Medical Marijuana Bills in Florida and Georgia Are Gaining Momentum

Proposed by Republicans and Democrats


JACKSONVILLE, Fla.—Several efforts to legalize medical marijuana are gaining momentum in both Florida and Georgia.

Both Republican and Democratic lawmakers are proposing bills that would legalize a different form of cannabis, giving medical patients an alternative treatment. And in November, Floridians will be able to vote in a statewide referendum.

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  1. Jeff Clemens is a State Senator, not House Member.

  2. The number one group that will be totally traumatized by the legalization of grass, will be….cops.

    This bunch won’t know how to get out of bed in the morning if they can’t arrest anyone for grass.

    They will become zombies….and even more dangerous than they already are.


    Matt Gaetz is a Republican, and his father is the Senate President—President Gaetz, Speaker Weatherford, and Governor Scott’s office oppose the medical marijuana ballot initiative. I am somewhat surprised to see his name on this, although it’s for only hemp-worthy marijuana. (Below .5% THC levels.)

    It was just filed Thursday, so the Speaker’s office has not made any committee assignments for it yet. It’ll be interesting to see how many committees Speaker Weatherford will want it to go through. If he assigns more than 4 then you know he wants to kill it.

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