Bitcoin: If It Ain't Dead, It Should Be Because It's All About "White Privilege"


Bitcoin is naught but a toy for rich white libertarian men, says Annie-Rose Strasser at Think Progress, as she thinks about the ways she doesn't like progress if she doesn't like the type of people she associates with it, or the ideas she thinks are behind it, no matter what its actual uses are or might be, for rich, poor, or in-between.

I guess I can be sure Bitcoin isn't really dead if attacks like this are still being produced and writers and editors assume they still have an audience. (I blogged back in December about one more thoughtful such attack, in "The 'It's Libertarian So It's Bad' Argument Against Bitcoin.")

Strasser starts off with some irrelevant facts–new weird digital tools, techniques, and trends with a libertarian philosophical bent might tend to skew toward having lots of white man as their most active and obvious users and boosters–and one big thing that just isn't true at all–"there's a fair amount of privilege built directly into the currency: In order to buy the sometimes wildly expensive currency, Bitcoin users need to be wealthy."

In fact, for years the price of a bitcoin remained under $10, not quite the sign of something meant to block the less-well-to-do by design. Maybe she meant to say that if you were smart enough to get involved in Bitcoin early, that you are now wealthy? (You also don't need to buy an entire Bitcoin, so any amount of any other money is sufficient to get you that-much-worth of Bitcoin. It's like complaining money is expensive.)

The article as a whole ends up implying that it just doesn't matter how useful the tool might be to poor, blacks, women, the underprivileged, etc, as a (likely) noninflationary way to store or transmit value, because she doesn't like libertarians.

In fact, it is the very "unbanked" who she goes on to discuss and who she seems to think only government can help that will likely, as awareness and stability in digital currencies spread, benefit from it the most. But it seems to Strasser all that matters is that people she can associate with the tool have ideas she doesn't like, and might disapprove of some government programs she is sure other people need.

They may or may not need them; but to take the time to poke at the valuable-to-all tool of digital currency seems a strangely retrograde use of one's time and attention. I get that progressives think the world's less well-off need government, and lots of it.

That needn't imply being hostile to technical advances that allow anyone with a wired computer to do interesting things more easily and cheaply. The manifold benefits to the third world of the spread of mobile phone technologies, for example, should teach us that. But I'm afraid no amount of reality is enough to teach people not to get really annoyed with anything they associate with libertarians.

For what some of those advantages might be, for prince or for pauper (yes, as long as said pauper has access to the Internet, which many do), as I've written before:

What seems easy to say is that for anyone who has ever tried to transfer money, nationally or internationally, that the values in ease, speed, and cost of digital currency means that it will have the same leveling effect on industries like banking and finance that depend largely on their middleman function that already we've seen happen in book sales, video rentals, and travel agents.

People who doubt this are letting their ability to write Bitcoin and other digital currencies off as "libertarian" blind them to economic trends of the past 20 years in the digital age. If you can understand the value of, say, PayPal, then you already understand the value of Bitcoin; except Bitcoin doesn't have a middleman skimming.

I could close by making the argument that attacking Bitcoin is clearly and obviously just for insanely privileged and wealthy westerners on the side of the most rich and powerful force in the world, the U.S. government and U.S. banking and finance interests, a crummy game for those who think that cheap and easy remittances to the third world, workarounds for bank or credit card company attempts to punish people, and cheap and easy microcredit or microcharity, are less important than scoring points off your ideological foes, but I'm not that type.

Left-leaning folk having problems with libertarian implications of digital age is not uncommon.

NEXT: Smash the Surveillance State Google Glass!

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  1. Brian has a Bitcoin in his bonnet.

    1. The establishment will not leave Bitcoin unmolested if it becomes popular. There will be a cartel of Bitcoin miners gathering over half and manipulating it to insolvency.

      1. How’s that? Is that like how JPM manipulated silver into shit, not to mention gold.

        Fucking goldbugs are as ill informed as lefty progressives.


  2. “What is the source of all Evil in the universe?” =

    A – MONEY

    Progressive tests are hard!

    1. Hey…you cheated……

    2. A – MONEY
      C – LACK OF GOVERNMENT CONTROL [By privileged white people with hyphenated names]

      Let’s keep things in perspective here.

    3. I heard rumors that the Nazi version was similar, except that they used a different choice for (B)

      Any guesses?

    4. You forgot:

      E – TEH DRUGS



      The one thing that could save bitcoin and make it permanent, is if politicians start accepting it for bribes. /sarc


  3. “Bitcoin is a payment innovation that’s taking place outside the banking industry. To the best of my knowledge there’s no intersection at all, in any way, between Bitcoin and banks that the Federal Reserve has the ability to supervise and regulate. So the Fed doesn’t have authority to supervise or regulate Bitcoin in anyway,” said Yellen.…..te-bitcoin

    Only Congress can screw it up now.

    Or the market could too, of course.

    1. Or the market could too, of course.

      If the market screws it up (in true absence of government meddling) it deserved to be screwed up. That’s how markets work.

    2. A central bank honcho would never lie.

    3. Liberty Coin was put out of business by the FED without congress doing a thing.

      1. You mean by the Feds in court for counterfeiting.

        Not “the Fed”.

        1. “Counterfeiting” is simply private-sector quanitative easing.

    4. If they had the power to regulate it, they wouldn’t know what to do with it anyway.

      What are they going to do? Mine more bitcoin?

  4. Bitcoin users’ rejection of the government reflects the luxury of being able to live well without state support, while the less advantaged desperately need a larger government role in the banking system to help them them overcome deep, systemic bias.

    That American system of banking and government regulation has failed at points, but it’s worked more often than a libertarian system would. Despite being wronged by the system again and again, women and people of color actually don’t want a smaller government. They are the ones who need more institutional support, not less, to be financially successful.

    Good God. This woman knows The Struggle and what people of color need.

    Previously, Annie-Rose served as a press assistant for Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Annie-Rose holds a B.A. in English and Creative Writing from the George Washington University.

    I’d be hard-pressed to invent such people if they didn’t actually exist.

    1. A world run by self-important idiots.

    2. Creative writing, eh? Well, the article was creative in a retarded sort of way.

      1. That seems to cover a lot of progressive/feminist writers. Instead of instructing them on how to actually write coherent arguments, these liberal arts programs teach them to how write truth to power.

        Thus they enter the real-world and just assume they can apply their valuable ‘skills’ and intellect to issues they know nothing about like economics and technology.

        1. P.S. NWS upgraded their surf prediction to 15 ft. on Saturday.

          1. Despite living so close I can rarely find time to travel the 10 miles to the beach.

            Pity, should be an awesome sight.

            1. They should build a high speed train.

            2. I’ll put pics on Facebook if i make it.

              Which beach is 10 miles? South or West?

              1. Seal Beach is 10 miles if I were to go down Los Alamitos/Seal Beach Blvd.

                Huntington Beach is slightly further just going down Valley View/Bolsa Chica.

    3. holds a B.A. in English and Creative Writing from the George Washington University.

      And you haters said these degrees were worthless.

    4. “but it’s worked more often than a libertarian system would.”

      I really wish these people would use their seemingly limitless psychic powers to do more than write crappy articles.

      What good are psychic powers that can peer not just into the past and future of this universe, but into alternate ones as well, if they only get used to write poorly convincing articles?

    5. women and people of color … need more institutional support … to be financially successful.

      Progressives: espousing the same racist and sexist bullshit since 1910!

      1. “People of color” is only acceptable if used by the left. Anyone on the right who says “people of color” will have more wrath come down on them than they’ll know what to do with.

        Really, why is it that progressives never get in trouble for using racist terms like that?

