Jacob Sullum in Forbes: The Surprising Truth About Meth


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Alberto Gonzales, George W. Bush's attorney general, called it "the most dangerous drug in America." A physician quoted by The New York Times described it as "the most malignant, addictive drug known to mankind." A police captain told the Times it "makes crack look like child's play, both in terms of what it does to the body and how hard it is to get off."

Meanwhile, doctors routinely prescribe this drug and others very similar to it for conditions such as narcolepsy, obesity, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). If these drugs are as dangerous as Gonzales et al. claim, how can millions of Americans—including schoolchildren—safely consume them on a regular basis?

Columbia neuropsychopharmacologist Carl Hart explores that puzzle in a new report that aims to separate fact from fiction on the subject of methamphetamine.

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  1. If these drugs are as dangerous as Gonzales et al. claim, how can millions of Americans?including schoolchildren?safely consume them on a regular basis?

    Because one is manufactured under tight quality control in pristine conditions by highly skilled workers, and the other is made in woodsheds by rednecks.

    1. Hey! I don’t make mine er….this guy I know doesn’t make his in a wood shed. He uses his mom’s attic.

  2. When administered by authority it is perfectly fine.

    When used without permission it becomes deadly.

    1. The magic contained within a written prescription is well… magical. Shrinks are modern day alchemists magically morphing a dangerous substance that rots brains and teeth into one that that transforms little billy from an uncontrollable brat into an A student.

      You too can partake of this magic by finding one of these magicians and having him wave his pen over his prescription pad. You are now safe from the evils of meth and of the law plus your insurance, if you still have insurance, will pay for it.

      Because of the way Adderall is scheduled, my head shrinker has to actually mail me the magic prescription each month because this drug is far to dangerous for him to be able to simply write one with X number of refills, unlike the drugs I use to help me to sleep. It is so dangerous that it needs that magic pen each and every month. Thank goodness for our benevolent all knowing, all seeing feds.

  3. Mmm. Adderall. When you need to clean the entire house at 2 am and whistle while you do it.

  4. You guys know that no one actually prescribes methamphetamine, right? Or are you claiming that the effects of all the amphetamine variants are the same?

    1. It’s in the article. Adderall has pretty much the same effect. I can vouch for that. Street grade speed has a lot more thirst and sweating involved, and tastes way worse but its essentially the same class of drug.

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