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North Carolina Teen Shot and Killed by Cop While Two Other Cops Had Already-Tased Teen Pinned


Yet another reason why you should really try your absolutely hardest to settle any non-clearly-life-threatening issues with your family or friends without calling the cops.

The Bearing Arms site has a good compliation of various news reports on how a North Carolina police officer shot and killed teenage Keith Vidal, said to be suffering from schizophrenia, after Vidal had already been tased and was pinned down by two other cops.

bearing arms

Vidal's original crime? Refusing to put down a screwdriver.

Some excerpts:

[Mark] Wilsey said his family called the police to help with his schizophrenic son Keith Vidal who had a small screwdriver in his hand. Officers used at Taser on Vidal and then shot him, according to Wilsey….

Wilsey said officers had his son down on the ground after the teen was tased a few times and an officer said, "we don't have time for this." That's when Wilsey says the officer shot in between the officers holding the teen down, killing his son.

Then there was this story submitted by a family friend on CNN's iReport:

"…..Two Officers responded to the scene and started negotiating with Vidal. After about 10 mins the situation started defusing itself with Vidal becoming more rational. At that very moment an Officer From another Town Entered the residence and instructed the officers to stop talking and tase Vidal. As Vidal tried to flee into the bathroom adjacent to where he was standing the two officers simultaneously shot him with their tasers. As Vidal Collapsed backwards on to the floor the two officers jumped on top of the 5ft 3 100 lb Vidal to restrain him.. As Vidal's Father tried to step in and grab the screw driver The Southport Police Officer that had instructed the other officers to use their tasers, moved between the father and the pile of people on the floor and said " We don't have time for this" And shot Vidal Once in the chest as the other two Officers held him on the floor. Vidal's father then grabbed the officer as he was lining himself up for another shot."

Local district attorneys' office is investigating the incident.

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