        1. I like the plantation analogy. Most of the slaves are not fooled by master’s lies, but being slaves, there’s not much they can do about it. Master, of course, rewards those slaves who are most obedient and strive to mimic his virtues. So some of the slaves are allowed to work in the house instead of the field, and they soon become indistinguishable from master himself. Insulting them would be the same as insulting master, and so they are above reproach. The majority of the slaves continue to suffer and not complain lest they face the whip. No one leaves the plantation because life as a freedman is dangerous and unpredictable.

          1. Progressives are animists, among other things, and so they assume that since slave owners were white and slaves were black that whites are inherently slave owners and blacks are inherently slaves.

            While actual slaves still lived, they could not sell this line of bullshit to the average person. But when the experience of slavery passed from living memory, they got to rewrite the narrative to suit their purposes.

            And so they have.

      2. Of course they do. Where would they be without “predatory lending” fueled by the Fed?

        These fuckers talk out of both sides of their asses.

        Yeah, I know, I know.


        I get the feeling that they think that someday, the Fed will print money just for them.

    6. I love that having a vagina means somehow you’re incapable of being financially successful without help.

      Because that’s super empowering to women!

      1. Aww kibby, it’s so funny when you form an opinion, as if you have any agency beyond what goes on in your uterus.

        **pats head**

        1. Does this mean I have to report to my local reeducation center promptly at 8 AM on Monday?

          1. As a man I cannot order you to do anything. Comrade Fluke will tell you where you must report to.

      2. I love that having a vagina means somehow you’re incapable of being financially successful without help.

        Because that’s super empowering to women!

        Patriarchy is when a man takes care of a woman because he loves her.

        Feminism is when a man takes care of a woman because he loves her vote.

        1. *Golf clap*

        2. Perfect summation.

      3. I love that having a vagina means somehow you’re incapable of being financially successful without help.

        I would have thought it was just the opposite. You know – like being born with a built in ATM machine.

    7. That American system of banking and government regulation has failed at points

      The Great Depression

      The 1973 Crash

      The Savings and Loan collapse

      Fannie Mae

      Just some points.

      Despite being wronged by the system again and again, women and people of color actually don’t want a smaller government.

      Daddy government only hits me because he cares so much. With right laws I can change him. You don’t know him like I do.

    8. “Despite being wronged by the system again and again, women and people of color actually don’t want a smaller government.”

      If that’s true, they deserve what they get.

      1. There are particular women and persons of color who do not want smaller government.

        somehow I doubt they are the ones wronged by the system.

    9. Previously, Annie-Rose served as a press assistant for Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

      Of course she did. DWS is obnoxious and shrill, and she’s one of the prime examples of the cynicism of the career authoritarian progressive politician. She will look straight into a camera or interviewer’s face and lie her ass off if it serves her personal agenda, proclaiming how hard she’s fighting for the underprivileged. No surprise that someone who see Bitcoin as a vehicle for that ubiquitous bugaboo “white male privilege” has an association with her. I’m sure she’s possessed of equal integrity.

      Meanwhile, didn’t Bitcoin’s value rise because Greeks were buying it up after their socialist economy imploded? Is she furious at Greek privilege’s impact on brown ladies in the USA?

    10. She may not know any economics but she can jolly well write about it ? and in English!

  5. I’m starting to want to buy some. All the right people hate it.

    1. Pssst…c’mere…I’ll give you this bag of random ones and zeros!

      1. Ow! I hit my head on a nail!

    2. And I’m gonna finally take up smoking, ’cause the gummint hates it!

  6. Bitcoin is naught but a toy for rich white libertarian men, says Annie-Rose Strasser at Think Progress,

    This is exhibit A as to why the chasm between libertarianism and progressives is soooo much wider than the chasm between libertarianism and conservatism.

    1. Progressives have no political power. Watch them whine when their candidate (a Kucinich or Edwards in 2008) lose badly.

      Then they bitch about DLC Democrats like Bill Clinton and Obama.

      Whiney-ass Michael Moore called Clinton the “best Republican” in the field all during the 90s. Mainstream Democrats reject progressives every year now.

      1. I refuse to believe that anyone can be this profusely stupid. You have to be the figment of some pervert’s imagination.

        1. You must be one of the idiot progressives I am referring to.

          1. Correct. He is one of the non-progressives that in your delusion you have mis-labelled as a prog.

            1. “Correct. He is one of the non-progressives that in your delusion you have mis-labelled as a prog.”

              At least shitpile has stopped lying about his political views. He no longer lies about being a classical liberal; he just pushes O-care.

              1. Quit lying, shit-for-brains.

                I am a classic liberal and I don’t push Obamacare. I merely said it was a big waste of time and won’t mean electoral disaster.

                I was right in 2012 and polls show I am right again.

                You fucking Peanuts are delusional. You have to Tell Yourself that Obamacare is the worst thing to happen to Dems and the GOP will gain 20 seats in the Senate like you want them to.

                Then you deny playing for Team Red. You are not fooling anyone.

                1. You have to Tell Yourself that Obamacare is the worst thing to happen to Dems and the GOP will gain 20 seats in the Senate like you want them to.

                  I don’t want them to, but I have yet to find someone who wasn’t fucked by the ACA. From young people, to old people, to healthy people, to disabled people, everybody’s premiums have increased and the useful parts of their insurance coverage have been cut.

                  If the Democrats don’t lose in 2014, and I could not care if the fucking communists took over, then this country has well and truly lost its soul.

                  1. everybody’s premiums have increased

                    Proof that you are an idiot.

                    1. Proof that you are an idiot.

                      You don’t even know the meaning of the word.

                    2. Who wants cake?

                2. I merely said it was a big waste of time and won’t mean electoral disaster.

                  I was right in 2012 and polls show I am right again.

                  In your retarded head-world is 2010 just a series of digits?

          2. Shouldn’t you be getting back to rubbing your nose in Johns shit??

            Let’s get cracking!

      2. Obama is far more progressive then Edwards or Clinton and far less liberal then Kucinich or Clinton.

        Obama is a hard leftist and the mainstream dems love him.

        1. You’re an idiot.

          Progressives hate Obama for not supporting single-payer, for fighting the WOT in the Afghan front, for offering up SS cuts, for cutting taxes, for hiring three Republicans in his cabinet, for cutting the deficit, for not indicting the banks, for not nationalizing the banks after Bush set it up with TARP, and so on.

          Notice how I bring the facts and you just lie and bitch?

          1. Progressives hate Obama

            Look, there’s a progressive guy in this one town in Vermont that thought he might not be able to pull the lever for Obama a second time, but despite a fierce internal battle, decided that it was the right thing to do.

          2. Obama caved on single-payer because he knew moderate Dems couldn’t afford to vote for it. And I never heard of a single Progressive who didn’t applaud Obama’s expansion of the TARP program. Not a man-jack of them said that TARP went too far. Also, he hasn’t cut taxes, and the proposal to change to a chained CPI would’ve resulted in a minuscule reduction in SS payouts–and he wound up not even doing that after all.

            1. You are fact-challenged.

              Obama collected back 97% of TARP now that Fannie Mae has repaid in full. That is a reason the deficit situation has improved recently.

              Obama cut FICA taxes so you are wrong there too. Obama also cut small business taxes about 6-7 ways.

              On C-CPI he took flak from the progressives while the GOP ignored his grand bargain so he just finally gave up.

              The low-info is strong with you. You must listen to Fat-Boy.

              1. Obama collected back 97% of TARP now that Fannie Mae has repaid in full. That is a reason the deficit situation has improved recently.

                Cash is half the story…

                Obama cut FICA taxes so you are wrong there too. Obama also cut small business taxes about 6-7 ways.

                Temporary and now rescinded…

                On C-CPI he took flak from the progressives while the GOP ignored his grand bargain so he just finally gave up.


