NSA Makes Latest 'Enemies of the Internet' List


Enemies of the Internet
Reporters Without Borders

If any publicity is good publicity, the National Security Agency (NSA) is just rolling in it. The latest headline grabber is the high-profile electronic surveillance agency's ranking—along with its British counterpart, Government Commmunications Headquarters (GCHQ)—on a list of "enemies of the Internet" that otherwise features the usual scurvy screw of thumbscrew-friendly authoritarian regimes. The listing comes, of course, courtesy of the NSA's widely publicized (by Edward Snowden) spying on the communications activities of Americans and the world at large.

Published by Reporters Without Borders, Enemies of the Internet 2014 lists the NSA and GCHQ among such notables as Cuba, Iran, Russia, Syria, and a cabal of western firms that sell surveillance technology to the sort of governments that make decent people squeamish. Most of the names on the list are no surprise. Cuba's communist dictatorship "denies most of its population free access to the Internet"? You don't say. Syria's thuggish rulers "monitor the Web and trace activists and dissidents"? Few of us thought otherwise.

But that's exactly what makes the appearance of U.S. and U.K. government agencies so…unpleasant. Those governments are supposed to be better than that, though the realists among us know that government officials tend to aspire downward when it comes to respect for individual liberty. The NSA, the report notes, "has come to symbolize the abuses by the world's intelligence agencies."

But, if the NSA gets slammed both by the specifics of its entry in the report and by the company it keeps, the U.K.'s government is in for even worse treatment.

"The U.S. edition of The Guardian is still able to publish information from Edward Snowden, while the British edition is not," the report asserts. That doesn't seem to be quite true, yet, though the British government is reportedly considering reinstating censorship of such matters after raking the the newspaper over coals over the Snowden revelations.

More bluntly, the report quotes Snowden commenting about the GCHQ, "They are worse than the U.S."

Which might soften some of the sting for Americans. Or just make it worse for Britons.

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  1. Weird that SugarFree didn’t make the list this year.

  2. Again, thank you Ed Snowden.

  3. What does it say about me that when I saw this headline, my first thought is that the NSA had put together an “enemies of the internet” list?

    1. I thought it was gonna be a selfie.

  4. I thought the same thing Andrew.

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        1. I’m sure they all beamed to the secret Nazi moonbase in complete safety.

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    2. The only response to this is WTF! Its difficult to imagine this level of intellect outside of a daycare center or congressional office.

      #1 no understanding of technology and yes nasa can find planets but it takes years of dedicated research.

      #2 if it was the us we would have just used seals or drones and avoided all this attention.

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              1. Uh, I’m a little new here. I enjoyed the story, as well, but I was not aware that there have been multiple rape short stories in the past. Is this a competition?

                1. I’ll drop the snark and be direct, for once: one of the regular posters here has an ongoing series of short stories about the…uh…colorful time-traveling sexual escapades of a sasquatch-esque character loosely based on another HnR regular.

                  Basically, when you encounter a post with the word “SugarFree” over it around here, make sure there’s no one within eyesight of your computer screen that you’d consider “polite company”.

                  1. I thought he was/is an HnR irregular?

  7. OT, but Raw Story calls out Reason for inaccuracies in that food stamp, sex shop story posted earlier

    I checked and it looks like Elizabeth Nolan Brown made the appropriate update.

    1. They should be calling out WAFB, the news affiliate that originally reported the story that ENB was blogging about.

      I mean, there’s absolutely no evidence that the blog post was written in anything but good faith, but the comments on Raw Story there just start going off about how it’s typical of what corrupt, lying, lie-filled liars all libertarians (liebertarians?) are.

      1. After looking into it, it appears her article is generally true in the sense that TANF offers cash benefits that have almost no restrictions on them and thus could conceivably be spent on sex toys. The store just apparently has a policy against it and has not recorded any sales in that manner.

        She’s actually in the Raw Story comments section defending herself right now. It’s pretty awesome since she’s actually quoting her work and citing her sources.

        1. The store just apparently has a policy against it and has not recorded any sales in that manner.

          Aren’t sex toys a right?

  8. Pretty scary stuff when you think about it. Wow.


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