Poll Finds Most Americans Support Legal Pot and Oppose Treating Drug Users As Criminals


A new Pew Research Center poll confirms that most Americans (54 percent) think marijuana should be legal and finds that an even bigger majority (75 percent) believes pot prohibition eventually will be repealed throughout the country. More than two-thirds of respondents (69 percent) agreed with President Obama that alcohol is more hazardous to health than marijuana, while just 15 percent said marijuana is more dangerous. Three-quarters of respondents said people should not go to jail for smoking pot.

Respondents also expressed reservations about criminalizing the use of other drugs. Two-thirds said the government should "focus more" on "providing treatment for those who use illegal drugs such as heroin and cocaine," rather than prosecuting them. Although that question leaves no room for heroin or cocaine users who are neither criminals nor patients, it does suggest a less punitive attitude than previous polls have found, which is consistent with rising support for moving away from mandatory minimum sentences for nonviolent drug offenses. Sixty-three percent of respondents deemed that trend "a good thing" in this year's poll, up from 47 percent nin 2001. Pew concludes that "the public appears ready for a truce in the long-running war on drugs." More like a de-escalation, I'd say, but still encouraging.

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  1. When it bubbles to the top of Americans’ concerns, maybe then we will see an end to the war on- Oh, who are we kidding. When more money is to be made taxing marijuana than prohibiting it, then we’ll see a wholesale shift in policy.

  2. 54% is not most. It’s a majority, but not most.

    1. It’s poorly worded. If you clicked through, only 16% say it should remain illegal, even for medicinal use. And while medicinal legalization does have its problems, it is the leading indicator that a state might consider recreational use in the future.

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    2. 54% is not most. It’s a majority, but not most.

      Which definition of “most” are you using?

  3. Although that question leaves no room for heroin or cocaine users who are neither criminals nor patients

    Since using drugs is a criminal act, aren’t all heroin and cocaine users by definition criminals?

    1. Since using drugs is a criminal act

      Is that a fact? My understanding is that possession of those (and other) drugs is criminalized, not the consumption (using) of them.

      If I show up at the ER in the throes of drug-induced psychosis but there are no drugs on me, neither in my home, I can’t be prosecuted, can I?

      1. Some states charge you with possession in that scenario, because you are possessing them in your bloodstream. No, I’m not kidding. They bust drunk teenagers for alcohol possession under this as well.

        1. Wow, I’m impressed.

          1. They even go so far as to bust sober teenage drivers for driving drunks home, because they are illegally transporting the alcohol in the drunk person’s bloodstream.

            I wish I was kidding.

            1. In a righteous world, only teenage vampires would be busted for that.

      2. Watch COPS sometime. They routinely bust people for being under the influence of illegal drugs.

        1. I know about DUI and public drunkenness laws; I wasn’t aware of generic “under the influence of illegal drugs” laws.

          But as SugarFree mentioned supra the application of possession laws, it might be that I’m simply na?ve.

          1. They call it “possession by consumption” to sidestep the tactic of taking all your shit at once right before you get arrested.

          2. Your problem is that you’re using common sense.

  4. How many of those people will go to the polls and vote against authoritarians (both Left and Right) who menace the vulnerable little children with an endless parade of hobgoblins?

    1. Is the correct answer… not enough?

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  7. What? The Second American Civil War is coming to a close? Who won?


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