Matthew Feeney Discusses Current Events on The Blaze's "Real News" Tonight at 6pm ET


Screengrab from The Blaze's "Real News"

From 6-7pm ET today I will be on The Blaze's "Real News" show discussing current events such as New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's comments on "extreme conservatives," the Fourth Amendment and the NSA, the upcoming Winter Olympics in Sochi, and more.

My fellow panelists will be the Washington Free Beacon's Ellison Barber and The Blaze's Will Cain, Buck Sexton, and Tara Setmayer.

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    1. I found a site that listed the songs that are played when reaching the various river crossings/forts/landmarks.

  1. Buck Sexton is an awesome name.

  2. I sincerely doubt that the Islamophiles at “Reason Magazine” will mention the latest news about that Norwegian mass murderer, Anders Brevik. Brevik wrote a manifesto in which he credited the influence of anti jihadists, Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller; etc., in influencing his massacre. This manifesto received wide publicity with “Reason Magazine’s” chief Islamic apologist, Ekaterina Jung, whined about in her persecution of Muslims. Now, in a Norwegian newspaper, Anders Brevik admitted that his manifesto was phony and used to smear those who oppose the Islamic Jihad. It appears that Anders Brevik really wanted to start some sort of Nazi type movement and wanted the Muslims and their jihad as his alies; hence the smearing of the courageous anti jihadists. Will the Reason people appearing on Blaze tv discuss this latest revelation from Anders Brevik? Will Ekaterina Jung, with her sickening appeasement of the Muslims, mention it?

    I’m not holding by breath.

    “There’s no need to fear. Underzog is here.”

    1. Hey, it’s UnderSchmuck! Long time no see, buddy! How’s the mental retardation going? Have the increased shock treatments helped at all?

      1. It doesn’t look like it. Then again, he might just be off his meds right now.

    2. I’m not holding by breath.

      Maybe you should try it. It couldn’t hurt.

      1. Don’t listen to him, Epi. It will too hurt. That mysterious owie is from falling on furniture.

        1. I quote to try to avoid the confusion with tiered comments, but I guess it doesn’t work.

          1. My bad. The origin of the phrase got scrambled in my memory. But still good advice, nonetheless.

    3. Holy crap, just when I had given up hope on quality trolling in these threads. Thank you, Underzog!

      1. It must be *years* since we’ve seen Underzog.

        1. No, I saw him occasionally on this forum in 2013. This is the first I’ve seen of him this year, though.

    4. John Hinckley, Jr. tried to kill Reagan to impress Jodie Foster.

      If we suddenly found out that he lied, just to tarnish the name of Jodie Foster, should I care?

      1. Depends Brian. My best friend from college was really upset when he heard of Jodie coming out of the closet.

        He has weird tastes in women I suppose.

        1. You never had a fantasy where you turned Jodie Foster?

          1. Nope.

            That is partly due to the last lesbian I met. She once was talking to my friends, begging to tell more stories about how disgusted she was at being exposed to a penis at work.

            Mind you she, at the time, worked at a retirement village. I realized this silly girl isn’t Jodie, but damn if I care. I’m not sitting through any more stories about how gross I am for simply having a Y-Chrom.

            1. I worked with a lesbian who just couldn’t shut up about her sexual escapades. When I politely asked her to keep her personal life personal, she went to the manager and tried to get me fired for sexual harassment. When that didn’t work she told the manager I referred to her as a dyke. That was a lie. When I told the manager that I didn’t call her a dyke, but rather a lesbian midget, the boss had a difficult time holding a straight face. With her being a four and a half foot tall carpet licker and all.

              Time for some Dead Milkmen.

              1. Good on your boss. I really give credit to managers who don’t cowtow to the loudest shrieks.

              2. When that didn’t work she told the manager I referred to her as a dyke. That was a lie.

                When will you intolerant libertarian bigots learn that it is okay to lie in the name of the greater good?