                The high-derp is strong with you.

              2. That is a reason the deficit situation has improved recently.

                From horrific to still terrible.

                Obama also cut small business taxes about 6-7 ways.

                Name one and demonstrate that Obama did it.

                C-CPI: meaningless.

                You’re a retard. You can’t even get talking points right more than 8% of the time.

                1. Here you go – dumb fuck Canuck…


                  And you two lovebirds are getting away from the argument about progressives hating the Obama platform – not that I blame losers/hosers like yourself.

                  1. Shut up, Weigel – on one takes you seriously. You’re a joke. Just give up and die already.

                  2. And you two lovebirds are getting away from the argument about progressives hating the Obama platform

                    Yeah, it’s kinda hard to stay on topic when the topic is a figment of your imagination.

                  3. Right from the intro paragraphs:

                    Many are renewals of tax breaks that already existed. Others are expansions of previous breaks. And every time a measure gets renewed, the Obama administration is counting it as yet another tax cut.

                    Things get even more complicated because some tax cuts have already expired.

          3. Progressives hate Obama for not supporting […]

            And yet every progressive I know voted for him, if not campaigned for him. And he was endorsed by the CPUSA. Saying Obama isn’t a progressive is like like saying Lenin wasn’t a Communist because Trotsky had disagreements with him.

            1. And “true conservatives” supported Romney despite his Romneycare, abortion support, and various other transgressions against wingnuttery.

              Saying Romney was not a conservative is like saying Hitler wasn’t a fascist/Nazi because the Mormons now accept blacks unlike the NAZI Party.

              1. The Mormons are fascists now?

      3. Kucinich looks like Calvin Coolidge compared to a modern party line Dem.

  7. IT also has a lot of privileged white males in it, so by posting stuff on the Internet, she’s oppressing womyn and people of color.

    1. IT also has a lot of privileged white males in it

      White males, sure. Privileged? I’ll withhold judgement on that. I sure wish I were a little more privileged.

      1. Your secretary didn’t polish your knob under the desk this morning? You’re doing it wrong.

        1. Please provide instructions or handy tips.

          1. Step 1: Have white male privilege.
            Step 2: Sexy Profit.

      2. Whoa whoa, you know about the handshake, right? To get your straight white male cisprivilege?

  8. The best part about Bitcoin is that it will help ACTUAL poor people (third world migrant workers) keep more of their own money by greatly reducing the cost of remittances, significantly improving many lives. Something “foreign aid” handouts to dictators could never do.

    If its adoption forces governments to live within their means, and that hurts first world parasites, so be it.

  9. Bitcoin is naught but a toy for rich white libertarian men, says Annie-Rose Strasser at Think Progress[…] “there’s a fair amount of privilege built directly into the currency: In order to buy the sometimes wildly expensive currency, Bitcoin users need to be wealthy.”

    All my years reading liberal claptrap and I am still being amazed by progressively and incredibly stupid, ignorant, clueless, predictable and boring crap spewed from supposedly “progressive” people from their keyboards. This statement: “there’s a fair amount of privilege built directly into the currency” is not only illogical, it is meaningless. You can’t build privilege into a currency because it would stop being a currency! Currencies are universal, by DEFINITION, as in “what everybody accepts as payment.” Also, what the fuck does “a fair amount of privilege” even mean? A fair amount compared to what?

    Not even the likes of Tony and Shrike are this stoopid; what this person wrote really takes the cake.

    1. Says our resident goldbug nutjob.

      1. OM has more sense in the tip of his pinky finger than you do in whatever passes for a body among your species.

        1. OM is a gold standard idiot. A relic of the past – much like an alchemist is today.

          1. You have neither the intellectual capacity nor the mental discipline to argue against the gold standard or fiat currency. Your mind is a relic of the kindergarten you attended.


            Current price of gold: just north of $1330. Steadily moving up.

            C’mon Shriek tell us how gold is going to plummet below $1000 to 8% of its peak value.

          3. To progressives like shriek, hyperinflation is new, modern, and sexy.

            1. Hyperinflation is a fucking lie made up by Beckerhead goldbugs like Peter Schiff who don’t understand money supply.

              1. Zimbabwe and Venezuela are Kochian constructs just like any purported victim of Obamacare.

              2. Uh huh. The Weimar Republic says hi.

              3. Hyperinflation is a fucking lie

                Unsubstantiated claim laced with invective

                made up by

                Unsubstantiated claim


                ad hom


                ad hom

                like Peter Schiff

                ad hom

                who don’t understand money supply.

                ad hom mixed with unsubstantiated claim.

                Overall, you completely moved the goal posts and avoided the topic at hand.

                Perhaps if you weren’t a baboon whose brain was experimented on by some Dr. Moreau-type sicko, your opinion would be respected. At least Tony can have dialog that doesn’t feel like talking to a kid coming off anesthesia.

                1. You want to make the case that the US is on the verge of hyperinflation?

                  Seriously, I would like a good laugh like those same arguments I laughed at here back in 2009-2010.

                  I was right then and I will be right again.

                  1. Stopped clock, etc.

              4. Hyperinflation is a fucking lie made up by Beckerhead goldbugs like Peter Schiff who don’t understand money supply.

                Go ahead and tell us why the market can’t be trusted to manage the supply of money, Mr. Uber Capitalist.

                1. Hyperinflation is a fucking lie made up by Beckerhead goldbugs like Peter Schiff who don’t understand money supply.

                  Really? So there’s no inflation problems in Venezuela or Argentina right now? Because their policies are pretty much exactly what the Democrats want, and we see the end result pretty clearly.

                2. The market decides the VALUE of money and not the supply.

                  1. The market is SUPPLY AND DEMAND YOU RETARD.

                    You want to make the case that the US is on the verge of hyperinflation?

                    Once reserve status is lost, all hell breaks loose.

                    1. Since only 8% of its brain is functional. I don’t think it is intelligent enough to understand the term, “Reserve Currency”.

                  2. Way to dodge the question.

                    1. Of course, we all know unwavering belief in the ability of secretive committees of Top Men to centrally plan the economy is a hallmark of classical liberalism.

                  3. The market decides the VALUE of money and not the supply.

                    Side-effects of worshiping the Federal Reserve and the financial markets may include DERP.

          4. Wow. You really are this stupid.

        2. kbolino: Indeed. OldMexican’s point is insightful, and Buttplug is just throwing feces as usual.

      2. Re: Palin’s Buttwipe,

        Says our resident goldbug nutjob.

        I stand corrected – Shrike has made a great effort to demonstrate that even he can be stoopider than Annie-Rose Strasser.

    2. Look, there’s no point engaging in honest discussion or debate with people who believe the things authoritarian progressives and the far left espouse. None of it is based on facts or logic; it’s all to do with personal emotions such as greed, envy, and/or a deep need to be admired. It’s just an extension of being that guy who only listens to obscure bands so that people think he’s cool and mysterious.

  10. In order to buy the sometimes wildly expensive currency, Bitcoin users need to be wealthy.

    Because, you know, it can’t be subdivided into smaller denominations or anything.


    1. To be fair, they don’t really stress math in Creative Writing. Which is a Very Important Degree, by the way.

      1. Apparently they don’t really stress writing in Creative Writing either.

        1. It seems to me that they stress being creative more than being logical. Writing is just a byproduct.

    2. You beat me to my point.

    3. See, you guys aren’t thinking clearly. If you go back 150 years, the dollar was worth quite a bit more than it is now. At that time, the dollar was also only for rich, white people. That is why slavery existed: because the dollar was a rich, white man’s currency that was worth too much for the black man to afford. Inflation has clearly saved poor, black souls by making the currency affordable.

      Or something.

