Cato Panel on Federalizing America's Immigration System Featuring Reason's Shikha Dalmia


The immigration reform debate is increasingly polarized and has policymakers looking for new and innovative reform

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options. One such option is state- or regionally managed guest-worker visa programs, in addition to federal visas. Under such a system, individual states could manage and experiment with different guest-worker visa systems designed to suit their particular economic circumstances.

Canada and Australia have regional visa programs that have worked well, aided economic growth, and slowed population decline. Their approaches could be adapted to the United States.

Reason Foundation Shikha Dalmia wrote about Canada's program here.

She'll join the panel featuring Brandon Fuller, Deputy Director and Research Scholar, NYU Stern Urbanization Project; Reihan Salam, columnist and National Review Institute policy fellow; and moderated by Alex Nowrasteh, Immigration Policy Analyst, Cato Institute to discuss the potential economic, political, and legal issues that come with regionally managed visas.

Come one, come all at the Cato building at 1000 Massachusetts Avenue at noon. Please register here. Or, if you can't come, watch it live at www.cato.org/live