                1. Tell them to define greater good.

                  Sure, they will shriek louder but probably offer places for you to refute if you can hear the words over the loud sound waves.

                  1. Tell them to define greater good.

                    The greater good means everyone except the individual.

                    Just as the public that public servants serve is everyone except any individual member of that public that they may encounter.

          2. Jodie Foster has been a bad influence on me for most of my life. I was dragged to see Foxes when I was twelve. There is a scene where she blows a condom up like a balloon. It got a lot of laughs, I thought I would get a lot of laughs doing the same thing. Yeah, now it is just one of those things that still comes up when more than three people from my class get together at any time.

            1. Then fuck them.

              Seriously I had a chick I took to my Freshmen Fraternity Formal that simply witnessed me get sick on our party bus.

              She was still bringing that up to my friends, and claiming I threw up on her as recently 3-weeks ago at a different frat-brother’s wedding (a wedding I didn’t attend). The chick in question is now engaged to a different frat-brother.

              I was a frosh in college in 05-06. Some people just can’t get on with their lives and relish other people’s embarrassment.

              I just laughed because I’m not embarrassed by it anymore but really wonder how empty she is that she has to cling to something so insignificant from someone she finds unattractive.

              1. Everybody barfs all over the place in college. Everybody barfs on each other. And when you barf on yourself it’s called a “Cosby sweater”.

                1. Never heard of the “Cosby seater” but I like it.

                  1. Everybody barfs all over the place in college.

                    Time for more Dead Milkmen.

                    1. I’m not clicking that Sarc.

                      I did a gallon challenge in High School. 1-time witnessing/participating was enough for me.

                    2. Nothing to be scared of. It’s just the Dead Milkmen singing a song about puking, aptly called “The Puking Song.”

                      The link in my comment about the lesbian coworker is to them singing a song called “Lesbian Eskimo Midget Left-Handed Ninja Albino” and it is fucking hilarious.

                    3. Fair enough Sarc. Still not clicking as I have to watch our for the bosses and my closest supervisor is very close to me.

                      She is the one who got me out of working late on Tuesdays so I don’t have to miss my rec basketball games. Not trying to directly cross her.

              2. Throwing up on the formal bus is embarrassing? I guess your fraternity was different than mine.

              3. I had a friend (since passed) who was a party and this girl threw up all over his shoes. A few days later she asked him out. Her opening line was, “I don’t know if you remember me or not, but I’m the girl who threw up on your shoes.”

                Who is not going to remember the person who did that?

        2. I always think it is funny when people get upset because their celebrity crush has an incompatible sexual orientation. As if that alters their chances of banging them at all. They can still be whatever you want in your fantasy.

          1. I want to be 12 year old me with 12 year old Jodi Foster (from that tom Sawyer movie) and then 12 year old Angela Cartwright shows up. We are all actually about the same age, so that’s totally not weird.

      2. Blaming Pamela Geller for anything is bullshit. Jackie Brown was not a bad movie.

        1. Well, it wasn’t a good movie either.

        2. “AK-47. When you absolutely, positively need to kill every motherfucker in the room.”

          Maybe Anders saw that one too many times.

        3. You’re thinking of Get Christie Love!

          1. Drat! That also explains why my memory of Get Shorty doesn’t comport with anyone elses.

    5. Professor Hathaway: That’s a wonderful story, Bodie Underzog. I noticed you’ve stopped stuttering.

      Bodie Underzog: I’ve been giving myself shock treatments.

      Professor Hathaway: Up the voltage.

    6. Underzog…I heard you were dead.

  3. Example #95527429 of Progressive hypocrisy in action:

    If Perry had said about the pro-abortionists what Cuomo said about the anti-abortionists, you could bet that every Proggie op-ed writer in America would be shitting bricks and blood, kicking each other out of the way to condemn him as an extremely, extreme extremist with extra unusual extremities.