    4. Based on her, ahem, “rationale”, the dollar must be fairly sexist and racist since it is only divisible to two places rather than eight for Bitcoin.

      While male privilege is being able to spend a whole penny.

      1. Three places actually. There is such a thing as a mil – or 1/1000th of a dollar.

  11. …women and people of color…

    I love how the grouping implies that women aren’t people.

    1. “‘Government is suspicious of it, so that’s good enough for me!'”

  12. This might be the dumbest bitcoin attack yet. The privilege angle is new. You must have to have absolutely no understanding of how bitcoin works to think you have to be rich to buy it. Does she think that you have to buy a whole bitcoin? Like, you can have 1 for $600, or none.

    1. Even the commenters on that TP article are ripping her for her profound ignorance as to how Bitcoin actually works.

      Not to mention the way it’s being used to help the poor through crowdfunded charity initiatives.

      1. They’re probably misogynists. They really shouldn’t mansplain to her like that.

        1. the blowback includes some women. When the tribe at TP thinks you’re stupid, that’s Olympic-level retard.

    2. Umm, I think you stole my moniker. Whenever my kids bring home paperwork from school that requires a signature, I always sign it “Max Powers”.

      It worked for Homer Simpson.

      1. You’ll be hanging out with Trent Steel and getting invited to swanky parties in now time!

        1. You broke character. The only allowable response is “I got it off a hairdryer.”.

    3. “The privilege angle is new.”

      One more spit ball to throw against the wall.

  13. I (a minority) was trying to purchase a bitcoin from a group of white guys on the street, and one of then said “I won’t sell my bitcoin to you, because you look different from me.”

    Finally I was able to buy a bitcoin from a Jewish merchant, who said it was worth 100 pesos. And I only paid him 50 American dollars. How do you say “math is hard” in Hebrew, ha ha ha.

    Where can I find a bitcoin machine so I redeem some cash for my new bitcoin? Does Disneyland accept bitcoin? Bitcoins are pretty much Disney dollars, right?

  14. Look, tying together all of the things, people and ideas proggies hate is easy. They hate liberty. They hate individual empowerment. It is as simple as that. Anything that increases freedom or empowers the individual is a direct attack on proggyism.

    Proggies want to make progress, they want to do big things. How can they make progress and do big things if they dont have ultimate power over everyone and everything? How?

  15. I can tell you one thing. Over at, they love them some crypto currency. They must be racist as hell over there.

    This is not going away, no matter how much wishful thinking goes on from statist control freaks.

    1. Some of reddit does — but the hives of progressivism sure don’t. Same as the point of this article — libertarians like it, so I have to hate it.

      1. Dogecoin is super popular at reddit. They actually have some of the best forum posts on how to start mining it.

        1. I was thinking of the parts like politics and the various anti-libertarian parts. I usually only check those out if it is pointed out, though.

  16. In order to buy the sometimes wildly expensive currency, Bitcoin users need to be wealthy.”

    Which makes it different and more unfair, and therefore, racist, than other currencies, because I can buy dump trucks full of dollars and gold no matter how poor I am, derp.

    So early on, Strasser demonstrates her mastery of logical thinking. Impressive.

    1. Progressives and other parts of the left don’t like the gold standard either – and for the same reason: they can’t expand the supply of gold at will by creating it out of thin air, nor control the worth or purchasing power of it either.

  17. I just saw a bit on Cavuto on how much the Feds hate online gambling because it allows terrorists to launder money and move money into the US.

    What they want is to have complete knowledge and control over every penny in every transaction. They have spent decades building a system for doing that and overnight some jerk makes it obsolete. They are going to hate it and fight it tooth and nail.

    1. Cavuto is statist scum, like most on Fox.

      Terrorist, right… it’s not just an excuse for more control, no siree, just check under your bed right now, there’s probably one under there!

      The biggest threat to the safety of all of us, is not terrorists, or criminals, or any other boogyemen that the government warns us about, it’s the government itself, especially their militarized goon squads who are now killing innocent civilians daily for no good reason.

  18. Libertarianism is primarily a white male movement. The prog site’s facts are accurate on this.

    Do you guys every ask yourself why your ideology is largely only able to appeal to whites people? Another thing, what’s with the lack of Jews in this movement? This movement is like 2 percent Jewish. Ever wonder what’s up with that?

    I’ll tell you why. Libertarianism is an enemy of the White race, but Blacks know their power now comes from the government. As anti-White as libertarianism is i can never compete with racial socialism. And Jews who hate the White race largely know that they can’t suppress it without the cold arm of the government. Most Jews are smart enough to see this.

    1. Shut the fuck up, American.


      1. I like the part where he starts by saying libertarianism is primarily a movement of white men as if he’s about to call us racists, but then goes on to call us enemies of the white race.

        That’s like an M. Night Shyamalan twist right there.

        1. People who agree with me are primarily White men too, although even they are more diverse than you people, but I don’t claim things like “race doesn’t matter.”

          1. What do you mean by “you people”?

            1. Libertarians of course.

          2. When did old-school racists become interested in diversity? Did they add quotas to the Klan recruiting drives? I bet it’s the damn Equal Hating Opportunity Commission, isn’t it?

            1. The white demo is shrinking as they’ve gotta have some outreach if they’re gonna grow.

        2. He “accidentally” capitalized the word “white”. Whoops!

    3. Did one of your parents drop you on your head when you were a young child?

      You should seek professional help.

    4. Re: Clover not clever,

      Libertarianism is primarily a white male movement.

      What are you saying? That my effort to join the movement to meet chicks is completely futile?

      Libertarianism is an enemy of the White race

      “This is your brain on drugs!”

      1. There are not enough drugs in the known multiverse to make one that stupid.

        1. No, no, no…don’t you see all you White libertarians are fighting against your own self-interest because of the PROJECT MONARCH HAARP mind control rays of the Illuminati Freemason Zionist Lizard People?

          1. And here all along I’ve been thinking that it’s the Zionist Jooos controlling us with their lizard brains from inside the hollow artificial moon that’s in orbit around our spherical rock.

            1. Nein! The Earth is a giant hollow sphere and we are standing on the inside of it, like a Dyson sphere. The moon is actually very small and orbits around the sun in the center of this space.


              1. You’re link is broken – and I’m calling bullshit on the claim.

                It’s a variation of the intelligence fallacy which conflates intelligence with morality, or education with morality.

                It is possible to be intelligent and evil. And like it or not the NAZIs were better at science and technology than the commies or the British.

    5. This movement is like 2 percent Jewish. Ever wonder what’s up with that?

      Umm…you know that Jews are also 2 percent of the world’s population?

      I thought you were a math teacher, Murkin.

      1. No, they are .2 percent of the world’s population. You probably meant to say America’s population.

        Suppose you have an Ivy League school that was 2 percent Jewish. You’d be wondering, “what’s up with that?” Same thing with an anti-White movement.

        1. Shorter American:


        2. You probably meant to say America’s population.

          Yes, you’re correct.

          Suppose you have an Ivy League school that was 2 percent Jewish. You’d be wondering, “what’s up with that?”

          A political movement is not analogous to a school.

          1. Yes it is. Jews are smarter than non-Jews and a lot of them have a hatred of the White race. Therefore if you have an anti-White movement you would expect a much higher Jewish proportion than 2%. Even in the pro-White movements Jews are more than 2% because of their high intelligence.

            1. Clover|2.27.14 @ 9:13PM|#
              …”a lot of them have a hatred of the White race.”

              I’ll bet you’re confusing what they think of slimy asshole racists such as yourself with what you claim.

            2. Admit it. You’ve never met a Jew, much less spoken with one.

              1. Of course not. That’s why he hasn’t fallen for their Jew mind control like we have.

              2. I know many Jews. You are just trying to change the subject away from your own movement’s lack of Jews.

                1. Clover|2.27.14 @ 9:28PM|#
                  …”I know many Jews.”…

                  Uh, no, we’re not talking about the ones you read about, slime bag.

