Police Abuse

Two L.A. Deputies Indicted for Assaulting Handcuffed Inmate

Then wrote reports claiming he attacked them


Two Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies conspired to assault a handcuffed jail inmate and struck him with a flashlight before writing reports that falsely claimed he attacked them, according to a federal indictment made public on Friday.

The alleged attack was witnessed by a jail chaplain who wrote a sworn declaration saying he witnessed deputies beat an inmate in Men's Central Jail. 

The indictment does not mention the chaplain but accuses Deputies Joey Aguiar, 26, and Mariano Ramirez, 38, of beating an inmate on the same date in February 2009. The indictment identifies the inmate only as "BP," but a district attorney's record obtained by The Times names him as Brett Phillips.

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  1. First! And damn near a first indictment of LEO for this kind of outrageous, yet all too common, abuse of helpless citizens. And LA has a long history of this kind of misconduct, which was why I was soooo overjoyed when Denver hired the LAPD’s ex police chief some years ago…

  2. Procedures were followed. Nothing will come of this. The cops beat a homeless man to death ON CAMERA and got off. What makes anyone think that this will lead to anything other than tearful interviews by the newly exonerated dipshi…I mean deputies who will then return to work ready willing and able to provide instruction on the proper way to submit to an occupying force? Nothing changes until there are real consequences for criminal behavior by the agents of the government. I choose to NOT wait underwater for that to come to pass.

  3. As long as the officers made it home safely that day all is well in the land of the free and the home of the brave drug warriors.

  4. Civilian peace keeping (Let’s stop this nonsense of calling it “law enforcement”.) is completely out of control. From local to federal, these people are best avoided at every turn, including if they reside in your neighborhood. They truly need a firm boot placed on their necks.

    For a daily dose of criminality in this group, visit:


    You will be astounded.

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