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Smartest Girl Scout Ever Selling Cookies Outside a Medical Marijuana Dispensary


girl scout at green cross
Credit: Green Cross/Mashable

This genius San Francisco Girl Scout came up with a brilliant plan to take advantage of the munchies for fun and profit. reports:

Looking to drum up some new business, 13-year-old Girl Scout Danielle Lei and her mom set out for a San Francisco medical marijuana clinic on Monday, armed with boxes of Tagalongs, Dulce de Leches and other cookie varieties she and other scouts sell annually.

Any patients at The Green Cross with the munchies didn't stand a chance. In two hours on President's Day, Danielle sold 117 boxes outside the clinic — people gobbled up all her Dulce de Leches and blazed through the Tagalongs. According to her mother, Carol, that's 37 more boxes than what she sold during the same two-hour period outside a small Safeway the next day.

Danielle will be back in front of the Green Cross this Saturday, from 4 to 6 p.m., hawking her decadent and depraved wares again. 

In related news, a Google image search for "girl scout marijuana" just revealed to me that there is a strain of marijuana called Girl Scout Cookies. No word on whether the scouts will be adding "magic cookies" made with this particular variety to their inventory anytime soon. 

Also, God bless America.

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  1. I read the headline and started laughing. Fucking awesome.

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  2. Oh noes. Legalized drugs already victimizing the childins.

    1. I dunno. It sounds more a case of the childins victimizing the legalized drug users. Given it’s San Francisco, I’m sure the proggies will be chomping at the bit to come down on the rapacious little capitalist exploiting the weaknesses of the sick. They’ll even have Morgan Spurlock do a movie about how much weight he gains on a diet of just marijuana and Girl Scout cookies.

  3. It’s a great story, but you can’t smoke in the store, so it’s, well, just a bit exaggerated.

    1. But those people are always stoned.

      1. Not necessarily, but they’re probably going to be soon, and they will probably be thinking “what do I have to snack on in the house…OH SHIT COOKIES” and then impulse buy them knowing they’ll want them later. I know that even when I’m in the grocery store I’ll think to myself “am I out of pork rinds in case I have the munchies later?”

        1. I’d say she used the same sort of marketing that Safeway does, putting the candy bars at the check-out counter.
          Stand in line, look over and, hmm…

    2. Seriously? You never went high to go score some more?

  4. I thought Girl Scouts only sold the chocolate mint and coconut cookies?

    1. WHA????? You never saw the shortbread ones or the peanut-butter ones? Those are classics.

      1. Thin Mints is da chit. After a while, you just start shootin em up.

      2. You’d best keep your god damned hands off my god damned Tagalongs.

      3. Samoas. There is some serious fat content in those cookies. I have 10 boxes on order from my neighbor.

        1. Samosas, not Samoans .

      4. The Tagalongs are like crack. Sweet yummy crack.

    2. I thought Girl Scouts only sold the chocolate mint and coconut cookies?

      They’re the only two that matter.

      1. I have fond memories of some lemon creme filled shortbread cookies but I don’t think they sell them anymore

        1. The Lemon Chalet cookies?

        2. They still have lemon cookies – frosted now.

  5. Also, God bless America.

    Fuckin’ A.

    As screwed up as this country is getting, sometimes it just gets it right.

    1. Until they boot the girl for not having proper permits.

      But until then… awesome!

  6. Back in the day, when I smoked pot regularly, I never got the munchies. I don’t recall my mates getting hungry either. I call ‘urban legend’ on this. We never had any money, so my view might be slanted.

    1. If you can’t order/easily buy food when you have the munchies, you just let it go, and you don’t feel like you have the munchies any more. This happens to a lot of poor college students.

      1. I remember being a poor college student… and we ate whatever was available. It didn’t have to be any high-falutin’ ordered food.

        1. Ramen and hod dogs FTW.

        2. My example was dependent on there being no food in the house, either. If you can’t easily get or afford some food when you have them munchies…you deal, and you don’t really have the munchies any more.

          1. I had 3 roommates – there was always something. Usually cold cuts.

            1. My dealer friend had 3 roommates, and there was never food in his house. Ever.

              1. Well, he wasn’t doing it right then.

          2. I believe I smoked what is now called sativa. This is the speedy variety of marijuana. Indica, which is popular now, is a different drug, to me anyway.

