Proposed Maryland Law Could Lead to Confiscation Of Guns from Noncomplying Folks with Criminal Records


As J.D. Tuccille has noted here regarding Connecticut, people don't tend to want to give up weapons they already own just because it is now technically illegal for them to have them.

Maryland is contemplating testing this out when it comes to people legally barred from gun ownership because of their criminal records, as Associated Press reports via

The House of Delegates is considering a bill that would link Maryland's gun registry to its criminal database.

State law requires gun owners to surrender their weapons if they're convicted of felonies or any violent crimes, but Del. Luiz Simmons, D-Montgomery, said Maryland State Police lack a systematic way of enforcing this…..

State Police estimate that if they linked the databases, they would find 10 percent of registered gun owners — about 110,000 people — would be disqualified. They estimate a rate of 1 percent each year thereafter.

Under Simmons' plan, police would run a systematic check at least twice a year.

The Department of Legislative Services believes it would cost about $300,000 to create the database. The department also anticipates a need for seven new full-time troopers to investigate findings from the new database, with a cost of more than $1 million a year for salaries and equipment…

Several independent gun advocates submitted written testimony before a Tuesday hearing. They argued against the measure, calling it unnecessary and potentially invasive.

"This smacks of a police state mentality," said a resident named Ronald Smith.

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  1. I’m beginning to suspect that it’s not a good idea to register your guns.

    1. What guns? I…uh…don’t have any guns. Yeah, I have a concealed weapons permit, but…uh…that’s just for show. You know, to impress the ladies.

      1. Do they link your CCW to a specific gun in WA?

        1. I.E. in CA, your license has the make, model, and serial # of the gun you are permitted to carry.

          1. Then there should be no crime, because criminal thugs would never break a law like that. Sounds serious.

            Sarcasm aside, that is six, maybe seven, kinds of fucked up.

            1. They want to make sure that you’ve had the proper “training” on the model that you carry.

              Look up the CA safe handgun list, it’s even more fucked up.

          2. Realy? That’s lame.

          3. Never. They’re never getting a sheet on me, anywhere.

        2. Hell no. The only guns WA might know I have are the ones I’ve bought here, and that’s only like…uh…three or four. All the rest? They have no idea.

          1. OT:

            When my GF lived in WA I sent her a pistol through my FFL to an FFL near her home (granite falls). When she went to pick it up she called because the guy was trying to get her to fill out the forms for a CCW. I told her to go for it as it might make carrying the gun less of a hassle.

            She filled out the form and never heard anything about it. Later, I went online and found that WA residents have to apply at the local police station.

            Can an ffl submit the paperwork for you, or was this some sort of scam? It happened over a year ago and we’ve not heard a thing more about it since.

            1. Sounds like a scam. I was just on the permit website not an hour ago because I have a renewal coming up this year, and it said nothing whatsoever about being able to do it through an FFL; you are supposed to apply at the police station or county sheriff (in Seattle you can do it at the King County Courthouse). Not to mention that WA state law requires that you be given your permit within 30 days.

              If you haven’t received it in a year, you almost assuredly got scammed. I’ve never heard of it being done through an FFL anywhere ever in all the states I’ve lived in.

              1. It didn’t cost any extra money, though. And being that she had to fill out all the forms for the gun, he already had all of her personal info. Can’t find a motive here.

                Fucking wierd.

        3. Do they link your CCW to a specific gun in WA?


      2. I lost all of my guns in boating accident. They sit presently at the bottom of the yough dam reservoir.

        Oh wait, I still have this 40 year old, no-name .22 revolver. You’re welcome to it officer; just wanna do my part to make a safer world for the children.

        1. They love a good “drop” gun.

        2. Tragedy.

  2. Goodbye Article 1, Section 9. We hardly knew ye.

  3. The department also anticipates a need for seven new full-time troopers to investigate findings from the new database, with a cost of more than $1 million a year for salaries and equipment…

    Here’s an idea: Fuck you.

  4. 2012
    “Obama-Fearing Gun Nuts Are, Well, Nuts”…..-well-nuts

    March 2013
    “Reporters should counter pro-gun scare tactics with facts.”…..-guns-not/

    “Because if there’s one thing you know if you know about pro-gun activists, it’s that they exaggerate even the mildest gun safety proposals. They’re not all so extreme, but you can certainly expect to hear some ? including elected officials here in Colorado ? claiming that any gun-safety measure is about confiscating guns from law-abiding citizens.”

    1. The two-faced nature of the banners is one reason, I think, that they’ve been largely unsuccessful in their efforts.

      First of all, they’re really obvious about it. They really can’t help it. One minute they’re talking about “common sense reforms” then the next they’re calling gun owners crazy and screaming from the rooftops for confiscation and murder. This scares the moderates and Fudd’s into siding with us “nuts”.

      Secondly, it solidifies the meddle of us nuts. Pushing usually apathetic people into activism. We saw a huge number of people writing to politicians, donating money and staging protests in response to the banners’ boners post-newtown.

      1. Nothing provokes people more than jerking them around all the time.

  5. “This smacks of a police state mentality,” said a resident named Ronald Smith.

    Yeah, Mr. Smith. Isn’t that what one should expect in a police state like Maryland?

    After 12 years of indoctrination in government schools and continual reinforcement by MSM drivel, it is hard to see the US government for what it really is. The cognitive dissonance is a bitch.

  6. I’m glad that I live in a state where it’s legal to purchase guns from private parties without having to go through a dealer.

    Less of a paper trail.

    1. Naturally, that’s a “legal” thing to do anywhere.

  7. Really, there are ZERO exceptions in the second amendment.

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