet downstairs? What’s up? Do tell….

        1. I don’t get to tell tall tales anymore. But I am not so old I don’t remember them. If you don’t believe this technique works, try it yourself.

          1. Ooh avoidance maneuver. Methinks John is either a few years married to a busy mommy or single and wishing he was doing more pussy than he’s currently getting.

            1. I am married but not to a busy mommy. And again, if you don’t think it works, go try it. I don’t what to tell you.

          2. It works. Women are extremely territorial. I found out long ago that one very good technique for getting women is to make them jealous of their friends.

            Once you see that they are interested, don’t completely ignore them, but seem somewhat indifferent.

            Amazing that these are the same things my women friends have told me works so well to get men.

            1. Amazing that these are the same things my women friends have told me works so well to get men.

              They don’t actually know that. They just do it cause it would work on them. But because it’s easy to get guys regardless, they assume it’s working.

              Same as the guys spending all their time at the gym, but without the results. Which is why they’re always frustrated and picking fights at the bar after a few hours of getting shut down.

              1. I agree. If a woman good looking or even sort of cute and willing to put out, most men will have her. I guess from their perspective it is their “technique” working.

              2. It’s sort of like when I first started trying the online dating thing.

                A female friend of mine who had been doing it for a few years, said she would ‘show me the ropes’.

                She told me that because there are so many more men than women on these sites, that I would literally have to hit on every woman on the sites to have any chance to get a response, where as it was a piece of cake for her.

                A couple of weeks later when we showed each other our profiles and I had put her to shame for amount of responses from the opposite sex, she got pissed and wouldn’t talk to me any more, lol.

                I don’t think that women are the meek little innocent critters that she was trying to portray them as being.

                1. Why guess from anecdote, when the numbers have helpfully been compiled for you?

                    1. Funny.

                      I’m actually serious. The demographic responses alone can be quite helpful for online dating. Nothing useful on the main page, but the good stuff was done a few years ago. You just got to dig. I can see downthread that you’re married now, so just consider it a useful resource for others reading.

                    2. I’m actually serious. The demographic responses alone can be quite helpful for online dating.

                      Well, then you can also see that the marriage happened because of online dating. And I feel a lot more compatibility with my current wife than I did the first 2(ugh, sex isn’t everything).

                      Anyway, I think the beauty of online dating is too much to go into here, but I am sold on it, forever.

                      And you may not need a guide. I didn’t, it felt natural to me, like something I had always been waiting for. But the internet in general has always felt that way to me. But I have spent the last 10 years of my working life developing web sites for a living, so I am sure that’s part of it.

                    3. And you may not need a guide. I didn’t, it felt natural to me, like something I had always been waiting for.

                      No social interaction has ever felt natural to me. I have to create these elaborate guidelines to follow.

                      That sucks, but also provides the advantage of continuous social improvement. After I’ve gotten to know them, I tell new friends this and they don’t believe me. This knowledge would have elicited a “no shit” when I was 18.

                      Can’t really read facial expressions either. Over time I’ve learned to read body language better than most people read faces. I can usually tell someone’s current mental state from across the parking lot.

                2. I’ve done the online dating thing. It depends on your geographic area I suppose.

                  While I never found anything long-lasting, there were plenty of attractive, normal girls in my age range that I was able to meet for dates.

                  I’m good at making girls laugh so the messaging format was helpful. My theory is that if you are decent looking, have similar interests, and aren’t a complete social retard you can get a decent girl to agree to meet you online without much difficulty.

                  1. I had a great deal of success with it. I am happily married now, but if I ever had to re-enter the dating scene, I would definitely not consider anything other than online. I met my current wife online.

                    Area, I guess that might be important. When I started trying it, I was in the DC/Baltimore area, probably 8 or 9 million people within a 50 square mile radius. And lots of single milfs, I can attest to.

                    Strangely enough, my wife was 5000 miles away, and we still found each other. How else could that have happened?

                    1. The greater Los Angeles/OC area has just about every kind of girl you can imagine. Because cars are so big out here as a form of transportation your viable options are greatly expanded in distance.