            I got a card to buy pot in CA about 3 years ago. First I bought some indica, fired it up, and nothing. Then I bought some sativa, fired it up in the garage on the sly, and went inside the house to be with my wife and kids.

            It was a 2-hour acid trip to hell. My fond recollections vanished. YMMV.

            1. Spending two hours with the wife and kids usually is hell. 😉

            2. Sativa varieties evolved in equatorial regions and grow taller with more branches. Typically the flowering period is longer since the climate is more temporate.
              Indica developed away from the equator, grows shorter, less branches and has a shorter flowering phase (since winter would otherwise close in and kill the plant before seed production.)
              Alot of the dirt weed that crosses the border is gown outdoors in sprawling fields… and much of it is sativa. There’s some useless info for ya from a former guerrilla farmer.

    2. Sadly, my pot-smoking experience is very limited, but on those lucky occasions when I have been high, I’ve never had the munchies, either.

  7. Is anyone on H&R and Reason not a pothead?

    1. I stopped smoking it over a decade ago. I just lost interest in it.

      I have ex-hippy uncles, in their 60’s, who regularly fire up.

    2. Unpossible. All libertarians are drug addicts and anarchists. So, it just stands to reason, that everyone here is most likely a drug addicted anarchist and serial killer. Duh.

      1. Personally I think all drugs should be legalized so Hit & Run will stop talking about doing drugs.

        drug addicts

        Something wrong with being a junkie? When did you become a SoCon?

        1. I think all drugs should be legalized so Hit & Run will stop talking about doing drugs.

          I am guessing that you have a long time to wait.

          1. I am guessing that you have a long time to wait.

            So the former or the latter?

        2. Alcohol is legal, but that doesn’t stop me from talking about the seasonal flavors of Laugunitas.

    3. Never smoked tabacc-y, much less the demon weed.

      Alcohol is my anti-drug. What’s yours?

      1. Ditto.

      2. MJ is the devils weed and alcohol, the devils dishwater. Sinner! You’ll burn in hell for just asking that question! Don’t you know that your betters and most righteous ones on high(District of Columbia) have determined for your own good, that drugs are bad for you, MmKay?

      3. I’ve never smoked anything either.

      4. More serious answer. Tobacco is horrible. I tried it as a kid and I never saw why anyone would smoke that vile shit.

        Weed, tried that also, and I liked it a lot, at first. But it just didn’t appeal to me long term.

        Alcohol. A vile concoction and possibly the worst drug in history, which for some reason, I still occasionally partake of.

        1. I’m in the same boat. Actually, I can’t stand the smell of pot anymore, and I smell it a lot in my neighborhood. There were seven people in my family growing up, and at one point, I think five of them smoked. Although I smoked some pot as a kid, I never could understand why anyone would smoke cigarettes, they just gave me a headache and a sore dry throat.

          I have a fair amount of alcohol in the house, and I’m looking at two unopened bottles of Cabo tequila right now, and I doubt any of it will be drunk soon. We are only occasional drinkers.

          1. I would probably try weed again, if it were legal in my state, just for the novelty of it.

            1. You Know Who Else tried something for the novelty of it?

              1. Slick Willy?

              2. Len Bias?

        2. That being said, I am totally convinced that weed is a better and safer choice than alcohol. Even though I don’t like weed myself and do occasionally like alcohol, especially beer.

          1. I was watching the movie “This is the End” recently with my wife and son. When Seth Rogen busted out the Gandalf pipe, I had to admit, I would probably take a hit or two if it was from the Gandalf pipe.

        3. My excuse is that I’m severely asthmatic, and for whatever reason tobacco smoke is a strong trigger. Even the smell of smoke on clothes if it’s strong enough will make my lungs tighten.

          Beijing was hell.

          1. Beijing was hell.

            You Know Who Else….?

              1. He died in Nanking, sorry.

          2. I’m thankfully not asthmatic, but there’s nothing quite like standing in a smoker’s house for any length of time that makes me want to shiver out of my clothes and set them on fire.

    4. I just don’t care to fuck with it. If it gets legalized here, I’ll probably dive into pot snobbery the way I dove into beer snobbery.

      1. Pot Snobbery? So what country produces the best stuff and what is the stuff hipsters smoke ironically?

        1. stuff hipsters smoke ironically?

          Up here in Portland it often seems to be meth.

          1. I started/stopped cooking meth before it was cool.

      2. I just don’t care to fuck with it. If it gets legalized here, I’ll probably dive into pot snobbery the way I dove into beer snobbery.

