Police Abuse

Oklahoma Man Beat to Death By Cops for Running After His Wife; Cops Confiscate Video of Incident


The sad basics of a Valentine's day tragedy from KFOR-TV's website:

Nair Rodriguez explained how her family went to the Warren Theater for Valentine's Day, but she and her daughter started fighting in the parking lot.


Nair admits she slapped her daughter. Her husband, Luis, stepped in.

She said "My husband was trying to calm (us) down, because that's what he was . . . a grizzly bear . . . but with a teddy bear heart."

The Moore Police Department said two security guards, an off-duty officer, and two on-duty officers responded to the domestic dispute.

Authorities said Luis was being uncooperative, and there was a struggle.

The family claims the officers started beating him while he was on the ground and they recorded the entire thing on their cell phones.

At one point, Luis stopped breathing and police immediately called for medical help. Sadly, he died a short time later.

Nair said her family doesn't have the video anymore because police seized their cell phones.

Moore police say they're in the process of getting a warrant for the cell phone video. They say they had to take the phones to protect the video from tampering and they won't look at it until they get the warrant.

Certainly, one couldn't imagine that the police side of the incident would have any incentive to "tamper" with the video. More from NewsOK.com:

Three Moore police officers are on administrative leave while the death of a man at the Warren Theater is being investigated…..

Luinahi Rodriguez [his daughter] said Luis did not resist police force and was hit repeatedly by police officers.

"They jumped on him like he was some kind of killer or drug dealer and beat him up," Luinahi Rodriguez said. "He never fought the officers, they beat him on the head and that's how he lost his breath."

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  1. Interacting with one police officer is bad enough, but interacting with a group of them seems like a death sentence much of the time. How pleasant. How are they different from a gang again?

    1. They are just animals. But forget that for a moment and pretend with me that the Moore City police department is interested in doing its job of policing rather than just terrorizing people. That is a big leap I know, but bare with me.

      If you are a cop and five of you can’t subdue a guy without beating him to death, you are a completely incompetent and dangerous cop. I have only a little bit of self defense training and no formal law enforcement training in properly subduing someone. But I guarantee you me and any five of my male friends could manage to subdue any single unarmed guy who wasn’t an MMA fighter without killing him.

      It is really hard to beat someone to death. They must have all jumped on him like a pack of chimpanzees and not even tried to subdue him or do anything but kill him. Fuck, even the group of animals that attacked Sad Beard managed not to kill him.

      1. It is really hard to beat someone to death.

        With your bare hands and if you’re not trying to, maybe. But you could easily stop someone’s heart with a jab or a swing from a cop’s billy club.

        And your point about cops being terrible fighters is absolutely correct. Most pigs know almost nothing about shooting, and they’re just as bad at grappling.

        1. With your bare hands yes. But you are right, it is pretty easy to kill someone with a baton once you start beating them over the head. But last I looked, cops were supposed to be trained in the use of those things so that they could use them without killing someone. That is the point of having them. If we just wanted cops to kill suspects, we would just give them guns and tell them shoot anyone who doesn’t cooperate.

          1. We did… they’re called Tazers and they are less likely to trigger rebellion by the proles.

      2. That is a big leap I know, but bare with me.

        (starts taking off clothes)

        Oh, you meant bear. You should talk to jesse about that.

        And related to your point, I swear these fucks act as catalysts to one another. That’s why they seem to be constantly beating people to death when in groups; they all feed off one another and go crazy. Because, at the end of the day, pretty much only animals gravitate to the job of cop.

        1. I think there must be some decent people who become cops, but I wonder how many of them stay decent for any length of time. It has to be an incredibly morally corrosive environment.

          1. That’s the thing; I assume the somewhat more decent ones move into positions where one doesn’t need to subdue people or have much interaction with the public, like homicide detective or the technology side. But I still don’t think you would join such an organization without some desire for power and the ability to fuck with people. I seriously doubt that anyone joining the police is completely free of that.

            1. The decent ones burn out and move on to something else. They do it when they are young and like a little action and adventure. But then they get married and decide that the hours and risk isn’t worth it and go do something else. If they don’t do that, they go get hired by the state police or a larger police force or get a job as a store detective doing loss prevention for Target or something.

              The only cops who work the beat in a suburb like Moore Oklahoma are those just starting out or those too stupid or abusive to do anything else.

            2. I had two interactions with cops where I think I may have been dealing with a decent person.

              Once he pushed a car I was in off the road into a parking lot and then drove off. The other time he gave me a ride home and then drove off.

              It was the driving off part that boggled my mind. I was getting ready for the usual “Where you coming from? Where you going? Do you have anything illegal? Give me your ID so I can run you for warrants. What are you hiding?” routine, but he just drove off.

