Criminal Justice

Thousands of Florida Cases Under Review After Evidence-Tampering

Chemist swiped drugs


TALLAHASSEE—The Florida Department of Law Enforcement today revealed that it is reviewing thousands of criminal cases across the state —including ones in Central Florida — after prescription pain pills vanished from an evidence room in the Panhandle.

Investigators said the drugs had been replaced with over-the-counter medications and each case had been analyzed by one Pensacola chemist, who wasn't named.

That chemist, who worked in FDLE's Pensacola Regional Crime Laboratory, is under a criminal investigation and has been relieved of duty with pay.

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  1. prescription pain pills vanished from an evidence room in the Panhandle

    Don’t they mean alleged prescription pain pills? How can they legally prove those were prescription pain pills that vanished? How is this going to work?

    “Your Honor, we caught this guy red-handed with these illegal prescription pain pills.”

    “Ummm…Mr. Prosecutor, those appear to be TicTacs.”

    “Yes, Your Honor, they’re TicTacs now, but we swear they were Oxycontin when we arrested the guy.”

    “Case dismised for lack of evidence; call the next case.”

    “Your Honor, we caught this guy red-handed stealing these prescription drugs from the evidence room.”

    “Umm….Mr. Prosecutor, is that the same fucking bag of TicTacs from the last case?”

  2. The perps all confessed the pills were oxy so just charge ’em all again with “in lieu of”.

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  4. Huh, this seems like it would be an exceedingly simple to avoid running in to problems like these.

  5. So in their attempt to stifle the economic activity associated by all those pills, they ended up doubling it instead.

    1. Multiplier effect!

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