                      That’s a great story about meeting your spouse, and one that certainly weighs on my mind given a certain situation I find myself in.

                    2. Like I said, I’m totally sold on internet dating, it’s like being in the biggest shopping mall in the world, instead of a roadside stand in bumpkinville, USA, population 326.

                      And it’s an extremely effective filter. I am sure I would have filtered out my 2 ex wives and saved myself a few years of misery and dollars, and more.

                      Also, meeting my current wife was the most extraordinarily one in a million crazy coincidental things that it seems out of a movie script. But it was the internet that allowed it to happen. We still, after 5 years, have not stopped laughing or being amazed by it.

                      Anything can happen in life, and I think the possibility of it happening, has been made exponentially more likely by the internet.

      2. they really are indispensable if you plan to pick up women in bars.

        Add “in groups” and I’ll agree. Even with guys around like that, though, I do way better going alone.

        1. 1: Trap your princess
          Physically corner her in a room, and eventually, in your life.
          2: Insult your princess
          Insult her face, her body, her brain, her car. The lower her self-esteem, the higher your chances, bro. It’s been biologically proven, by me!
          3: Brag
          Not lying, but close. Make up a story about how you single-handedly murdered a wild animal. Your story is gonna release a hormone deep inside her body called “insatia.” It makes women ovulate… for sex!

          1. Actually, I usually just sit at the bar after introducing myself. If she comes over later, I get to skip all the “building attraction” shit and my success rate is the same.

            But stuff varies by region, so hey, whatever works for you.

  11. “A lot of people talk about how they want to fight for justice, but it just never happens,” he says. “But I have weird circumstances: I’m twice-divorced, no kids, 40 years old ? I’m a Corvette away from being a walking cliche ? with 10 years of experience. What do I have to lose? They don’t have any leverage on me. I don’t have any family for them to threaten, no wife to wag her finger at me. Screw it, I’m going to do this!”

    And the dummy writing the article pens the ultimate reason why very few have enough balls to pinpoint the local tyranny in badge. Doug Brown is a new born. A tiny-brained sycophant that hasn’t lived long enough to understand that his freedom isn’t granted him by his local mayor. Doug Brown is an instigator for police macabre. He’s a cheerleader for violent authority. A true-blue loving clover that deems government power as the ultimate yogurt for his diet from independence. A real Ohio-based spineless walleye.

  12. The organization applies the libertarian philosophy of the non-aggression principle: that it is immoral and unethical for anyone to initiate aggression against another, whether that’s violence, threats or fraud, while self-defense is perfectly justified in response. “We don’t hate cops,” the website reads. “We believe that no one ? not even those with badges ? have extra rights.”

    Attorney John Gold drops by the restaurant. A 2004 Case Western law school grad, he’s the area’s de facto legal advisor to the cop blockers and a light-hearted, semi-voice-of-reason in a group so thoroughly devoted to libertarianism views of the law.

    We follow the spray-painted Cop Block truck downtown to find a parking spot for three cars and end up on Lakeside Ave. near the Justice Center, which is perfect for these libertarians.

    Sounds about right. Fucking Scene.

  13. What a coincidence, I just discovered “Cop Block” today, as I was searching the interwebs, looking for ways to beat/refuse dui checkpoints. Yes, I do realize I can remain silent. But the videos are quite entertaining.

    1. It’s too bad that Cop Block isn’t an app that you can get for your smart phone that prevents cops from coming within 100 miles of you.

      1. I’d actually go full android for that shit.

        1. The phone OS, or you saying that you’d sacrifice your last organic parts?

          1. Why not both?

  14. …”They aren’t police officers, they’re police employees.”…

    He’s too kind. They are social janitors, charged with cleaning up messes people make in society.
    It seems to be required to arm them, but I’m sure they’d have a more accurate view of themselves if they were in janitors’ togs.

  15. If we are going to put cameras on cops while they do their job why not put cameras on mom’s as they put their babies to sleep, or on little league baseball coaches as they berate one player who picks tulips at 3rd base. Guilty!