                2. I know many Jews

                  Oh? And what do they think of your seething hatred and contempt for them?

                  own movement’s lack of Jews.

                  Friedman (Milton, Rose, and David), Rothbard, von Mises, Rand, Block, Horowitz, Kirzner, Lachmann, just to name a few.

                  I think we’re good in that department.

                  1. Don’t you see?!? IT’S A JEWISH CONSPIRACY!!!

                    1. A JEWISH CONSPIRACY

                      A Jewspiracy if you will.

              3. The really funny thing is that all of the Jews in my neighborhood, and there are a lot of them, are… get ready for it… FUCKING WHITE!

                1. And single too? Sign me up!

                2. Jews are White, so?

                  1. Jews are White, so?

                    Look, if you’re going to be a racist, at least be good at it. There are different kinds of Jews, and sure they’re all part of the same Jewish capitalist/communist (which is it this week?) international conspiracy, but they’re not all white.

                    1. Only the so called “Ethiopian Jews,” who aren’t really Jews.(as in descend from the tribe of Judah) I understand there are also some Indian Jews who obviously have Indian blood, but they are only about 30,000 people out of a nation of six million.

                    2. What is this movement that you represent, exactly?

                      So is it just the Ethiopian Jews who want to suppress the Great White Race, or is it the White Jews too?

                      Are White Jews part of the White Race? If so, why do they want to suppress it?

                      And where do the Illuminati fit into all of this?

                    3. “And where do the Illuminati fit into all of this?”

                      And I’m desperate to find out about Elvis’ alien love-child! It seems he was on the grassy knoll, but maybe asshole will till us!

                    4. Well of course White Jews are part of the White race.

            3. You have too much Judenhass.

        3. I wondered that exact same thing. I figured out that Jews were on to something (namely hard work, education, and self discipline). Scandinavian me married my middle eastern Jew wife, we had 2 beautiful kids, and we live comfortably in the 1%.

          How’s your life?

          1. A good deal if you can get it, and if you are telling the truth. Jews are smarter than White goys and also they work harder, they are more highly educated, and have more future-time orientation. Jewish women also usually do what they are told, in contrast to the stereotype that Hollywood promotes. Of course most goys could never get a Jewish wife.

            1. Clover|2.27.14 @ 9:16PM|#
              …”Of course most goys could never get a Jewish wife.”

              Pretty sure I’ve read the swill of one racist asshole who probably can’t ‘get’ anyone other than an equally slimy mate.

              1. What makes you think he “got” anyone or anything at all?

                1. Nobody has asked me to sign a Get, if you know what I mean…

                  1. Murkin’s Hebrew vocabulary stops at “goy“, and I bet he doesn’t even know the correct definition of the word.

                    So I don’t think he’ll get your pun.

                    1. That was for you, and I apologize.

                    2. I know what a ‘Get’ is. Trust me, I know more about Jews and Jewish history than you do.

                    3. I know what a ‘Get’ is.

                      Nu? What is it then? I’m sure you’ll be able to give us all the details after your Google expedition.

                      I know more about Jews and Jewish history than you do.

                      Is that so?

                    4. Since you know so much about a the religious practices of Orthodox Jews I’m sure you know who Satmar Hasidim are. Because Judaism interests you so much.

                    5. Of course I do. I also personally know the 2nd in command of the Lubavitch Hasidim, Reb Krinsky. But what in the hell do the Satmar “soft hats” have anything to do with what I asked other than your attempt at hand-waving?

                    6. HM, cut that out! How can Murkin tell his lies if you keep that up?

                    7. Few Americans know anything about Jewish religious practices who aren’t either Jewish themselves, or involved in some way with Jews. As Jewish issues are very important in America right now I have done a lot of research on the matter, I also have a lot of friends who are Jewish.

                      You are a very interesting character, you claim to know a lot about Judaism, you are of African descent, you are obviously very smart, and, most improbably of all, you are a libertarian. You must realize how special you are.

                    8. HM, how old are you? There is a good chance you know my wife’s family…

                      P.S. You are very special

                    9. My wife (and her 4 sisters) went to Newton North, and also lived in Sharon. 3 of them moved to Riverdale…

                    10. Hmmm…possibly. Our families may have bumped into each other if your wife’s ever shopped at The Butcherie.

                    11. I’m assuming she has, as she calls all meat vendors “Butcheries”.

                    12. you are of African descent

                      Yes, on my father’s side. (Along with Scottish and Indian (as in the Subcontinent))

                      And on my mother’s side…I’ll let you fill in the blank.

                    13. How much do you identify with the Black race?

                    14. I don’t identify with any race because that’s fucking stupid. I identify with people I agree with. Race is irrelevant.

                    15. Heroic Mulatto doesn’t identify with race either.
                      His handle is just…an accident.

                    16. I don’t know if that is something I could quantify. I guess it would be like asking an American who is of English, Welsh, French, and German decent how much they identify with each group. I’m a sum of my parts and I don’t feel any pressure to glom on to a particular ethnic heritage as my “primary”.

                      Just a truthful answer.

                2. Lissin here, this fella Clover? He’s seen the future, he has, and he knows whats a comin’. its gone be a race war, and hells you better know what sides people are on, and whats a man is made up of.

                  I seen it all foretold, in this here program:

                  Racist from the Year 3000


                  I always said you can’t trust a man what’s made of gas. but you’re one of them good ones, zaxons.

                  1. Return of the Mulattorus….BWA HA HA!!! Awesome.

    6. This movement is like 2 percent Jewish. Ever wonder what’s up with that?

  19. I think it’s funny that progressives are always arguing that something magically becomes evil if only white people do it, unless it’s something the progressives like.

    I have yet to have a prog explain to me that coffee shops, Apple, or folk singers are horrible because everyone who likes them is white. It’s almost like they’re just hypocrites or something.

    1. Jazz music!

      Although I seem to recall an article about jazz audiences being embarrassingly white.

  20. It’s a stupid idea too, because the government could very easily ban the bitcoin. They are super afraid the government could print the dollar until it’s worthless, even though the elite has their wealth in, exactly that, dollars. But they can’t imagine it ever banning something that only their enemies use. Ultimately the best resistance against government financial intervention will come from people voluntarily associating with other physical people, “under the table.” But that requires social interaction, which isn’t appealing to libertarians for obvious reasons.

      1. 5 stars and slow clap.

        1. Jeez, am I going to have to bake another cake? How many retards should we expect to show up today?

          1. Better make it a sheet cake with extra frosting.

            1. Only a pig-shit ignorant yokel like Murkin would be unaware that there are 1,000s if not 10,000s of half-Jewish/half-Palestinian people running around in the world. And the vast majority of them were conceived in the borders of Israel. To even insinuate that such a coupling would be shocking is ipse dixit evidence that he has no fucking clue of what he speaks.

              1. That’s because it’s a sockpuppet. I just enjoy posting that video because it works so well if you’re dealing with a bona fide White nationalist.

              2. Of course it happens. People meet, people fornicate. That’s a far cry from having the media and Hollywood promoting such a thing. You hear what happened when Netanyahu’s kid was falsely(?) reported to be banging that Nordic shiksa?

                1. Clover|2.27.14 @ 9:26PM|#
                  …”That’s a far cry from having the media and Hollywood promoting such a thing.”…

                  Not to mention a far cry from your sleazy racism.

                2. Yes. A group of fringe loonies babbled and shrieked.

                  So? As the link points out, Bibi’s 2nd marriage was to a non-Jewish woman. Which is why of course, he was ostracized from Israeli politics and never held an important position after the 1980s.

