Chris Christie

Christie's Future Threatened by Allegations

Thug doesn't play well at the polls


A former official at the center of the traffic scandal that has ensnared New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said Friday that there's evidence Christie knew lanes had been closed on a bridge at the time, contradicting Christie's insistence otherwise and reigniting a scandal that has threatened his political future….

If Wildstein's allegations prove true, it could be a severe political blow for Christie, seen as a leading Republican presidential candidate in 2016. When the scandal broke open earlier this month, many Republican operatives credited Christie with stanching the bleeding by axing aides and denying culpability, but said evidence that Christie knew more than he let on could prove politically fatal.

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  1. Christie’s Future Threatened by Douchebaggery.


  2. Score one for the American people…

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  4. Did any of you actually read the letter, written by Weinstein’s lawyer Alan Zegas? He doesn’t say that he actually has the evidence of Christie’s knowledge. He asserts that such evidence supposedly exists, and then asserts that Weinstein “disputes” what Christie has said about Weinstein, claiming that Weinstein supposedly have evidence to refute “certain” of the things Christie said about Weinstein. That’s a smoking gun?

    But what really makes me sick is this douchebag not only demanding that the taxpayers of New Jersey and New York pay his legal fees, but also reimburse him for any civil damages he is assessed if he gets sued.

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