    1. Herd mentality is a wild thing.

      I have heard/seen otherwise thoughtful friends start yelling nonsense at the top of their lungs because they didn’t have a talking point to go to when their preconceived notions were violated in a way they hadn’t expected.

    2. but since this proggie op-ed writers largely agree with Cuomo, they are wondering what the fuss is.

      1. Suggesting that your political opponents should leave the state if they know what’s good for them, smacks of a threat, especially when you’re the governor of the state.

        But Cuomo lets the Progressive mask slip (been a lot of that lately) and informs New Yorkers that dissent will not be tolerated, whether it is on guns, abortion, or gay marriage.

        1. Sounds like he has daddy issues, and he wants the old man to leave the state by calling him an unfit extremist.

        2. And something 80% of the voters in New York oppose public funding of abortions and support restrictions on late term abortions.

          He basically just told 80% of the voters they have no place in the state. If the media where anything but crap weasel mouth pieces for the prog movement, they would ask him just what exactly he means by “pro life” and get him to admit he means anyone who doesn’t support tax payer funded on demand abortion at any point during the pregnancy.

  4. Ellison Barber? I suddenly have an interest in this show.

  5. Venezuela is worried about their exploding murder rate and decided to crack down on that eternal scourge: Television soap operas.

    “They transmit negative values of death, drugs, arms, violence and treachery and everything bad that a human can be,” he said.

    The government has launched about 20 campaigns to improve security in recent years, but the murder rate has continued to worsen. According to official figures, the number of homicides has risen by 105 percent since Chavez won power 15 years ago.

    Huh. That makes it sound like something else might be responsible for all those homicides…

    1. No, you have it all wrong. Just imagine the damage the soap operas could have caused had Chavez not come to power.

    2. You’ve seen a telenovela, right?

      I wholeheartedly support the crackdown.

      1. And what do you have against busty, hot latin chicks, HM?

        Incidental to this theory, don’t some people think the wide availability of porn has reduced rape? If so, I would think all the hot women on telenovelas would keep the criminals inside watching and reduce the murder rate.

        (of course I think Irish has the right point)

        1. what do you have against busty, hot latin chicks, HM?

          They’re not currently in my bed.

  6. Salon goes full commie. There are so many comically stupid and horrible quotes in this article, that you could make a thousand post thread just quoting them and laughing in horror.…..ent_media/

    A democratic, accessible-to-all media will move to center stage in a socialist USA. In some ways this democratization of the media is already happening on the Internet. But the government’s ability to spy on and even turn off the Internet belies any real democracy. In a socialist democracy, working people will control the political process, the way in which they make a living, and collectively and individually, they will influence mass culture. The Internet will be a powerful and democratizing tool in this effort.

    The old Soviet Propaganda was more subtle and made more sense.

    1. What I love about that article is that it talks about evil ‘corporate’ media but fails to mention that the worst media distortions are all the result of left-wing political biases.

      1. It also fails to mention that the government run media might have an incentive to lie and cover up government abuses.

        1. John, that’s because it won’t be government run. Did you even read his article and consider his genius? To wit:

          But what about bias? Can a newspaper or TV news program run by the autoworkers’ union, for example, provide critical reports about that union’s problems and weaknesses? When workers on one section of an auto assembly line feel that the line is moving too fast for safety?perhaps it has already caused some minor injuries, and they believe a major accident is inevitable?while union officials are publicly boasting about their plant’s speed and “socialist efficiency,” will the union’s TV program invite the complaining workers on the air to discuss their issues? Indeed, will “Autoworkers News and Views” on TV have a regular segment devoted to union members’ criticisms?

          It’s going to be run by union syndicates. Obviously there is no conflict of interest there.

          1. And nothing would bring in the ratings like union workers bitching about how bad they have it.

        2. Here’s my favorite part:

          To be sure, there will be no shortage of economic news in a socialist society. Some news will still come from local and national governments that set product-distribution quotas or help to negotiate them, sponsor trade and international exchange with other countries, and?if the world is still partly controlled by capitalist powers?organize defense against economic (as well as cultural, and possibly military) assaults. But most news reports in socialist media will come from working people themselves.

