Police Abuse

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Police in Wilson, North Carolina, have charged Joey Ricky Carson with using profanity on a public road or highway. They say he responded with profanity when they asked him why he was sitting in his parked car on a local street. The law they charged him under was declared unconstitutional by a judge in another county two years ago. The local district attorney says that decision isn't binding in Wilson but he'll take it under consideration when deciding whether to pursue the case.

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  1. Police officers and DA’s should know by now that these laws are unconstitutional as fuck. I say charge the cuntpickles with 18 U.S. Code ? 242 – Deprivation of rights under color of law. Or at the very least Carson should sue the shit out of them, and qualified immunity shouldn’t protect anyone on this one.

    1. They know. They just have other priorities.

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                1. I read them but don’t understand them because I’m a cocky a-hole descended from criminals and retarded monkeys

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  2. From the original free-speech case:

    The officers stopped their car and directed Ms. Elabanjo to move along. As she was returning to the sidewalk, she said to the officers, “You need to clean your damn dirty car.” Then, after she was back on the sidewalk, Ms. Elabanjo referred to the officers as “assholes.” At that point, the officers got out of their car and arrested her for disorderly conduct and for the use of profanity on a public roadway.

  3. I don’t understand what part of “…shall make no law…” is not clear.

    1. The part that contradicts the FYTW clause.

  4. You can’t do it; we just got pardoned by the governor.

    It went out on the radio.

    Is that right? Well, we ain’t got a radio.

  5. So, would it be appropriate to say “Eat shit and die in a fire you fat fucking pig assholes?”

    Then again, they’d probably respond “STOP RESISTING!” and summarily execute you.

    1. Ahem,


      Ironically, cops are some of the most foul-mouthed motherfuckers on the planet. I’ve never seen a police beating video where they weren’t worked into a profanity-laced frenzy.

      1. Only us lowly Proles are subject to the laws enforced by our betters.

  6. If you like your freedom of speech, you can keep your freedom of speech.

    1. Until you go to use it…

  7. Carson began using profanity at the officers even after being warned (that) doing so would subject him to arrest.

    Let me get this straight —

    Officer: “Police! I’m warning you: Do not use profanity!”
    Carson: “Fuck you!”

  8. The law they charged him under was declared unconstitutional by a judge in another county two years ago. The local district attorney says that decision isn’t binding in Wilson

    This is not your ordinary moron.

    1. To be fair, the prosecutor they asked about the case said he didn’t know anything about it, and said that if a judge that had jurisdiction ruled such unconstitutional it’d be grounds for a dismissal.

      1. IOW – it’s ok to screw with people’s lives using a law declared unconstitutional over two years ago so long as the DA isn’t aware of it happened?

        That’s fantastic

  9. Using profanity if alt-text is not only constitutionally protected, it’s encouraged.

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