                  Oh wait. Perhaps with your Ph.D. in Jewish Studies, you could explain how he managed to become Israel’s prime minister twice after his inter-religious marriage.

                  1. Interesting. I’m Norwegian and my wife’s family likely feels the same way.

            2. Ah – I just got it.

              IIRC clover is the first thing cattle will eat if they find it within nibbling distance because it is easy for them to digest. So clover is the plant that goes most directly to bullshit.

              1. Wow. You must be a warlock!

          2. Someone left my cake out in the rain. 🙁

    1. the government could very easily ban the bitcoin.

      No they can’t.

      1. Yes they could. Learn about how the internet works.

        1. Clover|2.27.14 @ 9:01PM|#
          …”Learn about how the internet works.”

          This from someone mystified by how logic works.

        2. Please explain. Show your work. Try to color within the lines.

          1. Simple. Make it illegal to buy and sell bitcoins. How would get around that?

            1. *It will work just like drugs!*

  21. OT, and ignoring our racist twit:
    “How Corporate America forced Arizona bill’s veto”…..274436.php

    But it really doesn’t matter according to some of the comments; they did it because of profits!

    1. Intentions are all that matter. It’s why, to a progressive, it’s better to vote for the demagogue that will impoverish everyone than stick with a free-market capitalist economy that will make everyone wealthier.

    2. But wait a minute – social conservatism was *invented* by Korporations to trick voters into voting Republican!

      Now it seems that businesses whose religious freedom isn’t threatened are willing to gang up on businesses whose religious freedom *is* threatened, even if such ganging up is the Socially Liberal position.

  22. First day down in the nuke industry. It’s all training so far. Apparently 4 weeks of it. Going through “Computer Based Training” (CBT’s). Have to take tests after each module and score over 80% on each one. Shouldn’t be too rough. At least hasn’t been so far. Probably won’t visit my station until training is over. By that time I will have my parking pass, ID, etc. so security won’t hassle me.

    They had the head security guard come talk to us. He was telling us about the explosive sniffers they use on people getting into the Protected Area. I asked him if gun powder residue or black powder will set them off.. apparently they will… That is going to be a hassle if I’m shooting fairly regularly.

    Looking forward to getting training done though. It is going to be boring as all hell.

    1. Agh, I feel your pain.

      Staring on my last job I had to sit through a 90 minute video on how to use the corporate time card system covering all exceptions, vacation, time off site for customer meetings, etc. All in Japanese of course – which made it pretty much dis-organized and random.

      1. It is a lot of little random things. Mainly safety related. SAFETY is drilled into your head. Do anything unsafe and you get in shit.

    2. Godspeed in your new job, and tell the giant radioactive lizards hi for me…uh, ignore that last part

      1. I’m in Canada, it’s radioactive beavers!

        1. “Beavzilla…let’s see how you like him tearing down some of *your* dams!”

    3. Shorter training: Don’t do what they did at Chernobyl.

      1. Or Fukishima.

        1. Or TMI

        2. Or Fukishima.

          Not sure if stopping not one but two natural disasters, or preventing an entire nation’s antiquated nuclear regulatory apparatus from standing in the way of safety improvements are really within Smilin’ Joe Fission’s job description, but if so more power to him, God-Emperor of the Nukes.

          1. They really should have built the sea wall to withstand a wave like that, which has hit Japan in the last 100 years. That should not have been a beyond design event. TEPCO should be hammered for that. Earthquakes didn’t do any damage to any of Japan’s plants, AFAIK.

            But, at least Fukushima is demonstrating that three simultaneous meltdowns in Western style reactors won’t end the world or even kill anybody. Not that Greenpeace cares about the facts.

            1. Wasn’t a big part of the problem also that the generators to run cooling pumps were in a spot that the tsunami took out? ie, generators in a better spot would have kept it from being catastrophic?

            2. After Fukushima, I read an article on the English-language pages of Finland’s national broadcaster YLE worrying whether something like Fukushima could happen in Finland. Finland is terribly geologically stable, not getting earthquakes much above 5 on the Richter scale. And the Baltic Sea isn’t deep enough to produce such a big tsunami. If there were a tsunami in the Baltic, it would have to be from a problem that’s far bigger for the world as a whole than just the Baltic.

            3. We’re talking about a country that is actually split between 50Hz and 60Hz power. That’s a special kind of stupid right there.

              1) The seawall should have been higher.
              2) The backup generators should have been proofed against flooding.
              3) It should have been possible to airlift replacement generators into place within 8 hours and actually connect them to the pumps.

  23. Effective 10:00 pm eastern tonight the RCMP has reclassified the Swiss Arms Classic Green carbine from non-restricted (and restricted) to prohibited status. There are approximately 1,000 -1,800 of these firearms in the public. The government will not be offering compensation and will be demanding that the firearms, which cost between $3,000 – $4,000 be surrendered. The government is suggesting that all affected firearms owners contact the distributers from which the firearms were purchased for reimbursement.

    Property rights, they don’t exist in Canada apparently.

    1. Holy shit. Effective 10pm Eastern?

      Was this known at all before hand, or do they really just announce it earlier in the day? I suppose if you announce it too early, you give people time to lose it in that canoe trip last fall?

      1. Apparently the RCMP had been talking about it for the last year (By the way how the fuck can the RCMP just change law?). Some people are actually freaking out about this up here. Canada’s gun “privileges” are a god damn joke. This is ridiculous. Maybe it will give the Libertarian party a little boost up here though.

        1. (By the way how the fuck can the RCMP just change law?)

          What an entirely enlightened way to govern! Just like Senator Manchin calling for various government agencies to ban Bitcoin!

          Our ATF ruled that a shoelace was a machine gun, of course. So, I don’t know, wear flip-flops to the range or something (they call it “constructive possession”).

          I’d hope that a ruling like that, all of a sudden, would be something that could be challenged, but no idea how that would go up there.

        2. …”Maybe it will give the Libertarian party a little boost up here though.”

          You’d have thought O-care woulda had some similar effect in the 57s, but…

  24. The article is amazingly short-sighted, and will look like Krugman’s internet/fax machine comment.

    Bitcoin is the first step towards rule of law guaranteed by crypto and code. Letting people in places without rule of law have a contract enforcement method that doesn’t involve bribes. Digital contracts being rule of law to the third world. And the first.

  25. Can you toss a bitcoin in a fountain and make a wish?

    1. It’s a very expensive wish.

      There are physical coins with a Bitcoin private key (hidden) on them. You could toss one of those. Or a paper wallet.

  26. Hillary Clinton: Obamacare is great! Except for the parts that aren’t that I promise to fix, somehow

    “I think we are on the right track in many respects but I would be the first to say if things aren’t working then we need people of good faith to come together and make evidence-based changes,” the former secretary of state and possible 2016 presidential candidate said.

    In particular, Clinton pointed to issues with “small business of 50 or more” providing coverage to their employees, and businesses “moving people from full-time work to part-time work to try to avoid contributing to their health care” as issues that should be addressed.

    Hillary is a convenient weather vane for stuff the Democrats are worried about.

    “This is going to be challenging and I don’t think we should throw the baby out with the bath,” Clinton said of reforms.

    There’s no baby, it’s just sewage and Nancy Pelosi’s hubris.

    Clinton did not offer specifics on how she would change Obamacare.

    Instead, she asked the audience of medical professionals and information technology specialists to play a role in the reforms.

    Clinton synthesized her views on Obamacare near the end her answer for MacLean, stating that those in power needed to “be smart about the reforms and changes that have to occur.”

    TOP. MEN. It hasn’t failed us before, right?

    1. Hillary is a craven bitch who will say anything to get in power. If she is admitting the chocolate Jesus’ signature accomplishment is flawed, others will follow.

