Federal Officials Say NYPD Foreign Meddling is Wasteful and Monstrous


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The New York Police Department's (NYPD) 12-year-old International Liaison Program, which posts detectives in foreign cities for counterterrorism work, is a massive waste of money, according to federal officials.

Recently-retired Chief of Police Raymond Kelly began the program after 9/11. Also recently-retired David Cohen, formerly of the CIA, acted as his deputy commissioner of intelligence. Kelly and Cohen, believing they couldn't rely on federal agencies for information, established an arm of the department that sends personnel to at least 11 international locations, including Canada, Israel, and India, with the hope that they can trace terrorist threats before they reach New York.

The problem is, the NYPD has no jurisdiction in these places. As The American Conservative has previously addressed, "None of the NYPD liaison officers has any legal standing for dealing with the local authorities. The detectives travel on tourist passports, stay in hotels, and do not report to the U.S. ambassador, nor to the CIA Chief of Station."

DNAinfo, which covers New York City affairs, spoke to unnamed federal officials. DNAinfo suggests that the expensive ($120,000 salaries) and less-than-official presence of the city police have caused more harm than good:

NYPD detectives are ineffective, often angering and confusing the foreign law enforcement officials they are trying to work with, and are usually relegated to the sidelines because they lack national security clearance.

For example, when bombs exploded at resorts in Bali in 2005, killing 20 and injuring hundreds, the Indonesian National Police "were astonished and irritated that the NYPD showed up," a federal source explained.


In the end, a source said, there was "absolutely no nexus" between the bombing and New York. The attack was the work of the Indonesia-based organization Jemaah Islamiyah. And any information obtained by the feds in Bali was transmitted to the Los Angeles and New York FBI offices and to the FBI-NYPD Joint Terrorism Task Force, which has roughly 120 NYPD detectives along with top police brass.

Another source said that NYPD detectives showed up at the funerals of victims of the Madrid rail bombings in 2004, angering local officials and victims' families.

"Ray Kelly and David Cohen created a monster," the source said. "The NYPD Intelligence Division has absolutely no place in overseas counter-terrorism — lack of security clearances and diplomatic immunity, confusion for host country law enforcement and security services, conflicts with U.S. agencies such as the CIA, FBI, DEA, U.S. Embassy RSO, etc." 

CBS New York lauds the fact that Kelly's "12-year tenure ends Wednesday without a major successful terror attack on his watch." The new NYPD commissioner, William Bratton, considers the department to have the "foremost counterterrorism capability in the world."

Tim Cushing of Techdirt takes a more skeptical view of the police force. He jabs that the NYPD's International Liaison "casually stomp[s] on civil liberties and civilian sensibilities in order to chalk up another zero in the 'plots prevented' column." 

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  1. You mean New York has an inflated sense of importance? I’m shocked!

    Seriously, how pathetic is it that these megalomaniacs want to pretend to by a sovereign nation?

    1. Do you know how big Bloomberg’s DeBlasio’s army is?

      1. Do you know how big Bloomberg’s DeBlasio’s The People’s Revolutionary Army of The Democratic Republic of Newyorkigrad is?


  2. It should be stunning to me that the NYPD thinks it can do this, but then again, should we be surprised when a 35,000 person force controlled by a mayor who considers it his “own personal army” in one of the biggest cities in the world does this?

    I swear, part of why NYC does shit like this is because of NYS law and how it allows localities like NYC to do just about anything the fuck they want, which isn’t the case in most other states.

    1. I’m shocked that an organization that was once run by Teddy Roosevelt could have degenerated to the point that it is engaged in insane grandiose expensive and pointless projects.

      1. Well, it’s also because NYC has so many international institutions in it (UN, consulates, etc) that the NYPD deals with, that they think they’re “international”. But the arrogance of the NYPD is still breathtaking. And, fuck Teddy R.

  3. Edit for clarity =

    The New York Police Department’s (NYPD) 12-year-old International Liaison Program, which posts detectives in foreign cities for counterterrorism work, is a massive waste of money, according to federal officials…”

  4. I shouldn’t be, but I am stunned. I had no idea NYC was doing something so stupid and wasteful. Wow.

  5. The many TV shows and movies with foreign cops solving cases in far away lands: Strange Cop in a Strange Land trope.

    If TV says it’s good, who are we to disagree?

  6. CBS New York lauds the fact that Kelly’s “12-year tenure ends Wednesday without a major successful terror attack on his watch.”

    All together now, class: Correlation does not equal causation.

    1. Will Kelly pass his magic rock on to the next commissioner?

  7. This sounds like a great fish out of water sitcom or dramedy series possibility. Too bad it’s over. Boat = missed.

    1. An American Detective in Londinium

      1. Mamucium — or as the Romans called it, the place that looks like a titty.

    2. Over?

    3. Keen Eddie

      A wisecracking N.Y. cop with no respect for authority, finds himself a fish out of water when he ends up being assigned to a police precinct in the U.K.

      Featured a 22-year-old Sienna Miller, before she got all plastic-looking and befouled by Jude Law.

      1. Ha! Keen Eddie isn’t even in the TV Trope citation that Bardas Phocas posted.

        1. That’s because TV Tropes is stupid. Which is exactly why Tulpa likes it.

      2. I recall the summer that show was on. She was gorgeous at that time. Everything has gone to hell on network TV since Dog Eat Dog got sued out of existence.

  8. Anyone that willingly resides in NYC is truly a piece of human debris.

    If Islamics hit you again, no thinking person will give a rat’s ass.

    1. Regional collectivism and REGION WAR! Rah rah rah! Douchebags, assemble!!!

      1. I can’ be too hard on the state given the pussy she has thrown my way, but the political culture is abysmal. You’ll never make a career out of it without being a first rate asshole, especially in the legal sphere. Ironically, the nicest boss I ever had spent a decade on the trading floor. Dude changed my tire in the middle of a blizzard. You just don’t expect that from a Jew!

  9. If they’re in a foreign country on tourist visas, with no diplomatic credentials, and are engaged in intelligence gathering, couldn’t the foreign country technically arrest them as spies and execute them on the spot?

  10. Sounds like a hefty plan to me dude.


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