        Just imagine, if we all become connoisseur weed elitist snobs. What is it then, that we have wrought?

        1. You’ll have joined me?

        2. I touch no pot before its time.

    5. I have no use for the stuff. I tried it back in 1980. Hated it.

      I prefer firewater.

      1. Next thing we know, you’ll be wanting firesticks.

    6. Not me. But I drink twice as much to make up for it.

    7. Not anymore, not since college 20 years ago really. I have noticed that the stuff available in NYC lately is WAY more powerful than in my college days upstate. To the point where a couple hits knock me out.

      1. German Pot is so much better. I smoked the NYC pot before it was cool to smoke it ironically.

    8. I’m not. Then again, I don’t comment regularly.

    9. My favorite sleep aid is benadryl. My second favorite is a few hits off a pipe. That said, I can’t smoke heavily or regularly, since it’s so sedating.

    10. I never smoked pot.

      I drink wine, but I’m always willing to try harder alcohol. Not enough to get drunk anymore, though; I can’t deal with the hangovers.

      1. You Know Who Else couldn’t deal with hangovers?

        1. After turning 30, hangovers turned into all day events.

          1. It’s funny… I drink about the same as in college – except I spread it out all week and I never get drunk anymore.

            1. yea, I uh… “never” get drunk anymore, either.

              1. Your nom de guerre gives you away on that one…

      2. Working through hangovers is the worst or best trick I’ve ever learned.

    11. I’ve been friends with many potheads over the years, but I don’t like it. I prefer uppers. (Case in point: I liked cocaine for a few years when I went through a bad girl phase in my early 20s. Then I decided responsibility and having goals is more my style and now I stick to coffee and a couple of drinks on the weekend)

      1. Then I decided responsibility and having goals is more my style

        If you do it right, you can have it all.

        1. Maybe other people could do it, but not me.

          The kicker for me was almost OD’ing one night. It was scary, but mainly I realized I wanted my life to be worth more than that.

          At any rate, I’m happier with my life now.

    12. Never had it – only drugs I use are alcohol and caffeine. I was prescribed vicodin once and hated it – felt like I had been kicked in the stomach and turned over to STEVE SMITH for a couple of hours.

      Of course I grew up in the “Just Say No” era, then joined the Army at 18 – piss in this here cup, private.

      I am finally retired form the Army, but now just have no interest. I imagine my tune would change if I had a condition that MJ would help with. But I still shudder at the thought of voluntarily taking smoke into one’s lungs.

  8. This is the one hand job post to counter the four hundred nut punches.


    1. And after discovering she did not have the proper permit to sell cookies at that location, the SWAT team stormed her house in a no-knock raid.

      And then nothing else happened.

      1. Grand Moff Serious Man|2.20.14 @ 9:58PM|#
        “And after discovering she did not have the proper permit to sell cookies at that location, the SWAT team stormed her house in a no-knock raid.”

        It’s SF and the cops are pretty well run here (by comparison), but it could still happen if the deli across the street griped.

      2. Well, the local federal prosecutor is putting a case together – It seems that she was profiting on the marijuana trade in violation of not only federal regulations, but she wasn’t *really* in compliance with the state regulations either.

  9. Any patients at The Green Cross with the munchies didn’t stand a chance.

    Does she (and the reporter) understand that a medical MJ dispensary *isn’t* a crack-house? That these people aren’t lighting up inside, hanging out, and then going out to buy food?

    This is just more ‘huh, huh, look at the stoners’ humor.

    1. See above about candy bars at the check-out counter. It’s more clever than you think.

    1. I love a girl who likes a bit of continuity between novels.


    2. She DOES need a cheeseburger.

      And I volunteer to be the guy who fattens her up.

  10. In other news, the San Francisco city council voted by unanimous decree to adopt a ban on operating marijuana dispensaries within 100 yards of a child. The measure, colloquially named “Danielle’s Law,” will prevent drug peddlers from unduly influencing the young.

    1. The measure, colloquially named “Danielle’s Law”

      Wait, laws with such names are almost always named after dead children. So did little Danielle OD on second-hand pot or did she start toking up at age 7 or what?

      Who is she?

      1. Looking to drum up some new business, 13-year-old Girl Scout Danielle Lei

        She’s learned to profit off the misfortunes of others, so obviously she’s dead on the inside.