              1. I work with a fair number of former cops. They are all decent human beings. I have dealt with cops a few times and found them to be reasonable.

                But that is the minority. The problem is that we have made the police forces too large. There just isn’t enough decent people who want to be cops. Worse still, carrying a badge attracts the worst sorts of bullies and morally stunted and angry people. You have to be very selective about who you give that kind of power to. And we no longer are selective at all. Anyone who hasn’t been convicted of a crime and wants to be a cop can be one. And once they are one, there is no way to hold them accountable for their actions.

                1. Anyone who hasn’t been convicted of a crime and wants to be a cop can be one.

                  Depends on the crime. Convictions for assault and battery can enhance a LEO’s resume.

                  1. Only after they are an LEO sarcasmic. A criminal conviction will keep them from becoming one. But that is about the only thing.

                    1. My wife’s ex had a been convicted of violent offenses and investigated for steroids. He’s now a cop. They wanted him so badly they “cleared things up.”

            3. They never enforce the laws on each other that they enforce on the public.

              1. Hell no. A badge is pretty much a never get a ticket or arrested for anything short of murder, and even then they better have a video of it, card.

        2. they all feed off one another and go crazy.

          John called it, they are basically a pack of raging chimpanzees.

          1. It’s almost as if someone offered someone some cake or something

        3. For going on 40 years now every politician of both parties has bayed for “more cops on the streets”. We have something like tenfold in the last 30 years. Add to that affirmative action programs that pretty much get rid of any kind of standards for minority hires.

          So we went out and we hired hundreds of thousands of cops. There just are not that many non criminal non psychotic people who want to be cops. When you think about that, it is not surprising at all that our desire to put ever “more cops on the streets” has given us large police forces full of the defective, the cruel and the stupid who would have 20 years ago never been hired.

          1. And who are never held accountable for their actions.

            1. That too. It is a terrifying situation.

          2. And don’t forget, protected by their PBA.

          3. affirmative action is the reason for so many abusive white police officers?

            1. No. It is one of the reasons for the general decline in the quality of police. But it is not the only reason and its existence contribution to the problem doesn’t mean there are not other causes or abusive white police officers.

              Sorry, but I assumed that went without saying, especially given the overall context of the post. Try working a little harder on your formal logic.

      3. It is really hard to beat someone to death.

        Unless, of course, you’re trained in Dim Mak.

  2. Anyone who strikes the head is trying to kill – if these lying bastards say one word about “subdue” or “proper procedure” they should be bastinadoed to death.

  3. Moore police say they’re in the process of getting a warrant for the cell phone video. They say they had to take the phones to protect the video from tampering and they won’t look at it until they get the warrant.

    Fortunately they can destroy it without looking at it. “Oopsie, looks like the phone was damaged irreparably with a sledgehammer in the scuffle.”

    1. “How did the phones end up in the urinal? That’s strange.”

    2. This is why it’s important for videos to upload automatically to the internet. Let the baboons think they deleted the evidence.

      1. Qik…easy, simple iphone and andriod,


    I know it’s a song taunting the commies for the collapse of theri glorious dream, but it seems so appropriate to today’s America.

  5. They jumped on him like he was some kind of killer or drug dealer and beat him up,” Luinahi Rodriguez said.


    Force does not discriminate, it does not discern, it does not reason. It destroys.

    P.S. Totality of the circs, use of force continuums, officer safety.

    1. You forgot Morgan Fairchild.

    2. Force does not discriminate, it does not discern, it does not reason. It destroys.

      Listen, and understand. Those cops are out there. They can’t be bargained with. They can’t be reasoned with. They don’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And they absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead.

  6. Once, just once, I’d like to see a single cop draw his weapon and threaten to shoot the next cop beating someone to death. You know, like, enforce the law they swore to uphold about protecting lives.

    1. His career would be over and his life in jeopardy.

      1. Look what happened to the woman in Florida who arrested the other cop for going 120 on a public road.

        His life wouldn’t be in jeopardy. But his career certainly would.

    2. I’d settle for a single cop simply saying “He’s had enough” instead of “Move out of the way so I can kick him!”

  7. I sure see a lot of cop haters here. . . .I hate the corrupt and power tripping ones as much as all of you. I especially hate the ones who also bully their way to try and stop you from videoing an incident that involves them. HOWEVER, I really think it is unfair to lump ALL of them with the few REALLY bad apples. Many of you claim to know, be related to, and experiences such animals. However, of all the ones I’ve come in contact with – friends, relatives, and those I’ve had run ins with – 99% of them were completely professional and beyond reproach. Again, the heads of the subhuman beings that abuse their power should roll, but to pretty much call for the blood of all of them to flow is unfair. . . . .

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