          Capitalism is responsible for all war and the only way the socialist society could possibly fail would be if the wreckers in another country that is still run by exploiters were to assault their noble system.

          He’s basically preemptively attacking kulaks and saboteurs.

          1. and?if the world is still partly controlled by capitalist powers?organize defense against economic (as well as cultural, and possibly military) assaults

            And to think he says that without any sense of how that might make socialist countries war like or seek to conquer the entire world.

          2. It is so bad even the commentators at Salon are killing him. When you are to full retard for the readership of Salon, you have gone full retard.

            1. That makes me really happy for some reason.

          3. Capitalism is responsible for all war and the only way the socialist society could possibly fail would be if the wreckers in another country that is still run by exploiters were to assault their noble system.

            It’s like World War II never happened.

    2. I can excuse this sort of thinking on the part of teenagers who think they are the only people ever to have thought of it and who have no idea about the history of attempted socialism.

      But how any grown person can write shit like that with a straight face at this point is just beyond my comprehension.

      In a real socialist democracy of the type the author describes, I suspect that working people will quickly realize that government bureaucrats and labor unions are terrible at actually running things and quickly get rid of the socialism.

      1. Come on zeb, it is not like we have ever tried this before in real life or anything. He is just an optimist.

      2. If people had a shred of honesty in their psyches, the collapse of the Soviet Union would have ended all sympathy they possessed for socialism. If redistribution appeals to you this late in the game something is screwed up inside your head.

  7. Deadspin, where if you don’t like it your racist.

    Lets just ignore people’s dislike of Johnny Manziel or every Duke forward ever. It can’t be that some people don’t like to see arrogance matched with success, it must be racism.

    1. If you listed the ten most hated athletes in the last 20 years, I would say 8 of them are white. The only two blacks that would for sure make the list are a dog killer, Micheal Vick, and a convicted rapist, Mike Tyson and they kind of earned the hatred.

      1. Barry Bonds. Which white athletes have been really despised? I think a lot of people hate Brady.

        1. Bonds would make the list. But Bonds is just as hated as Lance Armstrong. They both committed the same crime and are both equally loathed.

        2. Brady, Manziel, Generic White Baseball Player connected to Steroids.

          1. There is no way on Earth Manziel is hated to the degree of Barry Bonds or Michael Vick.

            Whenever I talk to anyone about Manziel they pretty much agree with me that he’s a kid who’s gotten an undue amount of shit for not being a golden boy. I don’t know anyone outside of ESPN’s Bristol office who legitimately hates Manziel.

            1. I was just trying to name some white guys people hate.

              1. some white guys people hate

                Great name for a sit-com

        3. There are a lot more prominent black athletes so I think there are definitely more hated black athletes than white ones. It’s just that there are more beloved black athletes than white ones as well.

          I don’t know if there are any white athletes who have gotten the love given to Walter Payton or Michael Jordan in Chicago. Possibly Ditka.

          1. Some white athletes have. Larry Bird is as beloved in Boston as Jordan is in Chicago. The difference is that the white athletes have to listen to the thumb sucking douche bag progs talk about how they are only really loved because they are white.

          2. I don’t know if there are any white athletes who have gotten the love given to Walter Payton or Michael Jordan in Chicago.

            1. argh…below that was supposed to be “You’ve never watched hockey?”

              1. There’s no way Kane or Toews are ever going to be as beloved as Payton or Jordan.

                I also don’t think Bobby Hull or Tony Esposito have the same love as any major player in baseball, football, or basketball.

                1. Hull does in Boston at least. Have you ever talked to a Yizzer about Sydney Crosby? Or someone from Philly about Bobby Clarke?

                  1. Or people from South Carolina about Steve Taneyhill?

                2. Wayne Gretzsky. And that’s not even taking into account the accolades he gets for contributing 50 percent of his DNA to create Paulina Gretzsky.