        1. Shit, I thought you were describing an actual law. And let’s be honest, with San Francisco it’s hard to make an obvious parody

          1. I’m eagerly awaiting everyone deciding that Pot is Bad for You (Again) once its legalized.

            1. I Pass On Grass.

            2. I Pass On Grass.

    2. So you can still smoke it indoors?

  11. Where’s Getrude Michael when you need her?

  12. This thread needs some William Powell. And why not Kay Francis.

  13. Somewhat on topic, I am currently stoned, and while I was eating the sausage-and-cheese topped burger I just made for myself (see, no Girl Scout cookies in my abode), the Daily Show came on, so I watched as I devoured my burger. At first Stewart was hammering on Obama pretty well for drone strikes, and then…BOOOOOSSSSHHHHH. He went back to going after Obama, but they just had to get that Bush administration stuff in there. I was actually enjoying his cracks a little up to that point.

    1. Last night they did a segment where they discovered that Russia is, in fact, a conservative/Red State utopia.

      Haha, get it? Because conservatives and Republicans are stupid and backwards and hate teh gayz and like that old time religion and free market stuff.

      1. Ha, this is actually last night’s episode because they’re doing exactly that right now. Holy fucknuts, this is the dumbest, most unsophisticated ultra-smug ham-handed TEAM BLUE skit I think I’ve ever seen on this show, and that’s saying something. Wow.

        1. this is the dumbest, most unsophisticated ultra-smug ham-handed TEAM BLUE skit I think I’ve ever seen on this show

          I think the same thing every time I accidentally tune in once every two or three years.

        2. You can’t have caught much SNL during the Bush years, then. All they needed to make a scene was the dumb hick accent, the two-syllable chuckle, and a few unflattering references to Cheney.

          1. I haven’t watched SNL since probably 1995. It’s beyond terrible.

          2. At least SNL was never as nasty and mean-spirited as the Daily Show has always been.

              1. You can tell how uncomfortable the studio audience was with that segment based on the subdued reaction.

                1. If Stewart had balls (and could see the future) he would point out that none of the interviewees look like Romney’s grandson.

        3. Before I even watched the clip online I could jut tell from the shit ton of smug comments from proggies at the Huffington Post, Salon, and Raw Story that all ran stories lauding Stewart and Co’s comedic genius.

          But the craziest fucking thing was in the HuffPo comments were progtards were saying that the Communist Party of Russia was actually conservative and had more in common with Republicans.

          1. progtards were saying that the Communist Party of Russia was actually conservative and had more in common with Republicans.

            Well, duh! They rejected Trotsky’s concept of permanent revolution and the 4th International, choosing instead to retreat into the Rightest reactionaryism of Socialism in One Country.

          2. The group-reinforcing logical fallacies in that bit were amazing. I think it’s time to switch to Dexter. I need to get to the episode where Yvonne Strahovsky comes back.

            1. Amazing how they could imply Russia is somehow a gun-friendly place. I mean fuck, that requires a pretty high level of mendacity even by Daily Show standards.

            2. Yeah, you really don’t. Dexter became such a massive, bloated corpse of terrible bullshit.

              1. That’s why I think the miniseries format is going to become more and more common in coming years

                The critical and popular success of ‘American Horror Story’ and ‘True Detective’ show that audiences want stories that are engaging and unfold slowly but have endings already written in mind.

                The duds that were the finales of ‘Lost’, ‘Battlestar Galactica’, and ‘Dexter’ have probably helped shape that trend.

                1. Aw, BSG. It was so good for so long & then what the hell happened?

                  I agree on the miniseries thing — though sometimes a show manages to get that feel. Hannibal felt very self-contained last season & I trust Bryan Fuller can continue that (if he ever finally gets a show to last past two seasons!)

                  1. Aw, BSG. It was so good for so long & then what the hell happened?

                    The writers ran out of ideas and the suits at Sci-Fi insisted they make the show more Star Trek-like with accessible, self-contained episodes to improve ratings.

                    It really went off the rails after they got into the whole Final Five thing, with the notable exception of the mutiny story arc.

                    And I haven’t seen Hannibal. I’m the kind of person that can only watch 2 or 3 shows at a time in its first-run. Right now it’s ‘Archer’, ‘The Americans’, and (begrudgingly) ‘The Walking Dead’.

                    ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘Veep’ are my spring viewing.