    Is a staffed police cruiser worth $1 million per year. This is realtime, folks. I am not making this up. $1 million/yr is the going rate for one modernly equipped cop.

  16. More from the Scene on libertarians. The Ass is Wrong

    So here’s my suggestion for Drew: If you care about Cleveland as much as you say you do, if you really want to make a difference, then don’t just preach from the safety and luxury of sunny California. Get off your trademark fat ass and do something. Give up the panache of L.A. and the easy money of The Price is Right and move back to Cleveland. Start a production company, open a comedy club ? hell, run for office, the race for the new county executive position is wide open. Do something. Or shut the hell up.

    1. Start a production company, open a comedy club ? hell, run for office, the race for the new county executive position is wide open. Do something. Or shut the hell up.

      The fact that progs still put ‘run for office’ as a great way of helping the community shows how delusional they are.

      Running for office is a good way for a great person to destroy himself in a sea of depravity and ignorance. It’s not a good way to improve peoples’ lives.

      A well run business helps more people than a congressman.

    2. Start a productive business. Sure, but that is pretty fucking hard thanks to Cleveland having an horrific government and all, which is Drew’s point.

    3. Also, what exactly has the writer for the Cleveland Scene done to help Cleveland?

      Is writing for a shitty alt-magazine an act of altruism now?

  17. I guess this is a Cleveland thread then. Scrap or Die.

    The song the title is referring to. Third world, indeed.

    1. The scrappers, in other words, are everywhere, boldly tearing away at the city’s infrastructure in broad daylight like vultures hovering over a pack of lemmings that followed one another over the edge of a cliff.

      This simile should be taken out behind a barn and shot.

      1. Virgil would be proud of it.

  18. Not sure how we got on Cleveland, but… I’ve only been there a few times, but I didn’t find it as bad as people say. Been to a few restaurants there, down to the lake front, etc. I thought the city was sort of pretty, the skyline at night and all.

    But I’ve never had to live there.

    My older brother lived and worked there for around 20 years, and then moved to Florida a few years back, where he still lives. Said he couldn’t take the winters any longer.

    1. Living there makes a big difference in how people view it.

      1. I guess, just like everywhere else.

        1. Cleveland does seem to breed a certain brand of hostility, though.

          1. As a friend of mine once told me, the Browns are the perfect team for Cleveland. “Yeah, we suck. Fuck you.”

  19. Scarlett Johansson vs. the BDS movement.

    Apparently, BDS isn’t some sexual kink, but a movement for a one-sided boycott of Israel, because, you know, they’re the only threat to peace in the region.

    Johannson, who is Jewish (can I say “a Jewess?”), is a spokeswoman for SodaStream, which has a factory in the West Bank town of Ma’ale Adumim. Apparently, SodaStream is subject to the anti-Israel boycott for all those Palestinian and Israeli employees it exploits in that allegdly illegal settlement.

    Under pressure from OxFam(!), she resigned as ambassador for that charity.

    She’s still with SodaStream – “There’s a lot of anti-Semitism out there” and “I stand behind that decision. I was aware of that particular factory before I signed. And it still doesn’t seem like a problem ? at least not until someone comes up with a solution to the closing of that factory and leaving all those people destitute.”


    BONUS: See the UNCENSORED version of Johansson’s SodsStream commercial, including the controversial final scene which was considered TOO HOT for Israel!


    1. She’s still with SodaStream – “There’s a lot of anti-Semitism out there” and “I stand behind that decision. I was aware of that particular factory before I signed. And it still doesn’t seem like a problem ? at least not until someone comes up with a solution to the closing of that factory and leaving all those people destitute.”

      How can someone smart enough to say this still be a Democrat?

      1. “earn like Episcopalians and vote like Puerto Ricans.” – Milton Himmelfarb


        1. “earn like Episcopalians and vote like Puerto Ricans.” – Milton Himmelfarb

          Well, we all know how well that’s worked out!

