Nick Gillespie on Fox News' Red Eye With Greg Gutfeld Tonite!


I'll be on Fox News Channel's Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld tonight, joining regulars Andy Levy and Jo Nosuchinsky and former (current?) CIA op Mike Baker.

Among the topics: Whether the Pulitzer Prize judges should consider The Washington Post and Britain's Guardian for Edward Snowden-related materials (yes); colleges should allow racially restrictive happy hours (no); and whether Detroit should allow florists to deliver flowers via drones (sure).

Red Eye airs on Fox News at 3am ET. Go here for more info.

Greg Gutfeld has a new book coming out next week. Look for a Reason TV interview with The New York Times' best-selling author of The Joy of Hate. Not Cool: The Hipster Elite and Their War on You is a funny and infuriating read—and name-checks Reason as "the smartest magazine around. You want proof? Both me and [Andrew] Breitbart applied for jobs there, and both of us were turned down." Which is true (at least the part about them being turned down not even for jobs but just internships!).

NEXT: Jesse Walker on Ronald Reagan's Foreign Policy Legacy

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  1. them being turned down not even for jobs but just internships!

    Totally now going to apply for an internship just for the rejection letter.

  2. Ugh, the leg seat is going to look horrible tonight.

  3. So his is the most accomplished former Reason intern?

    James Taranto is the only one I can name off the top of my head.

  4. Gutfeld = those aren’t ‘hipsters’. Those are liberals.

    Hipsters don’t have ideas and they don’t care about you. There is no ‘elite’ of hipsters because hipsters reject their own existence. They might echo progressive thoughts but have no real desire to be politically active. They might smoke or might not, but neither support nor oppose smoking bans or any other kind of policy. They might be straight edge or heroin snorters but know nothing about the drug war. The don’t want your soul. They don’t know who you are. They want to get easy good paying design gigs, cheap coke, and go to some cool roof parties in bushwick. Beyond that not much matters.

    See the regional expert =

    1. meh.

      a strict definition of hipster can get any result you want.

      But one does not have to go far to find people who meet much of the criteria of what a hipster is and are political.

      Occupy wall street was very much populated by hipsters and they were political.

  5. A germane comment=

    Why Hipsters Are Politically Useless…..uest-post/

    “..Firstly, they don’t actually care, despite the words that will come out of their mouths. They all claim to be, at least somewhat, “political.” The further and more obscure the issue, the more they feign an interest…[but] they have no interest in actually doing any of the work it would take to affect some sort of real change. They may go to a protest, but once the real legwork begins such as letter writing, organizing… no hipster will be found…..Secondly, all these kale consumers drone on and on about the “local” movement. Sure it sounds nice but do any of them realize that only the rich and/or trust fund babies like themselves can afford to have everything made within an arm’s reach? …Once they realize [actual political involvement] would affect their day-to-day life of fetishizing the “struggle,” they would declare it “so yesterday” and be on to pretending they’re interested in the issues surrounding the metals that their iPhone 6 will be made of…””

    I note = this complaint? is by a politically-active liberal-progressive “organizer”.

    1. I would say much of the surface noise generated by the left resonates with hipsters.

      ie local movement, min wage, vote Obama, corporations are bad (at least some corporations anyway), net neutrality, free college tuition etc.

      I would agree that resonance is not very deep. But if they vote for dems consistently how much resonance does one need?

  6. Between Baker and Bolton I had to give up on the show, so I would pay a nice, unshiny fraction of a bitcoin if Gillespie would smack uberdouche Baker around a few times.

  7. Racially restrictive Happy Hours?!?

    Oh, God. Who’s pushing that idea?

    1. Don’t know where it’s coming from, but I bet dollars to donuts it’s not white students who are trying to create one. I can almost imagine the postmodernist liberal apologies: “Student of color and alternate ethnicities need a safe and nurturing environment to get shitfaced with others of their chosen identity.”

  8. Red Eye without Bill Schulz? No thanks. Can it really be Red Eye anymore? He had the reddest eyes on the show!

  9. So is NIck actually going to make any critical comments when Greg or any of the other guests slobber over how wonderful the NSA is?

    Red Eye got so authoritarian I had to stop watching.

  10. Slam Man is not going to like that at all dude.

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