Obamacare's Legal and Practical Tribulations Last Week, Plus Independents Re-Re-Run Open Thread for "Rise of the Machines"


Did you miss The Independents talk about Obamacare's lousy week? Let's rectify that. First up, Katherine Mangu-Ward and TV's Andy Levy discuss the latest delays to the unwieldy law:

When Hobby Lobby had its day at the Supreme Court arguing against Obamacare, Cato Executive Vice President David Boaz was on the show that night to talk about the case, the law, and the principle of religious-liberty exceptions:

And in the after-show that night, Boaz joined Party Panelists Julie Roginsky and Ellis Henican for a rambling conversation that ended on Obamacare after various detours through German hookers and throuples:

It's Sunday night, so that means a delicious Independents repeat at 7 p.m. ET, 4 p.m. PT. Once again, it's "Rise of the Machines," featuring Katherine Mangu-Ward, James Barrat, Robin Hanson, P.W. Singer, Marc Scribner, Lori Sanders, and more. Gentlepeople, open your threads!