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It's 'The Day We Fight Back' Against Mass Surveillance

Tell the NSA to get a warrant


Just Say No to the NSA
"The Day We Fight Back"

Well, some of us have been arguing against mass surveillance all along, but today is a particular day of online activism against the National Security Agency's propensity to collect everybody's phone and e-mail data for a fight against terrorism that, as far as anybody can tell, hasn't actually fought any terrorism.

The site for "The Day We Fight Back" is here with small list of events and protests taking place across the world. Sites such as Reddit, Upworth and others are participating in the protest.  

Sen. Rand Paul has posted a video in support of the protest, talking about the need for a strong Fourth Amendment. Watch below:


And for the folks in your life who simply don't understand why mass surveillance is such a big deal, direct them to my list of three reasons why they should worry.