    1. Ah, don’t click that link! It’s too late for me, but there’s still time to save yourselves!

  20. Holy crap! Anyone else watching North Dakota vs. Minnesota?

    1. just saw the highlight

  21. 2008 Libertarian Party Presidential candidate Bob Barr is polling as the frontrunner in the GOP primary for the GA-11 US Congressional seat. If he wins the inevitable runoff he’ll trounce the token Dem and return to Congress.

    1. Just one question.

      IS he a libertarian?

      1. BTW, not sure if you SF’d the link, or Pantsed the link, but it doesn’t work.

        1. Or, sorry dude, the website is definitely broken. And appears that he is a FAKE libertarian.

          1. Correct link to his campaign website with a blog of his most recent writings. It worked earlier today. Barr was a serious civil libertarian the last time he was in congress, with the exception of drug issues which he repented on prior to securing the LP nom and then went on to work for the Marijuana Policy Project. Barr does have the failing of his fellow “fake libertarian”, Gary Johnson, in supporting the execrable “fair tax”.

        1. Damnit, I knew it, now you’ve rained on my parade…

      2. Nope.


  22. Have you heard the news from the…Salt Lake Tribune?

    “University of Utah weighing changes to ‘discriminatory’ fight song

    “Students, faculty, alumni and fans will be invited to chime in on the debate about possible changes to the 1904 lyrics.

    “University of Utah student leaders are ready to reopen the discussion on revising the school’s fight song, “Utah Man.”…

    “Originally written in 1904, the song is four stanzas long. It begins and ends with variations on the line, “Utah man am I,” and declares “Our coeds are the fairest and each one’s a shining star.”…

    “”This isn’t the first attempt to change the song, which is based on a burlesque or folk tune called “Solomon Levi.” In 1984, a U. vice president floated changing the lyrics “Who am I, sir? A Utah man am I” to “Who am I, friend? A Utah fan am I.” And, in 2000, there was an effort to repeal and replace it with a ditty written by a Mormon Tabernacle organist.

    “Those changes never caught on, but at least one switch did. The song once contained the line, “We drink our stein of lager and we smoke our big cigars,” a sentiment that was replaced with the line about fair coeds.”


  23. OT:
    Just finished “A People’s Tragedy: The Russian Revolution: 1891-1924”, Orlando Figes.
    I mentioned earlier that he’d sort of shown his stripes in that he claimed land was being rented to the peasants at prices higher than “economic value”, as if he knew what the price should have been.
    It gets worse; in the “conclusion” he claims that governments are charged with ‘distributing rights’ among the population and then that we should be pleased to accept some level of socialism in that it buys off the more radical idiots who vote in democracies; government as a protection racket.
    More reading required, but this guy looks to be a Brit-educated socialist minus any self-awareness.

    1. Thanks for sharing.

      Things like this are helpful for “what not to read”

      Have you read Koba the Dread btw? Good stuff.

    2. Just finished his book on the Crimean War – was pretty well written and informative but glad to see someone else pick up on the latent skew.

      I vaguely recall his inane moralizing over certain economic issues, but what stuck out was how bent he seemed to be in some places on showing the Brit rank-and-file as monumentally backwards in their racism toward their Ottoman allies as opposed to any other Euro army. As if his own country were uniquely brownophobic in 1850’s Europe. There must be a parallel in there somewhere…

  24. “pissed off suburban white men.”

    The more interesting angle that the story didn’t cover, is how ‘pissed off suburban white men’, previously a major constituency of police support, is no longer. Wonder how that happened?

  25. Sounds like a pretty cool group to me man. WOw.


  26. Hey, I’d say you get what you ask for. Libertarians are always saying “yay diversity, yay mass non white immigration into traditionally white countries!” And yet they get all pissed off when people notice that despite this, they are nearly all white people.

  27. Since the courts have said the police can not be held liable for failing to respond then they should stop responding to those that want to give the police the middle finger.

  28. Getting offended because this type of person would rather see black people be abused by the police than see white people talk about said abuse does nothing of value but drag you into the gutter with him.

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