Watch Rep. Jared Polis Subject Cash to the Bitcoin-Regulation Test


On Monday night's episode of The Independents, the libertarian-leaning Rep. Jared Polis (D-Colorado) explained the impetus behind his tongue-in-cheek letter to Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen and other regulators asking them to consider banning the dangerous, untraceable, irritatingly anonymous U.S. dollar:

Reason on Polis here. Stay tuned for a forthcoming interview with the congressman on and in the magazine.

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  1. Stay tuned for a forthcoming interview with the congressman on and in the magazine.

    Did Matt Welch finally catch him a Jackalope?

  2. Next you’ll claim there’s a Democrat against gun control somewhere.

  3. Matt, I am as big tent as the next guy. And I know you have a personally healthy disregard for Politicians. But claiming Polis is Libertarian Leaning is really quite a stretch. He does have some libertarian sounding positions but for the most part is more like a very moderate democrat/socialist lite. Maybe he has changed and I haven’t kept, in which case I retract, but as far as I have seen he is not even the smallest government guy even in the Democrat party.

    1. Libertarian Leaning is a bit of a joke. This guy is quite a bit brighter than Captain Zero, understands nuance and can drop some nice verbiage when in front of the camera. In short, he’s good a fooling the rubes.

      Where the rubber meets the road, he’s all progressive all of the time which means he might say he for “Freedom X” but all that really means is that he has a convenient redefinition of “Freedom”, “X” and “for”. By the way, he really didn’t mean for that bill to turn out that way, it just sort of happened.

      During the whole Obamacare thing he fiddled biostocks and healthcare investments and made a healthy sum while sitting in committee on the very subject. If he wasn’t a congressman, he would be probably be sitting behind bars for insider trading. Prior to that, he was the poster boy for going after those evil wall street capitalists. Pure progressive hypocrisy at its finest. Almost a thing of beauty in its vile purity.

      Hell, he might have even lost his seat due to croneyism in a district that contains Boulder which is known for its progressive ideology and near zero IQs. Fortunately for him, he was running against a fundy Republican of utterly dubious sentience and held his seat.

      Polis is exactly as libertarian leaning as a news media hook line. No more, no less.

    2. How about “Not blatantly Luddite”

  4. His trolling about cash would be funnier if not for US law and actions treating possession of $10,000 in cash as near prima facie evidence of a crime and subject to seizure already. (And also even amounts close to $10k but just under in an attempt to “evade” those regulations.)

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