Tonight on The Independents: Ukraine, Venezuela, North Korea, NSA, Minimum Wage, Judge Napolitano, John Bolton, Michael Moynihan…Plus Your Live Phone Calls in the After-Show!


The world's on fire, so The Independents tonight (9 pm ET, 6 pm PT, repeats three hours later) will be talking about the world. Panelists Michael C. Moynihan of The Daily Beast (Reason archive here) and Scottie Nell Hughes of the Tea Party News Network will talk about the latest clashes between the opposition and the government in Venezuela. Also scheduled to be on the show on the ground from bloody, clash-wrecked Kiev is reporter Alexander Kleimenov. Former United Nations ambassador John Bolton will chime in to discuss the Iranian nukes deal and the latest horrifying reports to come out of North Korea.

Tired of the world? How about Fox News Senior Judicial Analyst and Reason.com columnist Andrew Napolitano talking about how Director of National Intelligence James Clapper is a big fat liar? Or the federal minimum wage, an increase of which the Congressional Budget Office predicts will reduce the net number of jobs? Or perhaps you want to hear Kmele Foster talk about why it's okay for Kansas to legalize business-place discrimination against gays?

There will still be time to discuss naked dating, Edward Snowden action figures, Jones Act salt barges, and more. BUT MOST EXCITING is that the sexy online-only after show, streamed on the show website at 10 pm, will include YOUR PHONE CALLS. The phone number, which you really need to not call until then, is 1-877-249-9626. And as always, send your tweets at #indFBN, and some can and will be used against you.