                    1. I’m presuming The Walking Dead is just as insufferable as it was last season, where one (mildly) interesting thing happens roughly every four episodes? I finally dropped a bunch of shows from my viewing schedule because this seems to be running rampant.

                      Archer is starting to wear thin on me this season, too. The last episode they aired felt more like it ought to, but the whole premise isn’t keeping my interest at all.

                    2. The Walking Dead has an uncanny ability to do just enough to keep me watching.

                      So far the second part of this season hasn’t been too bad, I’m actually thrilled that they are out of that stupid prison and out exploring the unknown, apocalyptic countryside. The show is far more engaging and suspenseful when you don’t know what’s going to pop out at you.

                      And I’m giving Archer a lot of patience since they are making a pretty bold gambit by changing the show’s status quo so radically. Last episode was great and they still haven’t gotten to the parts where they parody ‘Commando’ and Nashville.

              2. I will admit that I’m finding Deb’s constant self-pitying and self-destruction this season to be quite annoying, and I really like Jennifer Carpenter normally. But, it’s the last season and I’m going to finish it.

            3. Flipping the bird is underrated expression, except while driving.


    2. I am currently stoned

      You mean Epi is sober sometimes?

    3. So Stewart’s writers are a few steps on the logical ladder above our beloved PBP. They at least acknowledge that continuing bad policies stains the current commander in chief as much as it did the last asshole.

    4. I gave up on the Daily Show in 2004, when it was clear they were the Humor Department of the Democratic National Committee. Their version of even-handed political humor is to mock Republicans for everything and anything, and to mock Democrats for not fighting Republicans hard enough.

      1. The Daily Show isn’t as egregious as the insufferable Stephen Colbert.

        No comedian working today, not even Bill Maher, does a better job fluffing progressive egos than Colbert’s stale imitation of Bill O’Reilly and constant put down of non-liberals.

        1. Ugh & everyone adores him. I just want to smack him upside the head with a chair.

          1. I actually like Jon Stewart. He seems like a fair-minded guy that, while a liberal, is more motivated in where the show’s humor skews by knowledge of who his audience is. Plus I imagine most of his staff writers are liberals themselves.

            But he still has taken a lot of shots at the Obama administration as it’s become more and more apparent that President Hope and Change is a sham.

            But Colbert exists for the sole purpose of reinforcing the biases that make progressives so insufferable, such as the fact that many of them honestly think that all conservatives are ignorant blowhards like O’Reilly, Hannity, and Trump.

    1. Trolling: B+

      Very subtle, without the arrogant calling-attention-to self that typifies most trolling on this site. The placing the trolling being a link allows the prospective trolled a pleasant surprise of 104 year old stupidity.

      1. *The placing of the trolling behind a link…

    2. 1911: The Pyramid of Capitalism

      Socialism: Enabling Useful Idiots to Make Asinine Posters for Over 100 Years!

      1. I love the fact that all you have to do is put a little Star-of-David on the king’s crown and the poster would match Nazi propaganda on the subject.

        But Fascism is right-wing, remember.

    3. I actually bought that poster several years ago but it was such a shitty print that a dent in the shipping tube caused the whole thing to crease and fall apart when I pulled it out. Must not have been made in a union shop!

      This is on my wall. The fact that I can buy cheaply produced, high quality reproductions of communist propaganda over the internet and have it delivered to my house by private carrier makes insanely happy.

      1. I’ve always wanted this poster

        1. & that is not adorning every wall around you because…?

          1. Last time I tried buying a poster on Amazon (an awesome James Bond From Russia With Love poster), it never came and it took a month to get my money back.

            I don’t know, not really a high priority.

            1. I’ve had good dealings with

        2. This is the image I put on our corporate content filtering system. You try to go to Facebook and that pops up. Clearly Reason is exempt from this filtering system.

          I want it on my wall, but am out of places for propaganda posters.

          1. You are becoming my hero.

    1. You convinced me!

      We must build a giant fence around our beloved nation so that none of the serfs can leave and give their money and labor to the inscrutable and vile China-man.

      1. We can’t let those Chinamen get slightly less shitty jobs with our capital!

    2. You realize trade agreements != “free trade”, right? That in a sense they’re opposite goals?

    3. Too much text, dude.

      If you want the simpletons in the working class (and they are simpletons seeing as they have, for 30 years, been brainwashed into voting for their own enslavement) to understand, you need to make it more visual.