      Expect “but we can’t throw out the baby with the bath water” to be the spin when the Democrats are spinning any proposed change to the law. It will be “sure we want to fix it but not at the price of giving the evil Republicans what they want”. These people are evil but at least predictable.

    2. I thought the best part was where she said how tragic it would be if we had to take away what we’ve already given.

      Let me see… higher insurance costs and increased deductibles for those lucky enough to still have insurance, punishment via penaltax for those who have no way to get and afford it, people being forced to part time or out of a job altogether, decreasing access to doctors and healthcare altogether, massive new taxes on the already taxed to death working class.

      Well, gee, Hildebeast, yeah it would be truly tragic to deprive people of all of those goodies.

  27. So is this our late night thread, then? *pops open champagne* Wait, I don’t like this stuff….

    But I am celebrating having made it to step two of the job interview process for a career I would love to have! Celebrate with me or be sexist!

    1. I’m happy to do both…congratulations!

      1. Thank you, sexist! =P It’s still a long process, but they weed out over half of the applicants in the first step, so I’m pretty excited!

    2. Congrats!


      1 oz gin
      .5 oz simple syrup
      .5 oz lemon juice

      Shake those over ice, strain into your champagne glass. Top it with champagne. Garnish with a strip of lemon peel.

      That’s a French 75.

      1. “That’s a French 75.”

        Pure artillery!

        1. It hits with remarkable precision.

      2. Hell. Yes. Not tonight, because homework, but tomorrow for Hannibal? I will be drinking the hell out of this!

        1. congrats. And hell yes to Hannibal.

    3. …”Celebrate with me or be sexist!”

      Bullshit, but congrats anyway!

      1. Don’t you mansplain my happy feelings, sir.

    4. Go kibby! Top hats for everyone! What kind of job?

        1. “One that pays money!”

          High on MY list!

    5. Congratulations! Jobs usually suck so it is a rare treat to get one you are happy about. I hope the rest of the process goes smoothly.

      1. All jobs suck, which is why compensation matters.

        1. As a friend once explained:
          ‘I like my job and I don’t like fishing. But if they didn’t pay me, I’d go fishing.’

      2. *crosses fingers* Myself as well!

    6. Congratulations! What are you looking to do, if I may ask?

      1. You may ask, but I’ll jinx myself by talking about it so…*zips lips*

    7. There is a schizophrenic racist umbrella hanging over our heads, but yeah, this is the late night thread. I assume the comments will disappear soon and hilarity will ensue.

    8. Congratulations! I just started a job today that I think I am going to love.

      1. Hooray for not being completely miserable at work!

      2. So, you just got a job making a million dollars a day having sex with hot women all day? Good for you.

  28. There’s enough job growth on H&R to power an economic recovery.

    1. I’m temp employed and today I found out I survived a downsizing without being let go.

      So I guess I can also celebrate!

      1. You’re looking elsewhere though, right? I feel like you have a lot a talent for a young’un.

        1. Definitely. Obviously hearing about layoffs makes me more anxious to find a more stable job.

          And I agree I have talent as far as learning how to do a job and being reliable, but it’s hard to get your foot in the door when you lack experience. At least that’s what I find with a lot of job listings that require X amount of years experience for consideration.

          1. The best part is you need experience to get the job & can’t get the job without the experience. SO MUCH FUN!

            1. -22 Catches

            2. Experience is overrated. I’ve always hired on ability to learn and my perception of someone’s ability to be proactive.

              But the dual gates of Taleo and HR do their best to fuck things up because all they can do is match keywords and hiring “criteria.” That’s right, I had an HR rep give me a resume for a dress designer when I was hiring a hardware designer. “It has the word ‘design.'”

      2. Created or saved!

  29. How can one credibly write about Bitcoin while obviously ignorant of the name Satoshi? You’d be hard pressed to find a white guy who goes by that. Even if it’s actually some white dude behind that pseudonym, I don’t think a racist would choose that nom de guerre.

    1. White Hispanic Japanese

  30. Anyone know anything about this?

    Serial entrepreneur Steve Perlman claims that his new patented technology can create the wireless network of our dreams.
    His invention, pCell, theoretically delivers on the long-sought dream of ubiquitous, fast Internet, with the reliability and consistency previously only achievable through a wired connection. pCell is “effectively mobile fiber,” he announced in a press release for his new company, Artemis Networks.

    1. Perhaps similar to this?

    2. I read it and cannot understand how he did what he did, but I understand what he did essentially and…wow…just holy shit.

      1. Color me skeptical.

    3. Reminds me of MaidSafe.

    4. Ugh. No, just no. In effect his technology is perfect beam forming. The example they give in the whitepaper with the 10 transmitters and 10 receivers pretty much describes it. They rely on the interference from multiple transmitters to give exactly the right signal at multiple locations such that you can pretend that there’s only a single transmitter and a single listener.

      OK, maybe that’s possible for fixed receivers, but mobile? Um, no. The interference solution will be constantly changing and you need to know at all times the positions and streams of everyone.

      And the claims of 1msec latency when the data center is going to have to be computing the correct interference pattern for billions of simultaneous streams… Yeah, right.

      I’ll give him credit for bothering to mention Shannon and channel though.

      1. He moves the device around and it works just fine. There was an expert person guy in the article who says it’s the real deal.

        1. And Rossi has an LENR device.

          The data center is going to have to know the position of every receiver at all times and magically has to account for a changing signal path. OK, so you have every device broadcasting it’s location. First problem solved. But the only way to determine the second is to be constantly testing the channel between the transmitter and the receiver which takes up bandwidth and degrades SNR. Shannon still wins.

          All of this presumes that there even IS a solution to every geometrical configuration. That’s why they hint at wanting lots of towers, because that gives them more and more combinations. But it’s absurd to think that you can just add an arbitrary number of users and each gets their own channel.

          Take the simple case of 2 transmitters and 2 receivers. Draw it like a Venn diagram of two overlapping circles. The two receivers are excluded from being at symmetrical points between the two transmitters, because they will be getting exactly the same signal even though they aren’t in the same little “pCell sphere.” Add more users and the chances of a collision go up quickly.

  31. Bitcoin/Mt.Gox rumor mill is going strong. Possibilities:

    1) Mt. Gox lost tons of money prior to the transaction malleability bug (their bug), and, sometime in the past couple of years switched to being a fractional reserve exchange, and then, likely, to a ponzi scheme (probably didn’t realize it at the time).

    2) Mt. Gox’s earlier legal issues with their bank accounts being shut down was part of the silk road investigation

    3) Owner of it is under gag order?

    4) Owner was playing with time locks for keeping funds secure, and got attacked (time service attack, make the computers think it is the wrong time) or screwed up and locked stuff for too long.

    Personally, the time lock one is really fun. Bitcoin transactions have a “not valid before” timestamp field. So you could make transactions to move money around, and only broadcast them when needed, and could use that to ensure your coins didn’t get stolen. But if you screw up, you could lock your coins up for a billion years. And nothing will let them out.

  32. Social Liberals promote scientific, evidence-based educational materials:

    “( — Planned Parenthood of Northern New England (PPNNE)–which received more than $2.75 million in government funding in 2012–has produced and posted online a video specifically aimed at teenagers that promotes bondage and sadomasochism (BDSM) and proposes “rules” to follow when engaging in these activities….

    “One of PPNNE’s Naked Notion videos–“Getting Kinky (BDSM 101)”–features [“expert” Laci] Green telling teenagers that October is “national kink month” and a good time to talk about bondage and sadomasochism.

    “”According to some random websites, October has been officially declared national kink month,” says Green on the video. “And when you think about it–October and kink–they are kind of a fitting pair.”