            2. Well, where does Dereck Jeter fall in this spectrum? I met the guy when he played locally, and I’m claiming him for my tribe!

        4. Christian Laettner, JJ Reddick, Kurt Busch, Tony Romo(more of a laughing stalk), Roethlisburger to name a few although I could go more in depth but I may just be speaking from biases.

          1. The shit Reddick got was completely unfair. I remember people used to chant vulgar shit about banging his sister while Reddick was trying to shoot free throws.

            1. No one has ever been so unfairly hated than Reddick. And I say this as someone who is not a Duke fan in any way. Lattner was a legitimately dirty player. He did a few things to earn the hate. But what did Reddick ever do besides be white, work his ass off, and be a great shooter while playing for Duke?

            2. I never understood the hate for Reddick or the desire to see him fail when he got to the NBA.

            3. deserved or not he was nearly universally hated, and I don’t think because of his race.

              1. Totally because of his race. Make him black and the hate drops 90%. Make him black and play anywhere but Duke and he is beloved.

                1. I think its just because Duke, look at Grant Hill. That was kind of racial but the underlying reason the same, people hate Duke.

                  1. No one hated Hill like that. I am not sure anyone ever hated Hill much at all Most people are sorry he got hurt so much.

                  2. I’ve never even have heard of Hill hate before now.

    2. Well, I think we all knew that one was coming. I don’t think the complaining about Sherman makes you a racist. I think it makes you a whiny bitch.

    3. I was standing on the corner waiting for the light to change. All of a sudden, a large, muscular man started jumping up and down while screaming at the top of his lungs in a schizophrenic rage/frenzy about being taken on a ““hell-bus ride”.

      I felt nervous and afraid. Then I noticed he was Black, so then I just felt racist and ashamed.

      1. Linky didn’t work, at least on Mozilla Firefox.

  8. Since no PM links are forthcoming:

    Oliver Stone quits MLK Jr. biopic. Reason? Studio and Estate rejected King’s adultery being shown

    Stone via Twitter:
    The script dealt w/ issues of adultery, conflicts within the movement, and King’s spiritual transformation into a higher, more radical being,” Stone continued. “I’m told the estate & the ‘respectable’ black community that guard King’s reputation won’t approve it. They suffocate the man & the truth. I wish you could see the film I would’ve made. I fear if ‘they’ ever make it, it’ll be just another commemoration of the March on Washington. Martin, I grieve for you. You are still a great inspiration for your fellow Americans–but, thank God, not a saint.”

    MLK Jr. from example of Tolstoyian non-violent resistance to sacred cow of the ‘respectable’ black community.

    1. Goddammit I agree with Oliver Stone.

      1. Yep, scary. Though I still love Platoon.

      1. Those flyers are remarkably tasteless, even by my low standards.

    2. The King estate can eat it. Shit like this and maintaining strict control over all of his speeches and writings is not helpful. I think King was a great man who did a lot of good. But he wasn’t perfect and that’s OK.

      1. Isn’t Coretta still in charge? She ain’t going to let those kind of facts come out if she’s involved. As with her wanting a lot of money for minor use of MLK’s writings, she owns it all now, so it’s her right.

        I’m sure an unauthorized bio could be done.

  9. Three Myths on the World’s Poor

    Bill and Melinda Gates call foreign aid a phenomenal investment that’s transforming the world.

    1. I think Bill should have stayed with software and needs to worry less about keeping his wife happy.

      1. Saddest thing ever (almost) is seeing that rapacious capitalist buy into the IMF/WB foreign aid and charity racket.

        There is a need for charity, but I bet 90% of the health/welfare improvement statistics he quotes are due to trade and free markets.

          1. I think of Gates as a business man/nerd vs. intellectual. He’s been down and dirty with getting things done (creating profits and jobs) vs. talking about shit in the academe.

            I had hoped he’d be different, but probably spends too much time with Tom Friedman or some such waste of space.

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