Obama Administration

White House Pushing For Congress To Give Obama Trade Promotion Authority

Administration working on negotiating trade deals with the European Union as well as Latin American and Asian countries


The White House is making a major push to convince Congress to give the president trade promotion authority, which would make it easier for President Obama to negotiate pacts with other countries. 

A flurry of meetings has taken place in recent days since legislation was introduced to give the president the authority, with U.S. Trade Representative Mike Froman meeting with approximately 70 lawmakers on both sides of the aisle in the House and Senate.

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  1. WHY give him anything? The President several days ago in a speech made the following statements. “If the Congress continues to stand for only dysfunction and delay then I’m going to move ahead without them! I will do whatever I can without Congress!” THE PRESS WAS AND IS SILENT!

    We have a President who has modified significantly Settled law (ACA) without Congressional approval, has used Agencies to set Law and has issued Executive orders that defy parts of the Constitution. And yet our Press is silent!

    Why doesn’t the Press ask: Mr. President are you going to use you power to create or call for a “State of Emergency?” If not, then what exactly does “I will do whatever I can do without Congress” mean? That sounds like a Chavez quote from his first presidency.

    But NO the Press is silent of wants to talk about stuff that doesn’t matter. The change in NSA is a sham and the press just dwells and dwells. But when our President says he’s possibly going to violate our form of governance! Silence!! WOW

    1. Kenezen can be read @ hedgemastermb.blogspot.com

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