    (see accompanying video with an enthusiastic Ms. Green)

    1. My mistake, they don’t call Ms. Green an expert:

      “Green is described by PPNNE’s website as a “22 year old San-Franciscan” and a “Sex educator, video blogger, blog blogger, crisis counselor, social scientist, asparagus lover & artichoke dipper.””

      Do taxpayers get to say a safe word?

      1. Do taxpayers get to say a safe word?

        Not with that gag, they can’t.

      2. Laci Green is a co-host of a daily science vlog I watch time to time.

        I hate her.

        Nevertheless, I wish PPNNE they funded this back when I was a teenager. Would have made explaining certain things to girlfriends a lot easier; albeit, not as much fun.

        1. I would tell a joke about her smoking a cigarette after watching 12 Years a Slave, but it occurred to me that some people might consider such a joke offensive, so I won’t.

  33. Man, there is some damn fine Jew hate going on upthread.

    Damn fine.

    1. Between that and shreek it is apparently retard night. People can tell me they don’t rule the night all they want. But I am starting to think the do.

      1. I’m starting to think that posters like buttfuck and this new murikan clone, have some sort of sick desire to be humiliated and so they act this way to get publically kicked in the nuts.

        Not sure what else it could be. No one could in reality be that stupid.

        1. They are just totalitarian progs here to fuck up the boards. Shreek and really even Tony should have been banned a long time ago. They never post anything thoughtful or intelligent. They just shit on any thread that contains arguments or facts that embarrass Team Blue so anyone looking in won’t take anything seriously.

          Ever notice how buttfuck and Tony never show up on threads like cop abuse ones that don’t embarrass team Blue? There is a reason for that.

          1. “They just shit on any thread that contains arguments or facts that embarrass Team Blue”

            But wouldn’t that require a chat room full of Team Red apologists to counter them and make the thread-shitting complete?

        2. I absolutely believe Murkin is an interracial cuckold fetishist who is ordered by his wife to post this shit as part of his humiliation while she gets banged by her “bull”. When she’s finished, she will call Murkin into the room so that he might lap up the creampie like a good lil’ White cuck sissy boy.

          1. The fact that so many Blacks post stuff like that tells you something about the Black man’s obsession with White women. Now of course HM is just trolling here, but go onto a Blackman website and you’ll see they’re serious about that stuff.

            1. Weird, this is the first time I’ve heard a black guy post anything about it. I’ve known a few, mostly French and British guys who were into it. Usually average or below cock size and an obsessive with large dicks generally and large black dicks specifically.

              One of them went so far as to move to South Africa to find a girlfriend.

              1. I sometimes troll Black websites.(I have a lot of free time at my job) They talk about it a lot.

                Of course in real life it’s mostly if not wholly a homosexual thing.

                1. So, you’re Tony then?

          2. Aww, I like cuckold fetishists. They’re perverts and usually easy pickin’s. Let’s not tar them with the merkin brush.

            1. you something about the Black man’s obsession with White women.

              Which is only rivaled by the White man’s obsession with Asian women.

              Sometimes people find the exotic and different to be sexually arousing. News at 11.

              1. White men generally aren’t obsessed with Asian women. Who do you imagine having an Asian girlfriend? Nerdy white guys. If Asian women were really in demand they would be able to get better men.

                I don’t doubt that all else being equal an Asian would make a better wife, but men care about one thing, looks. The supposed “obsession” with Asian women is the product of three things:

                1. Jewish women angry at shiksas for stealing their men, but, of course, they want an easier target.

                2. Nerdy betas who want to pretend that they chose to have Asian girlfriends.

                3. Feminists angry that Asians refuse to go along with their slut behavior.

                4. White men angry at White women for their disloyalty to the race and sluttiness.

    2. I do not hate Jews.

        1. Here is what I like about Jews

          1. I just watched Gangs of New York, and I didn’t know draft-dodgers looked that fine.

            1. (this alludes to the specific individual in that video, who avoided completing her service in the Israel Defense Force)

              1. She can dodge anything she likes as far as I am concerned.

                1. It’s like attractive women getting out of parking tickets…or me getting out of parking tickets when a policewoman pulls me over.

                  1. For being horribly disfigured?

                    1. At least I have capital letters.

                    2. You might have a point there. Check In with tomorrow. I might even have a period like Paul..

                  2. That is one thing that has never made sense to me, why do they draft their women into the military? They could easily fill the spots by hiring older Israeli men. I’m sure it reduces their fertility rate.

      1. Yeah, it’s more of an odd mix of envy and suspicion, really.

    3. You misunderstood, Irish, he just said he doesn’t hate Jews. Please disregard everything he just posted before.

  34. OT: California’s attorney general takes up court fight over gun laws


    “Local law enforcement must be able to use their discretion to determine who can carry a concealed weapon,” Harris said in a statement announcing the court filing.

    “I will do everything possible to restore [b]law enforcement’s authority[/b] to protect public safety and so today am calling on the court to review and reverse its decision,” Harris said.


    1. I fucked up the intended bold.

    2. The words she is saying mean nothing to me. They have absolutely no meaning.

      1. I’m afraid they have: what she’s saying is that the local cops ought to be the arbitrary arbiters of who’s “worthy” a concealed carry permit.

        The King’s Men are to decide which of the serfs are allowed to have a dagger under their filthy robes.

        1. I’m afraid they have: what she’s saying is that the local cops ought to be the arbitrary arbiters of who’s “worthy” a concealed carry permit.

          Arbitrary decisions by police officers.

          I am sure cops would never engage in racial profiling when it comes to issuing concealed carry permits.

          1. The wife and I never leave the house without a loaded pistol in our pocket or purse. WE don’t ask permission to exercise our right.

            The illegitimate establishment usurped our government in 1913 and we didn’t start this fire.

            What’s important now that you have the establishment lie of 9/11 under your belt, and understand that it’s the foundation of all our modern illicit war and tyranny at home, is to level on what the real hazard is.

            Review material from Dane Wigington, Air Force Industrial Hygienist Kristen Meghan turned whistle blower, and speaking of that Obama’s acknowledgement of Edward Snowden’s revelation of “Geo-engineering”.

            Our folks spraying chemtrails are being told it’s for our own good to fight global warming. Spraying nano-aluminum in the stratosphere to block out the Sun interrupts Earth’s hydrolysis. Blocking out 20% of the Sun impedes the evaporation needed to create clouds and rain and causes drought. Nano-aluminum is poisonous to fish and wildlife and kills and defoliates plants and trees.

            I tamed nature to bring power to the people as a lineman. I cut a lot with my chainsaw. I never thought I’d be an “environmentalist” until I learned the establishment is spraying poison on us without our knowledge or consent!

            1. Cool story, bro.

    3. “Local law enforcement must be able to use their discretion to determine who can carry a concealed weapon,” Harris said in a statement announcing the court filing.

      And I am sure we can trust local law enforcement to never engage in racial profiling, right?

  35. Kamala Harris=RACIST

  36. SUMMARY: About 28 on-topic comments, and the rest — authentic frontier gibberish!

  37. I think the next person who uses the phrase “White privilege” around me will get a gratuitous throat punch.

    1. If someone told me I was “privileged” I would ask them to prove it – with explicit details of exactly who privileged me and to quantify the economic effect of it down to the very last cent. And I would tell them that if they were incapable of doing so that their assertion was totally baseless and that they were just talking out of their ass.

  38. Annie-Rose Strasser

    So now pretentious douches have hyphenated first names ?

  39. I hate Annie-Rose Strasser’s Coke-bottle glasses and combat boots.

    Can we ban them?

  40. Why is she so judgmental about other people’s lifestyles?

  41. wow, a blinding display of ignorance, even for a progressive.

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