      Perhaps by showing a horde of brown-skinned cockroaches taking away American jobs. Or by showing those buck-toothed yellow devils laughing as they dump cheap, slave-made goods on our shores.

    4. Holy shit. My precious brain cells.

      1. About the author: Michael Goodwin is a freelance writer who has always loved comics and history. His interest in history led him to an interest in the economic forces that underlie much of history, and he eventually started reading up on economics. In his initial reading, Mike thought he caught glimpses of a story, a story nobody seemed to be telling.

        That idea was little more than a hunch at first, but as he immersed himself in the subject, Mike realized that there was in fact a story there, and that someone needed to tell the story in an accessible manner. He brought a stack of books to a small town in India, settled in, and started reading, researching, and writing. The result is this book.

        Mike has spent several years in China as well as India; his previous efforts include interpreting Chinese, writing comedy, photography, disaster relief, dealing art (ineptly), and writing about medicine. Like many freelance writers, he lives in New York City with cats.

        Some people are autodidacts, and some people are Mike Goodwin.

  14. OT: I just switched to LED bulbs. My consumption is now 40 percent of what it was last week. Best decision ever.

    1. Getting white (wide spectrum) light to out of LEDs is a modern marvel. The first backlit LED monitors and TVs were blue and harsh to eyes, now they’re just tits.

  15. This seems like a much more logical place to set up your cookie table than all over a college campus. They’ve been all over the quad lately & every person that walks by just points at their empty wallet.

    I’m surprised the health nut brigade hasn’t set up a protest yet.

    1. True story: last year at my college the Girl Scouts were selling cookies on the main campus thoroughfare when a socialist, pro-worker rally began.

      So these little girls are trying to sell cookies while this dirty-looking, tatted up hippie chick is giving a rambling, profanity-laced speech against the evils of capitalism, globalization, and privatization.

      1. Did their moms swoop in & cover their ears?

        That would be a time I’d totally make an exception to my no GS cookies rule & make a HUGE deal about buying a couple of boxes.

        1. If you’re surprised, you’re on the wrong website.

        2. The thing that makes me remember that moment is the fact that girl, aside from being completely incoherent, was awkwardly throwing in swear words as if swearing in of itself made her speech more powerful or edgy or whatever.

          The result was comically awkward and stilted.

          1. “Like, ya know, we’re gonna totally expropriate the [bleep]ing expropriators. I mean, totally extirpate those [bleep]ing running dogs and-just a sec [answers phone] hi, Missy, I’m like totally in the middle of something here, call ya back, OK bye! Anyway, running dogs…oh, yes…the fascist insect that preys on the [bleeping] life of the people will be totes destroyed and…Mom, I told you not to phone me while I’m rallying the masses…”

              1. Arrrghgle barrrrgle!

              2. Penn rocks. I just wish he drank. Don’t trust anybody who doesn’t drink.

                1. People who don’t drink are boring cunts and all their stories suck.

        3. I had a brief encounter with a gal outside my local Best Buy a week ago. She was shilling for Greenpeace and jaw-dropping gorgeous. They dress in neat t-shirts and slacks. I did the “Where are you from dance” with her just to take a deep breath. She was with an omega-male sidekick. I don’t envy his blue balls.

      2. Like Sugarfree has said, do not exempt college tuition debt from being discharged through bankruptcy. It’s that simple.

        1. If there’s one thing that could maybe save the Dems it’s some level of forgiveness on student loans.

          Maybe not a 100% but some significant percentage.

  16. Meet Ms. Young, esq., the soon-to-be newest victim of Prog rage. Her crime? Writing this level-headed editorial on the Dunn case while being a Black woman.

    1. Nice piece. Comments were pretty derptastic, though.

      1. I didn’t even read them.

        I am enjoying my current obliviousness to the ignorance of general internet comments and prefer it remain unaltered.

        And it would probably take a total of five seconds of reading them before said enjoyment was ended.

      1. She looks like one!

    2. This case does not have the media legs the Zimmerman case had. I haven’t followed this case closely like I did with Zimmerman.

      If I’m not mistake, Michael Dunn, after a heated verbal argument over loud music, went to his car to retrieve a gun stored in the glove compartment and used it to settle the argument.

      He would not the most mature white dude on the planet.

  17. Finally got a real situation, instead of that obviously-photoshopped meme…


  18. Location, location, location!

  19. Enterprising little shit, isn’t she?

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