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As Drug War Dissent Mounts, U.N. Agency Rails Against Reforms It Cannot Stop



I've got a new column at Forbes that details the Internation Narcotics Control Board's futile resistance against drug policy reform. Here is how it starts:

Although marijuana remains illegal in the Netherlands, in 1976 the Dutch government began tolerating retail sales of small amounts by so-called coffee shops. Thirty-eight years later, the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB), a U.N. agency that describes its mission as "monitoring and supporting Governments' compliance with the international drug control treaties," is still complaining about that policy. In its latest annual report, issued this week, the INCB notes that the Dutch "tolerance policy" (gedoogbeleid) "allows small amounts of cannabis to be sold and abused." (INCB officials, like hardline drug warriors everywhere, define all recreational consumption of marijuana as abuse.) According to the INCB, such tolerance is intolerable: "The Board reiterates its position that such 'coffee shops' are in contravention of the provisions of the international drug control conventions."

If the INCB does not like Amsterdam's cannabis cafés, which are technically illegal, you can imagine how it feels about Denver's state-licensed pot shops. Actually, you don't have to imagine. INCB President Raymond Yans, never one to hold back criticism of governments he deems insufficiently zealous in suppressing the consumption of arbitrarily proscribed intoxicants, spells it out in black and white. "We deeply regret the developments at the state level in Colorado and Washington, in the United States, regarding the legalization of the recreational use of cannabis," he writes. "INCB reiterates that these developments contravene the provisions of the drug control conventions, which limit the use of cannabis to medical and scientific use only."

Read the whole thing.

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  1. “INCB officials, like hardline drug warriors everywhere, define all recreational consumption of marijuana as abuse.”

    IT IS!!!! That poor plant is murder and mutilated, then burned just to provide…oh, they meant the user


  2. If I ever found myself getting more ass than a toilet seat, I’d simply copy Yans’s hairstyle and overall fashion sense; not to mention the whole grown-up hall monitor thing he’s got going on there.

    1. He’s Belgian, so he never really had a chance

      1. You disrespect Jean-Claude Van Damme?

        1. Ever since I saw a pic of him sunbathing with a white sock on his cock, yes

    2. An entire career shaped by the fact that none of the cool kids let him smoke reefer with them.

      1. I just wonder if he’s dominated more by a sort of weary resignation to the utter uselessness of himself and his organization, or by an un-self-aware sense of impotent righteousness.

  3. I’ve never abused drugs. It’s just that sometimes I love them so much, I do something rash.

  4. He looks like someone that has a terabyte of child porn on a hard drive somewhere.

  5. A corduroy suit? Seriously?

    1. It’s as if they tried to seek out the most awful, dreary, dull people for the job. Or perhaps awful, dreary, dull people seek out that sort of job.

      1. You’d have to be a pretty awful, dreary, dull person to make it your life’s mission to stop people from pursuing happiness in a manner in which you disapprove.

  6. I wonder if all this whining from the UN dimwit (and each picture I see of him gets worse) is no more than a series of pro forma denunciations, so it appears he is doing something useful.

    1. Indeed. FTFA: The INCB has complained for years about these things, but at the end of the day, that’s really all it can do. It doesn’t have any direct enforcement authority over parties to the Single Convention. All it can do is say ‘you’re out of compliance’ and, at worst, recommend that other treaty parties stop the import/export of drugs to the countries it doesn’t like.

  7. Dear Ray Ray,
    Fuck off

    CO and WA

  8. Why do so many people have such a hard time just minding their own fucking business?

    1. “No! That’s an incorrect attitude! We’re all in this together, so your business *is* my business!”

    2. Something about minding your own business when your own business is worth minding.

    3. Any relation to the Kieffers of Farmer Ohio?

  9. Nothing turns the right against something like the United Nations pushing to force it on the United States. This might help end prohibition. No true American is going to let the UN take a One Worlder dump all over the Stars and Stripes.

  10. If we can’t have a revolution, can we at least start building the wall where we’ll stand these authoritarian cunts up against?

    1. If they’re such fans of forcing people to do things for their own and the public good, I say force them to clean my dunny.

  11. I remember that punchable face from an earlier article.

    Looks like it need MOAR PUNCHING.

    1. Backpfeiffengesicht FTW!

      Really, that should have been the alt-text.

  12. Ain’t the Canadian Charter of Rights somethin’? (See article.) A bunch of vague statements which are sometimes interpreted to interfere with each other, and which therefore turn the judiciary into a super-legislature in implementing it. Often, as in this case, it helps individual liberty, while in other cases it hurts it.

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